What a cute baby

What a cute baby

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That baby looks so fucking real.


Until I got to your comment I thought it was a baby with a fake eye


Oh god HAHAH


I was genuenly confused when the skin under the eye had such a strange color, and i really didnt get this was a fake baby until this comment.


This made me realize I should never be a parent. Someone could replace my kid and I wouldn’t know until the babydoll starts failing college


Honestly, if you managed to get them into college in the first place, you would be an incredible parent...


That's not what they said about Lori Loughlin.


*Oh you.* (laugh track)




Emogi bad


So your...catatonic baby?...is an elite crew rower? Welcome to the team, donor!


Spitting out my coffee, lol.


I almost lost my lunch. I mean, I found it, but I almost lost it.


Okay, okay. Incredibly *rich* parent. Better?


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1ipJjnDk4rI Don’t leave your baby in a pumpkin patch either...


Eh could be worse could get into a situation like Kimberly mays


Best comment! Haha!


Same I thought the baby was a little young for a glass eye.


Then i thought both eyes were fake because his other eye didn't even flinch when she popped the other out.


I did too! Upon rewatch.. the complete lack of any movement or breathing could’ve been a hint. Really interesting what we don’t see when focusing on something


Yeah, holy shit I didn't even consider it wasn't a real baby


Hahah yeah me neither. Way less exciting when you throw a fake one in the Vitamix


Me too lmao


same and i was freaking the fuck out


Yep me too, and the reaction at the end had me laughing so hard, exactly how I felt, combined with that creepy robot voice.




I've seen a documentary about women who have these lifelike dolls and they treat them like real children. They change diapers, prepare food, act like they're breastfeeding, take them outside in a stroller and so on. It's extremely weird.


They’re called “reborn babies”. I’ve gotten sucked into that rabbit hole before.


*A reborn doll is a hand made art doll created from a blank kit or a manufactured doll that has been completely transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. Because of their realistic appearance, reborn dolls have occasionally been mistaken for real babies and "rescued" from parked cars after being reported to the police by passers-by* Huh TIL


You missed this from the wiki *Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to cope with their grief over a lost child (a memory reborn), or as a portrait doll of a grown child.* THAT I can understand. If you just like collecting them your just as bad as my neighbour with his hentai doll collection.


>If you just like collecting them your just as bad as my neighbour with his hentai doll collection. Alright bud.


You don't want a turn after both of us?


Wait… which doll are we discussing? Although I’m not sure your answer makes me feel any different about the whole situation.


idk man, fucking a doll shaped like a baby seems objectively worse to fucking a doll that looks like an anime character to me. What a sentence to start my day off with..


Question: How do you feel about a human-sized (think body pillow) reborn doll?


This man right here, officer.


His “neighbor”




Atleast my waifus don't insult me Harold


Having one of those dolls as a “portrait doll of a grown child” is also pretty fucking weird.


That? Oh, it's just the doll of you I had made from before you turned into such a disappointing failure Charles. What? No, I will not put him in the other room until the party is over, it's his birthday too.


Sure. Neighbour. Gotcha. Unrelated note, can I come over?


Idk seems unhealthy


Gotta catch them all


And it's bad because...


It's an unhealthy coping method that often prevents people from coming to terms with their grief and moving on in any capacity.


This is accurate but I’m assuming he’s referring to hentai dolls.


People can’t live their life how they want I guess


What's bad about Hentai dolls though? I mean, they dont do harm or not? So let him live in his Hentai doll fantasy!!!




I would say that even for those mourning a dead child that building a fantasy life where you take the doll out in a stroller isn't healthy. Hold it at home, but work through your grief and build a normal life.




This sounds like a Black Mirror episode


It’s part of the premise of The Servant - written by M Night Shyamalan


They’re great for people with dementia looking for their lost children. We had a couple at my old job that was great for giving them someone to “care” for, distract them and help them think they’re not alone. Now that I say like that it sounds sad but so many were honestly so happy just watching the “baby” sleep, carry her around, hold her during meals, and there was no worry of them dropping a real child


kinda curious if these dolls have something to make them stay warm and make sounds in this context. When my elderly aunt was dying from dementia she was sort of losing her memory backwards and she'd forget that people had died and worry where they were. I hate to think what it would have been like if she'd hit a point of thinking she'd misplaced an infant.


