This guy was a total badass and the most likeable characters. He isn't the typical bad guy that goes around killing people and his subordinates and acting "I'm a villain everything should me mine and I'm evil!" personality. He's sensible,have a goal and is understanding. Smart and strategic. He acts more like an anti-hero. Giving humanity a benefit in return of their cooperation. He's also a character that doesn't say "All human are bad" and he acknowledges that there are good people in the world.


I still think he’s completely fucking evil like the OG Mephilas, he WAS the one who woke up the kaiju’s and was the one who planned this entire thing out only for Ultraman to fuck it up, in a very round about way mind you.


I do love grey characters. and that banger bgm is the cherry on top for him.


At least this one isn't obsessed with Satoru :P


“When in rome, do as the romans do.” One of his favourite >!i forgot what the next word was!<


"One of my favorite sayings", one of my favorite sayings


When is his Movie Monster Series figure coming out?


"Watashi no sukina kotoba desu" EDIT: Man, i rmb this line so well, but i typed wrong.


"no", not "wa"


man went from playing one of the best movie-exclusive kamen riders to starring in this damn


Mefilas, one of my favorite characters.


>!To think that Mephilas was so close to victory against Lipiah really shows how much badass he got but also raises the question.!< Just how strong are the Ultras in the Shinverse if it made Mephilas run for the hills when Zoffy arrived?


I dont think it’s neccesarily need to be Zoffy, could also be >!Zetton!<. Like he said, >!Earth is no longer worth killing Ultraman for!<, once Zoffy arrived


Like the other comments said, maybe Zoffy have a reputation of strictly follow the code of light and his tendencies to exterminate. Mephilas knwos this and bails. Ripia's merger cause him his energy life so safe to say that all Ultra OP but are nerfed if they merged with a species.


I just want more interactions between Mefila and Ripiah their interactions were great.


Man using "RTX 3080" to RTX himself, what an absolutely mad lad


He gives them something that looks good on paper but with the knowledge from another alien (Ripia in this case) it's actually something very sinister deep down cause the system Mephilas provided alters humans into monsters / bio weapons