GO SAN! Bummer, I'll look up for the Ultra star ​ https://preview.redd.it/qxbcv7r9nmpa1.jpeg?width=461&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=5c22c218685db96fb8b0bff5c9e2a26342642294


Go-san is now smiling down upon us via the Ultra Star 🥲 RIP Jiro Dan 🙏


The 5 Ultra Oaths 1. I will not go to school on an empty stomach 2. I will air my laundry when the weather is good. 3. I will watch out for cars when watching the street. 4. I will not rely on others. 5. I will play and run around barefoot


Just reading this makes me smile and cry :') Return of Ultraman has such a tremendous impact on this franchise and the Ultra Oaths embodies the themes of kindness and compassion to children so beautifully.


"一つ、腹ペコのまま学校へ行かぬこと " "一つ、天気のいい日に布団を干すこと " "一つ、道を歩く時には車に気をつけること " "一つ、他人の力を頼りにしないこと " "一つ、土の上を裸足で走り回って遊ぶこと 聴こえるかい、郷さん...... " "さよなら、ウルトラマン " "さよなら、団時朗さん " "さよなら、郷秀樹 "


https://preview.redd.it/hztzlj8uyopa1.jpeg?width=400&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=39e028309e732976e8814aa27bc029b7e52ba319 Let’s never forget the Warrior in the evening glow.


I knew it he was battling a disease since he goes bald several years ago. This is the reason why we don't get Jack/kaettekita Ultraman 50th anniv since he was unwell RIP Jiro Dan


an article reports he was battling lung cancer [https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/bd4aeec1778a369412050a66bbae615931e2b00c](https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/bd4aeec1778a369412050a66bbae615931e2b00c)


Yeah it was lung cancer and he's probably went through complete chemotherapy hence why he goes bald several years ago... cancer is really unpredictable.. my mom even passed away from it last year...


Here is the translation from that article. He was quite and accomplished actor. . "Sad news. Jiro Dan (74 years old) passed away at 4:14 in the early morning on March 22nd. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in the summer of 2017. Without losing his kindness, he was full of power to live and pushed forward with his work.Unfortunately, the situation worsened from the end of last year, and he was exhausted.The funeral will be held only by close relatives.I would like to express my gratitude to all of you while I was alive. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your kindness, and I would like to report here.Hiromi Bandai, Representative Director of Alpha Agency" Dan was born on January 30, 1949 (Showa 24) in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, to an English-American father and mother. His father, a U.S. Air Force soldier, died in the Korean War when Dan was two years old. In 1966 (Showa 41), he appeared as a supporting character in Daiei's movie "Drunken Doctor" (directed by Kenji Misumi) starring Shintaro Katsu. His name was also a role without dialogue. The following year, in 1967, he became an exclusive model for major cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido, and in 1968, he made a name for himself in a commercial for men's cosmetics "MG5." In the same year, he appeared as Koji Aoyama in the Nikkatsu movie "Wagamiko no Uta Enka" (directed by Toshio Masuda) starring Tetsuya Watari as a rookie actor Danjiro. Nikkatsu partnered with Crown Records (currently Nippon Crown), and Akira Kurosawa, Los Primos, Kenichi Mikawa, and other all-stars of the company appeared in the same work, and the theme song "Rose no Uta" along with Kiyoko Suizenji's "Enka". This year became a substantial debut year, such as making a debut as a singer with "Koi". And in 1971, he played the main character Hideki Go in "Ultraman Returns" (TBS). Go is handsome, and while he is single-minded and rushes at times, he also has an anguished and naive side. In addition, the fact that he was the first protagonist to leave the earth while fused with Ultraman also spurred on its popularity. In 1984, he played Fortinbras in "Hamlet" (Koichi Kimura) starring Nizaemon Kataoka (Takao Kataoka at the time), and since then he has moved to the stage. In the same year, "Good" starring Toru Emori and Takeshi Kusaka, "Twelve Views of Nagasaki" performed by Tamasaburo Bando, "Ukisu" starring Haruko Sugimura in 1985, Mitsuko Mori starring Geijutsuza performance, and Hisaya Morishige's chairman performance in quick succession. He has established himself as a stage actor.


