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I wanna have another segment where Vaush tells chat to do a small, simple protective measure and chat screeches about how Vaush is doomering and giving up




Broad suggestion, but I would like to see more debate reacts or even general video reacts while gaming. I find those usually a nice mix of entertaining and casual.


Hell yeah to this, I feel like there's been a lack of reacts to content that isn't current events or Twitter threads (if you can call those reacts in the classic sense - watching a lengthy prerecorded video, and offering running commentary/pausing to discuss).


I want Vaush to talk more about immigration in depth (like arguments against common talking points), because especially living in the south, I feel like it’s a major thing people vote on, and immigrants are similar to trans people for republicans in that it’s a group of people they don’t like that they want to go away. I feel like he only mentions it in passing. Literally most conversations I have with a conservative go to “but the border, bad people are coming over.” Also, I know general stuff isn’t exactly what this thread was intended for, but more media takes are always welcome. I listen to Vaush a lot at work and sometimes I’m not in the headspace to think hard about the more important stuff.


I want more suggestions on how to get out and socialize and meet people and get laid. I don't drink so I can't go to bars but I am a lonely man who needs to avoid the pit of Andrew Tate incels.


You can order non-alcoholic drinks, the staff won't care as long as you still tip.




You are quick to shout, you'd fit right in.


I have transphobes tweeting this link at me, which looks hella legit with cited science etc. Would be great to do a debunk! For instance it claims there is no good evidence that early transition or puberty blockers saves lives. https://statsforgender.org/suicide/


Oh dang, this website is a goldmine of anti-trans talking points. https://statsforgender.org/medical-transition/ https://statsforgender.org/desistance/


It would be neat if Vaush would do some more organizing content. I think that Vaush's work with campaign organizing was great and it would be really cool to see him encouraging and promoting in person activism. So maybe things like doing research streams on social organizing and activism, talking in-depth about practical anti-fascism and community improvement, interviewing community organizers, that kind of stuff


A convo with Dylan Burns about the news from Ukraine would be great!


I think talking about the recent elections in Israel could be a valuable segment, with an emphasis on the Religious Zionism party that's gonna be in the coalition and its direct ties to the Kach party that was recognized both internationally and domestically as a terrorist party. If Netanyahu is a fascist because it's a way of furthering and enriching himself, Ben Gvir and the party are actually ideologically fascists.


Vaush definitely needs to get on Lex Friedman. 100%


He honestly should react to Lex’s most recent episode with (TWITCH STREAMER)…there’s quite a bit of substance there


Pepe Laugh


I want him to talk about Richard Spencer’s sudden shift in political views. His Twitter now looks just like your average liberal. I wonder if he’s doing the Dave Rubin, Tim Pool, Tulsi Gabbard, etc. grift but the other way around (which would make literally no fucking sense) or if his views have legitimately changed.


I want Vaush to focus more on foreign policy. It’s the lefts biggest weakness and people need to be educated.


I've suggested this in a post before, but I'd like to see Vaush debate Mick Wallace. He's a Member of the European Parliament representing my country, Ireland, so apologies for him I guess. He has pretty typical tankie views and has said a number of heinous things in the past, including: * Downplayed human rights abuses by Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, including denying that the 2018 chemical weapon attack against Syrian civilians was committed by the Syrian Government. He has also accused the White Helmets Movement in Syria of being funded by the US and UK in order to carry out regime change in Syria. * He has engaged in Uighur Genocide denial * Most notably recently, he has been very sympathetic towards Russia. In March 2022 he voted against an EU Resolution to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and his twitter page is basically a constant bombardment of pro- Russia talking points. I don't actually think that a debate between the two would be very useful, but I do think that it would be very entertaining, and if that isn't a good reason to for those two to debate, I don't know what is. If they were to debate, I would like the topic to be about the War in Ukraine I've thought about emailing Vaush about this, but I don't know if he responds to those kinds of emails


Cover the Australian YouTuber friendlyjordies, he’s currently going up against the gambling lobbies and recently had his house firebombed. Him and his team have also been harassed by the “fixated persons unit” while he was reporting on the corruption of John Barillaro and the LNP (Liberal National Party, ignore the liberal part of the name, they aren’t) He’s not strictly leftist, probably closer to a Kyle Kulinski Union loving boy but he does great work in moving people left so I don’t mind terribly.


