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She never had any dream, she just enjoys torturing him.


She probably cheated on him with his sister.


Or with her sister.


Or both..




Oh... Step biological sister... What are you doing?




Horny jail, Now




can i cheat with the brother?


r/SuddenlyIncest r/SuddenlyLesbian


The More the merrier


Or dreamed of karma farming ...


This has just given me a flashback. I took some Valium once and my girlfriend at the time woke me up and started having sex with me but I was barely conscious and was dreaming whilst awake and I didn’t recognise her for about 15 minutes and she was just someone I didn’t know who I was having sex with (I also thought we were on a space station to give an idea of how deep under I was). After we’d finished having sex I told her that I was dreaming whilst awake and didn’t even recognise who she was but was really enjoying the sex with this hot woman thinking it would be a compliment. So turns out she’s got really mad at me for enjoying sex with a stranger when I’m in a relationship with her, didn’t matter that she was that stranger. So yeah I got in trouble for cheating on my girlfriend with my girlfriend!!




That's definitely rape, and the fact she got mad at you because you basically drugged and thought it was someone else is just even more terrible. Please tell me your not with that psycho anymore!!!


But he's a boy it's clearly not rape /s Nah more seriously it just depends if both are ok with it or not. And he seems to be okay with it so... whatever. Edit: I mean, anyone can say it's rape or not. But if he decides it's not, I feel like it's not up to someone else to put words in his mouth.


It's rape if they are under the influence and are unable to reasonably consent. I would say being so high you mistake a stranger for your girlfriend is too high to consent.


Which was my point. Thank you for understanding that! Least someone gets it. Doesn't matter if they're your partner or a stranger, not being able to give coherent consent is rape.


“my girlfriend at the time”


One of the key parts of rape is consent, you have zero knowledge of their relationship. You have zero knowledge of if they gave prior consent. You have zero knowledge of anything in their situation. Most relationships i've been in there's been a "yeah i'm down for sex whenever" rule, where unless the person is clearly in distress / says no / a safeword or whatever then its all good. I can't count the number of times i've had wakeup sex where one party is still asleep / half asleep at the start. In your fantasy world that would be rape and me and my partners should be arrested if we ever initiated it.


I agree. There needs to be way more context before anyone should jump to conclusions.


My ex girlfriend generally kept it waxed downstairs however one time she had let it grow out. I was having a feel and she said "I know, I need to get it trimmed". Without thinking I said, "no I like it, it's like shagging a new person" She wasn't pleased


Pro tip, never mention having sex with someone else to someone you’re dating. Sorry I’m late on that.


My wife has woken up angry at me before because she dreamed I was cheating. She’s angry but she knows it was a dream so she’s this weird mad but not mad at me. She also falls asleep in seconds while I have mild insomnia and sometimes I get really mad she’s a sleep and I’m not. So I guess we both can be a bit crazy


My wife was mad at me because she dreamed she had a vampire head and I threw it away, which means it could have reconnected with its body and take over the town. She was mad all day. That dream was nearly 20 years ago and she still brings it up every now and then.


That is hilarious! It somehow reminds me of a blog that a friend showed me about 15 years ago, by a guy who chronicled all the arguments he had with his girlfriend. I only saw the blog once, but I remember this odd thing so well because it's extraordinary. They were arguing about something that she did two weeks before - he couldn't even remember what it was, it was such an unimportant thing - and she said "yeah I did that, but I wouldn't have done that ***in real life***". But she had done it in real life, it wasn't an imaginary thing. And so he was like "it all makes sense now!!! She doesn't believe in reality!!" And that explained a lot of her weirdness. Anyway, every so often, that memory comes back and I think it would be really funny to drop that "sure, but I wouldn't have done that in real life" line on one of my friends just to watch them WTF. And, I'm tempted to tell my girlfriend that I'm upset with her for throwing out a vampire head in my dreams.






What are you doing dream bro?


totally his fault, he shouldn't have had a hot sister


The whole scenario is staged and acted so people can get their outrage porn addiction satiated




There is always this comment saying "it's just for laugh" under the hundreds of "this happened to me" and "what a bitch" comments.


Well, the outcome is still outrage porn. Look above, people are already bashing women in general for this clearly staged clip. Not that it takes much on reddit.


