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Coolest president USA ever had 👍




Eh, pretty sure that Nixon was pretty awful too. Starting the war on drugs, his overt racism and homophobia, the Watergate scandal, paving the way for Reaganomics… Hell, if the dude had its way, he would’ve nuked Vietnam out of spite. But honestly, that Trump isn’t even the worst US president says more about American history than it does about him. Because the sad thing with Trump isn’t what he has done as the President of the United States, or to be precise, what he failed to do while still getting the most influential position any man can have on Earth without having a democratic majority. But the impact Trumpism will have on the conservative (reactionary even) part of the American society, by fueling the fires of the post-truth era with the concept of "fake news" and "alternative facts", and widening the social divide with the ongoing culture war, or some would say, class warfare.


Trump might have been the least ethical person to ever be president (though there are multiple arguments against that as well). But simply as an executive, he didn’t even approach the suckitude of morons like James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson. Trump was almost so inept that he couldn’t do all that much harm. Those guys had opportunities to fuck shit up and did so willingly.


We had presidents that genocided Natives and owned slaves. Trump was just a dumbass that sowed distrust.


His statements about COVID certainly didn’t help much either, but yeah we’ve had some truly horrible people as presidents in the past. Edit: getting a few obvious Trumpers in the ol’ inbox. If you need to be reminded for all the times he has had insanely bad takes on COVID, [feel free to check out some of the compilations out there](https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/11/trumps-lies-about-coronavirus/608647/). He’s got a healthy record of stupid and dangerous rhetoric.


What statements? There was never any kind of misguided statements from Trump! Oh wait a minute.. that’s right.. he suggested we look into injecting disinfectant…yikes..


You mean you didn’t try fighting off Covid with a flashlight? Psssht, lightweight


i used a fleshlight to fight covid


Did... Did it work?




>(tried and found guilty of Federal civil rights violations in the 1970s for refusing to rent his apartments to black people) You need to look this up and edit your comment.


Yeah, I mean I hate Trump too, but that case was settled out of court. Although, knowing how Trump operates he was very likely guilty. He's just a slippery snake who can't seem to get caught out by the system very easily. That's probably the only thing he's good at.


If you get tried for a crime and settle out of court, and you're someone like Trump famous for not paying people what they're owed only a moron looks at that and goes "he was probably innocent" or "it's up in the air". Trump was guilty. That's why he settled out of court. Please don't handwave obvious guilt away because a rich guy used the rich people answer to getting caught.


Bro, Trump would ABSOLUTELY own slaves if he could.


*not paying contractors* What's the difference?


He's the only president to have ever tried to subvert the democratic nature of the office itself. While some presidents have been shitstains in office, they've (mostly) done so within the boundaries of the office.


He tried overthrowing the goverment...




He did.... All the hot button issues we're sitting on now. Except the ones that are Regan's fault, and the insurrectionist crowd, are Nixon's fault. He screwed up public housing by removing rent control schemes, and instead letting land lord's set prices and subsidizing the families (meaning, instead of your rent being locked at $500 and the landlord getting $1000 to keep it $500 so your low income family can afford it, we'll give the families $1000 toward rent, and as a result the land lord's cranked rent up to $2000, filtering out the lowest income families who's subsidies still weren't enough to cover the inflated prices.) This left more families homeless, and costing more federal funds to house fewer people. If you look at the supply/demand crisis of housing in SF, this snowballed into that. Health insurance. Privatized health insurance, and the wild inflation of healthcare costs started under Nixon. Prior to that, you might have had some group funding access (essentially a subscription to a health organisation, that subsidized large costs for it's members, but even that was uncommon, prices were just more reasonable. It's complicated, but essentially the power shifted to the insurers hands by becoming an employment benefit and then using their access/marketing to large segments of the country to drive prices up with their contracted providers in order to let them "sell saving the customer from the resulting risk caused by the insurers" The massive growth of federally subsidized student loans. That's Nixon, we didn't have that machine before then. And yes, that policy allowed me students to attend college, but also increased the proportion of wealth extracted from those students. Created the feedback loop where higher tuition is possible because students can just borrow to cover it, and lenders like higher tuition because they profit more off the interest of larger loans, meaning tuition can increase more because the market can bare it, meaning profits increase on interest....... And here we are today where a third of the country has new-car loan sized debts, or greater, incurring nearly 24% in interest annually because of the open scam the Nixon admin set in motion. He caused a massive growth in inflation, that was never recovered from to this day, as a means of reducing unemployment, which instead had the opposite effect, and played a part in creating the "disposable labor" problem we have today. Caveat, he wasn't all bad, there's plenty of environmental policy changes he oversaw that were genuinely good for the country. But that's not the scope of this post.


