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Entirely faked btw


exactly, and op shouldn’t repost this to farm karma. it’s misleading, spreading misinformation, could potentially get somebody hurt. one could even argue that it’s disrespect for people really affected with seizure inducting diseases…


Yeah I hate when people do these things. Especially when they have no idea what actually happens during a seizure, or what they even look like.


She could be having a non-epileptic seizure due to PNES or FND which obviously don’t look like epileptic ones because they aren’t.


Not a real seizure


Yeah you can't snap someone out of a seizure. It doesn't work like that.


As an epileptic, I’m disgusted and enraged.


Lady got her acting lessons from WWE 😂


Marijuana is your friend in this case


I wish :(


A friend in need's a friend indeed. A friend with weed is better.


Ahh some placebo


well she is okey with that, but it seems weird to me.


Because she has no idea what seizures are and you can't snap people out of them. The majority of seizures aren't grand mal seizures. People get 'stuck' or collapse. Stare off into space, start having rhythmic movements. The drop and shake thing usually isn't it. Most people are completely disoriented and it takes them a while to come back from them. You're not talking and asking if people recorded that. Most can't articulate they had a seizure, let alone recall the events and what happened. Girl I know just started spinning her spinny chair and repeating what she'd just said as her eyes and face were blank. Like her brain got stuck and she couldn't break out of it. Looked closer to Poltergeist than some Hollywood shaking on the ground seizure. She finally snapped out of it and was totally disoriented and we had to call her parents to take her home and 30 minutes later she was barely back and understanding it was another seizure. Boy I sat next to in elementary school would go rigid and blank and sometimes start chewing. His seizures were so subtle nobody realized he was having multiple a day and wasn't daydreaming until 6th grade. It never occurred to him other people didn't go blank and lose time. It took having one in the middle of a sentence in a doctor's office for people to notice he had a seizure disorder and when people knew what was happening it was at least 2-3 a day. People don't start to shake and get thwacked in the face to stop. Seizures are electrical storms in the brain. You can get surgical implants with magnetic activation to disrupt the storm but smacking people in the face leads to them wondering why their face hurts when they come out of it.




I hope ypur surgery goes well.


Wtf he had shoes on the lounge? This is blasphemy




He was wearing shoes, lying on a couch underneath a blanket.. super weird


Took his sweet time getting there


didn't expect that 💀


She stopped having a “seizure” moments before being hit, fake


Should be deleted for dangerous misinformation


My sister is epileptic and this staged shit is infuriating! If someone has a seizure you can't stop it with stupid actions. These people that want fake internet points to feel important by staging fake shit should be banned from the internet for ever




Well, we haven't tried percussive maintenance yet. Let me see that pillow right quick...


He’s wearing running shoes inside the house, on the couch, under the covers? What’s wrong with you?!


As an epileptic I am disgusted. I often hurt myself during seizures on accident, if one of my loved ones was HITTING me in addition to the ass kicking I get from my face meeting the floor, I would bring down the hammer of Thor on them. Once I had someone explain to me exactly what happened, four times in a row.


Must have gotten the covid vaccine.


🥱Ok but for real for anyone else wondering i have a seizure disorder and taking the vax did absolutely nothing to it. I was just fine.


Also for anyone else wondering: you can't slap people out of a seizure. It's a mini 'electrical storm' in the brain of overactivity and you can't slap people out of them. This is fake.


It was satire muh dude. On a real note I'm sorry you struggle with that. I hope you are well now and for years to come. God bless you buddy.