It is. But being dunked upon is the know risk for the job. We didn't dunk him just because we want to. Deep down despite the frustration, we all want it to be better. If he can use trigger experience to become better then it's okay. We just at least want him to realize what works and what not. This is the whole point of criticism, so he will hopefully learn and improve.


Yeah absolutely. But idk...there are some people on this subreddit that just doompost about it. Like I'm not even sure if they are giving criticism or just talking crappie about him like 'who in their right mind would bring in Naoki Hayashi', that kind of comment is just too much in my opinion. Like I get it, he's not the best, but if he git hired, then he's capable...


Maybe those people also have their own ptsd. Those people who's really critical toward trigger is usually tiga fans after all And if you know tiga fans. They tried to sabotage dyna when it was just announced. Which is weird considering tiga and dyna is created by the same bunch of people. That's how critical they are towards ultra and how defensive they are toward everything related to tiga. As for me myself. "People change. Is it always for the better? Sometimes no. But, supporting those who managed to stands up after falling is like a responsibility. On one hand it is tough love. But, the whole point of tough love is to love. In the end we didn't want him to quit just because of this. Thus criticism and encouragement is an inseparable thing." I usually just balance it. If someone says it's bad, i will point out the good. And if someone says it's good, i will point out what's lacking. I, for most of the part trying to balance the community and keeps it together as much as i can.


Spoken like a true chad😌 But I was kinda shocked to know that Tiga fans tried sabotaging Dyna...like wtf? Some fans are just crazy...


Well, since Tiga was a big masive pile of success after nearly 2 decade without Ultraman content before that, its not a big surprise Tiga have most huge fanbase in Ultra community, mainly in Asia... And we know with a huge fanbase, there's will some of them toxic mimded... Basically they will shitting other Ultra story which don't give them satisfied feeling just like Tiga, just like in Trigger case...


People mostly who critic the show just wants the best for the show. I agree that some critic can be extremely harsh to the writer or people who work on trigger, and blatantly hate the show just because not delivered their expectation to be the new era tiga. It is normal that something that we hope does mot fully realized in the show. I hope that the writer can take the critism as a mean of improvement for the next ultra show if he decided to write another one.


It’s this modern form of hyper criticism where if you dislike something, that thing in their eyes basically shot your dog and drown their family. So they use the excuse of criticism to give them carté blanche to tear the media apart as the worst thing ever made and everyone who had a hand in its making deserves the gallows. Meanwhile you have reasonable people who can quickly list out their grievances and still something enjoyable about the work.


You made something bad, you got criticized, and that will stick until you can make something so good that ppl will forgive you. Just don't harrass the guy or send him death threats or whatever. That's too far.


I'm think for someone who's start making story in Ultraman franchise, is not really bad... But that's the risk for hire someone new to this job... I give example a contractor given job to teach student about Maths, a man with zero experience in education work, but stil can delivered


Ok so I'm selling cakes for a living. I can't just tell customers that the cakes are bad but they can't criticize my baker who has no experience in making cakes before, give him a break please, he's new. I'm not saying we publicly execuse him or something, I'm against that actually. But his product was terrible, so I'll keep being skeptical with everything he does from now on until he proves me wrong. Saying "Yeah this is bad but this and that happened behind the scenes so it isn't so bad" doesn't make any senses to me mate.