Ours didn’t have anything like that, but we also had a mechanical dog and cat that when turned on the ears and tails moved! And those ones blinked. Our babies just had closed eyes but they I felt were more realistic than this. Whatever material they were made of didn’t feel “cold” if that makes sense? It wasn’t like a plain plastic baby doll.


We got those cats and dogs at my facility a few months ago. They bark and meow and startle the everloving fuck out me on a regular basis.


My grandma (loved these and did not have dementia) had tons of reborn dolls, she collected them. She even had a doll lady that specialized in repairing them and changing out parts. None of them were warm or had a heartbeat or anything. But they were insanely lifelike and very creepy.


> something to make them stay warm If I'm not mistaken they are microwave-friendly.


There is a deep, deep joy from holding a sleeping newborn. I can 100% believe it calms agitated dementia patients and I am immediately going to add this to my will. They need to order the reborn the day I am put in a home.


We did this for my great-grandmother, she died at the age of 100 a few years ago. At the very end of her life, she was completely bedridden, but still awake a lot and able to socialize albeit her mental state was not all together of course. She had a baby doll that she kept in the bed beside her at all times, she'd care for it and tuck it in and stuff. It was adorable and a little bit sad at the same time.


bruh I didn't have my second cup of coffee and I'm already crying


Imagine making yourself believe you're taking care of another human life, and then neglecting it.


Hey that's the true realism, you can lock it in a car just like a real baby.


My newest invention: a combination baby doll / shake weight.


Can you imagine breaking a car window to rescue an infant but when you pick it up its all weird and squishy silicone that smells like condoms. I would be so confused


I've sucked on that rabbits hole before too!.. Wait what are we talking about?


r/holup r/cursedcomments


Oh the rabbit hole is nightmare inducing! I once found some sub that was dedicated to all the weird and wrong reborn dolls out there. Never again.


For the curious: /r/rebornbabies/


r/reborndollcringe is way better though


"Real people with real problems, coping by being as creepy as possible." Wow what an intro.


My little sister got one as a Christmas present last year. She saw them on YouTube and asked my mom for one because to her it was the ultimate baby doll and it wound up as her "big" present. It came with a removable bodysuit that had a vagina. My mom threw that away. The doll itself is meant to look like a sleeping newborn baby, but to me it looks like a dead baby when I see it lying around the house.


A lot of mothers that have lost children use these to cope with their loss.


They're commonly used by patients with dementia as well.




I saw a documentary on Japanese or Chinese (Not exactly sure as it was just a snippet) men that have those full body sex dolls as partners. Full on taking care of them, dressing them, going out with them while they're in wheelchairs and such.


I'm the actor James Franco, dammit. And in love with, and common law married to, a Japanese body pillow!


There’s a sub about it, initially it was making fun of them, but slowly the sub found the dolls endearing.




That's exactly how Trump got elected president.


I can’t remember what show it was but there was a lady who collected those babies and toddlers, and she even “rescued” a sex doll to save her from a life of being violated.


That's really interesting, I wonder if she has that brain disorder where people form relationships with inanimate objects.


Definitely has some sort of disorder


Like the show Servant


Go watch "Servant".


Watch The Servant on Apple TV. Enough said. It’s about a family with a reborn baby looking for a nanny for said fake baby.


Holy fuck... I thought it was real, just with a false eye and was thinking... thats a risk, could swallow that....


I thought it was and just had a prosthetic eye




I went on a date with a girl who made monster babies. Like they were super cool and I’m super into horror but I honestly couldn’t do it. I understand how grieving mothers may find comfort in one, but I just couldn’t hack it and that’s totally on me not on her. She hasn’t lost a baby or anything she just liked pretending it was real like pushing it on swings and stuff and wanted us to play family. Man she was hot.


