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“Much like an Iguana, the North American street criminal sheds it jacket to escape”


"The jacket grows back on the next score"


Is this what's happening? I swear they just broke up and the girl kept his jacket.


fingerprints, dna sample


No. Only jokes


She's obsessed.


Dude it's in Montreal Canada we are not that much ..even with the footage I'm pretty sure they can't do shit


Just For Laughs!


People watch too much CSI. testing DNA is time consuming and expensive. Unless you're talking about a major crime like murder, they're not going to go looking for DNA.




That's useless considering his fingerprints are probably not in a database


If you are willing to act like that while being arrested they probably are. Generally first timers aren’t the ones who are meth Houdini.


you'd be surprised at both the amount of long term criminals that arent in the system and the amount of young people that will just fight cops and haven't been active long enough to be in the system.


They'd also be surprised when they don't have the funding to run expensive forensics every time they might have a sample on a drug user's jacket lol


Yes, but I was also surprised Kevin Spacey turned out to be Kaiser Soze too


Based on the striped markings on his legs, we can deduce this is a North American Sprinter. Often mistaken for the Russian Sprinter, which also has the stripes, but lacks the ability to remain sober long enough to walk a straight line, much less, run at high speeds.


Russian sprinters do have powerful legs as they spend their days squatting waiting to catcall a mate.


catcall a squatting mate


People like you are the reason I use this app


It's so weird to me that some people think of reddit as an app instead of a website.




And that's a scrawny guy. They need better training or to be paired with a larger guy. A larger man would have done a lot more damage to them


If some consistent basic BJJ training was mandatory, this wouldn’t happen and people would get shot less.


A lot of military members are mad that they are kept to physical performance standards while police- who are just as important- have basically zero outside their initial competency courses. I am certainly up for correction on that. But I agree, you should not be given the power and responsibility of being a police officer without showing physical competency in various situations.


That's why vets are usually the best cops. They keep up that peak physical performance and have combat experience or training which is astronomically better than the "training" you get at the academy. Ask any cop and they'll tell you the academy is a joke. The only police training I can think of that isn't a joke is LAPD SWAT. Some of the best in the world. Their training for street cops tho...


Don't we have problems with vet cops being unable to shake the mindset that everyone not on the force is a hostile? I'm sure they make outstanding SWAT, though Edit: Someone posted sources in the thread and I would like to highlight them. This is a very interesting and nuanced topic. Thanks to all for the discussion. Source 1 suggests veteran cops are better [Police Officers with Military Experience are Less Likely to have Civilian Complaints Filed Against Them](https://academicworks.cuny.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=5017&context=gc_etds) Source 2 suggests they are worse [Police With Military Experience More Likely to Shoot](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30281075/) Credit /u/technofederalist [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/wbb1jp/comment/ii6ynq1/)


No, Veterans who later become cops KNOW what the hell Rules of Engagement are. Street cops who only went to academy get told them but it goes through one ear and out the other and are very quick to use lethal force because they get scared. A lot of Veterans have already dealt with worse and are usually of greater discipline in situations. Checking targets, assessing situations, knowing when and how to de-escalate. Also know what's worth wasting your damn time on and what's not.


That sounds reasonable. I hope it's the case any vet cops I meet I know there are exceptions to what you're describing, though, and those exceptions can be just as or more deadly than your average "street cop."


Your average US street cop is the most deadly animal you will ever encounter.


I'd say the below average ones are the deadliest. The average ones and only really deadly in high stress- high danger scenarios, but a below average cop is just going to shoot shoot instead of detain, deescalate, or chase


Yep, you accidentally shoot a civ and there will be hell to pay (usually). Also these civs sometimes openly carry weapons. Might result in a court martial You shoot an innocent as police and you get a slap on the wrist and paid leave


I bet it would be a serious problem but there’s still a lot of Vets who become cops and do an amazing job. Sure, not everyone has the mental fortitude they do but it doesn’t make them any less valuable


The military has law enforcement jobs :)


Tbf, they can be hit or miss. I briefly dated a MA while I was stationed at a JEB and got some insight into what their community is like. Most of them are pretty awesome but their rate attracts a fair share of douchebags.




