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Classic debate review (10 minutes in length). I’m interested how this old Hitchens vs a White nationalist from 1991 holds up. Very interesting to see how Nazi talking points haven’t changed much. : https://youtu.be/O5k1j8fegGE


[Encouraging the Young to Die - The Most Toxic Site I’ve Ever Seen](https://youtu.be/C3y6SsGAWks) It’s a really heavy video, it’s about an active forum seemingly designed to push kids towards suicide. It’s horrifying and fascinating, it touches on a lot of stuff Vaush has talked about on stream, i think it deserves a watch. The channel is about music software, it’s not a drama thing. He’s never uploaded something like this before, he had a random personal encounter with the forum and felt compelled to use his platform to warn people about it


actually beat Bloodborne


Since I can't think of any pressing topic he should talk about, I'm once again recommending he play Yakuza 0 on stream.


Strike double feature! [Talk about the labor strikes and protests in France.](https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/19/business/france-strikes-retirement-age-protest/index.html) [Also talk about the strikes happening in the United Kingdom.](https://www.bbc.com/news/business-62134314)


[Abraham Lincoln: American Dictator](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pZG7snE7tU) by The Rageaholic. Absolutely psychotic pro-Confederate hitpiece on Lincoln, full of so many historical inaccuracies, revisionism and ass-pulls to be approaching a work of art. A video from a large content creator like Vaush tearing it down would hopefully help prevent some people falling down a rabbithole.


This one, please god this one.


Dusty Smith (Cult of Dusty) had his YouTube channel deleted yesterday. His channel was 15 years old. As one of the first skeptic channels back in the day, his early work dealt with atheist topics. When the skeptic community began to drift toward the anti-SJW nightmare we saw in 2015-2016, Dusty Smith was one of the few content creators to call out the fact that anti-SJW content was helping Republicans get into office. Dusty didn't follow the money, and he was made the black sheep of the community for it. For the past four years, Dusty has been doing weekly podcast/news streams that center on left-wing social advocacy. Most of the money he makes from his work goes to his animal sanctuary. The dude's based as fuck. However, within the past month, right-wingers have found his channel and mass-flagged it for "hate speech" and "COVID-19 misinformation" even though he has been speaking out against that stuff for years. YouTube didn't give a shit about his appeals. He couldn't get a human representative to talk to about his channel getting wrongly reported. YouTube just gave him three strikes, and now his channel is gone. 15 years of work gone. I think it is important that Vaush talks about this because Dusty brought Vaush onto his show and promoted him about 3 years ago. Back then, Dusty had a healthy 250K subscriber platform, and Vaush only had a few thousand. Dusty helped boost Vaush to where he is today. Leftist YouTubers are under attack, and it is crucial that Vaush uses his platform to strengthen leftist voices. YouTube actively permits borderline minstrel shows on Louder with Crowder, but they turn a blind eye to the people who are fighting against it. Don't let the fascists win! Don't let the fascists silence Dusty! EDIT: I'm glad to say his account is back up! Still, the fact that this is a problem for this side of the aisle might be a worthwhile topic. Dusty Smith could certainly use the attention anyhow.


https://www.edweek.org/policy-politics/supreme-court-asks-for-biden-administrations-views-on-legal-status-of-charter-schools/2023/01 This is a worrying sign that SCOTUS, which recently bolstered state funding for charter schools, is ~~set~~ preparing to let those institutions ignore Title IX protections. This issue itself doesn't need much attention, but I'd love a dive into the "school choice" movement.


This news on how a West Virginia bill plans on flat out banning kids from being exposed to trans people (as in, one could be simply arrested for existing while trans if this bill passes). https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-politics-and-policy/west-virginia-bills-exposing-minors-transgender-people-crime-rcna66742


GOP out there doing the thing again.


Not sure if Vaush has talked about animation recently on stream (mostly watch he clips), but he should talk a bit about Netflix Canceling a lot of shit and also the surprise success of the new Puss in Boots movie. Would be good normie content. Also, pleaaaaaase talk about the Crowder/Daily Wire fight.


Vaush talks to A.I Vaush https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=xdmleVI9zyTP9dMkQXVtN2LCAI53T1qOnfRb4OAhelQ


Talk about Justin Roiland being replaced in Rick and Morty


For games to play on stream, I think it’d be really entertaining to watch Vaush play the Dark Picture Anthology games; • The Quarry • Man of Medan • House of Ashes • Little Hope It can be more interactive with chat too where there can be polls on which path to select.