More: Koji Moritsugu, who played the main character Dan Moroboshi in "Ultra Seven," said, "I've heard about the illness for a long time, but I never thought that such a big and sturdy man would die... He's a young actor, and it's really shocking to hear that he's the first one to die.I had him appear at my fan meetings several times, but the last few years have been about the coronavirus. It's been a long time since we couldn't meet, so it's even more frustrating."


This one didn't translate too well. But he seems pretty upset. Keiji Takamine (76), who played Seiji Hokuto, the main character of "Ultraman A", which was broadcast in 1972 as the next Ultra series after "The Return of Ultraman", mourned Dan's death on Twitter on the 24th. "I was informed that he passed away on the 22nd, but it was supposed to be announced to the media after the funeral was over! I promised to drink again (with him) this year, but it has suddenly deteriorated in January. There is no gassho.” "I might mumble about my memories with Mr. Dan when I calm down, but I pray that the funeral will end quietly now." Without any mean comments, perhaps there a word for gassho that google doesn't know? Did that sentence men "hope?" There is also one blogger who met with Jiro Dan.


Was it cancer?


Probably. Jiro Dan had goes bald several years ago and became more lean. Well japanese actors never really publicized that they battling disease due to their culture. Also i remember his interview back in 2008 during superior 8 brothers promotion that he wants to enjoy working together with everyone since he doesn't know if tomorrow he will still be alive. He has probably hinted his health status


Yes according to his agency's IG, he was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2017 and it deteriorated recently. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


Was superior 8 the last time he reprised the role, then?


He last voiced him in Ultraman fight orb.


Ultraman Saga was the last iirc


Oh…right…the ultra bros had short cameo at the start


He also reprised via voice acting after ultraman saga a couple times


I don't think i don't get used if anyone replace in va![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


That's sad to hear. He's the first of the Ultra Brothers to pass away.


And probably first ultraman main actor to died


Of the three major Toku shows, Ultraman was the only one to have not had a main actor die, until now. Kamen Rider has had a few pass, the earliest being Riderman’s actor. Sentai, by way of sheer numbers, also has seen some passing, one of the earliest being Kiranger from the very first show. Ultraman was largely spared until now.


Japanese people lifespan is just impressive


Remember to say your Ultra Oaths. [Source](https://twitter.com/manatsu_ryu/status/1639048777356173312?s=46&t=Q5G_z2nWE0y_RUwMS7BOuQ)


My 5 Ultra Oaths… One, I will not challenge myself unprepared. Two, I will redeem myself when the time is right. Three, I will stay aware of any mistakes along my path. Four, I live not to rely on others, but to help others. Five, I will live life to the fullest. Can you hear me? Go-san? *”And so, Jiro Dan departed. But the image and heart of Hideki Go, a man strong like the Sun, will burn forever in the hearts of not just man, nor woman, but all people in the universe. Goodbye, Hideki Go. Goodbye, Jiro Dan.”*


RIP, he was the first Ultraman I watched. Hope his soul can rest in the Land of Light.


I spread my most deepest condolences to Jiro Dan, his friends, family, and all the people he worked, the fans who loved him and the people he spend a lot of time with. I thoroughly enjoyed Return of Ultraman even through its problems. Hideki Go was a cool character who never gives up and moves forward even at the saddest of times and Jiro Dan portrayed him wonderfully. To hear him passed away is heartbreaking and frightening even if I accept a humans' lifespan isn't forever. I will always cherish the times I spent watching Return of Ultraman and I will always love and appreciate Jiro Dan's performance as Hideki Go. As the 5 Ultra Oath says: I will not go to school with an empty stomach I will air my laundry when the weather is good I will watch out for the cars when watching the streets I will not rely on others I will run and play around barefoot


