That moment where you are defined whether you are fight or flight Kinda person

That moment where you are defined whether you are fight or flight Kinda person

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He woke up today and chose peace.


How unexpectedly wholesome


This legit made me 'aww' out loud, Im glad nobody is around lol I needed this today; Thank you so much for this!


[New meme format](https://imgur.com/a/G6vzuQa)


No it needs multiple panes. 1. Michael sneaking up 2. Kid extending arms 3. Hugging (Bonus) Michael pretending to stab kid in back


Here you go https://imgur.com/a/VbQ4cYB


Absolutely perfect!


Plot twist: kid takes out his revolver and pretends to shoot Michael.


That’s what I was expecting. A knife in his back pocket. And as the kid slowly presses in the knife to finish the job he whispers in his ear “It was always going to be me. Happy….Halloween”


That actually pretty great haha


The path to inner peace begins with just 3 words Not my problem


My three words are- You are lovely


Mine are "fuck off cunt"


How about… She…Is…Huge!!


Lawd she comin’!


Similar to mine. "Go Fuck yourself"




Guacamole is extra.


"Not my job, Not my prob. I'm going to the warehouse to polish my knob...metaphorically, of course."


The path to a better world is 3 also, but a bit different Can I help?


Not my circus, not my monkeys.


He chose coco pops, then he chose peace


you know what. . . take my upvote and get outa here


What we didnt see is the little cowboy had his six shooter pressed into the ribs. Just like Colt used to say. Peace through superior firepower.


That's why he put the knife back down at the end. He knew it would be mutual destruction, and decided against it.


Violence was never an option


That's the best comment I have seen here lol take my upvote.


...*rest* in peace


This is so adorable. I think he found a third option. Love


​ ![gif](giphy|loMdbKGQbyRVZFvy8h)


I've always said that no one ever tried to give Michael Myers a damn hug. I think that's all he really ever wanted.


Now, who is going to be the first test this out?


Freeze. Fight, flight, or freeze.


There is also ‘fawn’.


And 'flop'.


Everybody do the Flop!


And fap


Appropriate username.




I think you mean dead




You forgot religion. Oh wait, all 3 if those describe that.


You’re being downvoted but you’re right. It’s sad that you can’t criticize religion without people thinking their faith is what’s being attacked. I swear religious people have the most brittle spirits Edit: Just to clarify , before this post blew up this dude was at like -30 okay


Religion itself isn't bad, it's institutions in general. Same with anything. I've met decent religious people on their own but in groups they're some of the judgiest people on Allah's green earth.


Religion is bad though. Directing the thoughts, placing constraints on developing young brains is manipulation at best. Sinister brainwashing at worst. It is simply bad. Telling a child that there is a heaven and a hell along with sinners and righteous people is inherently a bad thing. If a religion was simply: love your neighbour and love yourself equally. I wouldnt have any beef. But not a single religion is that simple. Theres always little limitations and restrictions and funnels to fall down and be sorted into. Its full stop bad. Not good. Bad.


It varies between religions though, that's the thing. Bahais basic belief system is "don't be a dick, and do good to everyone and anyone when you can". They have like 3 "churches" worldwide and you don't even have to visit them. Then you have Shinto in Japan where they have ancestor worship and reverance and being in harmony with nature. Then you have native american beliefs which have a similar practice of not abusing the land. The minister of my former church for example is openly in support of LGBT and called several elderly members of the community over the pandemic to check in how they were doing. He even visited my mother after she had a surgery a few years ago, he's a lovely man. My point is there's an incorrect connection between the American version of Christianity and religion as a whole. Or even religion as an idea and religious institutions as a fundamental constraint. There's also a growing movement towards identifying as spiritual rather than religious to align with the better principles without the negative connotations therein, and there was an "open religion" concept a few years ago where you pick and check in a questionnaire what beliefs felt right to you as sort of a credo without a label.


> My point is there's an incorrect connection between the American version of Christianity and religion as a whole There isn't, though. The person you replied to isn't conflating all religions with American Christianity. They're talking about institutionalized religions. The "big three." The religions that the vast majority of religious people in the world follow. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are equally problematic in that they firstly define systems with which to subjugate and control people. They prescribe what is "moral" and they threaten the "immoral" with eternity in damnation. A child raised in the halls of any major religion will be subjected to that. You can dig up any obscure religion no one has heard of as a counterpoint, but that's not a fair comparison because those "religions" are not influential enough, wealthy enough, widespread enough, or embedded enough to have been corrupted. If they were, they would be just as bad.


