i didn't know prod played skye...


prod WISHES he's this good


For real tho


How do you pop flash directly in front of yourself so fast and not get blinded I suck at Skye and want to know how to do this


Bc the flash pops after you walk in front of it


Hold E and keep moving forward, then left click once when you see an enemy. A bit hard to use in game, but when successful the enemy almost always does not expect it, so a free kill.


Jump and angle the bird downwards


no you can easily pop it without angeling


No, you just need to hold e before/while youre casting your bird


A bit different but I’ve developed muscle memory for looking away right when I pop the flash, so just keep practicing.


Interesting tactic to call high sens adhd


Extremely hyper focused, but then again 11/10 people will tell you they have ADD/ADHD and it’s more than likely a self diagnosis. But who doesn’t love framing disorders for likes Edit: that not really may be the case here but it happens a lot


I have an easier time climbing and playing the game while medicated, I find I can actually focus on relevant things instead of thinking about if I fed my dogs while I'm peeking a corner. It's wild to me that people emphasize the "hyperfocus" so much when almost everything i've learned through treatment says other individuals not impacted by the disorder essentially have the same experience just with actual control over it. Not being able to control what you are focusing on is actual hell that fucks with your life and you can tell a lot of things like OP claiming the illness as some quirky trait is often actually some BS self diagnosis.




Can confirm. Adhd is not ideal.


Can confirm. Literally cant do anything wihtout thinking of a million other things


Also confirming. When medicated, it's of no issue: whilst not, gaming sessions have at minimum a 33% period of absolute tactical inefficacy. Doesn't affect my enjoyment as I've learned coping skills ^((\*if gaming successfully begins; I get stuck browsing, tabbing into discord and seeing the homies chillin thinking "ok cool it hasn't been that long , actually wrap it up now" only to realize 1-2 hours has gone by and) *^(It feels no different than \~8 minutes)*^()), but it can be a bit of a sticky situation in BR's when playing with competitive friends. Imagine Squidward watching Spongebob and Patrick go to Penjamin city in the classic Yodieland location, Squid only wanted to blow down on that funky trunk by his lonely. *Nevertheless*, the Clarinet is your executive function; Spongebob / Patrick are your 2 dopamine cells piloting a tandem bike with you on the rear seat. ^((if you've never ridden a tandem bike , instead picture a motorcycle sidecar, but your sidecar has a fisher price steering wheel : just because. )) However, Overwatch works for me; instant hyperfocus since season 1 no matter the time of day. something about Blizzard games, they got the dopamine reward loop down to a T.


There are a couple advantages. I know the randomness of my thoughts has given me good ideas. Also, I’ve learnt how to use that randomness for better critical analysis, since after I get a random thought I will try and think of some idea to do with what I’m analysing and come up with a fresh perspective. Also ppl with adhd are 300% more likely to start a business.


Honestly I wouldn't say my ADHD makes me better or worse at the game overall, just very inconsistent lol. Some days I play great because I do manage to hyperfocus on the game, other days I just can't - but when I take my meds I find I play more consistently and better overall, though not as great as those few days when I happen to be able to focus on the game


I mean I have ADD and am prescribed 20 mg Adderall XR but I always make jokes about it. Call them “ePED’s”, or when I hit some insane flick I’ll say something like “I don’t hit that off addy” to my duo, I treat it as a quirky trait sometimes. Yeah it was debilitating and quality of life was pretty shit before it was treated, but it’s fine to make light of a not fun situation.


It’s not that they’re making light of a rough situation, they are misrepresenting a literal disability as an advantage. It took me a long time to realize I had ADHD because it is so heavily misrepresented, a lot of people literally don’t think it’s real because of the frequency of self diagnosis. You mentioned a shit quality of life before treatment, instances like OP typically don’t ever and that’s part of what frustrates me.


That’s fair


Damn I didnt know literally everyone with a disorder had to experience it the exact same way you do or they were faking it


I know a lot more people with adhd who share this experience, he also wasn't the o e who brought up faking it.


All the people I know who have been officially diagnosed including myself share his experience. I cannot focus on the game for more than 10 seconds at any given time.


Not how it is at all for me or anyone I know with ADHD. I’ve been gaming for decades and ADHD has never made it so that I can’t not focus on a game for more than 10 seconds. At times it definitely makes me play exactly like this clip.