I would really like to see vaush debunk redpil stuff more and maybe go on fresh and fit.


Vaush should do a video covering the popularfront documentary on BOAK which is an anarchocommunist organization militantly opposed to the invasion of Ukraine within Russia. There is also the organization Revdia which is another anarchocommunist group fighting in Ukraine against Russia. [https://youtu.be/1u1lXr1vShI](https://youtu.be/1u1lXr1vShI)


DM’ed Vaush the other week and he seemed keen on watching this FLCL video of mine! Hope you guys don’t mind me throwing it up here just to keep it in his memory. https://youtu.be/HO7UN53EJB8


Maybe look into what happened to the gravel institute? They haven't uploaded in 5 months, they barely tweet twice a month, and they reportedly aren't fulfilling patreon requirements. Did Ukraine really kill them? Has their brand become too toxic? Should we all become More Perfect Union pilled instead?


Talk about people harrassing Twitch streamers playing Hogwarts Legacy


I have typecast myself as the "every time suggest discussing algae- based biofuels as a better alternative than EVs" person so...


The use of sports to appeal to normies


Git gud


These two videos [here](https://youtu.be/Z1fvMmkIfSM) and [here](https://youtu.be/IuxfFFmSZC4) going over the US' nuclear arsenal and how it would be employed on Russia would be interesting. Not really related to anything but interesting.


Would love to see Vaush critique "Reject Pleas for Civility" from Cardposting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIHqJFwOqsI It's an anti-alt-right video made by an Australian antifa guy and it's good imo, but could be critiqued. Plus, Cardposting deserves some more exposure from the rest of the Left imo.


Amongst the problems Cardposting has it's nearly impossible to hear him speak. On top of this videos lack any real arguments aside from "it should be this way because it should be this way". Titles are hyperbolic and they have freely admitted that they think lying is a reasonable tactic.


Vaush needs to cover the absolutely insane anti-trans bills in WV. They're trying to make being trans in public a felony.


Debate a longtermist/effective altruist. They are effectively a group that takes utilitarianism and comes to really dubious and foul conclusions. At the shallow end of the pool, we find notions like 'It's better to make as much money as you can and give to charity than to help people directly' and 'You should have as many babies as you can to maximize future people and future happiness'. In the deeper end of the pool they come with notions like 'A rich person's life is worth more than a poor person's because they can contribute more to longtermism' and 'We shouldn't care about climate change since climate change is not at risk of exterminating the human race and in our utilitarian math even the tiniest possibility of human extinction matters more than everything else'. Since Vaush is a consequentialist, it might be fun to see him debate these other consequentialists. They are aparantly cagey about allowing their flock to interact with the outside world and potentially do PR harm, but I'm sure there's some that are willing to break rank. I learned about them recently via this video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHPjubIeiRo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHPjubIeiRo). It may be more informative to read the article mentioned in the video, which you can do here: [https://archive.ph/CGjTz](https://archive.ph/CGjTz).


Environmental activism related.


Andrond vs apple and the future of phone tech in a political lens (chips wars, monopolies, data harvesting)


https://youtu.be/4XVVoPIh0uo Golden era YouTube


He should debate the [Vaush AI](https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=xdmleVI9zyTP9dMkQXVtN2LCAI53T1qOnfRb4OAhelQ) on character.ai ;)


Cole Hastings is a self improvement “guru” who isn’t a misogynist and a redpill type, in light of recent arcs, Vaush should react to his content https://youtu.be/jJBp_oscmqA


[That graded Pokemon Yellow box that got sliced up by TSA.](https://www.pcmag.com/news/us-customs-ruins-sealed-graded-copy-of-pokemon-yellow) Not just that agents destroyed it, but also the loud arguments everyone started having over: - Was it based or not - The true value of a collectible item - The shady business practices of some (all?) grading companies - How the TSA sucks and should be dismantled I believe in you, Tempest, unless V already talked about it and I missed it. I can guarantee chat will have a civil war over this because literally every online conversation I've had ends up in a slap fight.


