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Freudian slip


His little "hehe" after saying it just boils and anger within me I only feel for the most serious grievances. 150,000 people fucking died and the region was irreparably destabilized for the foreseeable future as a result of his decision to invade Iraq. And he's laughing it off.


Pure sociopath behavior but, who is even surprised that a man who sought power and then used it to further his own goals while ruining the lives of millions of people would display sociopathic tendencies?


I'm not interesting in excusing him here, I'm not against a war crimes trial or whatever. I do want to clarify/provide some context for that reaction. It's pretty well known that Cheney ran that administration. Even in the election, it was Cheney's show and George was the pretty face. Cheney, for anyone not aware, was the head of a very large fossil fuel and construction contractor. George is complicit, crucify George, but dick is the big evil. George is Vader, he gets the headlines, but Cheney is sidious.


Say it, Haliburton.


My god they made so much money off that war


I believe his upper echelon of that administration all became billionaires. The oil was effectively taken out of the hands of the Iraqis and put into the hands of American and other western corporations through shell companies


Hardly. That’s a popular myth, but the real money came in the form defense contracts. The US did not steal Iraqi oil. We did lose track of $8.7B worth of Iraqi funds though. After the invasion of Iraq concluded, Iraqi oil was sold (ironically to the Russians who then sold it to the U.S. on the world market at a profit) to help fund the Development Fund of Iraq (DFI). Other sources of funds include surplus funds (about $10B) from the UN Oil-For-Food Program, and the sale of seized Iraqi assets. The U.S. did not truck away Iraqi oil, as claimed. In July 2010, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) discovered that the U.S. Department of Defense could not account properly for $8.7B of DFI funds. This led the Iraqi Parliament to request the UN’s help in demanding that the U.S. return $17B of “oil money” that it said was stolen from the Iraqi people. There is no evidence that the unaccounted money was repatriated to the U.S., or officially taken by the U.S. Even assuming that it was not poor accounting and all of the $8.7B was truly stolen, that is a far cry (0.029%) from the $30T (TRILLION) the conspiracy theory claimed was stolen. It is also rendered ludicrous by the fact that the U.S. spent $60B in the reconstruction of Iraq. Also consider the fact that Iraqi oil production only reached 2 million barrels per day in 2007. Assuming an average sale price of $60 per barrel, it would take Iraq 685 years to produce enough oil to make $30T.


Thank you for the outline, one thing most people don’t really touch on: (may I add?) (I’m going to anyways): Iraq was planning to accept its oil sales income in a gold backed currency (not U$ dollars) which would initiate the imminent collapse of the (petro)dollar. Perceived “solvency” of the dollar was the real goal/cause of that war. The US can produce its own oil, in excess, as demonstrated up until recently, it was about maintaining the stranglehold of: transacting a globally crucial energy and production commodity (oil) in dollars. Everything else was/is just laundering of funds (fluff and icing on the cake, or, Mis-direction, if you will)


Forgot Powell, Rice, and Biden in there. Cheney couldn't have done it alone.


Biden? In a republican Bush government?


>Biden did vastly more than just vote for the war. Yet his role in bringing about that war remains mostly unknown or misunderstood by the public. When the war was debated and then authorized by the US Congress in 2002, Democrats controlled the Senate and Biden was chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations. Biden himself had enormous influence as chair and argued strongly in favor of the 2002 resolution granting President Bush the authority to invade [Iraq](https://www.theguardian.com/world/iraq). >But he had a power much greater than his own words. He was able to choose all 18 witnesses in the main Senate hearings on Iraq. And he mainly chose people who supported a pro-war position. They argued in favor of “[regime change as the stated US policy](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4850037/user-clip-cfr-iraq-aumf-hearing-dr-hamza-supporting-regime-change)” and warned of “[a nuclear-armed Saddam sometime in this decade](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4850039/user-clip-berger-saddam-nuclear-threat)”. That Iraqis would “[welcome the United States as liberators](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4850040/user-clip-francke-they-ready-united-states-liberators)” And that Iraq “permits known al-Qaida members to live and [move freely](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4850126/user-clip-weinberger-al-qaeda-moving-freely-iraq) about in Iraq” and that “they are [being supported](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4850043/user-clip-berger-al-qaeda-supported-iraq) >The lies about al-Qaida were perhaps the most transparently obvious of the falsehoods created to justify the Iraq war. As anyone familiar with the subject matter could testify, Saddam Hussein ran a secular government and had a hatred, which was mutual, for religious extremists like al-Qaida. But Biden did not choose from among the many expert witnesses who would have explained that to the Senate, and to the media. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/17/joe-biden-role-iraq-war


