He didn't even get his own Medal in Ultraman Z series..

Damn and I thought Z not having a movie was sad. but Max is just Miserable


Damn and I thought Z not having a movie was sad. but Max is just Miserable


Well atleast he have a crossover special. Ultraman Z: Episode trigger


But at least Max made it into Orb's cards... Can't say the same for.......Ultraman 80.


Funnily enough. I remember there was an Orb form called Succium Galaxy ( obviously the fusion components are 80 and Max ) I don't know it was official or Fan Made


You must be remembering Strium Galaxy, a fusion up form of Orb using Taro and Max's cards.


didnt 80 have a card or am i misremembering


And also on X he gave he’s power to X


His show is the first main heisei show without an ending song (neither does mebius so this one gets a pass) Only has 39 episodes, 40 if you count the one with mebius teaser making it have the same number of episodes as the OG ultraman and only 2 more episodes than its predecessor No type change Is often seen as a weak and funny Ultra due to him getting jobbed often after his series, despite him having a VERY powerful move that's only used once Very underrated Ultra, overshadowed by his predecessor Nexus Yup, i feel really bad for Max


Well, it is a return to form for a reason. The Showa ultras did not have movies or have form change. Him not being in the video game may be because max was an alternate earth setting, and had not been integrated into the current coalesced canon you see in UGF. The view of the Mebius tv show is there were no new ultras on earth after Ultraman 80 until Mebius.


Put it in another perspective: Your show was so fulfilling and with such a beloved ending there's no point to add more to the already perfect story. :P


This is a sad day indeed


Also, he didn't even appear in Ultra Galaxy Daikaiju Coliseum DX ( that one game for the Wii ) or Ultraman All Stars. Heck the only game he appeared in was Fusion Fight as far as I can remember


Wait he does have a Medal. https://preview.redd.it/b8mesry64m1b1.jpeg?width=512&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b0918869228214f1bcc5049f1f6e1329d010b993


\*happy max noises\*


He did, but it wasn't in the show -- and in the toyline, it's the only 'main' Ultra medal that never got a DX release; making it easily the rarest and most expensive to get :(


To be honest any Z Medals is rare these days..


Ah, have even the retail sets gotten more expensive? I was collecting all main ultras in 21 and there I found that only Max was giving me issue


Didn't Max lend his power to X? And didn't X actually use that power at one point in the show?


X did not use it in the show, but apparently he did use in a stage show


I just checked, but there WAS an episode where X used the Max Galaxy. It was episode 11, "An Unknown Friend". X used the Max Galaxy to defeat King Joe.


You're right. I was thinking of Nexus, my bad


Yeah, I know he never used Nexus's power, which was utterly disappointing to me.


Probably would've been nice to see him use it in TDC along with the other Ultra Cards instead of just Gomora armor again. Wouldn't be that hard to make a show suit either since it's literally just the Armed Nexus: https://preview.redd.it/epsalflh3o1b1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2ed86a4912567fa156ae99fc9068310a44127d64


On a side note, this confirms two things. One; the Cyber Cards can't fully replicate the powers of the other Ultra items, otherwise X would've been part of The Kingdom strike team rather than Victory. Two; Tsubaraya forgot about the other Cyber Cards X has that aren't Zero or Gomora.


But who needs a medal when you're obviously first in everything


My opinion: i think Max the reason why always "forgotten child" because he literally sandwich between 2 fan favorite show, Nexus and Mebius. Don't get me wrong Max still good even i think have one of the best episodes in Ultra series but he just experiental show to gain older and younger audience


His show was sandwiched between 2 very good shows, i think that's the main reason why he's always forgotten


When you realize nexus got his own ps2 game. While the game after that fighting evolution 0 start with Mebius. Skipping you all together. *confused max noises.


His medal was also skip from Nexus to Mebius in Ultraman Z series lmao


Looks like we'll have to wait for Shin Ultraman Max then


Dude played important role in act 1 of UGF:AC tho. Although he got infected for 2 and a half ep but hey, he mentored Ribut.


But hey you shall always be remembered because of it


I love that many people posted on this sub caring for Max, I love Max.


Didn't max appear in ultraman all star chronicle?




Kind of sad because the show was quite decent.


Idk you but, I really like the idea of Max not having any type of transformation at all, none Just as Showa Ultras, we don't get to see Ultras just be ready to go all out as they can be the moment they turn into Ultraman anymore Not mentioning that as if it's a bad thing, just refreshing as assymetric designed Ultras