Trigger taught me that having Sakamoto as the main director is not a good idea. Pacing issues aside, his fighting scenes set a certain bar/expectation for future episodes, which was a great contributor as to why it felt so dull during the middle. Takesue directed 7 episodes (if I remember correctly) and all of them felt lackluster because of the flashiness of the beginning. Watching Decker, I came to the realisation that having it reversed is much better in terms of expectation building - I'm sure Takesue learned a lot from his time during RB, and with this much pressure you're just expected to bring something unique to the table (and so far he did well IMO). I'm GRADUALLY willing to let go of my gripe towards his directing style... That said, writing in Trigger was all over the place with no real goal. Guts Select 1 will forever be useless... (RB is the only new-gen series I couldn't finish. Needlessly long change-sequences, illogical power concepts (Ginga = Aqua), streaming restrictions in certain countries etc)


For the R/B Crystal is more from bandai meddling, which slapping past ultra to the crystal sell I guess.


It really could have just been elemental crystals and nobody would have complained. Having it be past Ultraman was weird. Now if only they gave Grigio a rise sequence


I watched it and liked it but just hated that there were never any explanation of r/b at all or the crystals origins


Wouldn't exactly blame entirely on Sakamoto, but yeah I can understand. However bandai did force the series to move GTE plot to an earlier time as well as make Trigger dark return again when he was only supposed to be 2 episodes. So other characters kinda got shoved.


No, of course...there are heaps of other contributing factors behind the scenes. Directing-Styles were just one example that really stood out to me last year - at least you learn a lot regarding show production. It just sucks with how things went with that show. I mean, it's supposed to be Tiga in the end. You can't blame the fans for their dissstisfaction / wanting things more cohesive / similar to the original if Tsuburaya labeled it NG-Tiga themselves.


I personally believe R/B is fully satire and the extra long sequences are on purpose to make fun of how ridiculous they had become. Along with the *ridiculously* massive henshin devices and the fact that the heroes never changed their clothes was proof of that.


Trigger was not fully sakamoto fault Yeah, But he is not clean either I mean he directed geed & UGF series, both which are widely beloved Tbh his only mistake in trigger is he insisted on bringing a writer that never even watched any ultra series & basically a complete noob just because he knew him Other than that, even both of them gets cockblocked by higher up who don't even know what they wanted, they shoved in tons of plots just to sell toys / because one character is popular, creating all the mess lol Sakamoto just isn't assertive enough, when you met Taguchi its either you gave him 1000% control or he won't do it, sakamoto is a good ACTION director, so he need a good writer & free reins - and trigger don't have both


wasn't the fact that sakamoto insisted, Tsuburaya wanted him to higher people who haven't worked on any Ultraman show.


Wouldn't fully blame it on Sakamoto, he's known to be really good when it came to action sequence, UGF is a proof of that, he just needed a good writer. The one I would blame here more however is TsuPro that decided Sakamoto should pick a new writer with no experience at writing an ultra series to write an anniversary season. I also heard there are other problem behind the scenes for Trigger which makes the series even more of a mess.


It's better than Ginga but being better than Ginga is not something to be proud of as it basically pointing at handicapped kid and saying "at least I'm not the last in this race".


I like Ginga. It was something different. It was a breath of fresh air in the very formula heavy Ultra franchise


More power to you, personally I don't like Ginga but I *respect it*, Ginga is a show where the creator basically given a hammer and a nail and told to build house with it, I don't like the end result but the fact that they succeed in doing it with just a hammer and a nail deserved respect. So saying your show is better than ginga doesn't make you look good, it just made you look desperate


One positive thing I want to say to is that,the fight scenes are top notch👍. Too much closeup for my liking tho


For me, it is the first Ginga and Trigger but Trigger "wins". I give the first Ginga a pass because of the budget issues. Also, I don't think that they are the worst, I think they are the "least good".