To be fair, the majority of people (congress included) were going off of information fed to them by the intelligence agencies and the administration. Watch *The Looming Tower*. It explains it better than I could. There are tons of people to blame, but I feel like I’d have supported the Iraq invasion given the information Congress was being fed at the time. Congress was fed that information from two sources: The crooked ass Bush administration with the Halliburton sleeper as VP and The crooked ass CIA who wanted to hide the fact that 9/11 happened because of their continuous fuckups.


Biden was no junior politician and knew what he was doing. I'd argue most of those fuckers did, but they had their own agenda and used 9/11 as the excuse. It was a team effort.


Biden was fucking ~60 years old on 9/11 He had already been in the Senate 30 years. And this was 20 years ago. These are the fucked up ages we are dealing with today that run our govt


To be fair, voting for the *authorization* of force does not necessarily mean supporting the invasion. There were members of Congress who would have only supported invasion as a last resort against a credible WMD threat, but they knew that *authorizing* the invasion would put the Bush administration in a stronger diplomatic position to pressure/negotiate with the Iraqi regime. If Saddam's regime, knowing the USA has checks & balances, sees that the U.S. Senate voted *not* to authorize Bush to use force against him, he doesn't have to take the USA as seriously. We now know though, that the Cheney/bush administration was not interested in any diplomatic solutions, only invasion. Voting against authorizing force would have been the right thing for all Senators *in hindsight*, but lumping Biden in with Bush & Cheney for responsibility for this whole fiasco is not really accurate.


So people bear no responsibility for literally authorizing the force because nobody was supposed to use the force they authorized?




No, he's just used to saying invasion of Iraq. So when he meant to say invasion of Ukraine, it easily slipped. He sleeps just fine at night.


But then he comes back to Iraq and agrees with the first, accidental statement. Which leads me to believe he sees it that way too. I hope it tortures him.


Putting aside his self-deprecating humour... Given that a lot of his free time is spent painting and interviewing disabled veterans, at the very least the war weighs heavily on his mind.


nah, unlike Trump, he knows how to laugh with the audience at himself. i've seen him in a roast alongside some impersonator of him and they were both simultaneously taking the piss out of W. i've also seen some speech he gave at a graduation where he joked to the audience that even a C-grade student can become president one day [obviously referring to himself] not that this excuses his war crimes.


I think your read is correct. He did that coffee table book of his paintings and they're all portraits of people that were effected by his policies, including wounded veterans of his war. I think he thinks about it constantly. I'm not sure he regrets anything or acknowledges his wrongs even to himself, but I think it haunts him.




Doesn't UNESCO say it was more like a million Iraqis? Where you getting this 150000 number from? If anything Russia learned from us, from this guy bush himself and his administration, that you can do anything you want with enough nukes in your back pocket and enough deception in propaganda on tv. Imagine if Putin was the director of the FSB or KGB then became president then installed his son as president after running him in an election against his own frat brother. That's where America is. Which is honestly worse? At least in Russia it's obvious and the oligarchs aren't playing at legitimate democracy. It's always the same people and it's always the same program. And they aren't working for you. None of them are. But your brothers will fight their wars for them. But hey let's all whine about Donald Trump, a reality tv actor who inherited a bunch of money and property. That's good. Almost like a perfect way to distract everyone from where American politics really is at. Convince half the morons to support him and the other half to dislike him, that way nobody ever tells the truth ... except bush himself in his Freudian slips. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, can't get fooled again.