We’re only a year out from Trump and there is already severe mistrust in the integrity of our elections, which is the cornerstone of a free republic. Give it time. I firmly believe that Trumpism is the beginning of the end of US democracy as we know it, and no, that’s not hyperbole. No other president has trashed the norms and limits of the office as publicly and brazenly as Trump did. And the fucker was PRAISED for it. That is insanely scary and dangerous. Nixon crawled so Reagan could strut so Bush could limp so Trump could run full-speed head-on into a wall, get up, and do it again a few more times.


Jackson way more immoral than Trump. Trump is a loud baby bigot business man. Jackson practically picked his teeth with the bones of dead native Americans killed.


That's the part about judging people in the context of their times. I don't believe for a second that Trump would have acted any better if he had been in Jackson's shoes. As a reminder for his mindspace, Trump statements include: > "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families." and: > "When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak... as being spit on by the rest of the world."


I think businessman is a bit generous. As Mark Cuban once said, business is about doing deals where everyone wins, Trump just screws people over. That's not doing business, it's being a conman.


>he didn’t even approach the suckitude of morons like James Buchanan Thank you. Finally someone else has mentioned how much Buchanan sucked.


have you all never heard of Woodrow Wilson?


The guy who fell in love with Ms. Krabapple?


Trump was way worse than Nixon. Nixon was actually educated in foreign and domestic affairs. Trump was in effect a social media troll posing as a President and lowered the bar for everyone who will come after.


That’s the thing: Trump was mostly a lazy fascist-wannabe with a Twitter account. I think people nowadays truly underestimate the importance of the Watergate scandal back then. It was such a big thing, that’s precisely the moment where the American people stopped having faith in politics and trusting their political class. There’s a reason why every new scandal that comes in the media now has the back-formed suffix "-gate" next to it, because it was the greatest political scandal in post-WW2 American politics. Only topped by Clinton getting a blowjob, which is kinda funny in retrospective when the Republicans who went crazy back then at him are the same now defending Trump’s "locker room talk" about grabbing married women’s pussies. But to be fair, maybe the president having an affair isn’t such a big deal to me because I’m French.


I don’t think Clinton having an affair was a big deal. The fact that he lied while under oath is however, a big deal.


He had an affair with an intern that worked for him. Any reasonably decent company would fire you for that as a huge ethical violation.


Yeah but it wouldn’t be a watergate level scandal. Not really illegal. Perjury is definitely illegal.


I think the larger point is suddenly the party of "family values" doesn't think cheating on all three of your wives is that big of a deal. In the 90s they REALLY pushed the "cheating on wife? Think of the children who look up to him!" angle


The fact that Nixon quit out of shame and Trump has no shame, makes Trump worse, in my opinion.


Nixon quit because he knew he was going to be impeached and lose. Trump knew that was never going to happen.


When you incite an insurrection and sow doubt in the electoral system by lying about fraud you can’t prove - you are worse than Nixon, just based on that. Trump is the worst and it isn’t close.


Yeah. Trump completed the transformation of one of our major political parities into an anti-democracy authoritarian party. He may have ended democracy in America, we just haven’t seen that fully play out yet.


The fact that Nixon was able to do what he did, and then just immediately fuck off with absolutely zero consequences whatsoever, tells me everything I need to know about whether or not trump will ever face any consequences.


Nixon resigned when he was caught and Trump had what John Oliver called "Stupid Watergate: a scandal with all the potential ramifications of Watergate, but where everyone involved is stupid and bad at everything.”




The cultural impact of Trump has been devastating though


You could argue the cultural impact of Nixon lead directly to Trump.


> Recency bias. While Trump was pretty awful and a childish cunt, Nixon objectively did way worse things with his power. I dont recall Nixon trying to overturn an election.


Spoken like a true redditor


Tell me you don't know history without telling me you don't know history.


The balance


Bad, definitely, worst, nah.


Got two words for you TEDDY ROOSEVELT the man. The myth, THE LEGEND


I was stationed in the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the ship was referred to as The Big Stick.