If you think we’re trained in the military that everyone is a hostile, I just don’t know what to say. We’ve trained hundreds of hours over my career for deescalation, escalation prevention and then proper escalation of force, with a massive focus on stopping the escalation as soon as possible. I’ve seen aggressive combat troops stop in the middle of a combat zone and use deescalation techniques (at the risk of their lives). Some idiots are in our ranks, same as with any group, but it’s not what we are trained for. The care I’ve seen for the disabled in combat was pretty extreme, great lengths gone to to help them and ensure no one is hurt.


I feel like that is already the case. They already treat everyone as hostiles...except the Uvalde shooter. He got a pass.




To be fair, for many of the branches, the physical performance standard has basically just been being able to run 1-3 miles in a reasonable amount of time and maybe do a reasonable amount of pushups and situps. None of that is really relevant to combat fitness and many people who serve in the military in non-combat roles probably wouldn't have the kind of fitness, or even the type of training, required to physically detain others in hand-to-hand combat. The Army finally moved its physical fitness test toward being more combat oriented, but it was plugged as unfair, because women did much worse at it than men.


I used to say when I was in the Army that it would make sense for the physical fitness tests to be MOS specific. I was Artillery. Sometimes we would get soldiers that literally couldn’t carry a single round without help at first. But the people in the S1 shop don’t need to be capable of that same stuff we did so why test them the same you know?




"It's unfair to expect me to be combat-ready when I volunteer for the military" 🤦


As a veteran let me tell you the minimum physical standards for the military, the vast majority of a high school PE class would be able to pass. It blows my mind that people let themselves go badly enough to fail


Okay true. But most of the training exercises that my friends go on for the American and military police are basically setting a fitness/ performance standard as far as I understand. It seems most American police don't even have anything outside occasional training which I think is more awareness/procedural training.


Yup there should be a fitness expectation and if you cant do it your out.




To be fair, a double blowjob might have also been effective at keeping him there.


In Montreal?


While I can see your point I'm not sure just basic bjj would be enough this seems like a moment for basic wrestling. They had his back and his wrists plenty of wrestling moves to apply from that grip I'm sure.




I don't know what BJJ means but I also don't like the way I read it


brazillian jiu jitsu


Police aren't particularly well trained. I don't know if the cops here were justified in arresting this person, but they certainly don't appear to be trained in applying handcuffs and I think that is the main reason, not size, the person got away. He appears to be largely cooperative.they had him facing the car with his hands behind his back. Then one of the cops starts twisting his arm up painfully. It wasn't necessary to handcuff him. Handcuff procedure is that you apply the handcuff to one hand and once that first cuff is on you move onto cuffing the other hand. So they painfully twist his arm until he starts resisting to not get his arm injured. They had already cuffed one hand the other hand was only out of distance for cuffing because of the other cop was forcing it up and away. They could easily cuffed that hand without twisting it. They just didn't communicate well. Once he gets his arms in front of him they pull his arms away from his body. Rather than keep him against the car they step back and give him room. One of the cops then throws a punch, which seems uncalled for because all the dude is doing it trying to not get his arm broke at that point. It seems like he realizes if he cooperates they are just going to beat the shit out of him. The cops are only holding onto his jacket, his jacket comes off and he runs away. The cops appear to put him in a situation where his options are: resist or be seriously injured and they have no plan for what to do once he starts resisting. The cops show incompetent and unplanned aggression. They are amazingly unsafe and appear completely untrained. I'm judging just from this one clip. It is clearly not the full story.


So you selectively missed the part where she tried to rear naked choke him and he brute forced his way out with zero technique and shoved them to the side at the same time? Yeah his size isn’t impressive, he’s small and skinny, but he is clearly stronger than both of them put together.


it's almost like men and women have significantly different physical characteristics on average. interesting.


Hey, you can't say there here on Reddit.