I was 8. My brother was 6. We had the flu and were home from school. Felt incredibly poorly. Woke up from a dream where he'd stolen and then proceeded to eat all of my fruit pastilles. I was furious and woke him up to fight him. Chaos ensued. He cried. My mum yelled. I was raging and confused. It was all very unfortunate. But again, I was 8 and poorly. This? This is madness.


Madness? This is TikTok! ...where everything is made up and the points don't matter.






Brutal huh, I heard a lyric from a song which goes perfectly to this situation and it goes something like “I am not going to be a mirror for your insecurities!”[credit to the redditor who actually found the song](https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/vnb9uf/its_not_my_fault/ie684gt/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


I remember a meme that was something like 'Harry Potter and the Audacity of this Bitch' that was about a situation like this.


“The lion & the witch, and the audacity of this bitch”


There it is


I've definitely seen the Harry Potter version too but i have no idea where lmao


Your dreams


With my sister! Wait.. Edit: lol thanks for the wholesome award kind stranger!!!


> “The lion **&** the witch, and the audacity of this bitch” Remove the “&”. It’s from the book *The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe* - the meme quote would be “the lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch”


Damn, my brain skimmed right over the the ampersand




The Lord of the Rings: The Two Audacities of This Bitch


The tempo ,the pitch and audacity of this bitch


> 'Harry Potter and the Audacity of this Bitch' I have never saved a comment so hard before in my life.


Cmon, give us the song name


The song "lying to myself" by the band "Flight risk" has the lyric "I never want to be the mirror to your insecurities again".


You are a legend, this is the one. Thank you I want to pay money to give you an award but I want to ask you instead what charity would you prefer that money go to instead of fake gold?


Darude - Sandstorm


Ah, a true musical coin-asseur!


That is really stupid. How is someone that irrational?


People believe in astrology. So I am not surprised. Edit: Typo


Astrology? Bro. We are ***way*** past the small potatoes like astrology. If you have more than a thimble of neurons, I don't know how the last two years didn't obliterate your estimations of people's intelligence. No act of stupidity surprises or shocks anymore; I just think "Well, yeah, I just saw hordes of 30-50+ year old adults go into shrieking meltdowns when asked to suffer the mildest inconvenience to safeguard our vulnerable, so this shit ***totally*** tracks."


I lost all respect for the people around me and am no longer surprised at what the masses will do when there was an audio recording of a presidential candidate saying "grab her by the pussy" that he ADMITTED TO, and he *still* was elected. Before that I still had faith in humanity, not much, but some. Now, I feel like I'm watching the sunset of civility and reason.


Tbf the grab your pussy guy was responsible for getting Roe V Wade overturned which they've been trying to do for decades and was the only dude on the trail who openly said he'd elect pro life Supreme Court picks. I think that's a difference in Republican voters they're willing to overlook things if the person can deliver on the stuff they want.


I've had those kind of dreams and it is very disorienting to wake up to. I basically just woke my boyfriend up, had him reassure me that he wasn't cheating on me with my crazy friend (even though I know empirically he never would) and went back to sleep. It was all in a sleepy haze.


Yes, that is normal, you wanted confirmation that it was a dream. But you then probably didn't go on to throw him out of the house or be mad at him all day.


if u r referrin 2 the video, im pretty sure its a bit


Yes, and you realized it wasn’t reality, and didn’t hold an imaginary scenario against your boyfriend in real life!


That's the healthy way to deal with that


People and society at large make excuses for bad behaviour, so people take advantage.


People are genuinely fucked up. I went through this before. She was a product of a sibling dying young and an alcoholic mother.


Some people literally cannot make a distinction between what is real and what is not. These are the same people who think that their favorite TV show character is real.


And these people vote. The world is a scary place!


You know how it is... Son: Dad, I want to get married. Dad: First, apologize. Son: Why? Dad: Say you are sorry, now! Son: What? What did I do? Dad: Say you're sorry. Son: I didn't do anything... Dad: Apologize Son: Ok dad, I'm sorry. Dad: Good. Now your training is complete. You can get married.


Wife bad, amirite fellow boomers? EDIT: im replying to someone making a "being married is just endlessly apologising when you didn't do anything" joke, y'all are reading a lot into what i said


I'd absolutely apologise to my made up dream wife if my made up dream wife had a dream that I cheated on my made up wife in her dreams, though.


I think I sprained something in my head.


Warm up before doing mental gymnastics!