That’s just so perfect XD, thanks for sharing man that made my day




Unpopular fact: his drones likely saved more civilian lives than they took. His civilian death rate from drone strikes is [17% from a report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism](https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2015/04/u-s-drone-strikes-civilian-casualties-would-be-much-higher-without-them.html#lf_comment=300451160). The highest number I've seen from a reputable source is 24% from airwars (estimates vary), meaning 76%-83% of the people killed were terrorists. Each terrorist themselves brutalizes or kills 3-4 civilians on average, so killing that many terrorists means a decent portion of those deaths are prevented, leading to less civilian deaths overall. Additionally, the very threat of drone strikes suppresses terrorist organizations and makes the training of new terrorists very difficult. You can't exactly train new recruits en masse if a drone is going to kill them all. It's difficult to quantify how many lives the suppression of terrorist organization saves, but it is likely high. It's easy to make claims like "heh he bombed brown kids" but it's not reflective of reality. **EDIT: I keep getting lots of replies by people who didn't even read my comment saying that my estimates are low because the US government changed the meaning of the term "terrorist" to include every man above 18 or something along those lines.** **While that's a good critique of government statistics, I didn't use government statistics. I used estimates by independent think tanks who did their own research. You can tell by the numbers if you'd read the actual comment. The government (Obama admin) said the civilian death rate was 5%-10%. I said 17% to 24%.** EDIT 2: I agree the 17% figure is too high and we should be more careful and moderate with drones. My point is simply that the current narrative regarding Obama's drones killing majority civilians is incorrect. Edit 3: SO. MANY. INSULTS. IN. DMs. AND. INBOX. Damn, chill out guys. Disagreeing with you doesn't make me a Fascist.


The definition of "terrorist" to the US administration at the time (and probably still) is _any male of military age_. So once you turn 18 and they kill you, fuck you you freedom-hating jihadist. University bombing would be considered a clean strike because they would mostly be over the age of 18 and not future multiple-murderers like you're essentially saying.


America: can't be war crimes if you label everyone terrorist *Finger to forehead*


Not to mention that even if we ignore that fact, the U.S. is paying for terrorist deaths with innocent lives of another country's citizens, what right do we have to pay with their lives?


> The definition of "terrorist" to the US administration at the time [Citation Requested]


It’s so easy when you label everyone in the blast zone a terrorist! https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/05/under-obama-men-killed-by-drones-are-presumed-to-be-terrorists/257749/ His champagne from the hope and change farce didn’t even get warm before he started bombing women and children: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/23/drone-strike-victim-barack-obama And surely you may ask “ awe he was just misinformed”. Nay Nay. Four years later his POS lackey defends killing American citizens without trial for the crime of “should have had a better father” https://youtu.be/7MwB2znBZ1g This is not our fight and should not be the concern of the US to aide or intervene in any country.


Arguing that US drone strikes have saved more civilian lives than they took in the middle east, bold move cotton


Lmfao, a mod of gun control and active neoliberal poster arguing drone strikes save more lives than they kill. What a fucking joke you are


Dronies are CIA posters, not real people.


"He saved lives by bombing civilians more!" Neoliberalism is a brain disease.


It’s the mirror image of the same disorder Trumpers have.


When you classify a terrorist as any male over 18 it's pretty easy to say you only kill terrorists


You see, these numbers right here show why it's okay to kill kids


What about the number of people turned or supporting terrorism due to the drone strikes?


I don't get the point you're trying to make because people know the drones killed terrorists and pointing it out isn't a big revelation. People are simply saying that a load of innocent people including kids died in the drone strikes and what you say doesn't change that. Those people wanted us to do better. Just wondering if you'd use the same logic everywhere else? Police is a big one. Like we know that the police needlessly kill many people and pets each year, it's a huge topic, but would you say to the people affected "I know someone you know died but the police officer kills more people deserving of it than those who dont so stop complaining"? Or with places that wrongly convict people(or let certain people off) you could say say "well they convict the right people most of the time". People aren't saying get rid of prisons, courts, and the police. They're simply having a go at those systems when they go wrong and are demanding them to do better and to be held accountable. Same with drone strikes, reasonable people aren't saying get rid of drones completely they're saying do better and have more accountability. Thanks for letting us know that the military kills terrorists though, had no idea.


Fucking neolibs are disgusting people "DishingOutTruth" my ass


Labeling every person over the age of 18 as a terrorist should be you epiphany here man. Also there's a thousand philosophical arguments to be made about unmanned drone warfare and collateral damage in regards to the stated purpose we were even there in the first place. Your argument is essentially, "Could have been worse but also they were all terrorists anyway".


I'm not going to say you're wrong, but do you also hold other presidents to this standard? Fun fact: America has only had 7 years of peace since the declaration of independence, and those 7 years weren't consecutive. There's literally not one president who doesn't have blood on their hands. And that's just war, not including presidents who have defended slavery and concentration camps, assisted with eugenics, the war on drugs, or flat out inciting the deaths opposing politicians (and I'm not talking about Trump, these politicians were actually murdered).