>But hey let's all whine about Donald Trump, a reality tv actor who inherited a bunch of money and property. Trump combination of staggering stupidity with high levels of malevolent confidence is beyond dangerous to all of us Americans and the world.


> But hey let's all whine about Donald Trump We can whine about more than one thing. Also you're downplaying Trump's direct damage, especially the coronavirus pandemic response. That said, the *main* reason to be as upset about DJT's presidency as people are is because, combined with overall Republican "governance," it represents an existential threat to the country. People are rightfully concerned over the rule of law.   None of which *changes the things that W did,* but both are allowed to be bad.


Serious question. How do you expect him to react? I mean Im not sure what the “proper” reaction is in that situation. Its a seriously surreal slip up.


I honestly think Redditors expected him to stop the entire talk and actually go into a full apology for Iraq, followed by a moment of silence, and then at the end pledge to turn himself into prison. That's just my impression based on how many stupid comments that I've read here and regularly read across this site. And this is just my generous impression.


Lmao 100% correct! It’s sad to see what Reddit has became. It’s becoming twitter comments 2.0


A regular banana split will do






umm, those were sensible chuckles, entirely different, and much more cruel.


These bots... It copied a partial comment from below and posted it as a reply to farm karma. Full comment by /u/Finn_3000, a real person: >Yea, just laugh about it. A million people are dead and a region is completely destabilised, but its okay. Just have a laugh.








Isn’t it more likely that he just used the words “invasion” and “Iraq” so frequently during his tenure as president (and probably in his normal life) that it just came out?


For real. I agree with your opinion.


Very likely, yeah. Doesn't change the fact that it *was* unjustified, though.


I think that's exactly it.


Spending his remaining life painting wounded soldiers he sent to wars, in his second childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.


Sans undertale


*Unlucky 18 y.o. going to Iraq* "You're gonna have a bad time."


*Megalovania starts playing in the background*


The parallels go pretty deep. >* [March 16, 2003](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-war-quotes-idUSL212762520080311) - “I think things have gotten so bad inside Iraq, from the standpoint of the Iraqi people, my belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.” - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney to U.S. television network NBC.


text book


Even if he was totally sure he made the right decision, I think the guilt would be significant. And he knows he made the wrong decision.


Yea, just laugh about it. A million people are dead and a region is completely destabilised, but its okay. Just have a laugh.


Don't mind if I do.


I had a mild chuckle myself




Now watch this drive


I have no doubt Reddit’s breeding the next generation of disengaged voters. A more cynical moderate than previous generations.


You overestimate the population that uses reddit.


Mostly 30 year olds and under? I mean, its literally THE MOST important voting block in terms of enacting change. If 18-35 year olds voted at the same rate as 50+ people, every single election would look completely different. Young people just dont care and they dont vote. They dont vote in presidential elections, they definitely dont vote in midterms and I dont think they even know what a local election is.


And they never will. Why do you think politicians still speak directly to boomers. They know that young people don’t vote.


>We estimate that 50% of young people, ages 18-29, voted in the 2020 presidential election, a remarkable 11-point increase from 2016 (39%) and likely one of the highest rates of youth electoral participation since the voting age was lowered to 18. https://circle.tufts.edu/latest-research/half-youth-voted-2020-11-point-increase-2016 estimation because 41 states had data, 9 didn't maybe stop with the baseless cynicism when there's real world evidence to the contrary


this chicken and the egg shit is annoying. “they dont talk to you because they know you wont vote” you vote en masse and **somebody** will talk to you. You have to make change happen, it doesnt just fall out of the sky


Reddit's also not representative of the general population by any means.


