The way I found vaush was through Adam. Adam mentioned vaush was one of his inspirations for doing yt. Maybe his speach has been influenced by vaush. I use some of his mannerisms too so it's very likely.


Smh classic example of the unironically evil Voosh grooming his audience with his infectious body language


Urban planning-tube is a guilty pleasure of mine and Adam Something's content is no exception. Aside from when he called French presidential candidate Jean Luc Melenchon a tankie, I generally agree with his political takes.


Maybe he isn't tankie, but he has shit takes on foreign policy many leftists do. Not someone I want as leader of France during war in Ukraine.


French leaders put France first, not Ukraine. They don’t have a duty towards a country they’re not the leader of.


1) Leftists are not supposed to be nationalists, isolationists and passive suporters of imperialist agressors. 2) France is member of several international organisations and signatory of many agreements. French leaders are supposed to act accordingly.


French voters do not have to prioritize Ukrainian interests over French ones. This is an objectively bad take. Melenchon has much better positions than Macron on domestic issues . Why should the world ask of the French to elect a leader that is bad for their homeland but is good for some foreign country?


My guy, if every, even leftist, national leader always put their own national interest first, especially the potentially powerful european ones, we'd get colonialism pt.2 in a real hurry. Because guess what? Taking wealth from other nations and using that to make your country rich is a whole lot cheaper and easier than actually redistributing the wealth your country already has. One requires you to actually challenge capital, the other just requires you to do imperialism to appease it. Your logic leads to that exact outcome. International solidarity among workers is a cornerstone of all leftist thought for a reason.


Interesting. So if a right wing, pro-Ukraine, neoliberal French president would be better than a leftist, isolationist one?


Better for Ukraine yeah. And peace in Europe. Better for France. Absolutely not. Its very hard to determine, I think i would still prefer a leftist. But shitty foreign policy is not great. Isolationism in the face of fascist oppression can only lead to bad outcomes.


Quite frankly you can't call yourself a leftist if your response to fascist imperialist aggression on the continent your country is on is isolationist. Anti fascism and international workers' solidarity are integral to leftist praxis and if you don't do either you don't fit the bill, especially if you have a tool as powerful as the french state at your disposal. I might still vote for them if they offer something especially unique domestically, but don't get it twisted, it'll be despite their flaws and not because of their good points. As long as they subscribe to this isolationist faux pacifism, they're the lesser evil at best. Leaving 44 million Ukrainians to die at the hands of a literal fascist so the french experience a slight upturn in standards of living doesn't compute as far as outcomes are concerned.


Don’t get me wrong. I completely support Ukraine in this war. I do not like Melenchon’s views on the war. But, if the French voted for him, you can’t blame them for choosing a guy that would improve their standard of living. The French people, like any other country, would put their interests over the interests of a foreign nation


The whole point of socialist internationalism is recognizing that economic class is the main force dividing people in society. The point is to overcome notions like nationality and race. I'd mostly blame Melenchon for abandoning the notion of internationalism, but if the people who voted for him knew that this was his policy and did it anyway, without any attempt to force him to do better, absolutely they are to blame aswell. I don't abide fence-sitters when it comes to fascism and it's victims, I know where that leads.


Not being terrible regarding Ukraine isn't prioritising Ukrainian interests over French ones.


Urban planning-tube is so chill and cool, favourite niche genre




He's hungarian, so it's more like "Vós" (that's the closest to the pronunciation of Vaush lol)


I'm pro-Ukraine and against the RuZZian government. In my view, RuZZia has way more nazis and supports nazis and other far-right groups around the world. Still, I do like to condemn Azov and Bandera and Adam has repeatedly failed to criticize them properly. He also uses ironic Bandera memes which I find not funny and damaging to Ukraine and its cause. Compare that to Vaush who openly told Ana that he wouldn't care if the far-right types among Azov died. Overall Adam S's general Ukraine takes are good, but I don't fully trust him or his analysis on Azov right now.


If by that you mean totally uneducated comments about European policy, then yeah.


he's based. his "masterworks" sponsorships are sussy though. but man's gotta eat, and overall he's based imo




I don't think I've ever heard a good political take from him outside of urban planning


His anarcho-capitalism in action videos are pretty good, especially the third one.




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He’s one of the Four Horseman of Fucktardery in this sub


Who are the other 3?


Watcher in the Water is another one, but I wouldn't have a clue about the other 2.