If these people really cared so much about drones and civilian casualties, they would be attacking Trump far more for ramping up drone strikes, removing all safety barriers, and then refusing to report them for four years. And then they would be celebrating Biden for cutting drone strikes down to almost zero (with two or three terrible miscalculations). But they don't actually care, they just want something to attack Obama on. Edit - Instead of personally insulting me, show me a comment of yourself condemning Trump's drones one single time during his term and I'll happily donate $20 to a charity of your choice.


But hey, he’s so cool. That’s what matters. lol


I’m founding this on zero evidence only speculation and what I’ve personally read. I don’t think it matters who was in office it would’ve happened, either he would’ve dropped the bombs or he’d have so much public back lash he would have to do it anyway, it’s very unfortunate the military isn’t transparent in what goes on in foreign land, also sucks they lie and tell us it’s all for the better. All I’m saying is Obama in my opinion did what every other president in the past decade has done but the difference is he actually did some good things before he left office including but not limited too having reasonable level headed followers. Down vote me to hell and/or tell me how wrong I am I’m just saying that’s how I look at it.


"other presidents also had kids murdered, but Obama was one of the good ones becuase he has good supporters!" fuck me you people are brainless, clutching at straws to defend the murders of innocent people


Woawoawoa that’s far from true man. Mostly my point is there is no good choice any more even with a really liberal president we get these kinds of things, I am completely not defending it sorry if it came across like that, I’m just saying at least he didn’t leave a dangerous and fanatical base that has the potential to attempt to over throw the government. The general public has no say any leader that comes up is going to do this in my personal opinion but again at least Obama was reasonable and not insane just unfortunately probably agreed with an military option brought before him and that’s lazy and disgusting. I just don’t know where my point went, in the end like I said I just think he wasnt as bad as a lot of other presidents have been, I don’t think it’s brainless too see or believe that.


He is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb a fellow winner.


Clinton playing the sax was pretty cool too, or TR being a boxer and still continueing a speech after getting shot


Roosevelt is the easy answer here. I’m a fan of Obama - but Roosevelt was the most interesting, complex and well-rounded POTUS we’ve ever had. That’s not to say his terms were the most beneficial or consequential - because they weren’t - but as a man/person, Roosevelt is a fucking legend. I’m surprised he isn’t mentioned in 90% of the responses here.


Exactly, from a purely personality / character pov. Not to mention his love for the wild (not sure if that was exaggerated though)


It wasn't. Read any of his books written from his time out West.


He was such a chill dude. Loved it when he sat down to order drone strikes on American citizens. Also the first Nobel peace prize winner to bomb another Nobel peace prize winner.




Teddy Roosevelt wants to know your location.


He always runs like a dad on his way to the dance floor.


That lil jig


I’ll take that jig any day over DJT’s attempts at dancing


[Like this?](https://imgur.com/HkbDSfB.gif)


This video is why I would never understand how any decent human being can ever support this guy to be a president of any country. Just a horrible human being.


In an alternate timeline, trump would have been a hilarious comedian


You mean the DJT double ghost jerk off?


That'll do, jig.


When you let someone cross the street while driving and they pretend to go faster




Years back I worked with a person who would fill the counters and sinks with shit so she'd look super swamped and busy and then actually get nothing done because she was just so swamped and overwhelmed. Yeah it's hard to get work done when every inch of available workspace is occupied


Have you seen Obama on a dance floor? “Cool President” vanishes and dad mode is engaged.


That's even cooler, really


And how many apoplectic hours on a certain “news” network were devoted to the first half of that clip as if the second half didn’t exist? Say what you will about his administration’s shortcomings, the dude is a *mensch.* Edit: that’s high praise in Yiddish.


Interesting. In German "Mensch" directly translates into "human".


It also means “man” or “human” in Yiddish. It’s along the lines of saying, “He’s the man,” as a compliment.


Mensch also suggests maturity, compassion, etc. It’s basically being a good person. It’s being human in the sense of having humanity.


I don’t have enough knowledge to delve into it and what follows is less accurate than I’d like, but being the internet I may as well type it anyway! Setting aside very real and serious geopolitical, religious, and social issues, Yiddish and German have a tangled history with lots of overlap like that; instances where a shared word or very similar one mean almost the same thing but not quite. While for a different reason, it kinda reminds me how if you study any modern Latin-based language, you can piece together just enough of another one to find a bathroom while on holiday abroad. English being a hybrid mutt of Latin and Germanic languages (vocabulary AND grammar) being a uniquely frustrating thing to learn as a second language. Now, with that all said, it’s time my insomniac brain move on to over-explain *other* things on which I have at best a tenuous grasp.