This is exactly why i unsubbed from r/reborndollcringe I joined for da chips ahoy girl but couldn’t handle the demon childs anymore


holy uncanny valley i want to kick that thing


I thought so too until I noticed it wasn’t breathing, but damn it’s so lifelike, props to the person who made this!


Plot twist : It is real




It's wrinkled and surly and everything!


They're calked Reborn Babies / Dolls. Some of them - usually custom made - are so reallife looking! But those usually cost quite a bit.


It fucking looks just like my baby. Fucked me up.


I thought it was a real baby with a fake eye


It’s a fake baby with real eyes.


Hey, are you tired of real eyes, cluttering up your face, where you open 'em, and you can actually see? Get on down to "Real Fake Eyes"! That's us. Fill a whole face up with 'em. See? Watch, check this out! Can't see. Can't see. Not this one, not this one. None of 'em see! FakeEyes.com is our website, so check it out for a lot of really great deals on fake eyeeeeeeeeees!


Hey, wait a minute, Rick. Wh-- I thought this was a commercial. Wh-what's going on? I mean--


Ssssshhhh M-Morty let's just see where this goes


whats he doing is he making a sandwich?


You won't see where it's going with Real Fake Eyes.


Same until I read these comments.. lord have mercy


That’s what I thought as well lmao.


Thought this was a "put googly eyes on the baby, haha that's funny" situation, but evidently not.


Where does one find a quality fake baby


Don't get one. I got one for my daughter for Christmas and the thing gives me a mini panic attack at least once a week because I'll find it laying in a random spot where it shouldn't be and mom instinct kicks in trying to rescue it before you realize that you actually don't have a baby that size in real life anymore and it's a doll. I had to make my husband wrap the baby in a box for Christmas because I couldn't do it because of how real it seemed.


God I’m not even a mother and I feel like that would fuck with me so hard. I could never have a doll like that around me. I’m the type of 24 year old hormonal woman who has nightmares about babies being dead in my arms and just anxiously hovers around babies when they are around. Does that anxious instinct and “need” to hover around babies “to make sure their ok” ever go away? Like they don’t even have to be related to me in any way and they make me feel like that! God my heart drops if I see a random ass baby being held the most slightly unstable way


I feel like for me it's gotten worse after kids but I am biased being an ER nurse which hasn't helped it for me either. Buuuut I can tell you, the ones who are overly cautious like that, I would be more comfortable watching my kids. Not everyone has that natural instinct. You're gonna make a great mom if you choose to have kiddos. Just don't be too hard on yourself because not everything will be perfect all the time and accidents happen.


Yeah, I’ve always been the kid in the extended family who genuinely enjoyed baby sitting. When I was ten, I would baby sit my newborn cousin and my teenage sister would be around to just to supervise me. Genetically and with so many health issues, I’m probably not a great fit for bio kids but have always considered adopting! But holy hell taking the eye out of that doll makes me cringe on a whole new level 😬


Ha! All the ER Nurses I know go one of two ways - either everything is potentially lethal, or their arm’s literally hanging off, but “she’ll be right..”


1000% agreed, this is a good instinct to have but I hate to hear about those bad dreams, those sound horrific. Kids are made of rubber so that helps when accidents and falls happen. My wife was an ER nurse for 6 years until a recent job change post-pregnancy and I was in the military in a leadership role for 10 years. We both joked about how we were going to act when we had kids (rub dirt in it, you’re fine) but it turns out we’re both wrapped around his little finger. Every time he tries on a new cry or shriek it’s life and death even though it’s usually because his elephant looked at him wrong or that Cocomelon song isn’t his favorite.


Thing is, they don't stay like that for very long at all. Blink of an eye and they can pour their own cereal.


all over the floor, to go with the milk already there.


Youre going to want to return that baby. It poured the milk FIRST, yea its broken alright.