I'm not disagreeing that there is a huge vocal community of self-diagnosed people who talk over diagnosed people. I see this with other disorders I have as well, like dissociative/personality disorders for instance. But like the person in the video might just be medicated. When I was taking adderall for a bit, I like was able to focus and clean for the first time in a year, I could sit through a 30 minute show without having the subtitles on and without rewinding every two minutes. They might just be medicated or like less on spectrum than people like us are. Is it kind of weird and off-putting that they're saying it's from ADHD, yes, it is. That does not mean they're lying about having ADHD though.


That’s not what is being said here though. It’s a spectrum but the idea here is about glorifying ADHD when the whole reason being getting diagnosed is because it literally stops you from living a proper life.


I dont know why so many people are trying to say OP is faking ADHD. I play like this all the time. You’re hyper focused in and receiving all the output from the game, switching from target to target. Wouldn’t doubt at all that OP has ADHD, y’all are being so weird about it.


i mean a lot of people do have it, i’d say the ones faking it are the minority


Yeah, I have adhd and If I try to listen or talk while I'm concentrating my timing sense goes to shit.


You know people with ADHD can and usually have hyperfocus right?


Told doc I need amphetamines because my mom says my leg fidgets. Now add certified.


That's my gameplay minus the cool parts minus the god rng minus enemies not instant headshoting after blinded


I basically just have the adhd :)


What dpi/sens are you running in these clips?


All of it


I find this is partially because of the way someone with ADHD plays and partially because ppl with ADHD are way more likely to hyperfixate on shooters and accidentally accumulate thousand+ hours because its free dopamine


I've noticed every high level streamer I've watched has agents with ADHD. They just can't patiently sit still and wait for a round to start. The constant jumping, spinning and knife swinging is mildly annoying.


I was like that at first where I found it annoying, and it's still not that bad since Ive started, but it's kinda infectious. Usually only after a lot of adrenaline spikes after a tense round though. Whether someone's got tik tok brain rot or genuine adhd, I'm sure they can't help it Edit- A lot of eyes on this comment so far, so I need to add: if you are the type to buy a weapon and just spam fire it pre round the entire time, I hope your fucking tires on your car get slashed and costs just enough money to fix where you can't treat yourself on Christmas <3


It's also a trick MOBA/SC players use to keep your body use to keep your body used to high APM. If you force the slow parts of the game to be played with a lot of fast-paced movements, your brain will be more ready to react quickly to the parts of the game you need to play fast for.


Yes I must admit after a clutch I go super hyper with jumps, running, knife slashes and of course the spray paint :)


Or just small amounts of speed.


That is not adhd lol ADHD is a medical condition, not swinging your knife around and jumping


playing a game with like a ton of highschoolers, these become the threads.


It exhibits behavioural traits of a person with that condition. You know like excitability, fidgeting, and hyperactivity.


*Sinatraa beating the shit out of his boom bot before the round starts*


I'm so sad I have regular add


My sad life’s story explained:(


Hey, if you don't know what you're doing, how the hell will they know, right?


Best valorant mic


I disagree, I’m way too impulsive and impatient. End up chasing kills instead of using my brain


ADHD manifests itself in different ways. I too, am in the panic category where I say yes to every impulse when under pressure.


Cocaine is one hell uva drug😭


Drugs are a helluva drug


Adderall is legal coke, and cheaper.


Are you on 1000mg of adderall?


The amount of uneducated comments here about ADHD is just... wow lol


I mean the post is a magnet for it since it’s a bad take.


Except if you have to hold angles, then I get bored and space out lol


As someone with ADHD, its almost impossible to hold an Angle and “looking all over the place” is not a sign of ADHD.


Bruh.. lmfaoo


Sadly my ADHD doesn’t adhere to Valorant all the time but when it does come for Valo to be the biweekly hyperfixation - I hone the fuck in then proceed to never touch it for a few months


As someone with ADHD, I can confirm that the neural divergent buff is a thing


Idk dog. My Vyvanse got me to the brink of immortal.


lmao. Vyvanse the goat




Same dude. I have ADHD and on most days if I'm not medicated I wouldn't even have the mental focus to be able to play and would rather opt to just lay in bed for 6 hours and stare at my phone until I fall asleep at 3am and wake up late for work. I can assure you guys, ADHD sorta sucks.


This is the sort of shit self diagnosed people who don't think these conditions have any downsides say


While that may be something that those kinds of stupid people say, im not one of them. I was clinically diagnosed with ADHD.