You should go over some of Dr. John Campbell's videos. He has been skeptical of the COVID vaccines for a while, and now he seems to be implying that the COVID-19 vaccines are to blame for recent excess death rates. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gstEyC0eMQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gstEyC0eMQ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZJfVR9-wo




I haven't watched Vaush gaming in like a year, but I'd be on board for Wolfenstein.


I know this is eight days ago but you just reminded I downloaded SOMA off game pass and haven’t played it yet, gotta get on that… as soon as I finish Persona 5.


Please please please talk about the protests in Iran they're giving thousands of innocent people the death penalty


Thoughts on about how other countrie handle race relations Maybe successful ones like Malaysia/Singapore.


>Malaysia I've bad news for you


Meanwhile in Sarawak


GE15 election results be like "look, PAS and BERSATU are doing much more numbers" And horseriders weaving Taliban flags alongside PAS and PN flags in Permatang Pauh of all places


Vaush should make a segment on forced penal labor. There have been a bunch of strikes and it's abolition was on a lot of ballot measures this year.


Vaush has talked about the issues with walkability, however an often overlooked phenomenon is the suburb-city class divide reversing in some areas, aka "drive till you qualify". There's been some [press coverage about the City of Hemet](https://www.desertsun.com/story/money/business/2019/10/07/hemet-california-named-one-americas-most-miserable-cities/3902741002/) being a prime example. The city expanded greatly prior to the last housing bubble, and never recovered due to its shift into suburban poverty. Part of this is due to the shift of housing from being owner-occupied to landlord-owned, as well as the ["growth ponzi scheme"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IsMeKl-Sv0) that is responsible for the US's crumbling infrastructure. edit: found a [better article](https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/12/suburban-poverty-and-recession/549350/) outlining the issue.


segment/research stream on BlackRock investment management company


Discuss recent events with conservatives from Reddit or Twitter.


How grifters have appeared in the uk There are now political grifters in the uk copying the propaganda from US. calvin robinson is the uk equivalent of matt walsh Nuclear family propaganda https://youtu.be/Lh-c52KgTzY Anti trans propaganda https://youtu.be/p_7711WNrl8 Mark dolan is a former comedian turned right wing propagandist Mark dolan doing donold trump bootlicking https://youtu.be/UdNEqmjVdc8 Mark dolan impeach joe biden propaganda copying marjorie taylor green https://www.gbnews.uk/gb-views/it-is-now-time-to-impeach-joe-biden-on-the-grounds-of-poor-cognitive-health-incompetence-and-dishonesty-says-mark-dolan/345793 Andrew doyle is another former comedian turned right wing propagandist Andrew doyle doing anti woke propaganda while lying about blm https://youtu.be/XMm3vgIWbGk Konstantin Kisin from triggernometry is yet another former comedian turned right wing propagandist or an enlightened centrist, his main propaganda is the west is under attack Konstantin kisin copying ben shapiro https://youtu.be/Wt3lPpqUT3E


he should watch Sarcasmitron


Not a content suggestion, just an annoying request. There are a few recent VODs missing from the VODs playlist. The ones streamed on Twitch during the YouTube strike, and I think one right before the strike that was removed for DMCA reasons. Would it be possible to get those added? I think Vaush mentioned in one of those Twitch streams that he would be uploading the VODs later, but that has not happened yet.


The one that got striked is gonna go back up. It's on our list of things to do. lol The twitch streams I can't do anything about those. It looks like they weren't saved on his twitch channel? I don't have any way to grab them. He probably has an original copy on his computer. I'll mention to him to upload it.


Thank you. Yeah, I think the Twitch VODs disappeared after a week. I went to the channel at one point and noticed that there were only two VODs left, so I grabbed those. Not sure if that's a setting or just how Twitch does things.


I have at least one of those, just in case


Follow up with Hooba Booba guy




bring me on the stream


Black Panther 2 review?


not very long, obviously, but oh look [vaush was right about them switching gears to the election fraud narrative](https://twitter.com/michaeljknowles/status/1591624126284070912?s=20&t=kdUz11uc6KpjR--HDDnAPw)


https://youtu.be/be_Ms3nVG10 After catching up on the latest stream it feels like this has never been more relevant. Idk if Vaush would go over this video because I feel like it'd be a circle jerk but anybody who wants to hear an honest and progressive take on men's issues this is easily one of my favorite video essays of all time.


[Where are the god damn tik tok reaction videos](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAzKoywJUyQ)


I haven't seen much stuff IRL but if I'm not wrong liberty con is coming up and other conferences. Maybe he could debate Ukraine. Although I haven't heard any update on his lung condition so if that's still happening then obviously stay safe.