In my opinion the show should've focuses more on the dark Giants. While they did appear almost every episode but it was always the same: "I want Trigger back" " My worthy rival" and "let's commit another war crime". The only one who had a proper evolution was Darrgon. It would've been nice to have Carmeara interact more to Kengo, even disguised as a human and seeing them talking could've made everything more interesting. Making the final episodes an internal struggle for her. This could've been later retconned with Decker. Making him the child of Kengo and Carmeara that couldn't become an Ultra because he's too young so the only to protect the Earth was choosing an host, transforming him with his light, ala Nexus style.


This or RB Ginga & Ginga S get a pass because both are made during the crackpot period Though i dont really wanna blame RB too, i think its overhated because well like 01, the jokes got lost in translation & the sudden change of plan because of the villain actor leaving Trigger.... well it is what it is, its just a mess behind the scene wise, though gotta admit the second half is good ngl, well not amazing or whatever but compared to most of the first half its better- also i really hope they learned how cool all kengo's transformation on the second half is


R/B would have been 10/10 if Aizen didn’t leave.


Ow definitely , Aizen felt soo natural for the more lighthearted tone that r/B was going for. Shame the 2nd half of the show was boiled down into family drama plot.


Why did he leave?


It is not the worst per se. Its bad aspect is just more apparent than its good aspect. Good aspect: fight scene, music, ultaman design. Bad aspect: the narrative, the phasing, the plot, heavy legacy to overcome. It's just the combination of badly matches decision... Just remember this, no art form are perfect because art is the result of buch of compromise. Some art able to hide its shortcoming with its good aspects. But some art's shortcomings, sometimes also highlighted too much by its good thing, that it appear more bad than it should. (Because it has the potential to be good. Yet if failed.) Trigger potential is big. Like, really big. But it just makes it more infuriating when it flop. Everyone expect great thing from tiga after all. I mean to tell the truth, who really expect new generation dyna series? If trigger is the only new generation tdg series, people will accept that as it is. As people really had no expectation on tdg beyond tiga's legacy. That's how big trigger is when it was first announced.


It had potential but it was thrown away because 80% of the plot and episode have to been changed because of Covid. So Trigger would have been better but sadly it did not


It has its goods and flaws, some part I do like such as the suits for trigger and the dark giants is great and some of the fighting scene that are enjoyable to watch. The rest are just poor decision making making the overall show left a big disappointment to me. Couple of things that kinda kill it for me is the early recap after just 4 episode airing which ruin the excitement. Hiring a writer who does not know the important element of ultraman show which lead to poor writing of the show. The dark giants are wasted an act like a power ranger villain which just summon their monster out. Lack of interaction between the characters between the hero and villain. I really wish the carmerra interact with kengo giving more drama to the show and not just Yell "MANAKA KENGOO" every time she's on the screen. At the end of the show, the payoff feels nothing to me when watching it. Overall, its still somewhat enjoyable for some aspect of the show given. If I want to rate it, it will be 5/10 at best for me. In the end of the day, people have their own opinion, if you like it, good for you!


Plot wise? Yes Op- 10/10 Soundtrack impecable Cgi amazing Design, God Fucking damnit I would bet my money that trigger is the most handsome ultra But yeah the plot is boring and characters could have been done better


I personally loved Trigger a lot for its strong moments and characters such as with Ignis and Darrgon as well as the developments of Kengo in the Absolutian Ribut arc. There are many other stuff I loved about Trigger such as the fight scenes and designs of the forms and suits but I do feel as though the show can be lackluster at times especially with some of the characters not getting fully developed. I think that's why Decker is a saving grace and a smart decision to make for now because Decker is able to correct and mitigate the potential that Trigger has set out on its world building and asthetic and then fully fleshing it out to be more effective. Btw I don't get how Trigger story went all over the place. Can anyone help me explain about that?


