can I start with the Zero trilogy?

can I start with the Zero trilogy?


Sure, go ahead. First movie is pretty much a crash course on the timeline. Second movie + Gaidens are the proper introduction to Zero and his squad. Third movie is odd, I guess. Zero plays a narratively redundant role here. That is, he's there for the sake of being there an is. This movie acts as an intersection between a Dyna epilogue and a Zero movie. Pulls it off very mediocrely too I might add.


But don’t let you throw off by countless guest appearances. I think you should be atleast familiar with most showa ultras to truly enjoy the movies. There is some hardcore fanservice in those. Maby watch Mebius first? It’s a great show and most showa ultras appear.


They pretty short, so I guess? Though the first movie main character is not really Zero as much as it is Mirai from Mebius and Rei from Mega Monster Battle. The second movie, Revenge of Belial is pretty standalone movie though, better than first one in my opinion.