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***Journalists in West Virginia are under attack.*** Politicians and government officials are abusing their power to silence those who write about them, with or without critique. Three journalists from the Charleston Gazette-Mail were fired for voicing their disapproval of the president of their parent company (HD Media) for platforming someone who was *literally* convicted of willfully violating mine safety standards, which led to a mine disaster that killed 29 people. The president of HD media is also the **democratic** house minority leader of the WV House of Delegates. A journalist for another company was fired at, essentially, the demand of the state's Department of Health and Human Resources because she was covering the allegations against them that they abused their patients. It's becoming apparent that the government (politicians and unelected officials) have control over the West Virginia media. A story about the President of HD Media/House Minority Leader getting placed on a casino ban list after getting caught cheating at blackjack was completely removed after he directed the Charleston Gazette-Mail staff to do so. There are also anecdotes from staff that politicians in the state frequently try to influence what stories get published at the Charleston Gazette-Mail by threatening staff and straight out contacting the president of HD Media. Another reporter at the Charleston Gazette-Mail was fired before the other three. Once, while reporting on a **police brutality** case, city officials completely ignored his public records request and all attempts to contact them. Turns out the president of HD Media spoke directly to these officials and led them to believe the story was over and that they did not need to follow through with the reporter's request. This is an example of a legislator/media boss directly hindering a reporter's ability to cover a police brutality case. Additional Resources: **Gazette-Mail Incident** [Gazette-Mail Staff Say Skaff Abuses Power as President](https://www.dragline.org/stories/gazette-mail-staff-say-skaff-abuses-power-as-president) [3 WVs reporters who condemned interview of ex-coal CEO fired](https://apnews.com/article/twitter-inc-business-west-virginia-charleston-don-blankenship-9c16926c55e137ee7345e38f7fbf2ae9) [Supreme Court leaves Don Blankenship conviction in place](https://apnews.com/article/us-supreme-court-decisions-coal-mining-don-blankenship-government-and-politics-b4883d6e899f989b229a1600285fd4f3) Twitter Accounts of those fired for additional content and/or outreach: *caitycoine*, *LaciePierson*, *RyanEQuinn*, *jj\_severino* (fired a week before the others) **DHHR Incident** [Public Broadcasting reporter released after DHHR pressure](https://www.weirtondailytimes.com/news/local-news/2022/12/public-broadcasting-reporter-released-after-dhhr-pressure/) *Stories that led the DHHR to pressure WVPB to fire journalist:* [Reports Show People With Disabilities Are Abused In State Care](https://www.wvpublic.org/government/2022-11-03/reports-show-people-with-disabilities-are-abused-in-state-care) [New Federal Investigation Targets DHHR's Treatment Of People With Disabilities](https://www.wvpublic.org/health-science/2022-12-05/new-federal-investigation-targets-dhhrs-treatment-of-people-with-disabilities) [Advocate Brings Transparency Concerns About Treatment Of People With Disabilities To Lawmakers](https://www.wvpublic.org/government/2022-12-06/advocate-brings-transparency-concerns-about-treatment-of-people-with-disabilities-to-lawmakers) Twitter Account of Journalist Fired for additional content and/or outreach: ameliaknisely


Rhetoric 103. Take an old debate and a recent one to critique, compare them and give us opinions on his growth. I liked 102 because it seemed like a sincere attempt to git gud; it was endearing.


Debate more fans. Even if they end up being trolls, there’s still some funny to be had Some people might want to talk to Vaush while he’s playing video games or something, but their disagreement doesn’t warrant an hour long segment. Just have casual conversations/debates with people for like 10 minutes at a time. I think it’d be fun


More pointedly he needs to debate his media takes.


Have Noam Chomsky on to discuss his takes on the Ukraine-Russia war


Noam would do it too.


he's so difficult to understand nowadays.


Honestly anything with Noam


20 years ago I would have agreed. Just like with Ukraine he's engaged for decades in a kind of whataboutist campism that's led to him downplaying or denying events like Srebrenica and the Khmer Rouge. But to be blunt, he's 94, he's visibly frail, very slow of speech, even slower to react. He's on the verge of death. Brianna Joy Gray had her reputation hit not just because she tried to debate Chomsky on his stance of voting for Biden in 2020 (which he was correct on), but also just for debating him full stop. It was seen as bullying, and frankly it was. Even if Vaush's tone was gentler and more justified, no. He's done plenty of work dispelling myths about Ukraine already.


You’ve got some valid points. I guess what I’d like to see is Vaush rebuke/challenge Chomsky’s claims and see how he’d respond—even if it took awhile. Because I don’t really see Chomsky challenged from the left on Ukraine.