R.I.P. Hideki Go is my favorite protagonist so far (I'm up to Ultraman Joneus). He was a great character who stayed strong through so much peril. Thank you Jiro Dan for a great performance


Go was a amazing character, that showed growth during the series, and had a amazing actor to bring him to life


oh my God. we lost our 1st ultra bro. RIP gotta remember the 5 oaths


Hideki Go taught me what it meant to be human as an Ultraman. What it meant to truly have humanity for all it's foibles and joy. To be a man, a lover, a brother, a mentor, and to inspire even while carrying the flaws that make a human...a human. Someone who messed up and charged headfirst, but who learned, improved, and always tried to do the right thing. And Go wouldn't be Go without Jiro Dan. RIP Jiro Dan. RIP Go. I will carry the 5 Ultra Oaths with me for the rest of my life.


What's crazy to me is how active he was despite battling cancer since 2017. He was a recurring character throughout *Ryusoulger*, and was acting regularly up to 2021. Seems like his sickness got much worse last year, which made reprising Ultraman Jack one more time impossible (especially with the pandemic still in full swing).


https://preview.redd.it/ai03o19vanpa1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e565892c13afabad320f01891f26b0f860559156 Thank you for being Go-san. Rest in Peace Jiro Dan.


Some tributes coming in from various Ultra co-stars/workers on Twitter. Translated from Japanese. [**Takeshi Tsuruno (Asuka Shin, Ultraman Dyna)**](https://twitter.com/takeshi_tsuruno/status/1639080762912948224) "He was always kind to me and even called me when he was drinking. We were planning to get together with our seniors in the near future, so we are very disappointed and saddened. Mr. Go, please watch over us from the star of Ultra. I pray that his soul rest in peace." ​ [**Takeshi Yoshioka (Gamu Takayama, Ultraman Gaia)**](https://twitter.com/takeshiyoshioka/status/1639088347779067905) "Mr. Jiro Dan, thank you so many, many, many times. Not only as Ultraman, but outside of it, Mr. Dan has been very kind to me. I have nothing but gratitude. I pray from the bottom of my heart that he may rest in peace." ​ [**Shota Minami (Rei, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle)**](https://twitter.com/minamijuji327/status/1639098305568448513) "I have had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions at Ultra events. Whenever we met, Mr. Dan always spoke to us. I can only express my gratitude. I think he was trying not to make me nervous so that I would not be embarrassed." ​ [**Hiroshi Maruyama, Illustrator and Designer (various Ultra series and their kaiju)**](https://twitter.com/hiro_mrym/status/1639078433350389760) "Mr. Jiro Dan has returned to the Land of Light ...Thank you very much." ​ [**Iwata Hideyoshi (Suit and Voice Actor)**](https://twitter.com/iwatahideyoshi/status/1639109733813719040) "Mr. Jiro Dan, a.k.a. Hideki Go, has passed away. There are many things, but I recall the memory of working with him on my first film starring him in "The Great Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers," in which I starred in my first movie. I sincerely pray that his soul rest in peace. We will continue to protect Ultraman well from now on." ​ [**Keiji Takamine (Hokuto Seiji, Ultraman Ace)**](https://twitter.com/qjbJaTPk8u26S0a/status/1639117107890880512) "I was informed that he passed away on the 22nd, but the media was supposed to announce it after the funeral. We had promised to have a drink sometime this year, but in the past month his condition deteriorated rapidly. I thought he was not ready yet, so I have no words to say. My deepest condolences. When things settle down, I might talk more about my memories with Dan-san, but for now I pray that the funeral will end quietly."


May he rest eternally in peace and happiness in the Land of Light. Godspeed, Jiro Dan, you are and will always be a legend.


Rest in peace, Jiro Dan. Hideki Go is a wonderful character and a personal hero of mine. I’ll treasure your legacy always.