German has the OPPOSITE of that words meaning though with “Unmensch”




Yiddish is a sardonic gift to the world. We don’t deserve it. https://youtu.be/6gGzCok9swU


It happens with both sides. I remember CNN running a photo showing Trump being “disrespectful” to the Japanese prime minister by dumping a box full of fish food into a Koi pond. Turned out CNN just omitted showing the Japanese PM doing the same thing while standing next to Trump. Our media is just hot garbage, endlessly pushing clickbait/yellow-journalism for money.




Be warned… I’m in story mode now, so it could sound pretentious or condescending (it isn’t meant that way… it’s my inner teacher that thinks it’s still in a classroom) and a bit personal. For whatever reason, though, I’m in an oddly talky mood. Could also be that I’m trapped on a literal treadmill and the distraction will pass the time faster. I now return you to your regularly scheduled ramble, already in progress: That *is* interesting. Sadly, Yiddish is one of many dying languages. Vocabulary, grammar, and syntax are arguably the backbone of language, but the bearing heart — the part that rarely translates to mother languages — are the idioms. They can seem absurd from the outside when translated literally because they exist more in a figurative, cultural sphere than one built on the language itself. English is good at adapting these elements but Yiddish seems to have had maybe the biggest penetration into our usage, even if just for its most colorful bits and pieces. I’m not a historian but I’d conjecture some of it is the timing and circumstance. After WWII, lots of European Jews fled here. This was just a few decades into the age of mass communication. Much as black culture feeds trends into society now. So did elements of Jewish thinking then. There’s truth that many Jews found their way into entertainment; particularly comedy. Early seasons of The Andy Griffith Show, for instance were sometimes built around ideas its Jewish writers culled from The Wise Men of Chelm, European-Jewish stories about a small group of buffoonish “wise men.” Before that, Jack Benny, Sid Ceaser, and filmmakers like Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch. They all share the bittersweet humor common among oppressed and/or traumatized populations. Again, modern black culture, while very different in character, shares this foundational element. As it is, some language just melds in because the specific idioms capture some aspect that English didn’t have yet. The evolution of things. It reshapes us. You should check out the video I posted under the post you’re replying to. It’s funny and, in its way, self-deprecating. It’s also surprisingly universal. There was a chance with Israel’s founding that Yiddish could have been the official language. Many of the migrants, after all came from Europe, where the language evolved. It has the same alphabet but is a significantly different language. One argument for making Yiddish the official state language was that some wanted Hebrew to remain a more sacred language reserved for prayer and other religion-related communication. That obviously didn’t happen. More I don’t know. File Under: TMI My mother’s parents fled Europe, where both spoke Yiddish and they respectively spoke Russian and Polish. As such, my mother grew up with Yiddish as her first language at home. At school, like so many Hispanics, Africans, Asians and other current immigrants, she spoke English. Fluently and with only the slightest New York accent. When my siblings and I grew up, she found the one Yiddish Sunday school in our area, hoping we’d learn some. My father didn’t speak it and, unfortunately, was paranoid we’d all speak behind his back and forbade us to use it in the house. Had he, we’d all be able to speak it now. Instead, it was limited to an hour a week and never took hold. Many of our teachers escaped the Holocaust and that, along with learning to read (not understand) prayers were more prevalent, understandably. What Yiddish I know is the same stuff that has filtered into English, plus whatever random words or phrases bubble up from the dusty attic of memory. That and The Google. It’s sad but it’s just one of countless languages dying in large part because globalization (not in some conspiratorial way) has standardized a few main languages. English and Chinese —which itself has many barely compatible dialects that I suspect may consolidate as their world power continues to solidify — are the prime movers. It has immense benefits… and some cultural casualties. With that, no worries. There will not be a quiz or any homework.


You had the coolest president, how the fuck did you end up with that clown next???




Jesus Obama's really let himself go




Racist backlash


Not entirely. Hilary Clinton was the follow up candidate remember. She still won the popular vote in the end too. A healthy dose of racist backlash, sexism, and Clinton’s own entitlement all helped play a part.


Clinton has all the appeal of a used and wet sock, so the bar was low, but holy crap did the US play a number on intself.