I became a dad around your age and distinctly remember that specific feeling. My poor wife, tired and in pain from having just delivered our daughter had to wake up and tell me to stop nudging the baby to make sure she was okay. So then I figured out to hold my ear near her mouth so I could feel her breathing. The constant slow drip of adrenaline that was, “Is the baby okay? How about now? How about *now*?” took me a couple years to go away and was replaced by media driven fear of things like child abductions in my local area. (The name of one little girl who was abducted is permanently etched in my brain because she was near my kids age. Her remains were found in 2017. RIP Lindsey Baum.) And to your point babies do die, often. My two daughters are my second and third kids, our son died before he was born. From what I understand miscarriages are common and even still births or whatever they call what we went through when the baby is dead but you still have to deliver it. Then I have friends who’ve lost babies post birth as well, which is horrible. So you keep trying. It’s why babies are sometimes called “miracles”. Oof. Sorry to be a bummer. tl;dr You’re not alone and even men get those feelings.


I'm more worried about it being possessed by an evil spirit and then haunting me and my family bfor generations.


I would just sit around with it on me.


There are definitely people who do that for sure. Get strollers and everything. I know some buy them to help with a loss of a baby. They're good for people with dementia also. Definitely more realistic than they seem on video.


Dunno but you can get a real one for free.


Nah dude, those things are super expensive


Yea I guess. A fake one is a much better long term investment.


If you sell their organs, you can make a profit.


Yeah, but you have to wait for nine months, then you have to wait for the organs to mature a bit and by then you'll already be paying for upkeep and servicing the baby so what would the profit be in the long run?


You never buy a baby. Thats for suckers. Now leasing a baby for 24 months is the way to go


low mileage refurbished babies ftw


There is no profit unless you go for the orphans 1 orphan probably has 500k of organs


it’s free to get one, they just don’t tell you about all the micro transactions




Look at this guy over here who can have sex for free




r/RebornDollCringe is a treasure trove of terror relating to those dolls. Edit to add: Posts range from [wholesome](https://www.reddit.com/r/RebornDollCringe/comments/dxyt3u/grandma_and_her_reborns_a_year_of_dolls_and_smiles/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) to [WTF](https://www.reddit.com/r/RebornDollCringe/comments/ng0l43/whats_going_on_here/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) and genuinely [disturbing](https://www.reddit.com/r/RebornDollCringe/comments/etcfse/why_pray_tell_would_you_choose_to_carry_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) (NSFW). I suggest sorting by top this year instead of top of all time (ToAT just leads to a lot of posts that are in-jokes about a particularly notorious reborn doll). ^((edited again to fix links)^)




While the sub is called cringe, you have to remember some of these hyper real dolls have an actual purpose. While it might seem that only a crazy person would have one, they are therapeutic for those who have had miscarriages, can’t have children, still borns, elderly with Alzheimer’s, dementia etc have show good responses to these types of dolls. So while yes, there is some super super cringe in that sub, some of the more popular dolls get taken to retirement homes etc to help others.


I actually never thought about dementia being a good reason. Makes a lot of sense. My papa had a cuddly toy dog in the care home. He said he was very good. Very easy to look after. Then he suddenly made it bark in front of my dad's face as he giggled like a school boy. He was pretty happy in his own head.


The top post in the sub is about a person with dementia who gets a lot of joy out of the dolls. Very wholesome.


eBay, Etsy, Facebook. There are lots of reborn groups on Facebook and artists that cater to all budgets, starting around £120 for vinyl dolls up to £5000+ for silicone dolls (like the one shown in the video). The more expensive you go, the more realistic they are. You can get them with open or closed eyes, painted or rooted hair, full body or cloth body, the options are endless. They're really good for therapy/anxiety/depression. I got one when my mental health was very bad last year and they can be very comforting to hold as they are weighted like a real baby. I'm in a better place now so I just keep the dolls on a shelf because they are little works of art (we also collect Lego, vinyls and houseplants so our shelves are fascinating for visitors!) Not all collectors treat them as real babies (in fact, I've yet to meet a collector who actually treats them as a fully real baby!), many just have them for display, in the same way that people collect Lego or trains. If anyone has any questions I am more than happy to answer any.