Why not? It's mentioned multiple times in every thread with a male and a female fighting in any way. In fact, this truism is even brought up ad nauseum in threads like this one ... where the issue has little to do with the variances between sexes and everything to do with inadequate training and technique.


Maybe stronger, but I'd also say it's just as important that he's actually confident in using that strength. I question if he's much stronger than both of them, but it doesn't matter when they act like kids trying muscles they've never used before.


He definitely is. Upper body strength and "roughing around" strength is just in a completely different league between men and women. Two teenage boys fighting in a classroom will see tables and chairs flying. You'll never see such strength and aggression the other way.


That video is happening in Montreal in Canada. Police officers have to get at least a 3 to 4 years college degree in Police and law education to apply to the Police Academy which take an additional year to complete. They have no excuses to not be well trained or informed about how to act in these kind of situations... They might have been scared / intimidated due to the fact that he was physically much bigger than them and acted impulsively and idiotically because of it. The officer that through the punch is mostly to blame for the escalation judging by the video.


Meh...at least they didn't just shoot him.


These are the instances where the difference between sexes is undeniable. Every woman should get the chance to be a police officer, but it is clear they cannot enforce like a man could. Not saying there aren't men police that are weak, but most of them are stronger than at least this string bean.


A year ago an average sized dude literally slammed a female cop against the wall and preceded to beat the shit out of her and her female colleague. The two female officers were completely overwhelmed, the suspect ran away and the two cops were literally out of breath standing in shock and crying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI4Ee0JhxYs


Absolutely. I’ve seen skilled women from military take down a much bigger guy in 1vs1. These woman are so incompetent. It was like they don’t even wanna try the guy was just slightly bigger than them and they were 2 people. Middle school fights have more techniques(even though they are lame and useless lol) than this. I would say those two just got comfortable with not sweating much in the job.


If they have to be paired with someone to make up for phsyical inadequacies, it may not be the best job for them to be in.


Looks like he was being compliant fr and the one girl has his arm pushing it and bending it beyond the point of fuck this for that guy


Ya she was about to rip his shoulder out of it's socket, she had the chicken wing up wayyy too high


That half-assed trot to run after him, followed by completely giving up tells me they just wanted to hurt someone to feel powerful. They never cared about the arrest.


>they just wanted to hurt someone to feel powerful. They never cared about the arrest. Literally every cop


Most people who never had their ego checked who join the force




Not good enough excuse if you're allowed to patrol the streets


So she shouldn't be an officer?


Or shouldn't be using excessive force. Most cops aren't bright enough to realize long as you are respectful most people not high on drugs will be respectful and compliant. Sometimes just because they want to minimize any charges against themselves and not necessarily because they are so perfect and wholesome.


With great power comes great responsibility. Spiderman.


She was going to hurt him until he stopped cooperating so they can book him in for resisting arrest which is another felony. Hurting a cooperative suspect should be federal offense.


That one move set this whole thing in motion


Dude was touching his own shoulder from behind


When your not able to do your job you have to use more force than necessary, that why female cops have to rely on their side arm more often.


Do female cops shoot more folks than male cops?


Came to the comments for this. I’ve seen this in real life. Cops bend the fuck outta somebody’s arm, then when they jerk in pain they get pounced on with the infamous “stop resisting the pain I’m applying”


They do this all the fucking time. One night I was out and there was a shooting in the general area I was in. For some reason they decided someone at an ATM vaguely in the area that didn’t match the description of anyone involved should be suspected i.e. me. After pointing guns at me and making me walk backwards to them they put my arms up impossibly high on my back and twisted the handcuffs so that I thought my arms would fall off after like 30 seconds. 100% complied and like I said one of the cops that came after straight up told them “he doesn’t match any of the descriptions at all” and they let me go. I was only in the cuffs for 5 minutes and I legit thought my shoulder might get pulled out if I tried to move my arm to prevent blood being cut off. I didn’t jerk because I figured I’d be let out of the cuffs soon since the cops were being stupid and one would eventually be smart enough to figure out I didn’t match the description for a gang shoot out at a black strip club. But if I knew they’d be keeping them on me I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have freaked out. Fucking assholes.