He has already but agreed I'd like to see more. I also really want to see a more broad critique, not just from Vaush and not just focused on Chomsky, of this kind of rhetoric that's wildly spun out of Manufacturing Consent. I don't know how to summarise it in a reddit comment but there's this perversive epistemological nihilism instead of genuine media critique. It's allowed dogshit opinions, especially from the right, to rise to the surface by marketing themselves as independent and subversive instead of the boring CNN/NBC type institutions that parrot boring but sometimes genuine facts.


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga playthrough pls


Maybe a segment on how losing your identifying paperwork can be a death blow to the average person


Oh my god true. Complete death sentence!


UK PM pushing a bill to force workers in areas like health, rail and education to go back to work amidst all the striking. Basically a big crack down on striking in the uk. Edit: the law allows companies to sue unions and fire workers who strike https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uks-sunak-announce-minimum-strike-legislation-soon-thursday-the-times-2023-01-04/


I made a post about the prevalence of male rape victims, citing quite a bit of research from the CDC. In short, in 2011 about 1,267,000 men were raped whereas some 1,270,000 women were raped, which is not the ratio I think anyone not familiar with this research would have pinned it. There's a lot of citations, link below, I think it would be pretty on brand for the channel. https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/zro95g/frequency\_of\_male\_victims\_of\_sexual\_violence\_a/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


Irl stream in the Seattle city


Eco-socialism, Jason Hickel! https://youtu.be/wjHq-vQLAiY


I’m interested in organizing a second discussion between Zoe Baker(Anarchopac) and Vaush: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vk9ZRBGpLkM. But before such a video can happen, I’d like to talk about (hopefully with Vaush and Zoe Baker, but not necessarily at the same time.) what will this next video’s subject be about. From what I understand, the last video ended with Vaush believing in a Inside/Outside Strategy, and Zoe Baker being for a All Direct Action Strategy. I believe that the way forward would is to discuss ends and means, can the be different or should they stay the same? In order to advance the conversation beyond unnecessary topics, I decided to look at what Vaush believes to be right, why he decides certain things are right or wrong to do, and I found this video on YouTube where he explains exactly that: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MHE4LEKGFt8. Early in the video he says he (I’m paraphrasing a little) believes in Historical Materialism (essentially "you need capitalism to get socialism, etc), this explains why he doesn’t believes that means and ends are not the same, so to speak. Therefore I think the best place to continue the conversation beyond the "Outside/Inside Strategy VS All Direct Action Strategy" topic is to discuss whether ends/means must be the same or not, and also talk/challenge the assumptions behind the arguments for it. In order to make the video more enlightening, I believe we should help Zoe, mainly because Vaush is a great debater and even in good faith it can be hard to have a dialogue when you’re more used to doing monologues.


Feel like there needs to be a periodical "Vaush Dad" segment. Just to round up all the times he goes on tangents for self help. Maybe even have it based off a QA thread or somethin. Just seems to happen another where he wants to go in on this when he's doing other stuff like TTS or OKBV.


https://youtu.be/1f4rKycK6Gg Delusional video about North Korea, by Hakim, also Second Thought 🫣


Philosophy. Important. Like politics.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wHHME_vhi8 An extremely interesting youtuber imo that I think Vaush would have interesting things to comment on. I am consistently intrigued by their videos, as well as attempting to discern their political goals, as despite their claims of centrism, they clearly have goals they are advocating for.


I was in the cult Ordo Templi Orientis for many years and am willing to speak fully openly about it. I made a post about it on the Vaush Reddit but maybe this is a better place to gain visibility. The cult has had increasing problems with the far-right with one member being so mask off as to be a headliner at Charlottlesville and another top ranking member (now deceased) James Wasserman being an open Trumpist/Pro-Insurrectionist. Troubles go back to declassified documents showing that when the OTO first came to the US the FBI had tabs on them and quoted the leader at the time Germer saying Hiter was right in thinking Jews were the Master Race. There is also tons of built in misogyny.: [https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/103ovgh/ive\_contacted\_multiple\_creators\_about\_how\_i\_was/](https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/103ovgh/ive_contacted_multiple_creators_about_how_i_was/) Photo of Wasseman with Roger Stone and another of him with Milo: [https://twitter.com/protagonizer/status/1376775698694733826/photo/1](https://twitter.com/protagonizer/status/1376775698694733826/photo/1)


apologies for the sheer amount of edits... I'm both new to Reddit and discussing this topic isn't exactly easy for me.


Interesting. Glad you got out. Are you familiar with the podcast called American Psyop, about Wesley Clarke Jr? Of course it should all be taken with a grain of salt, and the overall quality is questionable but the content and story is very interesting, and confirming to me about a lot of schools of thought that seem to…infiltrate…the Left…sometimes! You might find it worthwhile. We need to be careful out there.


for the react andy vaush arc, https://youtu.be/vXVjm4Rc9Ic. it’s a pbs interview regarding the russian oligarch asset seizure bill. Despite NO votes from the squad and pro-russian republicans, it passed in congress months ago and passed in senate last week. funds from the seizure were devoted to reconstructing ukraine in the Omnibus budget.




