This looks very good! I learned a lot about Sami culture as I prepared the first part of my campaign and this looks to be a perfect fit for the second part as I explore some darker themes. Thanks for sharing.


Mild spoilers below: So I GM'ed Saivu recently. It was a surprise game, most of our usual Coriolis group didn't show up and the Coriolis GM said "so maybe you'll run some Vaesen for us?" as I'm the resident scandinavophile. I said "sure, why not, just give me 10 min to read this little mystery I have downloaded" which was Saivu. I had it downloaded, but haven't read it before, it was my first contact with the content. The mystery is very well written both in terms of plot and characters and the layout and organisation of the text. It was easy for me to navigate the document when I needed particular locations or characters. We played the whole thing during two 3-hour sessions including character creation for one player and without rushing or lingering. I was surprised how the mystery can be interpreted as very relevant for the modern day with just a bit of input from the players. I made the priest the villain of the mystery and a quite diabolical one - not sure if that was your intention here, but it flowed naturally from the relationships between characters and his approach to things. The players are on the socialist side, so they also managed to turn the miners to their side and defuse some tension in this department - so that's another possible little thing that could be included in the scenario, among all other problematics you touched here. I only have one doubt: When delivering the babies you ask for a medicine roll, but I don't see how is it supposed to impact the story? What are the stakes of the roll? Your mystery says the women will live no matter the result, so the only thing I can think of is how much will the players know about the mothers' state, am I correct? Overall I really appreciate your work. Enjoyed the game very much and will probably run it again with a different group.