Yeah he was aready giving up when she bent his arm and once the other cop grabbed his neck that was pure survival instinct. Can't even blame him.


One of then tried to kick him in the shin. I swear these cops better know their place.


Just before that kick she tried to nail him with a right hook also.


but you can clearly see he tries to bring his right hand forward to not get cuffed well before she did that


from this video alone, the guy was chill until they tried to break his arm for no reason


I do wonder if he was physically resisting, which is why they did that... It looked like she was struggling the entire time to keep his arm behind his back.


Struggling against the ligaments that exist in the human arm, you mean.


I has handcuffed and fully complied. They still pulled the “stop resisting” bullshit on me. What people don’t seem to know is that they cuff you back of wrist to back of wrist there are no chains between modern handcuffs. Every time someone says “they shouldn’t have resisted putting the cuffs on” I make them see how it feels. Every single time they say it hurts. I was in pain for a solid week after just a few hours in cuffs.


They're struggling because the arm isn't meant to bend that far, the fuck you talking about lol


You know thats the trick they learned in acedemy. "use this hold to subdue larger suspects" It's the only move they know.


Left gal tried to break his arm, wtf.


For real. Bitch almost popped his arm off his socket. It looked like he was being compliant till she started breaking his arm.


Cops totally fucked this up.


That's really all cops do. Fuck things up violently. They are nothing more than the jackboots who hold a monopoly on legal violence against the general populace to protect the property rights of the wealthy.


Cops always escalate things.


they have no idea what they're doing, embarrassing. "let me just break his arm for no reason, surely this will help things".


Why were they trying to break the man's arm? "I'm not resisting, my anatomy is"






This is Canadian cops btw


French Canadian cops.


Well, pardon my French but these two cops did not do their job.


Yup. Montreal on the cop car


the ones that pick up original peoples and leave them miles out of town in the winter?


Congrats on receiving the “most played out comment on Reddit award”. You get nothing.


I mean just to be nominated is fantastic






I know right? the absolute monsters lmao


Yeah it's really fucking pathetic we can't talk about biology because people get offended by it.


Perhaps they identify as men. Let's not jump to conclusions. This is 2022.


If people look female presenting, then I’m gonna call them she/her.


Wow. They are worse than I expected even.


The real unexpected is in the comments


I read this and thought, eh they aren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Next comment down be like oh... there it is..


I think female only units can have its niche place. I imagine alot of female sexual assault victims would appreciate this.


It's like perps never get away from male officers.


There's literally so many videos of people getting away from male cops, but when it's a woman, the disgusting sexist comments come out in full force


there's also videos of people escaping from a German Sheppard, does that mean a pug stands an equal chance of subduing a suspect?


I've never seen a person escape the grasp of an adult silverback gorilla, ergo, human police officers are obsolete.


Bro wasn’t even tryna escape until the dumb ass kept bending his arm to unnatural degrees… like tf you expect bitch, you try and break my arm imma run too.


And even worse is that angle is *supposed* to make it extremely difficult to get out of because the defending leverage is terrible and the person applying the pressure has a massive advantage.


Lmao fr, if I were those cops I’m retiring the same day. Clearly not cut out for the job. In the longer clip I’ve seen they actually left their handcuffs on the ground and the guy recording picks them up lol


This just makes me think about all those girls that think they are tough because they grew up with brothers.


My brother's wife tries to fight me every fucking time I see her for this reason. Because she thinks she can.


She can. You're not allowed to fight her back because then you're the bad guy. She can fight you, you can't fight her.


Username checks out


It’s all fun a games till she gets one of these ![gif](giphy|3Yn1YTjNyb9lORGISQ)


The most unathletic partnership. Why in the hell would they team them up? They had to come out the same class & bottom of the physicals chart.


>Why in the hell would they team them up? For comedic purposes


I mean, it did work pretty well


We trained them wrong... as a joke!


