Finished our 04 Econoline van, kinda wanting to scrap it and start again. I barely fit in the bed, my wife fits great however. This is just a weekend rig for us right now! Look

Finished our 04 Econoline van, kinda wanting to scrap it and start again. I barely fit in the bed, my wife fits great however. This is just a weekend rig for us right now! Look


If I were you I would cut the box on right flush with the bed support and just add a foam extension.


This is your answer


This is a good solution. We have the foot section of our bed fold down to make the back of our couch during the day, and propped up at night for sleeping. It was the perfect solution for us, as my tall husband couldn't sleep transverse, and I got to have a couch area.


If you do scrap it, I love my setup w a bedframe that slides/expands length-wise so I have a queen size bed. I absolutely hated being like…2 inches too tall to stretch out comfortably with the bed facing width-wise. Happy to share photos :) The build looks great!


Would love to check it out.


Yah my partner was insistent on the bed being east-west also.. she’s 5 feet tall. I’m six foot. Go figure. Luckily I’m a side sleeper for the most part.


Hi fellow Econoliner! Looks great - the wood ceilings and lights look awesome. I feel like when we were putting in our floors I read that the seams of vinyl/laminate should always stagger to prevent peeling up, how have yours held up so far? (in our case we staggered planks and our peel and stick vinyl still peeled up in the heat so what do I know)


Yeah, I planned to stagger them, but didn’t. I’ve not had any issues as of yet. We’ve taken it south AL/FL heat and up to north AL during some of the coldest days and the floors haven’t shown any peeling. It’s also a super small surface so I would think it would take longer to show versus Doing a floor in your home.




We have a small underlay installed underneath + when we bought the van it had a 1inch thick piece of plywood installed already so I think that helps a ton.


Here is a simple suggestion for elongating the bed at night. Move the platform to the same height as the counters. At night slide the mattress towards the front over the counters by like 8 inches. Take an extra pillow and fill the gap between the mattress and doors where your head rests. You don't even need any extra support as just feet dangling on the end don't sag the mattress. How it is in my van where 68 in mattress turns into \~74 in, https://imgur.com/a/J4txZvu


Not knocking your build cuz it looks great, but why does everyone on this sub have a hard on for wood lol.


Makes it feel homier/ less like you're inside of a metal van since cars usually don't have much wood inside


Looks amazing. If you’re going to get rid of it, give me a call first! 😎😂


Haha, I’ll probably keep it. Just rip it all apart and start over fresh. It’s my first build, so it holds a special place in my life.


I absolutely understand, it looks like a lot of time has already gone into it. Good luck with the re-build.


Just checked out your page too. If you ever need any content shot, let me know haha. I’m a full time photographer/filmmaker.


Send me a message on here and maybe we can work something out 😃




hands down nicest walls i have seen in a hightop american-style cargo van. really clean - what kind of wood is that. don't change it just modify (would like to see more pics of it if you want to make a build post on database i made)