Don't blame reddit blame the defunding of education in the U.S they have been trying and succeeding for decades to create a mass of people who are dumb and just meant for labor even more now with the anti abortion push


Its okay if the US does it because they are the good guys right ?


> A million people are dead If I don't laugh, did they die in vain? /s


your indignation comes across as entirely sincere and definitely not some pointless moral grandstanding. we have all learned a lot from you. thanks for your dedication to what is right. fixing the world one reddit comment at a time, your noble struggle will not be forgotten.


u are wrong if u think it's just a million.


Depends on what you want to include. Direct casualties are one thing, but when you start including all the people who died from sanitation problems, lack of food, disease from migration, higher infant mortality, higher illness morbidity, etc, once infrastructure was gone, that number certainly gets a lot higher.


Don't act like Saddam didn't gas the fuck out of ethnic minorities. 180k dead Kurds. I'm not saying Bush was wholly right, but that's just dishonest to somehow say the US just went in some stable region and decided to topple a banana republic. Estimates of deaths are more like 200k as well. Your 1mil is a poorly supported excess deaths statistic. So about as many people died as Saddam gassed and murdered.


You're obviously the better person. Because you're clearly doing things to help Iraq, right? You wouldn't just sit on your computer telling people not to laugh while doing absolutely nothing to help...would you?


>and a region is entirely destabilized It's been that way since the 80s. I agree it's not something to laugh about, but let's not pretend Bush was the FIRST to invade the middle east


Hey guys remember Iraq?


Ukraine is the new Iraq.


Uraq? Ukraq?




A brutal invasion of Urkraq


Sounds like a place that exists in middle earth.


Sounds like a place that exists on one's body.


Putin wishes ukraine could be a fraction of what Iraq 2 was. He even tried all the same plays, only half-assedly and with rusty soviet equipment. Firs a 'decapitation strike' with cruise missiles that mostly decapitated apartment buildings. Then an armored cavalry advance, except they literally got bogged in icy farmland, and then a mediocre crack at air superiority which they neither had the tools, fuel, pilots or targets required to be effective in a vast country awash with anti-aircraft missiles.


Plus Middle Eastern armies are dogshit


And don't have the support of NATO.


And a decade of sanctions. Only after that Muricans dared to invade the country


Allthough ruzzian actions were not very smart mostly in the begining of war, treating them as complete and utter idiots isn't right either. Such attitude devalues tremendeous efforts ukrainian army and citizens did to stop the aagression. Ruzzians did first stepe of the ivasion right, their cruise missles were launched at airbases and big army bases mostly. Orcs didn't care about civilians, so there were a lot of civil causulties at the begining too, but they were not intended as primary objectives, mostly, as they are now. Its just that UA army command made right moves to get troops and tech out of main locations to save them that allowed to defend. Ruzzians can't plan their actions several steps ahead and start to fail even more when their first intentions go wrong.


> Orcs it's fucking wild that this is just a normal and accepted thing to say on reddit


Yes. I spent the shittiest year of my life there when I was 18




Indeed, there's so much more shitty to go


did u buy an iroc?


I 'member


But the war criminal paints now, and shares candies with Michelle Obama, so he's been forgiven... duh But seriously, how does anyone not consider what he did the same as what Putin is doing?!


If I'm trying hard to be objective the biggest real difference I see is that Bush relinquished power and didn't try to become president for life. I was never worried that would happen.


But we only wanted access to their oil. Russia wants to keep the whole country. See, it is totally OK to invade a country because you wants it's resources. Bu it is not OK to just take over a country.


I member.


Bush thinking during the speech "Don't say Iraq. Don't say Iraq. Don't say Iraq..."


Iraq! ....oh shit


He's 75 . Give him a slack! Jo Biden, probably.


Name 5 things that aren't Iraq Uhhh... pretzels, a shoe, Iraq FUCK


Person. Man. Woman. Camera. TV.