Jokes are jokes, but in all seriousness, there are times in a relationship, when it's just easier to resolve small issues when one person can let the matter drop. Some people will just stick to their guns due to ego, and escalate small things into big things. Hell, even if the other person is wrong, it's easier to deescalate and then come back to the issue when tempers cool down.


I always respond with, "was she hot?" I'm twice divorced.


were they hot?


Same, been here as well but much less drama than this video. It's a very frustrating and confusing situation to endure, and pretty much let's your know, she ain't the one


...Maybe her sister?


I have heard a comedian do a bit about this, but I did not believe it happened in real life. Women really do this?! Fuck me, I'm staying single forever.


Happened to me also. Was a precursor to Amber Heard levels of BPD. She didn't talk to me for like 3 days because when I turned over in my sleep apparently my hand hit her face and that made me an abuser.


That’s so fucked up funny because I have straight up slapped a partner in my sleep full force from rolling over. It was jarring for both of us (landed so perfectly it made the loud noise) but we laughed it off and the following night he put socks on my hands as a joke.


The Depp / Heard trial has been cathartic for a lot of men, I think. I've known that kind of behaviour many times in the past. And I know men who just shrug their shoulders at the hint of it happening to them (as a kind of resignation). I'm male and I'd consider myself a staunch Feminist. But you'd have to be crazy to deny that this kind of abuse is not widespread.


It's certainly opened a lot of men's eyes as to what they really should be putting up with from a lot of women. For me personally it helped me come to terms with the fact I was very much in an abusive relationship at one point.


Humans do this it's called being insecure and mentally unwell. The majority don't


People do a lot of weird things. Like one of my exes would drool over Jensen Ackles, saying things like "i would let him fuck me senseless etc". Ok no bigge people have crushes. Then we were watching some movie and i noted that actress is cute, not even hot, jsut cute. She didnt talk to me for the rest of the day.


My thoughts exactly. I remember the comedian, and then this happened and thought 'Really? I know life is stranger than fiction sometimes but damn, it don't gotta match either'.


The exact same thing happened to me. She insisted I apologize, and it was only after a few minutes of reminding her that it was a dream did she realize how absurd that was. I can't say because I've never been in her shoes in that particular scenario, but I'd imagine the emotions are stronger than logic.


But like... No offense and I'm not trying to be a dick, but was she low-IQ or disabled? Or did this happen while you were like 14?


No, she was like 22-23. Sometimes she'll wake up in the middle of the night in a panic that she forgot to take her pills, only for me to remind her that she doesn't take pills. She's just weird.


Sounds like she actually needs to take *some* pills.


Some people have vivid dreams and take a few moments to wake up and remember reality… doesn’t mean they need to be medicated…


I honestly have such vivid, realistic and lucid dreams, I regularly wake up "angry" at my husband for something he did in my sleep. Never cheating or anything because I trust him deep in my core, but things like WE WERE IN A FUCKING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AND YOU LEFT ME WAITING OUTSIDE WHILE YOU PLAYED VIDEO GAMES IN AN ARCADE. Of course I know I'm not *really* mad but the emotion is there. We just turn it into a joke.


Worst thing is that it doesn't have to be a dream. Shit can be made up in their brain and then they blame you for it


I've had a similar experience. Except I was 5 or 6 years old and I was mad at my mom for a a day or so because I had a dream where I was promised ice-cream but I didn't get any. Also even then I knew better than to say anything, because I knew it was just a dream. I was still grumpy over the lack of ice-cream though.


I once had a dream where a close friend abandoned me. I didn't expect an apology but I did want to be comforted by said friend since the dream shook me up quite a bit.


We've all dealt with that. If it lasts more than 4 hours, GET OUT.


Women like this give all women a bad rap in the minds of broken men. And then the cycle continues..


Similar things happened to me several times. "You were ahole to me in my dream, I am pissed off to you now" is something my wife told me more than once.


Ever had a positive thing happen in their dream and benefit from that?


Dude, this is a gift. Take it.


Yeah it's basically a free "get out of jail card" She's a nutjob and I feel sry for her future partners.


The video clip is a staged TikTok joke, why yall taking it dead serious?


Those of us that have literally had partners get actually upset with us about being cheated on in their dreams can relate to it possibly being real. I accept it probably isn't, but.


