You’re looking for a one bed flat, which might be expensive. Its unlikely that you’ll get much external funding or bursaries unless you’re from a low income household. UoB will likely have a page on their website somewhere if they offer any bursaries so you can check your eligibility there. Can’t really tell from this post whether you’re international or not, but if you’re a home student you’ll get your SFE / other student finance and that’s it unless you’re eligible for bursary. Its best to start looking into property now. Many places will likely require a university acceptance letter and guarantor information. I’ll also add that there’s no point in asking for “financially prudent student price ranges” when you want to stay in a 1 bed flat, because that’s expensive. There is no such thing as financially prudent when you want to live alone. Like, for example, in my university city, a 1 bed apartment will most likely be upwards or £160 a week, but on average probably upwards of £175. Not sure about Bristol’s prices, but living alone in a 1 bed flat or studio will always be the most expensive choice.


Bristol is expensive. Looking on rightmove, 1 bed flats in that area are £200-£300 per week.


Jeez. That’s extortionate. Suddenly Leeds isn’t so expensive LOL


Honestly start looking now, I've already got people coming around and looking at my flat.


Can only comment on UoB halls, but studio flats are £200+ and yeah accommodation is already open to viewing