[Don't Say Revenge](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldxkR-DVgzA)


Doin your....son?


This man was a tongue-in-cheek president before it was cool.


Nothing about him is cool. His ”tongue-in-cheek” just makes pisses you off further.


he has cool hair it kind of looks like a space helmet


Man, people being this way about Bush just makes me realize that young people in fifteen years are gonna be this way about Trump. As a species we forget evil acts so quickly. It's sad.


You took the space helmet hair comment seriously?


I don't think it's that, but the levity about it. Like "Putin sucks, but not gonna lie, he's got great style" sounds just as sour. Like a yeahbut over a million dead innocents based on a lie. **Every** military engagement we've been involved in since WWII has been shameless resource theft built on a lie. We built up a gargantuan military industry to fight the most important war there ever was. But we never scaled back after we won. We just kept going to war. There is too much money in it.


lol trumps hair isn't cool


I'll give him credit for criticizing his own presidency and actions. A lot of his life afterward was trying to come to terms with the damage done. It's more self awareness than most politicians ever have in their entire lives.


He overtook the world's superpower, with a budget surplus, good relations around the world and unified at home He left it with the PATRIOT act, two wars with no end in sight, a Great Financial Crisis the likes of which had not been seen since the great depression, trillions in the hole and a country more divided than ever. This is not overtaking problems and leaving things slightly worse or slightly better. This is overtaking the US at its *peak* and in 8 years, single-handedly bankrupting it beyond repair. Hate him or love him personally (I despise him), from a pure objective standpoint he might be one of the US's worst Presidents ever.


I’m going to argue that the financial crisis wasn’t really his fault and in fact he started the first bailouts which really helped lessen the impact.


he was the dumbass son of old george bush the first. His handlers were the same dudes that were with his dad. One of your top three worst Presidents ever in my opinion. F his crappy paintings. I was alive back then I remember how he was.


He actually isn't that dumb, he just plays the role of being stupid to pander to his demographic, he can be really eloquent when he wants to. There way a video recently on r/all where he was talking about immigration in an interview and you could see he can very clearly hold an intelligent conversation... That doesn't change the fact that he was a horrible president, but I just want to emphasize that he knows how to play the game and isn't as dumb as one might think.


Exactly, the folksy yokel persona is an act. Watch videos from the first time he ran for Governor. Very eloquent, and that eloquence got him laughed right out of Texas. Still a puppet war criminal, though.


And his dirty cia dad.


He is personally responsible for millions of dead people.


Along with Cheney and Rumsfeld.


This rehabilitation of his image is entirely intentional. Don't be fooled. He's not some grandfatherly goof who stumbles over words and enjoys recreational painting; the man was a dark shadow of history and political dynasty who facilitated the actions of worse monsters.


He has always acted like that




While I understand what you mean by that, he actually started wars so…. I’m good on going back to that


When you use Uno Reverse but forget you’re the only one playing the game






Always simultaneously impressed at his dodge and disappointed he didn't take that shoe directly to his face. Incidentally the guy who threw the shoes went on to do a bunch of humanitarian work after about a year in prison. He describes his actions as "worth it". If anybody was curious about what happened to him.


A year in prison for a shoe, which even missed?


An attack on a sitting world leader. Shit, you get that much for punching a bus driver.




Bro assaulting a bus driver (in nyc at least) is like several years in jail and felony status IIRC


He got prison for screwing up the one opportunity Iraq had to shoe him. If it hit he would've gotten a state pension


I’ve been watching for hours hoping at least one will get bush in the face


Dang, he really would've hit him with that first one, too. Great aim.


Great aim, great dodge. A dodgeball match with these two would be legendary.


“Iraq too”


I was annoyed that they dropped the "too" from the subtitles. That was really important "too".


I felt like he said "Iraq, uh. Anyway." As if annoyed at his mistake.


yeah, very important but I’m curious, it was like he was suggesting he was a passenger in that decision rather than the decision maker, and regretted it


It seems like the latter, and that it weighs on his conscience. As it should.


