Crap! I was looking to come in October. Does it just stay bad in the north? Or drift South? Ha Long is no doubt destined to be a hazy mess? 😫


Oh mate, October's going to be pretty grim. It's nothing but smog in the north until summer next year. The weather's generally a lot nicer by the coast, so Ha Long should be much nicer than Hanoi anyway.


Just got back from a two week holiday in Ha noi and Ha Long. The air quality in Ha noi was horrible but in Ha Long, it was not too bad. So you might get lucky


Or danang too. The air here is much better anytime if compare to hanoi or ho chi minh


The geography of the area surrounding Ha Noi makes it particularly susceptible to this. Ho Chi Minh has a denser population, and similar amounts of industry, but it's in a flat part of the country, without the nearby mountains sort of trapping it all in.


This. Similar to Los Angeles


Exactly this. Coastal areas and the south get the breeze. Hanoi gets stuck with bad air through most of the winter... Suspect it will only get worse as its still growing at an alarming pace. The absolute worst thing about Ha Noi.


From my 6th grade memory of geography: Vietnam (Northern Vietnam in particular) has a "khí hậu nhiệt đới gió mùa" similar climate to Miami (idk its classification in English). TL;DR it means we Northerners receive wind currents from the ocean in the summerish months and mainland China in Fall-winter. Now look at the map and see how the PM 2.5 concentration fits the phenomena above. Good news is the visibility from our eyes are not determined by those currents. Bad news is colder inland air traps local PM 2.5 emissions among other particulates. Even more local, notice the 24hr change in concentration in major cities. It peaks around sunrise, due to the lack of movement on the ground to circulate those particulates. I'll be honest, North Nam for one is not going to wow you with sunrises or stargazing this time of year, but considering Ha Long Bay being notably less air polluted locally, you'll still able to enjoy the view. Weather plays a much more significant consideration, especially this clash of ocean wind currents vs. inland ones create typhoons or "áp thấp nhiệt đới"


This is the best month to go mountainous province in the North like Hà Giang, Điện Biên


northern provinces are more polluted than southern ones in general


Heya! I live in Ha Long. October should still be pretty decent but when winter truly hits the pollution combined with the coal from the neighbouring city in Cam Pha can get pretty dense and smoggy! Weather predictions are never accurate and we’ve had some pretty grand days of late!


It’s never a bad in the south as it is in the north. That said if you’re walking in really busy rush hour streets it’ll feel like hell. But Hanoi takes it to another level


Awesome! I have been twice before and always a hazy mess.


People down south just happy with their lives here. I've been to the North a few times and all I can see is just fog


I know Beijing pollution is bad but holy hell, the whole Chinese east coast


China releases more carbon than the whole western hemisphere


Got an up-to-date source for that statistic?


This was posted somewhat recently https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-57018837


It’s pretty much expected when the west outsources pollution (manufacturing) to China


Source is that I made it the fuck up Edit: alright meme aside here's the actual [source](https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/xihnls/oc_china_emits_more_co2_than_the_entire_western/) for the claim


Always has been


[Always has been](https://i.imgur.com/9On4yfh.png) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


It's not CO2 fouling the air. It's fine particulates from combustion - from coal burning, vehicle exhaust, concrete and gravel, you name it.


Walking around Hanoi the last two days has given me a nice tightness in the chest with a cough. Never experienced that before. Worth it, but yikes.


Been waking up the last few days with a dry, irritated throat. No mystery why throat cancer is rampant here. I might take up smoking for the fresh air


Hanoi ☕️


Battlefield 2042 moment


I am based in Vung Tau, hope it’s okay in Vung Tau. Right now I am in Da Nang and must admit that Da Nang is much cleaner than Vung Tau.


VT stays pretty nice year round, definitely a bit cooler but pollution is never that bad.


It was beautiful about 3 or 4 days ago when I visited


Why is it worse during these months?


Winter and seasonal wind.


I have a question about this, aren't most people aware of that? Since zalo every morning shows a notification with the weather for the day and air quality. But here is the question, why aren't people trying to fix this problem? like maybe regulation and inspection of the factories around Hanoi and also buying air quality meters and air purifiers. Aren't the health concerns real?


Good question, people don't give a shit. Absolutely zero fucks given. Nobody cares what people are doing to the environment here. On every road, every day, you'll see scores of people burning plastic and other cancerous materials without question until the city is a burning haze. Who knows what factories are putting into the air, water and soil, I don't think they even know. Hopefully the younger generations act on it and become more aware, otherwise everyone's getting cancer at 55. I really hope it changes though, but it won't.


