I think Nexus is the only one that deserves a remake or a sequal. And make it more bloodier than the original


Boom... Streaming only


Need a Shin Ultraman Nexus


I wonder how a remastered dark zagi would look like


Gaia Is fine by me to complete the trio but after that I hope they return back to make something new and different.


I agreed, I just want to complete the TDG Anniversary project as well as new Gaia content. After that, no more *New Gen* versions for the rest. Move on to an original Ultra next.


New gen gaia is canceled.


Tbh, I'm not even sure at this point whether or not New Gen Gaia is cancelled but if it's true or nah, it's still weird for tsupro for making the TDG 25th Anniversary project incomplete.


The leaker from baidu said it and everything he said was 100% correct in the past. Gaia is done. That’s also why he isn’t on the cover of the next chronicle. edit. Downvote me all you want fanboys but your precious New gen gaia is not going to come. lmao It’s not going to happen. They never even considered it. His name is blazer and he’s galaxy themed. It’s a new gen show, not a gaia show. T(rigger), D(ecker) and B(lazer)?! The TDB? lmao New Gen gaia would’ve sucked anyway. They can’t replicate Gaia because they don’t have the budget.


Gaia, then stop


None of these. Create either an original ultra, give someone a son or make a sequel. Remakes are uncreative and boring. Tsuburaya should do something like heisei Seven for Nexus. But please spare us of the watered down remakes. Shin Ultraman is an exception of course. Or does anyone seriously want to see an kid friendly ultraman nexus who needs a fancy plastic sword to kill his enemies?


I wanna see Mebius' son join Guys under Ryu's captaincy


I don't think that is possible because in Taiga's voice drama, Taiga mentioned about Mebius being so down sometimes, this is due to the fact he knows that his friends on earth have already passed away due to their age difference in species. Ultras live longer compared to normal humans. Which means that the old GUYS crew would have either be very old by now or have passed away. Still, Mebius says that even tho they are gone, they will always be in his heart. It's tragic but they already confirmed this which still breaks my heart. 😔


Taiga was born after Ultraman Taro went home and that was in 1975. Taiga is 4800 years old, so they are all looooong dead.


Yeah but I believe Taiga would've been like a toddler while the GUYS crew were still alive and Mebius was still on earth. But yeah, they probably have already been looong dead.


Well, they can let him travel to another universe where Guys is alive lol


Lol, imagine the toy weapon keep mentioning "Kizuna Nexus" all around.. bruhh


Gaia should, but it should rather get a sequel because RDB is not dealt with.


Cosmos and Nexus really, as I feel like Tsuburya has a lot of unused concepts and storyline that were abandoned or cut short during their run. Cosmos was going somewhere with Justice and Legend but couldn't made it happened due to budget constariants hence the movies and Nexus with an entire arc of Lucifer and the coming together of all the previous host cut short because it got cancelled. Gaia feels finished, and making a new generation version of Gaia and Agul will be more or less retreading older ground and redoing its storyline. Max felt like a Heisei era take of an old Showa Ultra shows with the original Phase 1 monsters they were using especially Baltan. Mebius is a series thas has done everything they has wanted as it was meant to be Tsuburya's farewell gift for all the fans especially the older Showa era fans before their financial uncertenty during that period.


Probably just Gaia cuz might as well finish the trio and do things they were never able to do. , New nexus can be its own thing like Black Sun


Imo we don't need another New Gen Ultra Reboot/Remake anymore but... New Gen Gaia just to complete New Gen TDG would be enough... I guess the main reason why they did it in the first place wasn't only to be a tribute or for profit but also to facilitate(Plot & Budget) bringing TDG for crossovers with the OG ultras universe: Tiga has the Daigone and maybe a plot issue, Dyna is probably the only one available, Gaia has the plot issue of being Earth itself so... good luck in trying to explain why Earth's "Main Defense" abandoned his position to fight in another galaxy far away... If they want to push further the new gen idea, Cosmos and Nexus are viable, but I guess Max isn't profitable enough and like Mebius wouldn't be necessary cuz they are present in the OG universe as M78 ultras and it would be more profitable to have a new ultra that has some sort of connection to them...


I mean, technically only trigger got the, new generation, title. Which in a sense if trigger is official homage as new generation. Decker is technically an official rip off. Just like how dark souls is technically an official rip off of demon's souls.


I would wanna see a son of Mebi in his own series.


I think a student first would be better. I mean Seven got a student in Leo and then a son in Zero, and Zero has a student now (well technically, a whole generation of students, but he's more of a part timer than anything to them). So student of Mebius should be the next Ultra after New Gen Gaia (hopefully).


Gaia and Agul together I don't mind, but the rest....I don't think it's necessary


Aside from Nexus (simply cuz I’m itching for another dark ultra show), no. New, fresh ideas would be nice.