Those alternative religions aren't as big because they don't spread as efficiently. They're not insidious enough. Which makes them die out over time. The big three have very clear guidelines about raising your children as part of that religion. It's the reason why they still exist.


You have a very fundamentalist view of religion. Ironically you have the exact dogmatic thought process that causes some people to use religion for evil. Plenty of people do treat religion as being as simple as “love your neighbor” and of course plenty of people don’t. You are incapable of thinking outside of the box of “if it’s written down anywhere then it’s automatically a part of the religion for everyone.” Your logical failure comes from the fact that you accept the bad parts but fail to accept the good parts. For the most part, religions are decentralized. Of course there are going to be people who try to add bad things to the different religions, which most people will reject. The fact is, religion will always exist in some form because it satisfies a deep need that humans have for a sense of security in the form of divine fate. It’s neither good nor bad. Don’t be such a fundamentalist. Take religion less literally like most normal human beings do these days.


This particular perspective is just as extreme as those extreme religious beliefs themselves only on the other end of the stick. Life isn’t that black and white and is full of nuances.


>Life isn’t that black and white and is full of nuances. You're on Reddit. Most Redditors hate Religion with a passion.


That's the people. Religion isn't doing that. You have the option to follow it or not. It's the religious nutjobs that force it onto their children. Know how to separate the two.


I agree, I am a catholic but I could care less about people's sexuality, way of dressing or their own religions. I never understood why people judged that when even our faith isn't proven true either. I guess I'm not the stereotype of catholic person.


I’m Muslim and I don’t mind atheists one bit. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have no right to tell them their wrong because theirs is different to mine. What I do fucking hate though (this goes for really religious ppl and atheists too) is when ppl try to rub their beliefs into others. Don’t attack ppl because they’re religious and don’t attack ppl because they’re atheists. If we all just respected each other instead of constantly attacking each other over varying opinions then maybe we would have finally, and truly, achieved complete world peace.


The problem arises when religious opinions dictate how people act out on things in real life. I don't like how a lot of religions, ones like Christianity and Islam, view women. I don't like how they view gay individuals. I would never attack a Christian or a Muslim over their religion. Guess how many gays have been literally murdered by Christians and Muslims solely because the religion says its wrong. It's easy to say we shouldn't attack each other over opinions, of course we shouldn't, but quite frankly no one should be out here using a religion as the sole basis for how they view things and live their life. No one should feel justified in discrimination because "its a religious thing." That's why we absolutely should be able to criticize religion itself. Go ahead and criticize me for being a non-believer, take your best shot at it, I'm ready to defend my belief. You should be ready for that too, if it's really the right way to live, if it's really moral and should be used as a template for life itself, at the very least it should stand up to criticism.




Doesn't being a Religious extremist count as extreme beliefs? Religion or being Religious on its own isn't really a factor.






Bullshit. Humans are born just as good as they are evil and every combination possible.


Exactly, it's insane to me that people think otherwise.


Yup. It’s because people believe what they want to believe. We live in a post-fact world now.


This is philosophy, not factual debate, lol.


> I believe there are monsters born in the world to human parents. Some you can see, misshapen and horrible, with huge heads or tiny bodies; some are born with no arms, no legs, some with three arms, some with tails or mouths in odd places. They are accidents and no one's fault, as used to be thought. Once they were considered the visible punishments for concealed sins. > And just as there are physical monsters, can there not be mental or psychic monsters born? The face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or a malformed egg can produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul? > Monsters are variations from the accepted normal to a greater or a less degree. As a child may be born without an arm, so one may be born without kindness or the potential of conscience. A man who loses his arms in an accident has a great struggle to adjust himself to the lack, but one born without arms suffers only from people who find him strange. Having never had arms, he cannot miss them. Sometimes when we are little we imagine how it would be to have wings, but there is no reason to suppose it is the same feeling birds have. No, to a monster the norm must seem monstrous, since everyone is normal to himself. To the inner monster it must be even more obscure, since he has no visible thing to compare with others. To a man born without conscience, a soul-stricken man must seem ridiculous. To a criminal, honesty is foolish. You must not forget that a monster is only a variation, and that to a monster the norm is monstrous. --- John Steinbeck


circumstances and surroundings are one of the mains although from your point of view, i can agree to some extent.


You get top 5% of karma posting dribble like this? Do you think a baby lion that curls up in your lap is "good" yet an adult lion who will eat you for dinner is "crazy"? The video is of a child, normal children are wholesome and trusting. There is a reason people don't interact with chimps past puberty, shit gets real when you're talking about an adult anything. Has literally nothing to do with money or belief systems.