"To love humans, you must know them. You must learn their strengths and weaknesses, beauty and ugliness. Only when you know both sides can you love this planet." ―Ultraman Jack as Hideki Go Rest in Peace Jiro Dan


Man I wish I could cry right now, I'm sure he died satisfied knowing he was a hero to millions. Rest in piece Jiro Dan, you will always be remembered and beloved.




RIP Jack


“就这样,奥特曼走了,可乡秀树的形象和不屈不挠的精神像太阳一样,在这些少男少女的心中强烈地燃烧着。 再见了,乡秀树!再见了,奥特曼!”


What a great loss for this old man! Condolences to his family and to a few surviving friends who once worked with him. Now that the Ultra Brothers are incomplete, who gonna voice Ultraman Jack now? So saddening! Thank you, Hideki Gou/Ultraman Jack for protecting the Earth for more than 5 decades! I promise I'm gonna memorize the 5 Ultra Oaths/Pledges deep in my heart in memory of you. R.I.P. Jirou Dan 1949-2023


May his memory be a blessing.


https://preview.redd.it/p77gr4xqpnpa1.jpeg?width=2436&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=d5d350662b107d6a8b6aac2dc75f96283ff2b53a RIP, he has trully returned to the Ultra Stars!


RIP Ultraman Jack.


He lived knowing that he was a part of so many people's positive memories, and I think that is the greatest happiness that anyone could ever receive. RIP to this wonderful man.


RIP Jiro Dan 🙏 Never forget the time I watched Return of Ultraman when I was a kid.


Man.. this really sucks. R.I.P Jiro-San! Fly high!




This is sad. Return is my first Showa Ultra series, so this is particularly sad.


Heard from the Chinese side of the fandom that it was cancer. Damn, always knew it would happen but…


Well the photos circulating in 2018 when he goes bald. But he also used it for his role in a taiga drama IIRC in 2018


I went into Reddit expecting funny things but this this just makes me sad


Goodbye my hero! I have a blast watching ROU and Go is an interesting protagonist! The 5 Ultra Oaths will forever be remembered! Rest in peace Jiro Dan.😭😭




Oh no....


ik this is too early... but now i kinda want to see Hideki Kawaguchi to return as Jiro Sakata and become Jack's new host


Man we have lost a Legend and it was Jiro dan, his acting as hideki go was amazing and was one of my all time favorite ultraman MC that shows character growth that was very obvious throughout the series. RIP legend, you will be remembered in our hearts




Rip he was a good one!


The Return of Ultraman was the show that made me fall in love with Ultraman. Go is in my top 5 favorite Ultras. He made me smile by just existing. Goodbye, Hideki Go. You can rest now.


Return of Ultraman is the second show i watched as a child after Ultraman Ace.. Still can't believe this... Jiro Dan has proved to be the hero of many people since 1971.. RIP our eternal Hideki Goh/Ultraman Jack


He Returns to the Land of Light🥲


I should find and watch The Return of Ultraman. It's so sad that we lost one of the Ultra Brothers. Thank you to Ultraman Leo for letting us know.


Rest in peace! 😭


Rest In Peace, Jiro Dan. May your soul rest over at the Star Of Ultra. You have shown to us that despite your illness, you were still able to give it your all and continue to portray different characters. You will forever be Ultraman Jack.


"![img](emote|t5_2s9mi|1937) Rest in peace Jiro Dan the Ultraman that returned and becomes a hero for millions"


Not the news I wanted to wake up to. He was one of the best.


I listened to the 40 Years Later version of the Return Of Ultraman earlier today and this was shocking. I respect RoU on it's impact to the franchise and reinvigorated Tsuburaya to keep making stories of Ultraman. Hideki Gou was a inspiring racer, a caring person, and a defender of earth. Hideki Gou was, and is, Ultraman.


My condolences. Rest in Peace, hero. Is he the first Ultra Host that has passed away?


Yes, he is...he was also the youngest Ultra host at the time (age 22) when he took up the role of Go.


thats sad. RIP Jiro Dan


BROOOOoooooooooo… 😭


Fair well Return of Ultraman or Urutoraman Jakku Kaette kita zo kaette kita zo...Urutoraman!!