Please have a call in section like Sam Seder to let any nut job call in so we can laugh at them. Please make Vaush great again.


antifa island


The British government banning the trans bill


Call in section.


so a xbox button on a controller going on a pc that launches android with an android tv skin that is set up to interact with windows. and a steam deck or an android phone that interacts with your htpc gaming pc. you could even stream the second display from a ds/3ds/wiiu or go launch netflix. the new vaush video drops and a notification flashes on your controller so you launch it on the tv that has a desktop in the other room connected thru an 100ft hdmi cable


have him try using the vaush ai chatbot in character ai. it’s pretty funny


I like watching long videos and it makes me sad when Vaush says “this video is 20 min! It’s way too long!” Please make longer videos!


Vaush should check out the perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance. He is kind of a living meme for going wildly off-topic like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A95Dqt8In6U




talk about why none of your videos can play right now, like, it says "something went wrong", when i click on any videos form vaush channels.


It would be great to get Vaush’s commentary as an update on the Bored Ape Yacht Club story. The company is still valued at billions of dollars and still supported by celebs like Tom Brady, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber. Much more evidence has come out since he first reported it. More of that evidence it compiled here https://twitter.com/ivan87403/status/1619934320499777536?s=46&t=hdANzyscNyThNSYfEvglcA


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u1lXr1vShI&t=4s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u1lXr1vShI&t=4s) this video by the channel Popular Front, it's about Anarcho-Communists in Russia sabotaging the war effort




https://youtu.be/CsuAUl770BM why you shouldn't listen to women, from a woman. Just pearly things


trumplicans (the current republican party) are actually evil. It's not just a different ideology anymore. They are bond level villains now. When they watch movies, do they root for the villains to destroy the world, I wonder. JFC. I would like to see Vaush's take on this, which could potentially destroy the Democratic party if "extreme vetting" is not immediately done. https://www.businessinsider.in/politics/world/news/undercover-gop-operatives-trained-by-former-spies-infiltrated-liberal-groups-to-try-and-compromise-them-from-the-inside-report-says/articleshow/83849034.cms


https://www.mysuncoast.com/2023/01/31/new-college-president-okker-terminated-by-board-trustees/ https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/desantis-pushes-ban-on-diversity-programs-in-state-colleges New College of Florida has about 700 students, and is mostly a safe space for queer people. I love my school, and the people that go there. Desantis just inducted a new Board of Trustees all consiting of showman republicans, and at the recent BoT meeting, they fired the college's president who has done nothing but support our community and school and replaced her with another GOP showman. They essentially want to turn my tiny school into a fascist cesspool.


My Dad (who has a gay kid, a trans kid, and an NB kid, but is Trump evangelical conservative...) posted this. It has sources. I'd love a research stream covering trans science again, I've seen several new things claiming the science isn't sound etc. If we could maybe have responses for things like this in the ultimate research doc or other format that'd be awesome. Or if Vaush or someone else could do a good YT response video to these. Obviously parts of our position is morality based and irrelevant to the science, but where it intersects with science, we need to have the science right. https://thefederalist.com/2023/02/01/the-whole-transgender-industry-is-founded-on-two-faulty-studies/ Also this is worth having a rebuttal to: https://statsforgender.org/suicide/


Just posting this again since it’s been about a week: It would be great to get Vaush’s commentary as an update on the Bored Ape Yacht Club story. The company is still valued at billions of dollars and still supported by celebs like Tom Brady, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber. Much more evidence has come out since he first reported it. More of that evidence it compiled here https://twitter.com/ivan87403/status/1619934320499777536?s=46&t=hdANzyscNyThNSYfEvglcA


Vaush needs to do more research streams specifically on the following issues. Trans-Women in sports and in other Women's Spaces. How to push back against TERFS and their narratives (ironic misogyny is not a solution) History of Feminism and how to include men in feminism Men's Issues (Just more of this always and often it is needed) How to actually combat P\*dos and how Conservatives cause harm to kids The Rise and Fall of Authoritarian Regimes like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and Modern Russia I think Vaush would really benefit from these topics because recent debates and talks have shown some cracks in his knowledge just because topics have changed over time.


Talk about the U.K. Teacher Strikes + NHS + Railworkers etc. My sister is part of them and I’m actually really proud of her :)


A research stream (when possible) on former Romania leader Nicolae Çeaucescu.




Watch this light dance [this light can dance to anything ](http:// https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJmodi3k4Krq6-Lxn8Dke71kou9Ms5Rk1)