Yeah trump won thanks to running up the vote count in rural counties and ended up winning 2016 by ~70k votes across three states. Then he directed his followers in said rural counties to completely ignore a virus and its damage limiting vaccine and then lost because those rural numbers were not enough. You’ll notice he’s now pushing the vaccine but only after a delta variant reduced the rural populations even more and now his followers are turning on him for suggesting they vaccinate. It’s amazing to watch happen.


I absolutely love the interview he did with Candace Owens where she is actually baffled by his stance. She then went on to say after the interview that because he’s older and a boomer he doesn’t do his research and therefore is saying to get the vaccine. It was hilarious. ***Edit: video link. Her video starts around 15 seconds.*** https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2021/12/27/candace-owens-trump-vaccines-nr-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/


Did you see they're now using the excuse that he said it because big Pharma made him while on "liberal media"?


One of the reasons was you had loads of people support Bernie Sanders but the democrats didn't want him, so all of the people wanting to support Bernie, younger people mainly, gave up and were pissed off. You even had the media start labeling them as "Bernie Bros" as Clinton was getting so much flack and everyone said if you didn't vote for her you were sexist. It was such a clusterfuck really, so no wonder Trump won with the sheer infighting between nominees and a divided vote elsewhere.


And lots of right wing fear mongering about emails. Lol, emails... Remember when we had a president who knew how to email?


You had a candidate that ran a horrible campaign where she focused on campaigning in states she already had wrapped up. Trump is an idiot but he ran a good campaign for better or worse. The electoral college is dumb as hell but Trump played it to his advantage.


By the Dems getting the only person who could lose against Trump as their candidate.


You gotta have balance, sometimes you gotta go bad in order to idk.


Alright Thanos, chill out.


I miss the days when there wasn't a fat nor old ass mother fucking presidents in the White House


So... pretty much never? Edit: Yes I get that we have had young/skinny presidents before. However, they're far from the norm. You can all quit telling me of the presidents who don't fit the criteria


Retirement age fatties as president is a novel invention Fat people used to die relatively young(er) from the health complications, meanwhile young people didn’t vote for their grandparents generation. Both BMI and average age of our government has risen significantly in the past two decades. There are even people still in charge of our government who have been working in our government since our government had two fewer states… and I think they’re still mad we admitted Hawaii and Alaska. Chuck Grassley has been in government since 1958, for instance. Historically in other parts of the world, fat old aristocrats who won’t yield power tend to reap a certain harvest, but I don’t know if America has the balls for it anymore. The French were always better at it.




I mean, I wouldn't call Clinton, Dubya, or Obama fat or old. So...


Man it is crazy to think about how much they would dump on Clinton's weight and love for cheeseburgers. It seems like it was centuries ago but it was less than 30. The public idea of what constitutes fat has changed so much.


Depends on how old we are talking about. Most are under 60 when stepping into office. Now it's been back to back 70+, both were the oldest presidents in history


Example 1 is in this post. Obama was neither old nor fat. Example 2, his predecessor, hate him or not , was 54 when he became president, and was in good shape. So of the last 21 years, 16 were occupied by someone that’s became president while neither old nor fat.


He fcked up, as we all do from time to time, and then he cleaned it up That’s how that is supposed to work.




Yep. I believe it wasn’t until Eisenhower (who wasn’t a civilian) that presidents started doing it regularly


It was Reagan who made this a thing. Eisenhower was a civilian when he was President.


Of course it had to be Reagan. What a stuntman.


He needed to prove that he wasn't just some hollywood elite, which he pretty much was.


I hear ya about “not required” but to me it is not about being required, its about acknowledging one who acknowledged you, no matter the situation. It’s just decent, and kind, and right. And it’s cool, very cool, to realize, oops, hold on, and go clean it up, when you realize that. I say hi to strangers all the time or good evening, or a smile, when we make eye contact — dont get me wrong, I dont run up to every person I see on the street, but if we are passing each other, especially if out on a walk or something and we clearly see each other, make eye contact, i will say, good morning, good afternoon, or a simple, hello..nice day, huh? Way more times than not, it is returned with a smile, a pleasant exchange. Occasionally, they say nothing, or look away quickly. That’s ok. I don’t turn on the hate. Everybody is on their own journey, and all while we ride on the same rock thru the stars.


