Please help: Covid testing to return to USA

Please help: Covid testing to return to USA


Just been on the [covid.is](https://covid.is) site and it seems all to be working. There's a box for people leaving the country to order a test. There will only be the option to do the test in REyjkavik but I gather that if you book this option and pay the 7000 kronur, they will e-mail you back with a barcode. You can opt to have the tests other places but they all have different opening hours depending on demand so you would need to research this and contact them to check. They only need to see the barcode. They will e-mail your results within 24 hours. The [covid.is](https://covid.is) webchat seems to sort most people out - contact them tomorrow within working hours to talk it through. The test for leaving is not at the airport so no need to contact them.


You can schedule a rapid test at a place near the Marriot by the airport! I don’t have the details offhand, but search this sub for rapid tests and you’ll see it. If you’re going home to the USA, that will be sufficient.




Have you tried the 10 other posts asking the same thing from earlier today?


Figured it out, thanks for your help!