Seriously. I know platitudes like this sound nice, but oversimplifying the world is not really helpful. Some people are legitimately just born bad. Brain chemistry is real, and things like bipolar and sociopathy are things that can make people just inherently problematic in society. Some people are born good and become bad through societal phenomenons, as they said. Some people are born good and stay good. Some people are born "bad" but become "good" through family, friends, etc. People are complex as fuck, and every kind of person exists. Pretending that "everyone is born good and some become bad due to societal pressures" is sometimes true in a vacuum, but it's not really helpful to walk around thinking this is how the world works. Ironically, believing that this is how people work is one of those "belief systems" that can radicalize people. Which is sort of funny.


Seriously thanks for saying it.


I’m fairly sure at infancy we do not trust people who don’t look like us. That distrust is only replaced with compassion, empathy, and cooperation through upbringing


It really be about what's taught


Holy hell. Redditors having a nature vs nurture debate. Fucking wild.




Of course. This is Reddit. I fucking love it. No-one will do any research. No one will go to r/psychology or any other sub that may study this shit and ask their opinion. Most won't fully understand their own answer. Some won't even respond anything the commenter they are replying to actually said. Some will resort to name calling: Some because it's so frustrating trying to educate someone. Some because their own argument fell apart and they can't handle it. Some people will be respectful and educational and Some people will learn new things. And YES I have also done some of these things !! And some combinations of these things. And different combinations of these things. It has to be = I am a Redditor. So much fucked up funny shit. I love/hate it. Edit: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." Holy hell y'all. It looks like I have verified this comment by thinking I knew what the fuck I was talking about re FAWN and FLOP. I did check before commenting; and was reinforced; but I did not check those sources. I did not go to r/askPsychiatry or r/askPsychology to check what I was saying and verify with approved sources. I now have no idea which definitions are currently correct. I will concede. I apologize to everyone I commented to. And will double check that I have found all of those comments and have apologized to everyone directly. Fight, Flight, Freeze. Those are correct. Fawn and Flop is where I failed. And Falafel isn't on the list; but I really appreciated the laugh. I'll find you too and thank you. I will ask and find current verified sources and edit them into this comment too. It may be a week or so though due to circumstances beyond my control. I don't trust my brain under these conditions and don't want to make my brain train wreck any worse by fucking it all up again or even more. Fucking too fucking funny. Holy hell.


All of those things are social constructs, made by social monkeys. We are not born "good"


No they aren’t. Humans, like everything, are inherently flawed and not “born good”


Humans are born greedy. I wouldn’t doubt there are many people who would take an offer such as a million dollars but a random person dies for it. We want money and power. And maybe purpose mixed in there somewhere. As much as I *wish* I could say humans are born good, I see it more as we’re born to be impulsive and follow desires but our parents and role models turn us the other direction, the good ones anyway. Nonetheless, staged or not, this video still makes me smile.


We are born to survive at any cost


[Children are selfish people with no perception of sharing.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWfewi8J2jc) They literally don't have the ability to empathise or understand that others should be treated how they would want to be treated. They aren't evil but humans do have to be taught how to act in a social organisation.


It's funny you shared a comedy to back up your argument. I thought the link is some studies.


"Must... Stab... His... Back... ...No... ...Not today..."


Fr contemplating “should i…” then points at something


I was hoping the hug would end with the kid getting stabbed in the back. I was laughing when I saw he was actually gonna go for it... aannnd he didn't do it. This post is such a roller-coaster ride.




*please don’t hug the bombs


That would be a rather strange love.


I cum whenever a bomb is defused with 1 or less seconds left


Amateur I cum and spray my brain fluid out through my ears when that happens


That's how you learn to love the bomb and stop worrying.


Makes me realize how much life can ruin us. Every damn one of us was this trusting and loving at one point. Why you gotta do us like that Reality?!


I mean, it's actually a good evolutionary trait to not hug guys holding knives menacingly.


oh come on, how else is he supposed to hold a knife?! You're just assuming the worst in people, sheesh


"Handle first, handle first, handle first."


The capitalization made me read Randy First thing I thought of was Randy from trailer park boys, and then Randy from archer Sorry I know it's uninteresting


On a side note Anybody else think it’s not good to try and scare the hell outta of kid..... I know a particular situation scared the living hell out of me at 5 years old and it affected the way my mind and emotions developed... it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I realized what happened and then I addressed it


What happened?