In all honesty, he didn't fuck up. As the superior, he does not have to render a salute in return; he is just "required to appropriately acknowledge the gesture" in return (according to Army regs at least... and the vid is a marine so maybe different). That's what he went back down the steps to correct (and he corrected it with a handshake and verbal back and forth). Plenty of times where you're saluting officers and they are either talking and walking or in a group and just don't see you. You hold your salute until they pass and then you carry on your day. He's not required to salute back, and even in general military environments, salutes get missed ALL THE TIME. Superiors don't have to salute back (although it's clearly considered bad form). Other examples also include when the officer (or superior) has their hands full and can't free up a hand. They don't have to salute back. Another is when officers are conducting PT (I.e. running). Enlisted are supposedly supposed to slow down to a light jog and perform a salute, but the officer does not have to return it if they are running; they just have to make an attempt to acknowledge it (countless times you'll see officers do a slight wave if they are saluted while they are running). They don't have to slow down and return the gesture in kind. They just go on about their workout. Again, you'll see some officers drop their speed and salute back while others will just continue to focus on their workout. It really is just a common sense sort of thing. If it "encumbers" the superior to salute back, then they aren't required to figure it out and return the gesture. Perks of being a superior essentially. They can just head nod and say "at ease" and go about their day. People arguing that officers HAVE to salute back have never been on post and encountered real life. You are not required to salute back, but you definitely should attempt to if you have a free hand and see the salute. And the collorary is much worse (I.e. an enlisted not saluting when they have the means to do so). That is what doesn't go over well.


Ah, understand. To me, how I see this… This was simple decent respect….. He realized he walked past him and didn’t acknowledge him, and he went back and cleaned that up. Titles, chains of command, or any positions of rank in life or society should never get in the way of….respect for each other.


The Marine smiling was pretty cool. I know he was thinking, “Hell yeah, dude.” Dudes, rock.


"Dudes rock" *Make it gay*


He actually does salute as he enters the plane, then exits the plane to tell him “hey dude I saluted but you probably didn’t see, so you can lower your hand now” Edit: helicopter, whoops


Pretty sure he saluted someone inside who saluted him, then realized he forgot the guy outside.


Either way, it’s not a courtesy that the president has to give. As a civilian, it’s only a nicety if he chooses to salute. That being said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen enlisted folk forget to salute officers or officers fail to salute back. Sometimes you just got shit going on and you lapse on customs and courtesies. Not an excuse, but I mean it’s pretty dang common even between two people who are required by law (via UCMJ) to salute one another. Which the president isn’t.


Also fairly certain if you're the superior officer, you're not required to salute back. You look like a dick if you don't, but it's not required.


This is correct. I’m pretty sure there is a certain amount of steps or a distance past the officer before you are allowed to drop your salute if he didn’t salute you back. Been a while since I learned all that though.


You are correct. Once Obama got on the place the Marine could drop his salute.


Oh I agree. I was just saying what he did, not whether it was needed or not.


When I was in Mcjrotc I made it to the rank of 1st Lt. On a pre visit to Camp Pendleton before a class visit, me and another cadet officer were walking to a PX for snacks when a DI happened to be walking out of it, and he immediately saluted the both of us. We of course promptly saluted back to be respectful but we’re both terrified as to the fate that awaited us as the creeping realization spread over the towering DI’s face that we were just kids. Thankfully, he was super chill about it, and said, “you little fucks got me!” We hung out with him and we shook his hand and talked for a bit as he was curious about why we were on base, and was excited we were going to be spending the next week there. But in that moment I was more scared than I could ever recall only imaging the workout that guy was going to inflict upon us.


Confused civilian here. Is it that you would have outranked him as a first lieutenant if you weren’t jrotc, and he saw the rank insignia before processing that you were just kids?


Yes, exactly. Jrotc ranks are intentionally made to look very different from the real things for obvious reasons, but if only a quick glance is taken or seen from a distance, the shiny ranks can still appear to be real ones, and when trained to essentially salute anyone with a shiny rank, especially in the army and marines, you just do it by reflex.


So weird that this comment currently has 88 (edit: up to 662 now) upvotes when nothing it says happened in the video. The vehicle is a helicopter, not a plane. Obama did not salute on the way in, he saluted someone in the cockpit once he was inside. The soldier outside the helicopter was not still saluting when Obama came back out to acknowledge him and shake his hand. Not trying to be a jerk but what is going on in this thread lol


It is a Marine, not a soldier 🙃


... then there was this .. "president" who was saluting to foreign generals ... North Korean if I remember correctly ..


Fake news. Never happened. Oh there’s pictures? Must be deep fakes.


It was Antifa you mean!


...Crisis saluters...?




Bowed and then curtsied like a fat, little girl that he is.


Yeah he's not a military man, it can be expected to forget the salute. Fuck I forgot half the time, no amount of polishing brass ever helped me remember.