^ This We want horse cock


If he hasn't already seen them, he should watch some videos made by [https://www.youtube.com/@BarryWalts/videos](https://www.youtube.com/@BarryWalts/videos) It would make for an amusing diversion, it's videos of people like Alex Jones but with a WH40k theme


This is a very thoughtful video on the relationship AI art has with artists, and delves into topics such as the nature of art and automation under capitalism, and the differentiation between illustration and art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESZO-XJZr0s


I disagree with much in this video. AI art is just another art tool that people can use; no different to the printing press or the photograph. It is incredibly pretentious to "coin" the terms art and illustration to differentiate between AI art and everything else. As someone who has done a small amount of AI development and a lot of video game tool development I can tell you that creating auto-generation tools is a huge part of making video games. When a wall shatters in a video game we haven't those breaks in that wall they get autogenerated depending on how you break it. Is that AI art? Are video games art? Any time anyone have ever claims something isn't art they've been wrong. Honestly I think Fountain is still more contentiously "not art" than AI images.


Vaush should make a gay sex ice cream machine


Joe Biden's immigration crackdown should be next on the list. He just banned Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Cuban immigrants from seeking asylum in the US and will deport them to Mexico without due process.


Hope he can check out this guys channel. He has some unique takes on world politics. https://www.youtube.com/@MoFreedomFoundation


This is the right-wing radio show that made Doug Mastriano famous. Review and criticize their content https://m.soundcloud.com/newstalk1037fm


I've wanted to see leftist content creators cover this series on YouTube called "Vulo Lives". Each episode ends with a spooky story from Relno The Story Keeper, where he tells us a bone chilling tale about misdeeds from the CIA against leftists. The whole thing is very entertaining and educational. Here's an episode (timestamp 8:40 for the Relno segment): https://youtu.be/q6TNe4FlirA


AI art discussion with Sinix Design. Yes, he knows who Vaush is and replied to one of his tweets before. https://twitter.com/sinix777/status/1490057136230965248


Vaush needs to react to the Communist vocaliod that someone posted earlier: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Oihz09eBo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Oihz09eBo) It's an ad for the Japanese Communist Party, and it's the most amazing thing ever.


Contact Colin Moriarty and go on Sacred Symbols+


how about this video for some non serious fun content, Conspiracy Theories You Weren't Supposed to Believe - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNTD0VANhM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNTD0VANhM) these are theories set up as a joke but people started believing them anyway


I don't know if he'll watch this, but thanks for introducing the channel to me


What about my leftist content? I made stuff on TikTok. Could I plug that here?


Delete his Twitter


Everyone should do that. Musk is a tool


Go through my recent comments here and debate/agree with me


This current “hating on men” discourse is truly sad because many of the issues were already discussed in the height of Breadtube. Abigail Thorne talked about Jordan Peterson. Contra spoke about men and men in the alt right. I truly think that one of the main issues that the left has right now is that these videos came out too long ago and what used to be benchmarks about leftism are now just forgotten about. Because of this, I think it would be good for Vaush to re-watch on stream some of the pivotal Breadtube videos from back in the day. It would be a good peek back in time, we could discuss victories and failures of the videos, and even some of Vaush’s points could be corroborated by these videos. It’s also easy content.


Just finished the Vaush Pit’s video clip of Vaush speaking with Anastaysia about the Azov Battalion, and what I want from Vaush is a good consequentialist take on the Azov Battalion Vaush repeatedly compares the Azov Battalion to the Wehrmacht, but the actual consequentialist comparison to be made with that is that the moral goodness or badness of any individual Wehrmacht soldier does not matter, it is a good thing for them to die because them continuing to live prolonged the Holocaust In the same way, I don’t care how good or bad an individual Russian fighter or Azov Battalion member is, it is in the best interest of the woeld for the Russian soldier to die and the Azov Battalion guy to live, because regardless of their individual morality, the Azov Battalion fighter continuing to live means that innocents are defended, while the Russian fighter continuing to live is a threat to innocent people across Eastern Europe and Central Asia I don’t care if every single Azov Battalion member is a dogshit person in their heart of hearts, if what they’re doing is making the world a better and safer place. The consequences of them living is what matters, not how good or bad they are as people. Lots of Azov Battalion died fighting down in the dark under Azovstal, protecting women, old people, and kids from the deprevations of the Russian forces. They fought until they were starving and out of ammo, then they surrendered so those innocents could have a chance at life. They were then tortured, mutilated, and often killed. Remember when a video of a Ukrainian soldier being castrated and murdered went viral, and then Russia “oopsidentally” blew up one of the concentration camps with Azovstal defenders in it the next day? What do you think they were hiding there? We can chuckle all day and all night about the rubes in Azov Battalion fighting against a Nazi Russian regime for the innocents in a liberal democracy “just because it happens to defend their loved ones” not for principled ideologically righteousness, but as a consequentialist you should be able to set aside personal feelings to acknowledge that it’s good if people continue to make the world better and safer. There are like 10,300 new graves in Mariupol visible from sattelite, by the way. The Red Cross described the city as apocalyptic. Would it be better if more of its defenders had died sooner? I personally don’t think so.