I wouldn't have that pessimism, maybe a question of proper education or at least a campaign that makes people more aware and also offers a solution. Man, I really don't wanna get cancer at 55.


Education is a good start, absolutely. The real problem is corruption. Companies can do whatever they want as long as people are getting paid. Even for people burning rubbish on the side of the road, the landfill in Ha Noi has been full for years so there's nowhere to put the rubbish. In general people are aware that it's bad, but people just don't care. After the years I've lived here, Ive asked so many people about this topic, and the same answer is that nobody cares. It's just not an important issue to a lot of people


I guess it's better to be spending your late years curing your cancer then spreading wisdom and "taking a break"


It’s a developing country. It’s literally like this in every developing country. It’s easy to say that people should know better, but like with sanitation, pollution, climate change, when you’re poorer, you tend to care less about those long term problems because you’re busy trying to make sure you survive this year. All of the developed nations went through the same thing. It’s only with retrospective eyes that we judge right now and expect people to do better when we’ve been fortunate enough to have already gone through it as a country.


We're talking about pollution in Ha Noi, not generalising developing countries. Everything is nuanced, but there's definitely a pollution problem in the North of Viet Nam, and pointing out the issues is probably a start to fixing the problem.


Have you been south? There’s a pollution problem in all of Vietnam. It’s def worst in Hanoi, but a lot of that has to do with weather, wind, and location. What I’m saying is that it is more than just educating people.


I've been south many times, nothing compares to the pollution in the north. Plus I posted this as the topic of 'pollution in Ha Noi', as per picture. Absolutely, as already mentioned it has to do with geography and weather, but geography isn't the only issue, by far. Maybe if you read my other comments, you'll see I said it's a deeper problem than education, so I agree with you.


Depressingly accurate


It's not about regular folks like the other comments mentioned. Regular folks are simple minded, products of their environment. They don't know the game being played at the higher levels of corruption. The fucks at the top are out here driving Maybachs and Porches while their country - and the millions of innocent children here - suffer in shit. It's one thing to perpetuate the problem out of ignorance (lay people), it's entirely another thing when there's intent behind actions and full knowledge of consequences (educated corrupt government officials). But hey the congressman's daughter's 16th birthday is approaching and she wants a Porsche Cayenne so what choice does he really have? Source: attended law school with exchange students from Hanoi whose parents "run" the country (think congress, Judge, etc). Also, currently living in HCMC and married to a Vietnamese lawyer. Based on my observations in law school, assuming the apple does not fall far from the tree, 1 in 4 of those in government actually give a damn.


damn, thanks for the insight... definitely doesn't look great, but I'm up for the challenge to at least try to fix some of the issues. My hope for VN doesn't come from the Gov, mostly comes from the people I interact with, of course those narcissistic on top matter to the future, but we will see I guess


Nike produces most of their products in Vietnam. There are tons of manufacturing plants throughout Vietnam. The tax money is not going to where it should go. Corruption is too rampant. Regular folks are powerless.


There just isn't much awareness around it and people are used to it and just expect it to be bad, is the impression I get.


Damn I thought the problem of air pollution in the capital is just a little bit of exaggeration.


Why is ot so bad in hanoi?


what's this, map of the 1000-year Chinese domination lol? /s


wtfffff i’ll be in hanoi soon why is the air so fucked i didnt knew that


I thought Hanoi and Saigon is about the same? Anyone has an explanation?


During winter, wind blows from the sea to inland. Surrounding Hanoi and the North in general is a lot of mountain, so fog, mist, smog and all those thing stuck and can't really go anywhere. The area around Saigon is flat, on the other hand. Breathing problem aside, they looks pretty cool aesthetically, and place where's there's not much industrial activities (Northwest) will have genuine mist.


You guys doing OK up there?


I lived in central vn for a few years. The moment I moved here a month ago my skin started to itch, I need to keep my windows closed when I sleep. I can FEEL it. I come from small towns in my home country so I notice it. Maybe I'm allergic to something here, but I've never had allergies before. Now I'm taking 2 antihistamines a day to stop the itching. It only goes away when I scrub myself down after getting home. Seeing this map has not made me feel better. I'm gonna make some money, then gtfo


Noping outta this hellhole in 4 months. Yes, fuck yes!


Does wearing a mask help or are just screwed? Heading there in 2 weeks 😂


For Vietnam, nothing beats Da Nang beach area for clean air fitness lifestyle




Oh it’s now 18th parallel, no longer 17th


Wow, never knew HN was so much worse than HCMC, feel a bit better for my lungs now, thanks.


Maybe y’all shouldn’t have moved the capital up north 🥱