Trigger was decent, but the main problem is that they were more focused on callbacks to Tiga that in hampered the overall direction and pacing of the show. Granted, being branded then advertised as the "New Generation Tiga" set the bar of expectation way too high especially to those that grew up with Tiga as their Ultraman and with the Director and Writer not really being a Tiga fan themselves set themselves up for disappointing results.


I dont think there are anything "decent" in Trigger accept the fight scene/design! So many problem: Pacing issues, forgetable character (for real i dont even renember half of the cast name", back to back recap, relying too much on Cameo, incredibly lame and anoying MC.


Ow I agree and respect to most of your takes with Trigger, execpt with Kengo which is fine if you don't like him. I did like his vey positive attitute and found his general story arc of former giant of darkness to the Ultraman we know today to be it quite endearing. Yuna and Akihito were the only other characters that we decently developed characters, shame the rest of thr Guts Select 1 are forgettable and didn't have any meaningful development.


When I watched it I don’t really think I had as much of a critical eye as some other people here, but with the mess of production behind the scenes I’m starting to see why. Wasn’t GTE supposed to show up at the end of the show? I remember seeing that it was a result of the combination of the power of three ultras, Ignis being one of them, but production forced GTE to show up early so they gave Dark Trigger to him instead. The show really should have focused on the giants of ancient times more, and how the original 4 specifically gave up on the light, and how the other ultras from that time are all beings of light, allying with the new Trigger as opposed to the villains, similar to the events of Tiga, but with the dedication and buildup of an entire show. I can see why people don’t like it, I honestly kept watching because of the opening. You have to give both Ginga and Trigger the fact that their openings are worth the show alone




Trigger > Taiga


For me between Ginga, R/B ans Trigger.. Yeah it's a mediocre show with many flaws... But i will said this, all of the New Gen series are quite good and enjoyable, so the terms 'Worst show' are quite outrageous... Not because I'm Trigger fans and I'm defend the show but the things about Ultraman, as long as the story was enjoyable by the kids and teenagers, it's still conside "ok" ...


This comment section is my first realization that people hate Ginga lol. I loved season 1, season 2 was just okay, but I didn’t think either were bad lol.


Smile smile is annoying


Ultraman Ginga


That dishonor goes to Ultraman R/B


That's still R / B for me. Trigger was plagued by its own set of production issues like Ginga was. R / B had no excuse being so mediocre. That's not to say I hated RB, but it was still the least enjoyable for me.


Comparatively speaking, yes. I would agree with you there. But I wouldn't call it an utter failure as a handful of people seem to do. It's got great action scenes, I love the suits, and the music almost always suits the scene it plays in. It was always a treat to watch the characters in action, even managing to be able to FIGHT beings that only an Ultra Warrior can DEFEAT, but they could have been much better if we were given the opportunity to learn more about them or see them grow and develop. Something had to have limited how many opportunities the characters outside of the dark giants, Ignis, director Shizuma, Akito, Yuna, and Kengo could get, leading the story to have pacing issues and a bit of a plain plot compared to other series. The kaiju were another shortcoming, with it being quite clear that pretty much all of them were either redone from suits of other kaiju in past ultra series or (practically) the same suit from another past kaiju. But with suits for all the giants based on a previously existing form of Tiga or a giant related to Tiga, it is a very enjoyable tribute all in all. On that note, the parallel to the stageshow exclusive Tiga form, Trigger Truth, is a common complaint I see. Something along the lines of doing what Reiwa Kamen Riders do, a last minute power-up out of nowhere that is near identical to the base form for no real reason that effortlessly defeats the final boss. Well, for one, it's not out of nowhere, for another, it still nearly lost against Megalothor, and its suit is a merging of the colors of all forms of Trigger - violet, crimson, cobalt, even some black and gold from Dark and Glitter - to represent a highest form of Trigger. If you read all the way down to here, I'm guessing you're thinking all this was to "debunk" the claims around Trigger Truth. It's not. This point just happened to be the one I felt needed the most elaboration. The rest of my issues with and compliments to New Generation Tiga may be about very critical aspects of what comprises a Tokusatsu show, but that paragraph is relatively close to the length of my defense of Trigger Truth because they were all either easy for me to explain or very similar to some details that I expect other people to have already made. And I feel like there really isn't much else to say other than I really enjoyed watching this show from beginning to end. All the negatives I have with this show are outweighed by the positives. If you found your experience to be the other way around, I'm more than willing to leave you to your own opinions. This is mine.


