Episodes that deal with the modernization of the world destroying the mystical parts of society are very common in Japanese media but they are always nice to watch.


It feels like a classic motivation for Kaiju in an Ultra show, yet still very relevant.


I was not expecting to be overwhelmed with emotions this Episode but here I am thanks Decker![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


This might be the most beautiful Ragon episode I have ever seen.


Notes: - Poor man got slimed in the middle of the night - Unrelated to the episode, but senbei roundtable ad is kinda funny - Glad we're getting a Vice-Captain and Ichika episode, but it's kinda late into the series, so kinda breaks up the flow, especially since the end is pretty near - AYO village lore - Ragonite? That used to Mega Evolve Ragon? - Glad Ichika noticed the discrepancy with the Granny's age and her tale - It's cool that they referenced actual real life cryptids/creatures - Sensing Vice-Captain jealousy from not also being "young, beautiful, and pure of heart" 👀 - That shot of the the two mirrors with Ragon and Decker fighting was so nice - Kanata sure likes getting trapped in alternate dimensions these days, huh - Miracle lives up to its name - Damn, the music with the emotional moment really hits the spot Next Episode: - Sus business man - Sphere Geomos


It's not often we get an episode just focused on the girls in the attack team. Ichika and Kaizaki kind of gave me slight Ryo/Mai vibes. Although Ryo despite being older was the female lead and "beautiful young woman with a pure heart" (if you asked her) lol. All the images of Ragon in legends just amused me to no end lol. Kaizaki being salty was hilarious. Girls in her 30's yet she's still beautiful and pure of heart! Or...well at least the first one! Nothing more Miracle Type than saving the day through a way we're not even going to explain. Ending on the waves of the seashell was surprisingly powerful. Jumping to Sphere Geomos right off the bat!


I'm guessing Ragon's beam create a sinkhole into his mystical realm so Decker was sinking in it.


"The incident in the American town of Innsmouth."


If I had a nickel for every time Lovecraft has been mentioned in Ultraman, I’d have three nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened this many times. Ragon a Deep One is now my personal fanon.


Not really. Lovecraftian is one of the inspiration for Ultra Q. Even Tiga was made with Lovecraftian in mind


Heck R'Lyeh is Cthulu's home in Lovecraft, and Gatanothor is based on one his kids.


That Ragon jump scare tells me this would've been a great episode to air around Halloween. The scream even carried into the Opening! It's fun getting a monster investigation episode with just the girls! Ichika with that youthful enthusiasm and Kaizaki the weary maturity of age. Of course Ichika says Kaizaki is still "young" when she's still feeling being 30... Ragon comes to "beautiful young women with pure hearts?" So basically Ragon is a Kaiju of culture? I love how Ichika took the compliment and Kaizaki felt so insulted she was excluded. She's plenty beautiful thank you very much! So Ragon worshippers are "Ragonites?" Good to know. I love how we're just establishing that every legend of a fish-like humanoid being is basically Ragon. I kind of want to see Ichika ride a bike. An unmasking!? Has this suddenly turned into Scooby-Doo!? I didn't think we'd get in-universe Kaiju suits... Man, Ragon looked kind of adorable in that flashback. So sealing up the ancient sea creature because he wouldn't fit in the current era...ends up releasing him in an era where he fits in even less and he's steaming from having been sealed up in the first place. Great job, Ragonites! Ah, classic Ultraman where the protagonist only really shows up just to transform and fight a Kaiju. I feel like the Ichika episodes are where Kanata takes a backseat the most. Ragon is so slippery Decker just can't get a bead on him. Although he's surprisingly powerful. He tanked an Ultra Beam and fired back like it was nothing! I get where Ichika is coming from, but I don't know if growing old and outliving all your loved ones is comparable to being separated from your loved ones because of a planet-wide quarantine. Also, what about what Ragon wants? And isn't Miss Urasawa liable for assaulting several people? I love how Decker saves the day with Miracle Type and we don't even explain what he did because Miracle Type.


Scooby Doooooo!


Okay. What the.... So the old grandma is not human. But actually also fish people. This is definitely the most confusing episode in this series for me. At first i though the grandma is immortal more than 200 years old. But then she said 70 years ago. Then she said she is fish people. But i'm still confused whether she's 200 or 70. Add kaizaki sawa who said she's 30. There's too much number in this episode. What the hell is happen in here.... Dyna miracle at the end was really cool though. What is this 3 episode all miracle. Hopefully, next episode strong would get highlight knowing geomos is immune toward all beam attack and only respond to raw physical attack. Geomos, the writer bother enough to give him a plot armor. Trans-dimensional barrier go. (basically nullify flash and miracle.)


Sawa's actress is 32. I think the memory of picking up seashells might have been from going to the Arch's portal? Maybe? Or from Ragon? She's definately human.


Nah, she's fish people and the gooey substance was from her. This much is true because ragon did not really appear until the last moment. When she said she is the last of fish people that much is definetly true. (because she produced that gooey substance, from half fish half ape mamal) That much I can understand. But the confusing part was about 200 years and 70 years part. I mean she's already not human. It would easily believe able if she's 200 as she said she miss the beach and ocean. But she also has self portrait of herself as kids which is in color and makes more sense if she's 70. Tldr, i think she's 70. But she is fish person. the part about 200 years ago was kinda not necessary and only add confusion.