Then you should understand that "neural divergent buff" at least when it comes to adhd is bs. Makes a huge suggestion our condition has no massive "nerfs" that negatively impact our ability to perform what others consider normal tasks, just like this post actually.


I mean tbf my comment was a joke


Got ADHD can confirm I try to look at everything lol. When I know enemies can come from left and right, I put my crosshair in the middle and wiggle a bit and try to flick the target that appears first


I have adhd and I suck


You forgot the step where he takes addy


Having ADHD playing Valorant comes with pros and cons. Speaking from experience: - Can handle clutches well without panic/being nervous BUT can't just camp around and need to do something - Fast reaction time BUT make impulsive decisions - Quick thinking and fast to make decisions with confidence BUT might not be the best option - Tend to play risky BUT might cost or win the game doing so depending on the calculation of the risk - Can get really hyperfocused in the moment and highly concentrated BUT blends out everything else. Mostly comms. I don't hear a lot of calls because I blended them out lol Please add more if you're a valo player with ADHD


yeah i mean i have adhd and for me valorant is like painful because you can have moments when youre zoned in but when u dont take medication you dont get to just *decide* when to hyper-fixate on it. like most of the time i want to play valorant but then i play and everything goes terrible and all i wanna do is comms and chat with people and have fun and then get yelled at bcuz of it. shit sucks bro im just here for fun but not being able to focus is shit and the majority of the game i straight up do nothing :( then after u play for a long time or for a couple days consecutively u get so bored and burntout n then u just start playing other games and never progress skill level D:


shit thats long sorry




Cringe title


What is this mobile game called?


If you have adhd you are hyper focused on things you're interested in and you have focusing problems on school for example (if you don't like it that is)


I have been struggling with Adhd my whole life :(


Go to the doctor, get diagnosed, get medicated


I got diagnosed but i am afraid of taking medication as it can be addicting


If you have adhd there’s a very very low chance it’d be addicting. It usually prevents people from getting addicted to things, as unmedicated adhd people are prone to addiction of some sort. Im speaking from first hand experience, ADHD medication completely changed my life for the better. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend trying the medication. Go take a look around r/ADHD


Which medication helped u as there are many medications and some people say it makes u feel like a zombie after taking them


Never once heard of someone say they felt like a zombie after ADHD meds. Not saying it’s impossible, but just very very uncommon. That’s more Anxiety meds that might make you feel that way. There’s a wide range of ADHD and everyone’s brain works different, so the meds that work for me might not work for you. Luckily, you just go to your doctor and tell them the meds aren’t working well and you try the next ones. Don’t be afraid of medicine. You lack certain brain chemicals, the meds help get those brain chemicals back to regular levels. ADHD meds are a HUGE help for most of us ADHD folk. If you don’t believe me, go read some posts at r/ADHD I put it off for years and everyday I regret not getting prescribed sooner. Could’ve actually payed attention at school, finished projects, did more at work and at home. The sooner you get prescribed, the better.


Yep i will take prescription from doctor, but first i will do some research on meds so please tell me which ones helped u?


Bro do you a youtube channel? This shitt funny af


Yes sirrr, it’s aqibskye on YouTube


Mannn how come in my silver 1 lobbies everyone instantly domes each other while stuff like this goes down in immortal :(


they don't




That’s high sens, not adhd


You can diagnose someone through a video? 😱


That's some good old fashioned hard yakka right there




That's basically a more accurate high sens player right


Vc is one of the places where you can find monkeys


You are prod, but on crack.


How I’m trying to be 🙇🏻‍♂️


It makes me stare at my map for too long


You were shaking so much that I honestly thought you were having a seizure


Be honest, the waiting before the first flash was hell in that first Clip, right?


Prod moment


Ayo tf is that


Same dude, its like a blessing for games like this.


Well ADHD can put focus in overdrive so it kinda makes sense




Not all but half of these clips are pre-nerf skye.


Only 1 clip in this video was taken before skye nerf. The rest is after


as somebody with ADD I only got the downsides. I can barely play more than 2 games per day. (immo 2)


Get you on neon and you’ll go pro


basically be like prod on every agent


>How is the enemy supposed to know what the fuck you are doing if you don't know what the fuck you are doing? \- Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Be me, frantically look around the area for enemy. Be me, hand shaky af. Maybe I am also adhd


It is very entertaining watching u play


Holy shit the reactions of ur teammates are hilarious 😂


This guy thinks in dubstep


I have ADHD and I feel it is the reason why I whiff half of my shots with the sheriff.


