IF vs greeza, location:neptune,most powerful form

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When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object


IF is a kaiju that get stronger everytime you kill him.as for greeza,he is like a void dude that is literally impossible to hit him,i say this fight is lil interesting cause IF can be "defeated" with peace,which greeza doesn't have any of it meanwhile i think IF most probably had a hard time hitting greeza since he's physical body is almost nonexistent


IF can't be killed. He simply evolves and incorporates whatever is used against him. Greeza attacks IF, IF is gonna gain Greeza's abilities. But we have yet to see if a Greeza can hurt another Greeza, so it's a stalemate.




only way Greeza is Winning this is via Absorption. anything else will just make IF stronger.... In The Novel Ultraman F IF got Absorbed by Hyper Zetton... So Maybe Greeza can Win?. it looks like it Took Hyper Zetton moments to Absorb Dynas Energy but Greeza possibly A Couple hours to fully absorb Geed but it really is an Unstoppable Force vs an Immovable Object But If I can select a winner then... IF since Greezas Absorbtion doesnt seem as potent as hyper zetton and Since IF would be In Greeza he Could pull out the Space Needle before the absorption is finished




I think this is a stalemate


Damn, location for this fight is so random yet interesting. Anyway, I'll explain my opinion but it's really long!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ So like people say, it's unstoppable force vs immovable object. Since this is Greeza final form, he will have slight edge against IF for a short time (just like how Max could fight IF before he reach his final form). But then, IF gonna evolve and copy everything that Greeza throw at him which mean IF gonna possess Greeza beam, Greeza absorption, Greeza shock, Energy missiles, Greeza magma attack, Greeza flame road, Greeza red heat ray, Greeza oscillation wave and maybe Greeza older move/technique or other kaiju based power (from other sparkdoll he absorb) that haven't been use on the show. So this essentially make IF become equal to Greeza and able to fight him. Plus, thanks to Xlugger, Greeza final form can be damaged with physical attack which mean all the attack IF give to Greeza will work. But since X legit have to use Hybrid armor that was empowered by all cyber card in existence along with his Xlugger, there's a good chance that IF still can't completely destroy Greeza which mean this two gonna fight till the end of time lol. The only way Greeza can win is by absorbing IF. But since this newly evolved IF possess all Greeza's power, IF is probably too powerful for Greeza to absorb and IF probably can escape from being completely absorb by using all his firepower that he recently get. So the best time for Greeza to absorb IF is when he still hasn't copy Greeza's power. However, the absorptions and assimilation need to happen immediately and not like Geed situation in Ultraman Z where Geed can move a little bit inside the void. If IF still can move inside Greeza, he probably gonna get damage by the space needle (which will absorb it's DNA). This gonna piss off IF and start evolving so hard just to reach the space needle and accidentally pulling it out of Greeza and escape. At this point, no one know what fucked up shit will happen since there's a possibility that the needle has also gain sentience and might be able to evolve like IF too. So, I'm gonna leave it at that. Oh yeah!! Neptune... Uhm, cold planet. Greeza won't freeze (obviously) and IF just gonna evolve to resist it.. there๐Ÿ˜‚! So let's recap, the newly evolved IF vs Greeza final form seems to be going nowhere due to both of them doesn't have firepower to destroy each other meanwhile their theoretical solution to win is based on if Greeza can absorb IF or if IF can move inside Greeza. In conclusion, this fight will be stalemate or draw! So thank you for anyone reading this far. lol


IF wins. The Greeza we see in the picture of the post is in its Final Form, which means that it is no longer a spatial anomaly and that it has a physical body. Therefore IF can deal damage to it. If Greeza does manage to kill IF it could just regenerate and evolve.


If is the strongest kaiju in cannon. It's simply returns whatever you give it. Violence is repaid in violence, music is repaid in music. If Greeza attacks If chances are If's going gain Greeza's abilities. We have yet to see if a Greeza can damage another Greeza, so for now I'd say its a draw.