I love this comment


I think the Trigger hate is overblown just cause it was marketed as, literally the next Tiga, which is just kind of an impossible task. I don’t think it’s really a fault of Sakamoto as all of the episodes he directed were all really good. Trigger definitely falters when he isn’t around but I think that’s more on the writing than the direction.


I only saw first 8 episode. Did it get worse?


Now I'm start thinking that I'm a weirdo for liking Trigger, since many thread just like this make me thinking twice about how good this show, or I'm the crazy one here 😅


same here, Trigger was pretty bad but I feel like it also did so many things right.


I'm so upset/mad that they fucked up Tiga's tribute/Reiwa successor, what was Tsuburaya thinking, hiring a guy who gives no shit to the story?


I don’t feel Trigger can be the worst just because Ginga exists. The first season of this show is just garbage. Way worse than Trigger or any other new gen show.




I think it's better than Ginga, Ginga S, X and Orb Origin. I know alot of ppl like X but I didn't. And this show had Ignis as a very interesting antihero character and that one episode with Tiga was really good. The rest can eat crap. And yeh it's in the lower half of new gen


Worst show easily is Saber.


Isn't that kamen rider?


Tbh one of the worst but Imo Ginga is the worst show, not including Ginga S but even if we count both as one show... I still think it can still be considered the worst...


Honestly, I can't think of a bad one, but if I had to pick one I liked the least, it would be r/B. Annoys the hell out of me that these two brothers henshin device is a thing with two handles and only one of them every holds them, the other guy stands awkwardly next to him while he yanks on them.


If you remove Ginga/Ginga s due the budget issues. But personally I really didn't care for X.


I’d say more of disappointing than “worst”. Ginga and RB were a mess Trigger at least got something going there although it was modelled after Tiga so to mess that story up is really disappointing but I wouldn’t say that the plot is worse than “there’s great war between the good and evil and in the end they all turned into bandai figurines so buy now”


Apart from the annoying smile smile, it was a good show.. Until Decker show up.


Is it bad that I actually love ginga


Definitely Agree but I'm not gonna breakdown all the part


Kengo and Ignis and their Ultras literally the only saving point besides visual and sound


Kengo? Only his giant form for me Personally I couldn't stand him when he was human


One good thing I took away after watching Trigger: it made me love and appreciate Tiga series even more.


Haven’t finished Trigger yet but if Ginga-Taiga it’s unarguably X. None of them are wholly bad, but it’s just the most boring and least memorable.


Trigger to me is the worst because it's bad for its whole length. The first part of Ultraman Ginga is worse than trigger, but Ginga S is okay so overall the show isn't as bad as trigger for me, although that doesn't mean it's not terrible.


Yeah.. so disappointed


Still better than Orb Origin Saga. Anything except for Ultraseven X is better than Orb Origin Saga.


Prolly r/b when Aizen left it was just downhill from there he just left for no reason. COMPLETELY RUINED THE SHOW




Easily Ginga.


It has so much potential but they tried to be Tiga so much that they have a hard time choosing their own directions..so far Decker doing far better, while they did have same concept as Dyna it's still their own show and not copy paste Dyna with only slight change to the characters quirk to feel different that happened in Trigger.


No, It's like Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance with amazing CGI, best suit design and action but with the most boring plot. It's enjoyable to watched if you forget all of the bad stuff.


I mean Taiga exists... ​ Anything where Z shows up boosted it, though. Gotta always thank that Senpai Ultra-Boost.