There’s been some SA accusations against Channel 5 Andrew (Callaghan? Is that how you spell the last name?). I keep seeing videos come up on Hasans subreddit but i have a feeling he’s gonna avoid talking about it for as long as he can


I’d like to see Vaush cover the firing of the professor of Hamline University for showing a painting of the prophet Muhammad. I’m interested in his take. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/08/us/hamline-university-islam-prophet-muhammad.amp.html


https://youtu.be/QeAlklcXPdY Interesting video of Russian propaganda from Russian. He's got a lot of interesting videos to pick from to review.


[Actual Justice Warrior response video to Vaush's interview on TYT.](https://youtu.be/JPVig5XcEtA) It is so stupid and I think it'd be a good opportunity to tear him apart.


did he review this vid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpERnCfK6yg&ab\_channel=TomFooleryShow


https://newschannel20.com/news/local/body-camera-footage-released-of-man-face-down-in-stretcher?fbclid=IwAR0mjFfycfgkWKVX7s0SOBVA_yvk4eGERseXrOf3F7kieHAKUOMyJu9Bg18&mibextid=Zxz2cZ Tl:Dr Springfield Illinois Paramedics charged with murder after strapping a black man suffering alcohol withdrawal face down on a gurney. https://www.nprillinois.org/illinois/2023-01-10/murder-charges-filed-against-two-springfield-ems-personnel Cause of death is positional asphyxia. EMS would know they should not restrain someone in such a position.


I want Vaush to eat egg mcmuffins in a room full of farts


Justin Roiland domestic violence charges


In light of the "man arc" https://youtu.be/TxfuGQcPjUM


How about the DnD OGL situation and how WotCs 1.1 update amounts to a naked money grab at the expense of third party content creators? uwu🌸


Prepare for your debates Jesus fuck! You’re not as clever as you think you are.


How many left tubers should we be following? Is there a healthy number? Like a “everything in moderation” type thing? Like the 2 dbags I’ve never heard of involved in the sexual abuse scandal and this kind of idolization causing a bias on both sides of the argument. If “we” didn’t somehow have this bandwidth to consume (seemingly) Every. Single. Leftist with a channel, would we all get along better and have less of these peripheral arguments? I dunno, I probably have more free-time than anyone else around here, and I’d say I semi-regularly follow…3, 4 maybe? (Vaush is one.) I really don’t understand how people could follow many more than that. Where does this time/energy come from? How many slightly nuanced, left leaning (especially white, it seems) perspectives do we need before just forming our own personally curated set of beliefs, with the help of just a handful of vloggers? Is it healthy to give attention to all of these options, or maybe should we start to consciously refine what we take in? I get that there definitely should not be “only one,” but there probably shouldn’t be hundreds either. Like the whole “touch grass” suggestion (which I love), can we expand on that concept? (This could also just be a jumping off point to a more general philosophical convo about this digital age of too many choices at our fingertips. There’s a genuine conundrum in there.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9dZpbKTLJ0 Lazerpig talks about debating a pro-Russian fashy - economic advisor from Russia today. (The fash wanted him to rage-quit, instead Lazerpig caused the fash to rage quit) Lazerpig is great - but not a debater. So it's interesting in terms of how to debate people who do not care about truth or reason.




I know Vaush has talked about school choice in the past, but I can’t seem to find any videos on it from either of his channels. Does anyone know a good video is where he discusses school choice/vouchers? Thanks in advance


For a bit of balance, reasonable video from FD Signifier, in reasonable react size of about 12 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pKrDxpg5yA


Femboy discourse. I saw a video comparing vaush’s mens rights stuff to the F1NN crosdressing discourse


https://youtu.be/bPwY-FTqWxM Details on the substation attacks in North Carolina


Could God not kill children? https://youtu.be/8RNdkYjKr98 Pretty great vid on how Vaush bad.


WV Legislature introduced a bill that would make it a felony to expose minors to "transgender"[Bill Link](https://www.wvlegislature.gov/Bill_Status/bills_history.cfm?INPUT=252&year=2023&sessiontype=RS)




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[Bulgaria came to Ukrainian aid during the early stages of the war](https://www.politico.eu/article/bulgaria-volodymyr-zelenskyy-kiril-petkov-poorest-country-eu-ukraine/), helping most likely to prevent a siege of Kyiv.




Debate Kanye West