I had an ex be upset for about a week over basically the premise in the OP


You know it is an interesting situation though. in my mind it is fine for people to have feelings/ be upset about it to some extent, just not you know actually punish another innocent person for it- I get why them having that thought/feeling is stressful, as long as you aren't doing anything stupid to others about it


this was what i thought. totally okay to be bugged about a dream or made uncomfortable by it, but you have to accept that it was just a mental thing that your partner had no control over


Trauma doesn't matter as long as someone staged a TikTok video about it /s


It's honestly hilarious to me that Reddit will 100% jump on every video that might be real and say omg it's staged this is so dumb, and then this OBVIOUSLY staged joke comes along and all the comments are just dead serious about how this woman is crazy and taking everything at face value.


There are a lot of redditors on here just waiting for a chance to leap at a scenario where they can go into the comment section and just shit blast women. It happens daily here. Might as well call it a sport at this point.


If someone else is going through something similar and they see this, at least they will know what to do instead of wandering off to eternal sufferance


The displayed video is older than TikTok mate. Been there on release and actually I know it to be a staged Instagram thing from nearly a decade ago.


So you came here to correct me by saying "that isn't a satirical TikTok post, it's a satirical insta post reposted on TikTok?" Best kind.


The simplest explanation is not "the bitch is craaaazy" but "this is a joke video". It is far more likely that a tiktok "comedian" films this than an insecure person films their insecure behaviour. This would be a tad more believable if the person being thrown out was filming.


Yeah, fuck her sister!


It's a staged tiktok buddy do you just believe everything you see on the internet for face value? You people remind me of when I was a little kid, I saw a movie and I thought the actors died in real life when they died on screen lmao.


Especially with the girls and guys terrible acting lol.


My dad use to work with this divorced guy, the cause of his divorce was because his passionately religious wife had a dream of him abandoning her and she took it as a sign from god.




I’m not gonna play second fiddle to some.. *deity.*


I feel like that's a reference to something...


It feels like a reference to a Ross's Game Dungeon where a space truckers girl leaves him for an Android which is worshiped as a god.




And this is no true Scotman fallacy.


At the start of Covid I met a girl on a dating app and her and I clicked instantly. We had the same love language, she was very musical like myself, had very similar senses of humor, basically a great comparability fit. The only thing that held us back was how ridiculously religious she was. First, off she was 25 and lived with her brother and SIL and their kids. Mind you her brother was a year younger than me (I was 28 at the time). She was married once before to a guy she didn’t like at all but he pressured her into it apparently and she had trouble saying no. She gave me some ground rules, no sex before marriage as well as no sexual contact. Kissing was the extent of what we could do. I wasn’t fond of that but I really liked her so I was open to it. I however had to draw the line when she told me we could never hangout one on one alone because her church told her she couldn’t and temptation would be too high. This extended to the fact that she wouldn’t even come to my house and said she never would until we were married since I live alone and own my house. However, we could hangout at her place anytime as she lived with her brother…. Who is younger than me. I basically told her that was ridiculous and I wasn’t going to “court” her like it was the Middle Ages again. The story is much longer and crazier than that but that’s the cliff notes version lol. Needless to say, devote religious fanatics have no sense of logic or the world. They just blindly follow and it’s so frustrating


Bullet dodged. It's still sad, though. Religion poisons everything.


The irony being, if she was the one who advocated the divorce then *she's* the one who abandoned him.


I think it's safe to say she had been waiting for a sign to leave for a long time. Edit: safe to


Religious girls are fine, what you described is a nutjob.


whatever you do, do not nut in a nutjob


They’re fine until their imaginary sky man comes before you and she empties your bank account to set up her own house. They also typically have equally screwed up parents that don’t help matters.


"If you talk to god, you're religious. If god talks to you, you're psychotic". - Dr. House


Theres a diffrence with being passionately religious and psychopathy


It's a very thin, almost invisible line.


I mean...no. That sounds like she wanted to divorce him for totally non religious reasons but needed some way to frame it as a religious act. Because divorce would otherwise be unacceptable to her. Come on. It's not hard to figure that out.


I dated a girl like this once. This literally happened. She cried for days. She’s a janitor at Disneyland now.


Where she needs to be with her childish ass.


Well put. Grade S insult


I like how we praise people who do janitorial work until someone we don't like does it then it's a "shit job that only bad people deserve".


