When we needed le reddit atheist the most he vanished.


One hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered a new atheist, a leftist named Vowsh. And although his debate skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to deconvert anyone. But I believe Vowsh can save the world.


>One hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered a new i fuckin love avatar.


>One hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered a n


In their defense, they are probably in the replies. Not that that helps.


Checkout Matt Dillihunty and Aaron Ra on YouTube!


Really need to check out what Aaron Ra is up to. I loved his stuff on taxonomy.


I love his videos on the bible


I haven't gone anywhere


Remember, even if most reactionaries aren't the murderers, a lot of them will shrug their shoulders at the death of queer people.


Someone, i don't remember who, said "the casual racists are the ones who make up the jury that lets off the murderous racists" to bring up why even casual racists are a problem as well. Same applies to other forms of bigotry. The nonviolent bigot will look the other way when a violent bigot murders someone.


I wish more people understood this. Soft oppression is still horrible.


"I'M AN EVIL IDIOT! I'M AN EVIL IDIOT? I'M AN EVIL IDIOT. I'M AN EVIL IDIOT! I'M AN EVIL IDIOT? I'M AN EVIL IDIOT. I'M AN EVIL IDIOT! I'M AN EVIL IDIOT." \-How every single conservative post on social media reads to me.


"Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there." \-Hannah Arendt


I disagree with Hannah. Evil doesn't come from ignorance. It comes from malice. Do not incorrectly assume that these people haven't thought about how they came to their beliefs. They know how: it's a part of their faith, and it is how they were raised. These people's evil comes directly from their values, not some failure to examine themselves. These people are evil because they choose to be evil. Nothing more, nothing less. Claiming anything else is, frankly, apologia in my book


>They know how: it's a part of their faith, and it is how they were raised. Doesn't that imply it comes partly from an unwillingness to examine one's own beliefs? If you ask them "Why do you believe X?" and they respond with "Because that's how I was raised," it doesn't sound like they've evaluated their own values. It's not just "ignorance" but "willfull ignorance." The quote was about the trial of a Nazi war criminal. The prisoner knew or at least should have known, that what he did was wrong, but chose not to think about it and pretend that because he wasn't personally pulling the trigger, he hadn't really killed anyone.


I think it definitely can mean an unwillingness to assess their own beliefs, but it's an unwillingness that bases itself in a lack of empathy and in hatred. In other words, it can be a combination of malice and ignorance, but I don't think evil can really result from naivety alone. At least not in adults The main reason why I made the comment in the first place is because calling evil the result of ignorance has an implication that some of the people involved may not have known any better - that they can't be blamed for their actions because no one had taught them that what they were doing was wrong. I disagree with that sentiment strongly. I think that anyone with the base level of empathy required to be a functioning adult would allow anyone to recognize that treating other people as if they're subhuman hurts them, and I think that anyone who intends to hurt others is actively malicious That being said, malice is also often something that's taught, and malice can be unlearned as well. It often takes time and effort, but being evil is still a choice that one can make


That's fair. The quote is more about the idea that evil is shallow than anything else. It's from the writer who coined the phrase "the banality of evil" after watching Eichman's trial in Jerusalem. It seems like she struggled to understand the motives of someone who wilfully participated in genocide and came away believing that there was never anything there to analyze at all. Minaturemashup's comment just reminded me of it.


Oh yeah for sure. I think any decent person struggles to understand why people would be evil because it's just so foreign to us - why people would just decide to be hateful. And I forget if Hannah ever explicitly said that she learned there wasn't much to analyze, but I agree with that sentiment. There really isn't a lot to it unfortunately. I see her calling evil a product of ignorance as more of an expression of her need to find a deeper answer where there wasn't one


This line of thinking relies on the premise that everyone has a functional system of moral analysis but the truth is even if these people took a hard look at their beliefs their way of thinking may just lead back to affirm those beliefs. An internal change usually has to happen especially the more openly malicious a person is. There are ignorant bigots who will enable but not participate in the malicious ones behavior but those malicious ones are not spurred by ignorance.


Nawt goood -tf2 heavy


These comments are motivated more by religion than politics


Yeah they are, but religion and politics are inextricably linked.


Agreed. But I think it’s more accurate for OP to blame religion than conservatism


conservatism tends to arise out of traditionalist religious beliefs. It is possible to be progressive and still religious.


It tends to, but it seems more accurate to attribute this to dogmatic religious beliefs than conservatism (commitment to traditional values) The ancient Greeks, Hawaiians and many cultures had their own 'traditional values' which supported what now is considered LGBTQ+ rights And those commenters are likely Islamic so they're two very different styles of conservatism.