I mainly want New Gen Gaia because it would have to include New Gen Agul and I want them to try the two Ultras concept again. Yeah it's been done several times but I wonder how they can spice it up with the Gaia and Agul or whatever the New Gen versions would be called being born of the planet but potentially having different ideals on how to protect it. Thinking of it though you could do that with a New Gen Cosmo show but have a New Gen Justice around from the jump as well. That would be my pick if New Gen Gaia is off the table


No but for Mebius, they could make something like Z, an Ultra who desires to be his personal apprentice


I would love to see a new gen max, don't want to have a new gen mebius cuz his series is perfection


I think for mebius they should do like they did with Zero in Geed or Decade in Zi-O for a Kamen Rider example


Yes and no. I believe it can but it should be New Gen Gaia with a twist. New Gen Gaia will carry the powers , personality and teachings of Gaia , Cosmos and Mebius while New Gen Agul should carry Agul , Justice and Hikari. As for Max and Noa they should be the third person in the New Gen Gaia imo. We had Earth , The Ocean and Space but no really the Air in Gaia. Plus I feel like Max and Noa represent the air pretty well


No 💀


It should have been Gaia.


I genuinely both Cosmos and Nexus could easily just get another movie. In fact I’m convinced it’ll happen. But I rather have Max or Mebius return as mentors like Seven and Zero was.


You know what?? Let give reiwa ultra seven a shot. And remember guys, EVERY year is seven anniversary.


Cosmos would work the best bc it's already feel like new gen But ngl I want them to do Nexus bc i want to see how bad can they mess it up




No more. New gen Gaia is not a must, we do not need two sets of TDG.


Ehh, I think we should stop after Gaia. (Even then, it doesn’t sound like Tusuburaya is even gonna do that)


Stay og man


I would love to see a sequel of mebius or nexus but also scared they might not be as good as the original ones. Don't want to see nexus gaining other ultras powers thru some pallet and joking to get kids attention


I'd rather see brand new shows, instead of remakes of shows that we already had. Now, if they were willing to do both at the same time, I might be on board, but it seems like any new Ultraman that we get in the future is always put on the back burner for these remake shows.


Idk, I kinda see it as “the original show gets more time to be thought up with a good plot, characters, etc”. Gotta stay positive y'know.


Mebius though I think it'd work better if they went with the son angle again.


I mean Blazer as a celebration of ten years of New Gen is effectively New Gen Mebius in Spirit.


Gaia and Agul will be the ones who get the New Generation treatment next, no question about that. The only thing to wonder is what the transformation gimmick will be. Trigger had keys and Decker has cards. I’m gonna say it’s either gonna be capsules like Geed or coins/medals like Z. Maybe they’ll go back to Spark Dolls.


I can see Mebius getting his rather a New Generation but instead a Ultra presenting a new version of their previous one or mentor, Like Zero is the new version of Seven for example. Ultraman Mebius have his own pupil who is the next Main Ultra Instalment of the series, essentially he is the next generation of Mebius instead of a different Ultra in a different universe like what they did in Trigger+Decker.


I feel like Mebius deserves a new gen because he did save Tsuburaya from being bankrupt and giving us New Generations. Zero maybe Tsuburaya golden boy but Mebius ran with Ultraman so Zero and new gen can walk.


Personally for me, definitely not. I felt that having a New Generation Gaia would be enough but I think it's best to have a whole new Ultraman show that is it's standalone thing. It's fine to have Legend Ultraman items because it's what sells the toys but there should be something that makes it unique and different


Nexus is one I really wanna see, but at the same time, I am VERY nervous how will they pull it off.


They gonna screw it up definitely. Nexus was for bit more mature audience


That's what I'm nervous about.


Only Gaia and that it, especially Nexus because i want Nexus to stay as it is. Imagine new gen Nexus in this current age it will be made into kids friendly and i dont want that


I don’t want a new Gen Mebius, but I’d like a show where Mebius gets to be the main mentor character


Not necessarily NewGen but I'd love to see a tribute series that amalgamates Max, Nexus, and Mebius' storytelling. Max already has plenty of horror-themed episodes so imagine an entire season like that with Nexus' premise in the blend. Then put an optimistic and naive hero like Q1 Mebius in such a world, you'll get a classic "Will he make it or will he break first?" story, but from the perspective of an Ultraman.


I just want Mebius to be treated like the ultra brothers or as the zoffy of the new generation/heisei or something like that


In all honesty, Gaia deserves it. The others should only be solo Ultras that stays original.


Hell yeah My boi mebius finna have all the fire power they can come up with The pheonix brave remake finna be even cooler And it could even be the same universe just in the future With the mc being friends with the predecessors of the old guys crew