His expression matches mine to perfection. This is somewhere between /r/unexpected and /r/wtf


Reaction dude looked like a renaissance art piece


Reaction dude looked like Alan Moore


I thought the payoff would be someone walking up and popping out one of*his* eyes.


This is shockingly similar to what putting in a real fake eye is like. You use a little suction cup so you don’t have to touch the...socket.


my cousin has a glass eye. when we were kids, he would just hit the back of his head real hard and yell at me if I didn't catch it


This made me laugh so hard lol


My step mom got a glass eye. About the first time I met her, her son gives me this box and I open it and it's a glass eye inside. Thought it was real for a few scary seconds.


That is so unexpected that I cant even think of anything witty or funny to comment here.


As soon as you saw the fake eye you didn't assume this was gonna be about fake eyes? Or are you just surprised that the rest of the baby is fake too?


I thought the fake eye would go ON to the "real" baby. Didn't expect the baby to be fake aswell




You couldn't either I see.


I guess I'm completely desensitised to these dolls - my mum used to make them so I'd walk downstairs from my bedroom as a kid and there'd be two of these in a basket just chilling at the bottom. Fun fact: to add the hair you stab them with a hooked needle so it was completely normal to see my mum holding a doll head and repeatedly stabbing it.


^ see above face reaction My reaction was to pull the same face as in the video


Is/was your mom mentally stable?




That face has meme potential


He looks like Tapeface.


Yes officer, right here - this post…. Yes,please


I’ll give you $20 if you can actually explain your point here through a means other than regurgitating a karma joke.


The post was an assault on the senses. $20 please. I take Bitcoin too thanks.


To quote a regurgitated karma truism, just for you > You must be fun at parties.


No you won’t.


Ill give you $20 if you stop being a beach 🏖⛱🌊


Holy shit. Imma puke now 🤢


That dude looks just like I just did


I once dated a woman who had a baby that looked like that. Actually, she never had a baby. Ok fine, I had a fake doll.


Wouldn't a fake doll be a real baby?


Only if it was a genuine fake. An imitation fake would be a grown man in diapers.




Every time this comes up I feel so bad for these women. Most likely lost children and are doing this to “cope”.


And there's an entire subreddit dedicated to mocking them. Smh


I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody actually mocking somebody with the dolls though. I’ve only ever seen them mock the creepy looking dolls, especially the non-human ones or the badly made ones


See, I knew it looked uncanny for a reason. It's too still. Then the eye came out and I actually jumped 😂


Who the hell is watching this to "vote for Blue eyes" Da fuq I am confused as the second dude.




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The guy looks like the baby all grown up


That's what I thought! Was like: "dude, now you take out your fake eye! Do it!!!"


No I don't believe you that's got to be a real baby!


The dude looks exactly like how I imagined Rodion Raskolnikov to look while reading Crime and Punishment


man that looks life like , i wonder what would happen if you throw one into a guerilla cage at the zoo


I used to be part of a facebook photoshop request group where we had a woman with reduced mental capacity (or her guardian - it was a bit unclear) post all the time asking us to photoshop her reborn doll into certain scenes or just fix a photo in some way. I found the whole thing really fascinating so I read up on her a little more (she had a blog) and I guess that after a woman with reduced mental capacity goes through puberty they can become obsessed with having a baby and the reborn dolls help with that need. There were photos of multiple special needs women doing playdates with their reborns. So while the grieving use gets a lot of attention, I found this use pretty interesting.


There are loads of uses for reborns, but you make a very good point - it is much better for those with additional needs to get a reborn than to have a real child that they are unable to care for. They're also used in dementia facilities (and a lot of people collect just because they like them, they are works of art).


What kind of a fockery is that?


can we just change this sub's name to tiktok already?


Horrified by the doll but laughed at the guy's expression! Funny!


I 100% thought the baby was real and she was changing a glass eye, until I read OP’s explanation


is that one of those realistic dolls that crazy ladies use to buy?


A lot of women use dolls like these to cope with the loss of a child as a form of therapy. EDIT - I'm also reading now that they're sometimes used to comfort elderly people with dementia.