When he was 5 years old a particular situation scared the hell out of him


This is why I stay in general situations.


Hahaha holy hell 🤣 Take my upvote - I'd give you two if I could.


You’re the reason I read comment replies


I was walking to school... early 80s ....I looked down a drive way that I was walking past and there was a pit bull and it saw me and started running full out towards me barking......I was scared and I froze..... when he got there I just stood still motionless and he just stood there a foot from me barking ferociously like a possessed demon but never bit me for some unexplained reason From that time forward.... any situation that scared me whether it be physical danger... or any kind situation that scared me... I froze and did nothing..... for example when I was married my marriage was on the rocks and at that time I was terrified to be alone but I did nothing about it I just froze..... many many other examples like this It wasn’t a conscious decision..... my subconscious decided from that point on that in times that I felt in danger .. that I needed to freeze and do nothing I figured this out in my thirties and from that point forward any time I’m in these types of situations that terrify me....I identify it and I force myself to act


These aren’t even close to the same thing at all. One is a real situation where you could get hurt and the other is resolved fairly fast once the first scare is over and you see it’s a joke.. We don’t need to baby people so bad that “scaring them at Halloween” is a no go. Honestly tho your story of a real situation and a prank scare aren’t even close to the same.


You’re right and I understand that.... my situation was a real situation and I could’ve been killed...... this situation is staged with no possible physical harm I just always wonder if little kids are psychologically harmed by scary things like horror movies.... etc.... etc Maybe not..... maybe some are and some aren’t... just curious about it


I think it depends on the level of scare, the way it’s handled. The above vid, the masked guy just stands there, and it think that was okay. I saw another vid where 3 dressed up bloody haunted house actors chased around a crying 5 year old with a chainsaw, knife, and hands out to grab him. They really got in his face, even when he was already on the ground bawling. The kid in his brain at the moment was honestly scared for his life and about to (or probably did) piss himself. Idk, right after I saw it, I thought it went too far.


But is the dog situation the *cause* or did it just *expose* how you handle such stressors? I’m inclined to believe that it’s just your natural tendency to handle stress in that manner. I mean, good on you for identifying and managing it, but I don’t think that dog incident “caused” you to forever have the same reaction.


Exactly! This just seems to be how this person reacts to and deals with fear or the unknown. I mean I don't think we should be trying to scare kids for a laugh because we don't know what's going to fuck a kid up down the line But this anecdotal story about an unrelated, entirely different, and actually life threatening situation is irrelevant. For example I was bitten on the face by a small dog when I was about 9 and had to get stitches and have a noticeable scar to this day 20+ years later. But I still love dogs now. And that story is just as irrelevant to to the situation


I'm curious why you think this event hard-coded "freeze" as your default reaction. It seems much more likely that the reason you froze when the dog ran at you is because that's your body's default reaction to danger. If you hadn't been scared by the dog at 5, it might have been a car at 10 or a cute girl at 15 and you would have reacted the same, because that's your body's natural reaction.


How many cars have you crashed?


Your mum


Little kids have no meaningful concept of a prank, so I agree with you. Even as adults, I don't quite understand why making other people believe something genuinely scary is happening is a cool thing. Like all those "social experiment" videos all over YouTube years just felt low-key sociopathic.


Idk, I think it's fine. My parents scared the hell out of me a lot as a kid. From telling me they weren't my real parents and instead robots that replaced them, to my dad bursting through the front door in coveralls, a ski mask, and brandishing a chainsaw while I watched my first horror movie. Maybe that's why I jump anytime anybody taps me on the back or surprises me. But I think it also fueled my love for horror. I love to be scared.


That’s pretty fucked up to be honest.


Is your father Homer Simpson by any chance?


I kind of feel like this guy wasn’t trying to be very scary- he didn’t chase him or jump or yell. Adults know this this is a horror character, and have the emotions to go with the story, but a child that age would probably just see a guy in a cheap mask, and he’s probably seen others that weren’t intended to be scary, so this was just another grown up in a mask.


True..... the fact that he just stands there and looks at him..... kid probably had no clue what was going on


I still remember when a babysitter took me to the beach, found out I couldn't swim, and tried to "teach" me how by dragging me out into the water and pointing out that, while I was crying, a baby in the water a short distance away was not crying. I was maybe 4 or 5 years old at the most at the time. It literally took me until well into my early twenties before I managed to get comfortable in the water again, and I'm still not what I would call a strong swimmer. Don't fuck with kids' heads. That shit lasts.


I've always said that no one ever tried to give Michael Myers a damn hug. I think that's all he really ever wanted.


