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This is fascinating, she looks like a different person


Inspired by the recent post about Brooke Shields - Vanessa Paradis is a French singer & actress. In the U.S., she’s mainly known as Johnny Depp’s ex partner and the mother of Lily-Rose Depp. Online, she’s also often heralded as one of the 90’s most beautiful starlets and fashion icons. Here’s the thing though - pictures that are often shared of her young beauty are usually ONLY from the time period of the years 1990 to 1994. I think it’s quite fascinating that she reached her objective beauty ‘peak’ and had it only during these few years. I looked into photos of her before and after this period, and it’s strange to me that her face changed so much ONLY during this time period, before it ‘reverted’ back to the face she had during her pubescent years. Can someone explain what exactly changed about her face during this short time period? Was it her makeup, styling? Is this a case of someone who’s face simply matured to a brief period of gorgeous beauty, before losing it due to aging?


Her jaw grew out


How does that happen?


My guess is High estrogen levels during early twenties


She probably had to grow into her features. It's important to note that (I believe) Vanessa paradis is a heavy smoker, so that probably accelerated her aging a fair bit


hmmm i reckon that in the “before” she was quite young and needed a bit of time to grow into her features, get better at styling and makeup etc. and in the “after” i guess her age started showing somewhat early? imo what made her so beautiful in her prime is a mixture of soft, dolly features (eyes, lips) and more striking, even unconventional features (such as her teeth) and actually worked in her favor to make her look more unique


It's so weird, it's like her face suddenly got plumper, her lips got a lot fuller, her undereyes and cheeks filled up. And then it suddenly went back to normal after 1994.


Yes! That’s what I find so weird - her face changed only during this period. Of course aging happens (smoking doesn’t help) but her post-1995 face looks like a continuation of her teenage face. It makes me wonder if her famous beauty during this era was due to makeup that de-emphasized the hollows underneath her eye & cheeks.


If that's the case then I wanna know her makeup secrets lol


Honestly - a lot of it is weight, I do believe. When we carry extra weight in our face, the layer of fat plumps it up. Like free filler 😂


I see a huge difference in the eyes and lips. In her “beautiful period,” her eyes look more hooded rather than deep/inset, the latter generally making people look older. Her lip makeup also makes her lips look fuller


She looks very thin in 99, which isn’t surprising as she was modeling and probably smoking a ton. Maybe that’s why


Having a child. Lily rose drop was born 1999


I feel like her daughter Lily Rose Depp has aged almost exactly the same- she looked fairly "average" as a young teen but quickly developed supermodel-esque looks


She has cheekbone implants and lip filler!


i think overlining her lip really changed the overall effect of her look (similar to how lily always overlines)...i think it was a mixture of loosing weight + approaching more minimalist/natural makeup


Major neoteny. Super cute. Reminds me a little of Valeria Lipovetsky's appeal. She looks different to me in photo 4 in the yellow checked blazer. Isn't as cute there. In her early 20s, the natural neoteny of her face plus a layer of fat (especially on her lips) was very flattering.


Before smoking, drinking, and drugs caught up. She has more of a face for being young too, because it’s neotenous. Better makeup and skin care than when she was 16-17 it looks like.


Forehead makes her look young and child like while the rest of her is still defined - basically looks young but still has good bone definition but the cheeks and forehead make her still appear young


I looked pretty drab at 16 - 17 Then got a natural blowup at 18, and started shining at 20 onwards. It was probably the high estrogen levels that peak at 22-23


I think that she got fillers at that time and then decided to stop doing it and her face went back to normal. You can see her lips are bigger at that period and face is rounded, no estrogen can do that. It's fillers people.