He was though... he knows Rove and daddy's friends manipulated and lied to him.


The little chuckle afterwards lmao. “Oh fuck, that was me hehe.”


That was when someone should have chucked another shoe at him. Ideally the original dude.


He mispronounced USA in the beginning. Rest was spot on


No, we have not follow as low as Russia yet. Half of us are working on it pretty hard though.


The US has invaded, raided, and started the most wars with devastating results, but russia bad right?


It really doesn't make russia good tho, it is still absolutely terrible


But it really makes US made of hypocrites tho


As bad as the Iraq war was, Iraq was not annexed. The USA does not own their natural resources. There is a democratically elected government in Iraq now and the people there are better off now than they were under the dictator Saddam Hussein.


>The USA does not own their natural resources. The US has always used economic power instead of direct political power, also the puppet dictatorships in South America have never been annexed.


Cool. None of that has to do with Iraq. Iraq is not a puppet government. Also, which dictatorships in South America are currently American puppet governments?


I wonder how you Americans (not all but majority) find always a way to excuse an invasion by your government, I know the propaganda is strong but come on, you can't spread death all around the world and be happy with it


Not American. I was just born with the ability to develop critical thinking skills. The war in Iraq was a colossal blunder, that does not make it even close to the same thing as the invasion of Ukraine. Equivocating all wars and all aggressive actions on the world stage is intellectually lazy as fuck.


Fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy


Ebriwan bad


Hey not all of Ebriwan is bad, I heard Sumbwan at least is good


Obi-wan is great


The US has turned the middle east to shit, now let‘s watch Russia turn eastern europe to shit too? Fuck no. USA bad but Russia also bad. Edit: I know it was the Brits originally. The US added some diarrhea as glaze because oil.


To be fair the British are responsible for much of what we know the Middle East to be. Edit- I am a conservative, but I am not an idiot. Bush and Cheney should have public trials separately from one another. They both should be held liable for the atrocities caused by an illegal war.


More than the just middle east. They might actually put the US and Russia to shame.


England colonized most of the known world at one point. The French are right there with them. Then of course Spain and the annexation and genocide of South American native peoples. Also Spain was very prolific in the slave trade. There is not really a developed nation that has not at some point been an expeditionary force. We will start to see less US influence in the world in coming decades. Notice that China is on the way up. China is developing war ships now that are capable of long range extended deployments. China is presently heavily invested in several African Countries and will be mining lithium for batteries they will be selling to us. China is in Afghanistan now, once again mining Lithium. What will be interesting is to see how well economies that depend on petroleum for their income adapt to these changes.


lol Americans and there lack of knowledge about History. We Brits have been ruining the planet before your country even existed! **WE** caused Palestine-Israel, as a joke.


"Germany once invaded half of Europe. But if I break into my neighbor's apartment, hit her and take her stuff, I'm the bad guy, right?" Arguing isn't your forte, is it? One thing can be bad, although there is another thing that is worse in comparison. Why do someone have to explain something so obvious to you?




Yes, Russia bad, correct. Well done.


Spotted the tankie


The USA's done terrible things, but that doesn't make Russia any less terrible. Crazy thought, I know /s


Two things can be bad at once


your what aboutism doesn't hold water when you take into account what's happening right now


What's the 75 in relation to?


His age I believe


Used as an excuse for tripping up, meanwhile that's below the ages of both our current president and the other guy.


And our current president can barely complete a sentence without medication and tries to shake hands with invisible people. The other guy is a tweaker that couldn’t keep his mouth shut because he’s senile. Stop electing people so old that they’ve been out of touch since the 80s.