The old lady is over 70. 200 years ago the village was closer to the ocean, and its citizens made their livelihood through fishing.


That was an unexpectedly sad episode For once Decker/Kanata didn't have to use his final form to end the battle


Goes to show you how hax and versatile Miracle Type is lol. Although dang, this Ragon could tank an Ultra Beam! No wonder they needed to seal him up instead of destroying him.


Reminder that Man-Niisan is the only Ultra that's killed a Ragon.


I remember that episode had atomic bomb shenanigans going on. It was a blast, Showa shows just hit differently.


>had atomic bomb shenanigans >Was a blast Hmm


Tell me that episode number


Spacium Beam > Selgend Beam confirmed


Ragon>Yapool Dimension barrier ultra powerscaling at its finest


This episode has some REALLY good compositing on live action shots, most notably Ragon walking along the forest as Ichika looks on, it's giant foot stepping near the arch, and Decker's hand placing Ichika and the old lady on the floor. The tone of this episode was really well done too, the return to Ultra Q vibes was fantastic and it felt like a classic heisei episode with its structure.


It's a focus episode to such an extent that Kanata may as well not show up at all, lol. No qualms about it apart from the weird editing of the henshin sequence though. Also that mentioning of Innsmouth... does that mean Lovecraft Country canonically exists in the Trigger universe? Overall though, great episode. Definitely a bit less traditional, almost Ultra Q-like.


Lovecraft County is based on the works of HP Lovecraft - his book Shadow Over Innsmouth is the origin story for the Deep Ones, who worship great Cthulhu in the sunken city of Ryl’eh - which, yes, is where Ultraman Tiga fought the actual Lovecraft Old One Ghantoa. So Yes!


If I had a nickel every time an episode of Ultraman Decker featured a girl dealing with the fact she's best friends with a monster, I'd have two nickels. >!Can't lie, I wish we got to see more of the Ragonite cult. They were just sort of confirmed to exist and Urasawa is the last one, but this was an overall really cool episode. It's actually pretty heartwrenching that Urasawa was so shut off from the world she pretty much wanted to commit suicide to be with the only one who was her friend.!< >!Hmm, seems like this factory nearby is kinda sussy, NGL (basically the next episode)!<


This episode really does gives the feel.


I was not expecting a Ragon episode to go full bore Lovecraft references. Deep Ones? Innsmouth? Dagon? Well it makes sense if we have Ghanatoah and R’Yleh.


I'm confused. Why didn't they let the old woman go with Ragon? I feel like that would be a happy conclusion too.


I think it was a metaphor for suicide.


Hmm. Good point. But is t suicide a Nobel death in Japanese culture, and a persons choice?


I don’t think so…


What a FANTASTIC episode! The off kilter cinematography, the Ultra Q vibes, the emotion... Ichika is a motorcyclist?! She's really a pretty girl with a pure heart. Like... that last bit at the arch... that was a suicide metaphor? Right? It had so much to say... and so much heart. Just... just amazing!


Kiyotaka Taguchi does it again (to no one’s surprise)! Loved the overall Ultra Q-like tone of the episode (in spite of not being at all similar to Ragon’s own UQ story), and the directing in both the action and character scenes was great as well. The shot of the lights with one of them showing Decker and the other Ragon was *so good*


A pretty eerie and sad episode, the scenes where there’s no music give it the eerie vibe. It makes sense that Kanata would take a back seat since the last episode was all about him.


Always loves Kaiju episode that involving a changing of nature for more modernization, and depiction of Kaiju relationship with past human and/or the earth itself. Didn't manage to held my tears back when Ragon waved back as the Arch collapsed.


Ocean man just take me by my hand and bring me to a land that you understand


That was a quite atypical episode. It wouldn't be so out of the place with the classic tales from Showa Era. I love they had the woman's scream leak even to the opening lol Cracking jokes at Sawa being over 30's is kind of mean and does show a big issue on japanese culture. She is prettier than Kirino, in my opinion. All in all, another good episode. Decker is definetely an amzing show.


Ok, that scene tho, with the Ragon standing behind the paper door. That was pure suspense, and I love it. I haven’t been this creeped out by an Ultraman show since Mebius in that episode where they went in to that zone with all the Bogals I love episodes that goes back to the franchise’s creepy Sci-fi/mystery/horror style


When Decker does more with Lovecraft theme then Trigger, the series rebooted from a series with Lovecraft theming, it's hard not to look down at it


Best episode ichika best girl


The plot is very touching and highlights the mystery but I think it would be better to put it around the first 10 episodes when the story still revolves around the members of Guts-select. Putting it near the end of the show makes it feel like an extra episode, especially when things about Agams and the Sphere are unresolved.


Yes. Absolutely. I think maybe even the first 5, for character development.


What a beautiful episode. Worthy of Emmy nominations for acting by both actresses. Full of pathos, charm and longing to return to childhood. Nomination for writers too. Nice cameo for Ultraman 66 Kaiju who had the nuclear bomb stuck to his arm. Nice to have something other than a “he blowed up real good” episode. Best episode yet.