Its the attachment to Tiga imho. As one of the most beloved show and Ultra ever (probably top 3), there was really no chance Trigger with all the restrictions and factors going into production, was ever going to live up to Tiga's legacy. It is especially harsh because fans have seen how good things can be (Neo Frontier storytelling is so good that we're spoiled asf). It really doesn't help when the marketing department decides to frame it as "New Gen Tiga." Of course expectations were going to be sky high. You can think of it in the same vein as Star Wars, with Original Trilogy or Prequel fans having to sit through the absolute garbage that is the Sequel Trilogy. I would not say the criticism towards the Sequel Trilogy is harsh but it can be seen as such. Although these two cases suffer from similar issues (rushed production, not enough experience with source material, and bad writing), Ultraman is thankfully in much better, much more capable, talented and passionate hands than Star Wars can ever hope to be. This is one reason why I'm hesitant about the push to Marvel, and probably Hollywood next. Its also important to separate genuine criticism and hate. Hating on staff (sending threats, being toxic towards them) is different from being harsh with the product itself (rushed writing that is kind of terrible or what not). In some cases, fans could be seen as too harsh. I get it, but hiring someone with zero Ultraman experience to write for a legacy show for a top 3 Ultraman and show, is a really fucking stupid move. It's like shooting your own foot, and expecting it to not bleed while also trying to run a marathon or sprint with that foot. However, at this point I have a feeling that the "New Gen *insert name name of famous and beloved Heisei Ultra here*" marketing trick isn't gonna be used much more lol (because its got really shit connotations, New Gen = dubious quality namely). I do think marketing wise, they've wisened up a bit and notice for Decker not once did they say "New Gen Dyna." Obviously there's going to be a ton of references to Dyna in the promotional material for Decker (lots of "new light", Dyna's signature). Even though its exactly New Gen Dyna (but like actually awesome and really fucking good), definitely living up to Dyna's legacy so far. If I'm going to be honest, Z, Orb, sometimes Zero, and now Decker are hard carrying the "New Gen" marketing. I wouldn't doompost about it, and I think fans that doompost about one episode are definitely excessive lol. He's returning to write ONE episode, after a more than stellar first four episodes Decker is not going to tank in quality just because Hayashi-san writes one episode with a character he's responsible for. Just not gonna happen. We're all being absolutely hooked by friggin INTRODUCTORY episodes of Decker, when was the last time this happened?? All will be amazing with Decker, I can already tell. tl;dr Some people can be too much. Marketing caused expectations to be way too high. In my opinion, it can be seen as too harsh but its kind of deserved because they did a really fucking stupid move, asking for trouble. Decker will be a worthy successor to Dyna and beyond even. People doomposting about it are dumb.


Yeah, I kinda thought that too. Idrk much about the guy, but like bro, he's just tryna do his job, no need to treat him like the flippin' devil of Ultraman writers. At least he's not changing the source material into something that's barely recognizable as the source material, or inserting unneeded politics into the show I guess people just want someone to blame


Yeah, the reality is even a good show like Z still have some people hate it and nitpicking it's weakness for no other reason, eventhough the show was good


Oh it’s absolutely harsh. Like, I didn’t like Trigger but the way some of these people talk about you’d assume Trigger personally offed they’re family. Does he deserve a second chance? Absolutely! I just think he was screwed over since he was writing a legacy season for a show he didn’t watch, and covid absolutely restricted how they filmed the show. Most of the time they were on base, rarely were their side characters or plots outside of the main guys. And Trigger came after Z, a entry that was universally loved and praised! Give him an original season, post covid, and I think he could write an alright show! Not the next Z, but something nice!


Not really, it's just come with *accepting* job offer. As someone who sell food, if I somehow give a half backed food to costumer then they have every right to complain, they waste time and money on my shop that could be spend better elsewhere. Of course going death threat is too far, but as someone who *accepted* the job they at least has to take some responsibility. As my former boss say: "What happen in the kitchen stay in the kitchen, they didn't come here to hear our trouble, they come here to eat good food and it is our duty to provide good food."


I think it's not just going too far but it can even be disrespectful as well. I don't want Naoki Hayashi to feel depressed or discouraged to write a story ever again after Trigger. Even though he wrote a not so good story for many, but he has the potential and right to change. He is a human and he can improve. Fortunately, there are many months for him to catch up and watch Tiga or learn from the criticisms so that he can improve and make a good episode. No one always remain the same after all.


If the writing is bad then people will call it bad. No need to sugarcoat him. Half of Z was also produced in Covid and yet the show win an award. Blaming the bad writing to covid is kinda unprofessional.


I don't blame him I blame Sakamoto




Why not?


As a general rule I think people are too harsh to writers and directors because they associate them with *every* choice made on a piece of media, but with Trigger in particular it’s clear that its production struggled and the expectations from it being a Tiga reimagining really weighed on it. It’s totally possible that the Decker/Trigger duology may hit the same problems as Trigger itself, but it’s also possible that its placement as part of a separate series with a different setting that doesn’t need to call back to TDG as much may mean that it could be very good on its own.