I just watched [the video of his “handshake”](https://youtu.be/_59agcnLAj4) and, of course, it was nothing like that. He looked like he expected somebody to be standing right behind him, and then was puzzled that they weren’t. Maybe they were there when he began speaking, or he expected them to be there by the time he finished. No big deal. He’s been passing tons of legislation at a pace way faster than Obama (who had a filibuster-proof Senate majority that he wasted, remember), so I’d hold off on the criticism. In summary, even if I accepted your argument, I still don’t give two hoots if it were a half-dead guy signing those bills… because those bills be *awesome*.


Yeah it would be refreshing to say the least to get a president that is not over 60




That’s being generous


He's smarter than you https://www.keithhennessey.com/2013/04/24/smarter/


Yeah it shocks me that people still believe the crap that Bush was uneducated or stupid. He’s one of the most well read presidents in history and if you actually listened to him talking both while he was president and after, it was clear he understood domestic and international politics far better than anyone that’s followed him and many of those that preceded him. His political ideology was bad, particularly with the concept of nation building post invasions, but he also was responsible for spearheading the drive to get AIDS under control globally particularly in Africa and was one of the most explicitly pro immigrant presidents since the 80s.


75. Now watch this drive.


I disliked everything about W’s politics and policies, but his ad libbing at the end reminds me he would probably be pretty fun to have a beer with.


Ah he’s a war criminal just like Putin, but unlike Putin I’d love to have a beer with him. Come on, man.


Tell me any recent US President who isn't?


All of them are. Yes, including Jimmy Carter.


Oh, I see. This is reddit fantasy land where war crimes aren't determined by actual law or precedence, but by the concept that any war is a crime. That makes total sense and rational adults will *totally* agree with you and take action according to that, rather than dismiss you because your ideas are radical.


The sooner you realize just how extremist a lot of American redditors' views are and start filtering them out, the better your overall experience will be.


Jimmy Carter Edit: just trying to have a laugh, ew


Ew, no. Jimmy Carter funneled over $100 million in cash and weapons to Jakarta while they carried out a genocide in East Timor. He actively supported the apartheid state in SA. He made a deal with the China to send it 800 tons of military equipment which it would transfer to Jonas Savimbi-led UNITA, and supported SA forces at the massacre at Kassinga. In Nicaragua, Carter insisted the Sandinistas take a more moderate position, prompting FSLN to leave that bloc and when they won and began receiving aid from other socialist states Carter authorized the CIA to support resistance forces in Nicaragua, the genesis of the Contras. He funded mujahadeen groups against the Soviets and famously sent Brzezinski to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border where he told the fighters there that “God is on your side”.


That's what everyone who I know voted for him said. "I just want a president who I can have a beer with"


"I'm 75."


I'm a war-criminal responsible for over a million dead Iraqi civilians. Ain't I cute?


Just to make it crystal clear, anyone who went around saying "at least Bush seemed like you could have a beer with him" during the Trump years has the moral and political intuition of a cricket


Very fuking funny for 500.000 iraqi cyvilian . Its disgusting !!! And this moron was asking : Why the hate US ? . Thats why you fucking MORON


Hahaha....war crimes.


Lol! Old habits, right?


As terrible as the US has been in the past with all its wars, proxy wars, coups, manipulation etc., the one silver lining is that people are allowed to talk about it in media and even bluntly criticise the government without being harassed, incarcerated, tortured, killed, or having to worry about your family and friends. You certainly can't say that about Russia or China.


Julian Assange sends his regards from jail


I remember how 20 years ago everybody said GW Bush is the worst president ever. Today, in the context of the likes of Trump and his ultra right wing gang, Liz Truss/Boris Johnson, etc, he comes off as relatively mild. Not that we're appreciating him more or anything in retrospect, just that standards have fallen so much.


Can’t believe he did it again


Throwback? When did this happen?


That fucker would know. He won a stolen election. He ignored warnings about terrorists getting ready to fly planes. He’s a murdering piece of shit.


He knew he was wrong. After it was done it couldnt be taken back. You don't just bring thousands of troops home after deploying that hard. Its how you make big losses.