Rest in peace Jiro Dan,I hope you rest in peace in the Land Of Light ;-;


Rip to another legend.


I was literally watching this show. Started my journey of watching all the Ultraman shows. RIP Go


RIP to a legend!


RIP Jiro Dan - The Ultraman Who Returned


You will be missed jack nissan ![img](emote|t5_2s9mi|1937) thank you for being part of my childhood and my love for the ultra series.




The morning comes after the fight That shining star from far away That is, that is, his hometown To protect justice and peace He has returned, he has returned Ultramannnn ​ ​ godspeed, Jiro dan. Godspeed.


R.I.P Hideki Go, Main Hero of my favourite Showa Era Ultra Show. May we see each other again in the Ultra Star


Rest in peace our legend.


Now I'll never watch Return of Ultraman the same way ever again


Tribute to shinman https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L8WYtKJ6JXc


![gif](giphy|SCkJiHl67sDMQ) RIP Jack niisan.


I’m gonna go watch my comfort show (Bear in the Big Blue House) and read wholesome fanfics now. This freaking sucks


Rest In Peace Jiro Dan. You gave us all a great childhood and you were a great actor. It is upsetting that one of the main Ultraman actors and the first Ultra brother has passed away. Again, may you Rest In Peace 🙏


Rest in peace, legend.


R.I.P Go-san... One of the ultra brothers... And yet my Hero...


We've lost another one... Rest in peace, Jiro Dan. May your soul be at ease in whatever star's out there. https://preview.redd.it/0rqglwyuiqpa1.png?width=1061&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=42623d12f20cdde8dc3d44a03db56894915872e8


Man, that devastated me when I read about it early in the morning. I haven't watched his show (yet!) but I checked his many guest roles on later shows. Not going to lie, can't believe we'd lost one of them so soon. Heck, I was mentally preparing myself for Kurobe's time, but never thought Jiro would go before. Now, he is joined Kei Tomiyama (Choichiro), Hiromi Tsuru (Beth) and Shinji Ogawa (Chuck) on Heaven Rest in peace, Jiro Dan. Thanks for everything! ​ ============= Also, I'd like to thank the this subreddit staff for adding a Jack banner. It was a great choice.


It's so sad seeing one of the OGs passing away :( Watching the showa series makes you forget how old they are now...


正義と平和を 守るため 帰ってきたぞ 帰ってきたぞ ウルトラマン!!


I only got into Ultraman around a year ago, but Return of Ultraman and Hideki Go are the reason I fell in love with this franchise as much as I have. I'll never forget the way I felt watching it for the first time, and I'll never forget how much joy seeing him gave me. You'll be remembered, RIP Jiro Dan.


RIP Jiro Dan


rest in peace


jack was my first and favorite ultra of the showa era. rip


O7 I actually began rewatching Return of Ultraman recently so this is sad to see. Fly high, Jiro


RIP to one of the legends of toku


May he rest in peace.


He was one of my favorite Actors. I didn't watched Return of Ultraman when I was younger, but I did during the beginning of my teenage hood, and it's still my favorite Ultra Series. Whenever Jack or Go would return in another series, I smile would appear in my face. I've never felt something like this towards a person I've never met, and now never will.


Goodbye Ultraman!


Thank you and RIP Hideki


That sucks man, he was my favorite ultra host and jack was my favorite series of all time. You will be missed Dan.


I can't believe he's gone... ​ R.I.P Jiro Dan. Your legacy will never be forgotten.


Sad to see this, I just finished up RoU today for the first time.


R.I.P Jiro Dan




That's terrible. I had hoped he would be able to return one day as Jack/Hideki Go. I guess that's one reason why he was absent over the past few years was because he was battling a disease. I also remember him from Godzilla Island.


Salam takziah 😭😭😭😭😭 terima kasih kerana belakon untuk filem dan siri ultraman 😇 nostalgia 🤩