For inspiration, I suggest checking out a Finnish movie called "Rare Exports" (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_Exports:_A_Christmas_Tale). It tells a bit different story of Krampus/Santa Claus. The plot would work well in the Vaesen setting, too, and in this scenario, the Krampus would be the giant buried under the hill. For stats, I think something similar to a giant would work, and for the "feral Santas" (the old men with beards, Santa's elves) maybe the Nisse stats, but fear 0/1, as they look like harmless old men but are surprisingly strong and cruel. I'm not sure if this is an answer to your question, but it's the first idea that came to my mind. Edit: Just realized that this probably can't be used in a podcast as is, but maybe it can be an inspiration anyway.


That's a great recommendation. I'll watch it soon for research. The feral Santas idea is perfect. I love it. Thanks for the assistance.


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Krampus sort of already exists in Swedish folklore as julbocken (the Yule Goat). Before Santa Claus, it was a guy in a goat mask who delivered presents to good kids, and beat the bad ones. [Here's a picture from 1910](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Julbock_med_s%C3%A4llskap_tagen_vid_Bolln%C3%A4sstugan%2C_Skansen_-_Nordiska_museet_-_NMA.0048125.jpg/1280px-Julbock_med_s%C3%A4llskap_tagen_vid_Bolln%C3%A4sstugan%2C_Skansen_-_Nordiska_museet_-_NMA.0048125.jpg) English Wikipedia is pretty slim on details on this though. There was also a tradition of people with goat masks going door to door singing, and the inhabitants of each place they visited guessing who were under the masks. Maybe you could make a mystery out of it, where the players don't know who the Yule Goat is, as he's masquerading as a normal person, while he's "punishing the wicked" who have replaced him with Santa Claus. Or the players could solve the mystery by restoring faith in the Yule Goat.


Yes to Julbocken! I would probably tweak an existing vaesen, but I've found the idea of spirit possession to be quite interesting. Then you would put on the regalia of the julbock or Santa and be the living "spirit of Christmas".




I really love the idea of using Julbocken. I only went with Krampus initially due to name recognition primarily.


I’ve homebrewed a few vaesen and what I usually do is choose the most similar one from the ones on the rule book and tweak the details


This 👆🏻. I do it for all the various systems I use. Most core books recommend it as well. Copy, paste, and tweak.


Big same.


I have a bunch of ideas for a possible Vaesen game featuring the homeless god, The Yule King who is a combination Father Christmas-Krampus, a sort of goat-horned Wotan. The red suit and hat comes from the idea that he's the King of the Red Caps. ​ The Yule King has the stats of a troll but with the magic of a mare\*. He wields a terrible axe (damage 5). When he kills someone, he has to remove a personal item from his giant sack to make room for the soul. The Yule King usually gives an item to a person. ​ The red caps are a group mix of faeries, nisse and vaettir but are all armoured and armed with a red cap. \*I found it easier to take parts from two vaesen and jam them together, then fine tune the creature than puzzle over building individual monsters from the ground up.


love it :)


This is a fantastic idea. I'll have to use the idea of the red caps as perhaps mall Santa elves.