MetLife stadium in New York, USA versus Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain.





On top of that, Camp Nou can hold about ~10,000 more occupants than MetLife.


And is going to be improved a lot in terms of urbanism in the coming years. Currently the stadium is surrounded by fences, behind which is a (relatively small) asphalt surface, used for parking. They're moving the parking underground and are going to create more of a park/square around the stadium, which is open to the public on non-matchdays. Also, a metro station for Line 9/10 will be opened in 2026. Currently you have to walk a bit further to reach metro stations of various lines that surround the station.


If you just eliminated parking, I think people would still find a way. You would see shuttle, pedicabs, park and ride businesses pop up all over the place.


Does the stadium have no public transport connectivity at all? Seems absolutely mental to build a huge stadium without it. Edit: I just looked at it on Google Maps. Oh my god.


There is a shuttle train station to the left-above of the stadium.


Is that the free market I smell?? Good point!


Fucking love Barcelona


Metlife is in New Jersey .The New York football teams do play there however


Metlife is in New Jersey and one of the worst examples of a stadium you can find. That being said, I wonder if there are any urban-friendly NFL stadiums? They tend to target more suburban areas where they can be the cornerstone of new development. More affordable and spreads investment over a broader region, and also eases the strain on inner-city housing. A stadium in the middle of NYC would be horrible for people living there as that space would be much better served by housing.


The area around US bank stadium in Minneapolis is becoming pretty dense. There's also a light rail stop right by it.


Seattle is probably the best example off the top of my head.


> one of the worst examples of a stadium you can find. That's the smart thing to do in their case and for this post.


Minute Maid Park in Houston is downtown and easily accessible by tram and bus, still a few parking lots but not overwhelming like this


Soldier Field is still a pretty good spot.


Madison Square Garden? Yankee Stadium?


"Urban friendly NFL stadiums" those are not... but they're good examples of large sports facilities in urban areas, agreed


Yeah, they aren't urban friendly but they are in urban areas.


they’re not nfl stadiums


There are plenty of pretty urban NFL stadiums. Denver, Seattle, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Chicago, there are a bunch. Metlife is a fucking eyesore.


to be fair, they should probably limit development near MetLife. the area is low-lying and quite literally in a swamp.


Might be interesting to compare/contrast how urban-(un)friendly (North) America's NFL (and CFL) stadia are compared to its MLB stadiums or NBA/NHL arenas (and even MLS stadia).


I'd honestly expect that CityNerd covered that at some point, with the amount of videos on North American stadiums from an urbanist perspective that he has.


New Jersey is not New York, c'mon. Yankee Stadium actually in New York is pretty damn good by Western Hemisphere standards. Three subway lines, a regional rail line, 24 hour service. That said, I might be right to complain about the good transit service at Madison Square Gardens.


Yeah, MLB stadia tend to be more urban-friendly than football stadia. NBA & NHL arenas too to a slightly lesser extent. Maybe it's related to how those leagues have more games per season?


Each one of those parking spots is $40 on event day. You think they care about public transit access?


It’s also built in the NJ meadowlands, which is a wildlife wetland and it is slowly sinking into the swamp below, just like the American Dream (more like nightmare) Mall across the highway from it. Gotta love American urbanism. Who needs transit and density when we can build megastructures that are seldom used on special events in wildlife preservation that you need to drive to.


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