If they could start in St. Louis that would be great 😂


MoDOT has a [survey](https://www.modot.org/nevi) on its website where you can provide feedback about how and where you think the resources are most needed. It does ask for your zip code, so that can help figure out where installations should be. Hi from one of the suburbs! I cited pull-through spaces for trailers, overnight security for travelers, and access near apartment complexes as important. (I will charge at home in a garage, but not everyone can).


Hey hey! Much appreciated!


To be honest thank you for your feedback. I don’t live or work in your state but I’m DOT elsewhere and feedback means more than you know


It would be great to post links to DOT surveys from other states here too. I would like to give some feedback


We just need this everywhere. Destinations l8ke national parks need more, state highways need better coverage. There are still some pretty big gaps on interstates in the west.


Let's hope they are reliable.


Why show a Tesla charger in the thumbnail


Because that’s what’s in the article. Reddit chooses the thumbnail automatically from the linked page.


Yes, answering the question no one had. Thanks reddit.


There’s actually a good chance Tesla wins a lot of these contracts if they build them out as ccs compatible!


What about cities? Where people really need them and don’t have access to nightly charging


I feel like the highways are reasonably well covered. What about the gaps in between? Try driving through Mississippi or Alabama with an EV anywhere else than the coast line.


Only the mayor ones like I5 on the west coast, but even then it is every 100 miles it so. What happens if you miss your station or a station is completely down, then you are stuck. Any money going to charger companies needs to be with an agreement of support. If you don't support them and they go into disrepair then you have to start paying the grant/loan back.