Trigger’s design is one of the best out there. I don’t know why you don’t like the design tho


I also like trigger's design except for Glitter Eternity. Boy, that is peak-over design.


Mitsubishi intensive... Ultraman body evolution throughout the series. (Only counting individual ultra so no fusion between 2 ultra to be new entity.) Taro, no change visible. Tiga, only color change pattern remain consistent. Dyna, change in color, slight change in body pattern, change in armour, and body size. Gaia, noticeable addition in body pattern. Cosmos, significant change in body pattern, change in head shape, change in grunt/voice. Nexus, slight addition to color timer. Belial (canonicaly)/ orb (series wise), significant change in the shape of the eyes. Trigger, significant change in color timer shape. Decker, slight change in color shape, slight change in color timer placement. Honestly even orb and geed keep their color timer shape the same. Using upside down Mitsubishi logo is truly a bold move.


That is why I call glitter trigger eternity as Mitsubishi trigger


well it does look good, until you notice the mask have 1 eye lower than the other eye


Yeah, many Ultras are like this. Jack too.


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A guest in M-78 land of light. “Our tour begins with, our training school for young ultras…” “Very nice!”


I honestly really liked Trigger's design, except the purple boots. The design feels like an evolution of tiga