Would love to hear if Vaush agrees with this take on online leftist agitprop by Cardposting - and if not, what his rebuttal is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIHqJFwOqsI


Jeff Bezos allegedly wanting to donate his billions for climate change charity Amazon lays off 10 000 workers


https://youtu.be/Bd8_vO5zrjo This is like the Iraq war video, but naval battle with US (battle of midway) told from the Japanese perspective. I


This isn't a suggestion, but I really miss when Vaush did debunk/react content to right wing videos or like those Jubilee videos. Some more react content would be nice, like of any kind, I think there's insightful commentary that can come out of it, or it can be a springboard to talk about a subject.


Talk with Stephanie Sterling, Laura Kate Dale and Conrad Zimmerman about games and state of game industry. They're good leftist streamers but are getting slowly pulled into Sophie from Mars and Mildred's orbit. Would be a shame if they weren't pulled out somewhat from the thoughtslime-gnomepilled brain rot.


he really needs to address the heinous allegations against him. some are saying "vaush bad"


I would Like Vaush to go over the Dave Chappelle SNL monologue in more detail, Idk the logistics of how to get around copyright, but I watched it and want to understand why he said he wished he could go over it sentence by sentence. I have a transcript of it if that helps.


Not familiar with “Real Progress in Action” channel, but this was recommended to me in an economics group… “does capitalism exist”… I thought the video was informative/confirming in some ways, but also put me off a bit and i’m not exactly sure why. Im interested in a Vaush reaction. [TRS: Does Capitalism Exist?](https://youtu.be/LNgXHrA1GBw)


The comments about China were more interesting than the missile stuff. https://youtu.be/KTbBpVxuAic




I want Vaush to make another Pokémon smash or pass segment with the new generation of Pokémon that was just released.


has vaush seen goncharov? want a media review before I go digging up a movie from 1973 edit: supposedly it has a sub theme about how the KGB is "indifferent to the struggle for international communism happening right in front of them because they’re preoccupied with this realpolitik game of thrones shit with the United States." which I thought sounded interesting


Not really content, but this study claims that there is no alt-right pipeline https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4114905




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[Colorado shooter is NB according to attorneys](https://twitter.com/esqueer_/status/1595257936989007873?s=46&t=I_tutUWNsSYLLN5G3prs1Q)


He needs to react to [the 3000 black jets of Allah](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc5V7mh2tIc)


That one matt Walsh video talking about the book "c is for consent" where he says it's very bad looks like an interesting thing to react to and break down what the fuck is it with the conservative phobia against the concept of consent


Delve more into the psychology of why rural and low income conservatives vote against their interests every election despite all evidence showing they’re objectively harming their quality of life. Maybe have a discussion with someone who specializes in cults and helping people out of that mindset and how that dovetails with modern conservatives? We need to make sure to get out the vote and vote D across the board, and energizing the younger voters is something that frankly, the Dems are absolutely awful at except for a handful. Is there any chance/is it worthwhile attempting to “deprogram” some of these conservatives? Watching a Conservative bemoan an affordable healthcare bill while quoting the bible and his/her constituents, a significant proportion of which live below the poverty line is disgusting to say the least. Watching those same people who could benefit greatly from that bill cheer at their own demise and chant DoWn wiF sOciALiSm is absolutely enraging. If the GOP came out and said “Yeah, we literally don’t give a shit about anyone but the top 5% of income earners and corporations, sorry not sorry” at least I’d give credit for being honest about their dogshit platform. But the fact these Harvard/Yale graduate, multi-millionaires are going up on stage and giving the “Aww shucks” routine to the great unwashed and they fall for it EVERYTIME DRIVES ME MAD!


The protests in China right now.


I want vaush to debate me, because I am a strange person.


11 minute video I recently made. I’m down to discuss it or debate it on stream too. It’s my story of a tinder date with someone who then told me they started taking cross sex hormones. Nothing is TOS in this video. Thank you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msoJXiAo4Sw&t=1s


Are you not a Mr Girl orbiter? Not sure Vaush would want you on stream.


I guess. Vaush can think for himself, I’m sure of that, though.


Some 650k subscriber black maga dude reacted to Vaush's interview with JLP:. https://youtu.be/g2VxYVmFMns Dude is mega cringe


Wendover Productions' "How Florida Got So Weird" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIqxfBhlwx0 it's a deep dive into the uniquely American historical fuckery that planted the seeds to turn Florida into what it is today. it involves trains! and rich racist white assholes named Henry Flagler.