I was talking about Disney, but cool


"we" praise them especially *because* they do a shit job that nobody wants, but needs to be done


Nothing wrong with being a janitor at Disneyland


Yea the amount of people trashing a necessary job thats already underappreciated is gross. "Ooh disneyland janitor, so beneath me" like somehow thats an insult..


As someone who worked custodial for ~7 years, I have the utmost respect for anyone who does the job. It's far from glamorous but so necessary.


Some say she is crying to this day, but now uses those tears to mop the floors.


It's the happiest place on earth. Hope she's happier now.


That's a pretty good gig tho! Lol


Chandler had the best response for this: "I am very sorry, I was really drunk and it was someone else's subconscious"


I see you’re a fellow man of culture


FRIENDS has given me some of the best laughs.


And has given us some of the most iconic lines.


This also reminds me of that episode where Phoebe wouldn't talk to Ross because she was really mad at him but couldn't remember why. Turns out it was also something he did in her dream. [Here's the clip](https://youtu.be/c_xhI1LD4xI?t=1m43s)


He's the man even when he didn't do anything he's still wrong


"I didn't do anything, but I apologise"


^ marriage


Who tf did you all marry.




Because I hate boomers as much as the rest of us, but some of the things they joked about are accurate. Like this.


The thing about appeasing your partner regardless of the situation is a timeless joke, one that's based in reality. It's true, even though millennials want to think they're above it. You be with someone long enough, you learn to pick your battles (and this is not a bad thing).


haha women bad sex once a year man always wrong wife always right!!!!


That’s Amber Heard level of crazy


No it isn't, this chick is delusional and can't tell dreams from reality, Amber knew what she was doing.


Although in Amber’s mind, she dreamt she convinced the world she was the victim, and also Johnny convinced the world he has scissors for hands


Borderline narcissism.


You guys are the delusional ones if you can't spot a joke video. Why would the woman acting insecure ever film this? I don't even have tiktok and knew instantly what this was.


It's probably a joke video, but I've met enough crazy people that I wouldn't be the least surprised if this was real.


It’s also a joke for tiktok but okay.


Very bad dialogue delivery by the girlfriend/wife


I did not hit her, I did not! Oh hi Mark


It's good enough for Reddit to believe it The plot is also as unrealistic and as cliche as they get


Reddit will believe anything if it makes women look bad and call anything where women do something cool or amazing staged


You’re telling the truth. Don’t let the downvotes fool you.


How can this not be the top post? This is terrible acting


You could literally hear the smile in her voice. The dude was acting it out pretty well though.


Fake and staged cringe cringetok content...


There is a difference between staged and a skit. This is a skit but reddit is so fucking stupid that when seeing something that is clearly a joke y’all either believe it, or think “heh, you’re lot fooling me” Look up the definition of staged and skit, then come back and realize this is skit


Or get so triggered it becomes a “women amirite!” Frenzy


Even if it were, who the FUCK gives an actual shit? Have a laugh (or don't) and move on. Geez. Edit: Come at me, Reddit! I don't fear the hivemind!


Don't know why you're being downvoted, you're absolutely right! Who cares if it's fake? It's funny, that's the whole point.


Woman makes no sense


My wife had a dream of me doing it to a CAT , she's literally watching my eyes whenever a cat pass through of our way


Was it a dump truck or an excavator?


Asking the real questions


“I’m sorry, it was a one-time thing, I was very drunk and it was someone else’s subconscious”



Women ☕


Had this super realistic dream about my girlfriend leaving me for someone else and she was laughing at me, and I woke up feeling so sad and pissed off... for like 5 seconds, before I realised it was just a dream and she was sleeping right next to me. People need to not take dreams so seriously! (although I was in a bad mood the entire morning because the realism of the dream evoked some real feelings, like how after you've been scared as a prank but your heart's still racing.)


​ ![gif](giphy|eXOVOJLkK6G7S)


It’s a joke video guys relax


You were dead Maria. What was I supposed to do huh? Mourn you? No. Your sister was there and one thing led to another. It’s not my fault. I’m sorry.


her iq level is lower than a starfish's. she's a disgrace to all women and she's recording it for god sake🙄🙄


Bro, it’s a TikTok. It’s mostly likely fake lmao.


Genuinely concerned for your media literacy if you think this is even remotely real.


It’s a sign, bro! That sort of shitty behaviour ain’t acceptable so get the fuck outta there and don’t look back!!!


I will never understand why women do this.


Women, am i right?