Yes but here the underlying driving force is religion. Anyway, this is pointless semantics lol


Nah, I know sadly far to many atheist conservatives. They openly enjoy the suffering of others. Atheims is not humanism.


It also isn't sociopathy. Or psychopathy. And it's not donuts. Or airplanes. Or balloons.


Do I really have to say that these comments are clearly fundamentalist Muslims?


You are probably right about that, but my point still stands.


There's inherit vagueness and contradictions on religion texts and their practice. These people do not need to be assholes, they are not driven by their religious texts necessarily, they choose to be assholes. I believe there also an argument to be made that the specific mix of politics and religion is what causes problems.


Funny how Christians and Muslims will unite to hate gay people when each of them believe the other is going to spend eternity in their hell.


It’s all ideology.


Yes and?


Religion of peace


Peace and quiet once they oppress every 'other' demographic


Yes, conservatives are anti happiness and anti life. Unironically. They are aligned with whatever humanity as a whole sees as evil.


Humanity? It's the left


No, they are not just enemies of the left, they are an enemy to our species.


I see the permanent unnecessary mutilation of children as evil. Who's supporting that again?


Circumcision is a conservative practice. Lol


Permanently chemically and surgically changing healthy minors is a left wing practice.


Like feeding them with nutrients so their bodies can grow? Yep that is a left wing practice. And, seeing how surgery was invented by Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-'Abbas al-Zahrawi, I can see how conservatives would be against it. Lol


Sometimes I think most people are just bad people. We’re never going to get past homophobia and transphobia until we get past religion tbh. It’s naive to expect everyone to be these progressive Catholics who live and let live. No, most of the world is like this instead.


Americans: \*beat up Muslims after some of them killed Americans, calling their religion Bronze age bullshit and how they're all sexist and hate homosexuals. Also Americans: \*calls Muslims based for disowning their gay children but jack themselves off being 'pro-Life'.


Most empathetic evangelicals


I wonder if the new conservative strat is going to be to disingenuously support muslim people in order to advocate for homophobia and mysogeny. You saw conservatives talking about the world cup being anti gay, and now Andrew Tate has "converted". Plus you see a lot of ironic halal and haram memes from non muslims.


The only situation where I support bigotted dog-whistling is in anti-bigotry You should never, ever, target religious groups or less progressive demographics directly What you can do though, is be anti-bigotry regardless of whose doing the bigotry And watch as some demographics disproportionately suffer as a result of this.


terrible parents


FaMiLy VaLuEs


This is why muslims should be allowed in the the west. So when someone does shit like this at least there is a chance someone can intervene and the newer gen can live a better life. I grew up in a muslim theocratic country and let me tell, no one deserves to be born in a system like that.


But I thought they said, "we have to fight Iran because they throw gays of roofs." Omg....wait....are conservatives, MASSIVE HYPOCRITES?!?!? What has the world come to.


Yeah they’re just evil. Religion is inherently evil


Its funny that people are still posting captions like this as if it’s some huge revelation.


They could be other Muslims. But you guys don't want to talk about that


Under socialism he would be taken to a prison camp by the secret police… check out socialist leaders terribly intolerant people. Keep living in your fantasy world. Socialism is more oppressive than a meritocracy based economic system


So socialist leaders were bad Therefore the concept of socialism is bad? What's next Einstein was a racist Therefore, e=isn't mc²


No but when every socialist leader ends up putting people in prison camps it’s a component of socialism. Poverty is a potential outcome of capitalism. I just prefer people have the opportunity for personal advancement and have zero trust to government’s ability to do effectively offer any service. Do you support decreasing the size of the government because if the means are truly owned by a community and not government officials, that’s an interesting convo…


When I say something like “parents should support their kids” the cons go apeshit


Vaush is just in favour of pedophilia


Conservative Republicans are in favour of grooming and pedophilia as evidenced by their opposition to increasing the age of consent laws and also how they fight against abolishing child marriage. Also their love for child beauty pageants and completely ignoring the child sexual abuse happening in their churches. Also I’ll just drop this here: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vTFikAP6MXDCJjWzgMIOvpsT1ji-HwO-rLEvNE8e-cfCGh0YHoZluIG5TEsmwFub7MzIDfh0XgvcWL8/pub Read and weep


Lmao I love how you wrote this whole thing, when I’m a Marxist 😂😂😂😂😂. Again, Vaush is in favour of pedophilia and harassment of an autistic woman.


I didn’t write it. Literally just copy and pasted it. Vaush is not in favour of pedophilia. You must have seen out of context clips of him debating Vegan Gains. Watch the whole debate and you’ll understand. I’m not familiar with the harassment allegations.


https://youtu.be/QatxZv-XB-s https://youtu.be/DEDxCZlOMQ4


It’s not even from his debate with Vegan Gains though…..?