One time on base just as the sun was coming up and it was still pretty dark, I - an enlisted sailor - thought I was walking by an officer so I threw up a salute. It was not returned. I then realized I was walking by another enlisted sailor when he turned around and said, “I’m so sorry sir!” I kept walking without saying a word.


Poor guy must have gotten so concerned


I was enlisted aircrew so I've been accidentally saluted multiple times. People would see the flight suit and instantly think officer.


Walking on the sidewalk as a Sailor: 40 ft between you and someone else *Shit, someone's coming. Better straighten my back.* 20ft *God damn it, he has gold on his collar. Fuck.* -squints eyes- *I can't tell, fuck fuck fuck* 10ft *The god damn sun is in my eyes, is that a chief or an officer?! Fuck it, i'm saluting, just in case* -salutes- "Wow, holy fucking shit, you're a PO1 who can't even tell the difference between a chief and an officer. Shitbag."




>He was, for 8 years, the highest living commander of the US military. For anyone curious, the highest nonliving commander of the US military is zombie George Washington


The lower rank salutes first, then it is returned. Generals don't get to go around soaking up salutes.


I will always feel like he was the coolest person ever. I don't care your political affiliation, if you don't think he was the definition of cool there's something wrong with you.


I agree. Just as a person. Not in a political sense. I just want to chill with him




At least he wasn't busy fantasizing about bursting in to the dressing room of his next Teen USA pageant.


Or showering with his daughter People upvoting this until I say I’m mentioning Biden


If you have the clout to make a US Marine break the position of attention, then you can miss a salute. 😆


I mean. He *was* the president at the time. Hard to imagine anyone else on the planet with more clout.


I personally didn’t like plenty of his policies or ideas, but that doesn’t change that I think he was generally a pretty good person. He seemed like he would be nice to hang out with. I feel he was genuine and always nice. I can appreciate that.


I am not American. But from all things I have seen, I think he is the best ~~President~~ Person as a President of EEUU America got since I am alive. I know I have no idea, living from thousands km away and saying this. So please do not take me in a bad way


He was at least the best *person* to be president since Jimmy Carter.


Yeah, regardless of policies, he was at least a decent human being. Sad that that’s the bar.


Say what you want about some of his policies… I couldn’t be more proud to have that man represent our country.


I just want a President who can walk briskly again.


100% 1st class dude.


Class! What the fuck happened after him?


Well you see, we had A New Hope, but then The Conservatives Strike Back


Presidents are not required to salute. They are civilians. That's just some shit that Republicans invented to prove how "patriotic" they are. Same with the stupid flag lapel pins.


Not a requirement but just a gesture of courtesy.


ooo can't wait for this circlejerk


He’s literally a war criminal but people go fucking nuts for him


He's like "ah, shit...I gotta go fix that"




The real president. The only president. You guys fucked it.


We fcked it? He was prez. Not a king. He did 2 terms - thats all you get.


Obama might look like a Saint compared to Trump, but he had his faults. He was a good president. He sure as shit isn't the only one.


I feel like you’re sucking Obamas dick a bit much there. “The ONLY president”


Obama was respectable. But he still handled 2009 like a bloodthirsty capitalist. Hope and Change were supposed to be for the millions destroyed by the 2008 financial crisis. Obama blatantly turned his back on the lower and middle class and let millions become homeless. Then Obamacare turned into such a fucking mess for a couple years it soured a large percentage of the population on universal healthcare forever. (I still want universal healthcare, but I'm in my 20s and Obamacare has raised my insurance cost by about $130 per month). He tried, he worked hard, but ultimately he failed to fix the runaway train that is the US


He walks like Denzel Washington in the Equalizer


I don’t really understand american politics but Obama seems like a nice guy.


I love how this has nothing to do with Trump but you fucktards just can't help but talk about him...


It's a relatively new thing for a president to salute. Although he's commander-in-chief, he still remains a civilian. He's in the chain of command but has a distinctly separate role from the armed forces. Also, salutes are only expected of a Service member in uniform. The first president (as president) to return a salute with regularity was Reagan. The Army veteran and actor later explained that it looked funny when he was presented a salute and the Service member never dropped it. And besides, who was going to tell him to knock it off? Reagan's salutes sparked a national conversation about the increasing prominence of the military and its veneration in the country. Some folks thought it was simply a sign of respect. Others argued that it was improper, against the rules, or even apalling for him to associate himself so closely with the military rather than keeping a professional distance. After he began the practice, all subsequent presidents needed to continue it, or they would surely be accused of treason.