We trained them wrong on purpose


as a joke


Lmao he was like: "Wait a minute here they're weak af. Time to get the hell outta here."


"Listen, i'm being nice in letting you arrest me but that's over now that you tried to snap my arm off at the shoulder."


More like: "Wait a minute, the blue bitch trying to break my arm despite me not resisting. Time for self-defense"


Try not cranking a suspect arm when it’s already behind his back. They caused that reaction.


Seems to work fine when there are 6 of you on top of someone laying on their stomach and you really want him to resist.








No, it's stating the obvious facts that women and men are different. Men have more muscle mass on average.


Maybe don’t try breaking someone’s wrist if you want them to settle down. Fucking lunatics


What the fuck were they trying to do?


Dislocate his arm despite him being compliant. Your arm does not want to go that far up your back like the one on the left was making his.


So it's really just a pathetic atempt at police brutality?


Pretty much


It's like they wanna be part of the cool bully squad but can't. What the fuck.


They wanted a cool story to tell at the gun range, "Yeah, this guy i was arresting was resisting so i had to break his arm." "Really? By yourself even?" "N-no. My partner was there. But this guy was huge!" Instead they have a recording of how this scrawny guy resisted unwarranted force and brutality from two of their force and jogged slowly away.


not an attempt, it is outright police brutality to use excessive force for the situation, which she did. No need to try breaking his arm.




Tbf I’ve seen hundreds of videos of people escaping male cops too. But yea


I'm not sure what's so unexpected here 🤷‍♂️


Yes I love seeing a successful escape.




This is the strongest of them




Can't complain about excessive force


Watch the first couple seconds, the dumb weak cop attempted to break the dudes arm.


I thought he was fine until she started literally twisting his left arm 🤷🏻‍♂️


I mean… dude was compliant until she tried to break his arm…


That weak ass leg kick did .3% damage from chick on the right


"Unexpected" is the joke here




Now just imagine them trying to subdue a man that is much bigger in size and more violent.




I’d argue male cops are equally useless


Idk they’re pretty good at killing.


Two average sized males would've been able to keep that person from getting away. They also enforce laws which is useful sometimes


He was cool until they started injuring him.


These fucjtards were breaking the guys arm Think about being that fucking scared and insecure as a cop that u wanna hurt before u get the slightest sign of violence Fucking idiots




At that point don't start trying to break his arm. He was compliant till they did.






Her shoving his arm that high up his back was completely unnecessary. I would have fought back too if they did that to me.


There’s literally a video of 2 female English cops where the same shit happens. I guess that 2 month training course on hand holds isn’t enough.


Police needs to be in good shape.. runs 3 meters, stops


For everyone saying this wouldn't happen to male cops: You don't watch many police videos. Try "Police Activity" on YouTube. I see people break free from male officers all the time. A person bent on escape can resist many people at once and get away.


This is why all police officers should train in bjj




Yup, stands for blow job justice




The ole Jackie Chan jacket move, works every time.


Love it when Montreal Police keep popping up in embarrassing moments!


That’s equality for you. I’m not against it but you should be able to meet all the physical demands and requirements.


The way she wrenched his left arm, of course he fled.




"Women can do anything men can do." "No they can't! *Men* can't even do everything other men can do." -Joe Rogan Exhibit A. They had a combined weight advantage by a lot, and neither one had form or function to execute even the most basic take down. Hell, even trip him and both of you land on him it's game over. Zero training was on display here. Send em back to camp. Enough tokenism.






Women police are necessary for several reasons, one being the ability to search woman and another is the innate ability to deal with childr3n and women compassionately. However, when arresting a man, a male should always be present as well as anytime just patrolling the streets. Woman are great and have their own special abilities but physical strength and physical self-defense are not among them. Also, they should never be in a jail or prison in a position that requires interaction with male inmates and I'll say the same for male guards with the caveat that men need to be present when dealing with fights and other forms of aggression.


“And then she tried to put me in a headlock…!” 😂