I've got nothing against Jamie lee Curtis, she's a fine actor. But if we just let Michael kill her we could save the lives of dozens of horny teenagers.


Untrue, if you watched Halloween Kills (which is an awful film), >!it dispels the notion that Michael is obsessed with killing Laurie, instead he just wants to… stare out the window of his sisters bedroom??? What the fuck god damn that movie is bad!<


I can't help but think we could've avoided all of this if his sister just let him have that bedroom.


Fuck you Laurie and the horse you strode in on.


I am a monster fan of the Halloween franchise, and the 2018 film was like a dream come true. Then Kills came out. It was ready for theaters in 2020. They had a full year to reshoot and edit that steaming pile of shit that they released and chose not to. It was so incoherent, there was no story. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch made more sense.


This is how my dad became “monster” to his grandson… when my son was little my dad was chasing him around and when he got trapped in the corner he yelled “stop monster let’s be friends and hugged my dad”. My kid is now 9 and calls my dad monster instead of grandpa.


On another note, monster sounds kinda badass if you remove the fear element from it. Would love to be called monster in good spirit


My dad loves it… he is 75 and still lifts weights daily so it makes him feel young and strong. Also technically I’m the kid’s stepdad so it was nice to respect the other two “grandpas” by not adding a third or try feel like my dad was taking some of their thunder…


Hate to break it to you, but your dad took *all* of the thunder


That's so adorable








You guys are so mean lol


I can tell you one thing for sure. She isnt a flight person.


Please share your photo for us all to judge.




I don’t get this. It’s not really societally “acceptable” to make fun of people with health issues or addictions, but being overweight is the exception? Have some empathy, man.


I think it is because excessive weight gain is generally perceived as being a preventable health problem, so that negatively impacts people's empathy.


I used to be a dick about morbidly obese people. I read a couple MCAT books just for the hell of it, and one of the excepts talked about how a portion of your brain can stop receiving signals that tell you your full. Couple that with depression, hypothyroidism, etc… I stopped being so mean about it once I realized that it’s entirely possible that some of these people live in their own hell of never being able to be satiated.


This towns big enough for the two of us, pardner.


That's not a town, it's a woman


Oh you did her dirty


I think her diet contributed to that quite a bit more.




I sorted by controversial and was not disappointed


That’s where all the best comments always are.


Sometimes, for a post like this it was honestly hilarious. For other posts regarding racism or politics, not so much


that’s fucked up




seek help


She should


I actually thought it was a Halloween penguin costume at first.


The real reason the kid saw Michael as non-threatening


Given that 42% of Americans are obese, you actually had almost a 50/50 chance! Not super unexpected.




I’m fucking dying over here. Rotund




Kid’s already seen enough in his life.




This is why I sorted by controversial


How many times are you gonna comment the same thing


It's the 4 F's: fight, flight, freeze or fuck. Glad he choose freeze.


He chose hug.


He chose friend.


I’m pretty sure a toddler wouldn’t choose fuck


I always heard fawn instead of fuck. Which he did choose.


He chose Flop. There's 5 F's. The first 3 you got. The next are Fawn = submit. And Flop = befriend. I guess Fawn could be referred to as Fuck if that's what the bad person wanted. But I'd hate for it to become something everyone thinks is correct.






The person at the end was certainly unexpected




I mean has anyone tried this on Michael Myers in the movies? Could be the secret solution?


Wholesome. Including not pulling down on the stab joke lol


I think it’s a staged photo shoot. The Michael actor is just trying to create a good shot for the photographer. Quick thinking on his part!






I didn't know they were close to an ocean




thats all michael needed


It’s actually fight/flight/freeze/fawn. Looks like he chose fawn, which was probably his best practical defence.


Godzilla creeping into the frame there at the end fucked me up more honestly…


~~fight~~ ~~flight~~ friend :)


Daddy Mike Myers


Peace is always an option


Fight or flight: when that big woman walks toward me


Everyone else tried to say something different and you just said big woman haha




LOL this reminded me of when my ex husband costume glued a prosthetic devil face on, and my 1 yr old son didn't freak out until my ex husband started to peel it off THEN my son screamed bloody murder.


Fearless young lad


when that kid gets older and finally understands the movies he's gonna be like "oh shit oh fuck"


Kids saying help me masked maniac there’s a rather large woman who’s coming to eat me.


I also welcome death with open arms




this is so wholesome and the comments are so fatphobic to the poor lady who walks into frame last second. just let her be!!! she's probably a very nice lady! edit: typo