I hear Andruwu voice?


My toxic trait is thinking I can pull this off


i subbed at you, ur the best skye player indeed


Ughhhh, I miss playing games 😢


If you that’s because of adhd, then probably adhd is not your only disorder


A lot of people at higher ranks play like this. Makes my head hurt just spectating


That play on haven flashing out of heaven and jumping on default is awesome. Gotta try that one


Y’all need to hop off OPs back. Doesn’t matter if your ADHD does or doesn’t look like this, ADHD can effect people in many different ways. When I huperfocus in and am in clutch situations this is exactly what it looks like, and it ain’t just high sense cause I play at very low sense. It also happens when I’m off my medicine, so stop trying to shit on that as well. Y’all are so weird.


as a person with ADHD, I do play like this. minus the kills tho


I have adhd and I’m stuck in gold


you don’t have adhd, your just on cocaine


adhd and can’t focus on my screen :(


Question is. Are you on amphetamines or not?


wow. what a way to frame a mental illness for likes. good on you buddy.


\*i think if you have adhd medicine


Don't wanna sound disrespectful or something, but this just looks like normal high sense gameplay to me tbh...


Bro is playing on 10 sensitivity


Can confirm half my Val friends have adhd (including me haha)




Wait what, how did sage boost you, or am I blind


My adhd takes me out of the game completely without medication I can’t play for more than 20 minutes without losing complete focus, I don’t know what anything you’ve done here has to do with adhd


How areyou running and gunning?


lmao, nice clip. I have adhd and I play better (when I take my medication 💊)


Adderall OP


This is 100% true. At least 90% of all players in Radiant+ have adhd. Whether that gives you an advantage or people with adhd are more inclined to play this game is a mystery though.


nah cause my adhd instead of making me move like that, it’s looking back and forth between minimap and an angle im holding just so i can miss the minimap info and get one tapped while holding


I think I have adhd now


wish i was this good


^(SHHHHHHHH!) it's a se^(eeeecret)


It’s like watching a golden retriever with good aim


What does this have to do with ADHD?


What is adhd


This ain't adhd this is just utter chaos


Are on Adderall for your ADHD?


Landing some shots with jittery movement isn't unique to ADHD, but yeah...if you're having fun that's all that matters tbh 😆👍


That’s not adhd, it’s just skill


The good ol ADHD buff


bro why you spinning all the time


Dude is so jittery


that chamber rlly stole your ace though damn


Confused how adhd related to this clip


I thought i had the highest sens/dpi in the game


I have that and I can’t focus on shit and am absolutely terrible at the game


Looks like the rng factor in the spray helps a lot.


Teach me how to do this with omen


Yeah I fucking wish lmao I have crippling adhd for real and I was hardstuck gold until I started taking (prescription, obviously, because I actually fucking need it to be successful in life at this point) adderall, at which point I promptly climbed to ascendant and am trying to push through for immortal now.


My issue is I get bored around round 8 and want the match to end, if it winds up going 14 and 14 I won't even play the game for a month. But If the games are quick and short I can get a few in every other day.


This double bird tech is fucking broken


i overthink so much that i hold like 3 angles in my screen and put my crosshair in the middle of all the angles so if someone peeks out i can flick, sometimes i rotationally look one by one per angle.


Body shot andy crazy!


My teamates every time i say play safe


Valorant FranzJ


Ya especially with medication but its better to use medication in other stuffs. I play after my medication wears off so playing while crashing lol


It’s the cocaine mimic drugs you’re on not the ADHD..


Sounds like you don’t know very much about the disorder or the medication


Oh I know plenty lol. Was diagnosed as a kid, taken plenty of adderal. Enough to know it’s not something kids should be taking every day


Just because you were diagnosed and took “plenty” of adderall doesn’t mean you’re knowledgeable. I can tell by your statements that you are indeed not knowledgeable on the subject and only have anecdotal evidence.


Okay lol


Stop trying to demonize medication when there’s millions of people that have had their life’s changed because of it. Just because your opinion is you don’t like it, doesn’t mean squat. This clip is not because of medication lmao.


You made me suspect that i have adhd :)


I think your just on crack lol 😂 jk pretty good play tho


So Clean


how come i just rush in and bloodlust for kill


LMAO good job I noticed if I play ‘panicky’ even with no good reason, I play better because of the norepinephrine rush (adrenaline). This is fooling your body/brain into thinking your life is at risk lmao, enabling godstats IRL


Ya i probably have adhd