Hunger & Fasting Before Procedure



It’s a huge mind game. You have to be okay being hungry and knowing it’ll pass. I try to make it a bit of a challenge. I know I’m not going to die of starvation lol so I keep telling myself that.


Last time i was to bussy with shitting and after my guts where clean i was happy to not have cramps for the first time in month. Lol Anyways i just said to myself i would buy myself a nice big burger with some fries afterwards xD


Go for walk have an active day


I find the bubbles from ginger ale help me feel full. Even days where my stomach is bothering me and I don’t eat at work, I’ll just drink ginger ale.


Warm chicken broth. Have some every few hours in between other liquids. Your brain will clock it as food.


Taking naps helps. Or exercise, I find it can kill hunger pangs. Or you can always indulge in appropriately colored jello.


I have never been asked to fast, unless it was for a full colonoscopy. Why would you need to for just a rectum inspection? A sig scope doesn't go that far.


I don’t know, it was like a mini colonoscopy in the end with a camera and all but they only went about 15cm in. They declared my remission and i was so happy i cried. Now i’m trying to eat but i have to do it slowly cuz i get a bit nauseous.


Yeah, that's the one. The only thing I get asked to do is an enema about an hour beforehand. Drs around the world seem to have different approaches to nearly everything. Glad you are in remission! Happy eating!


I’d rather have an enema than starve. Yea, i guess it is different. Thank you and much luck to you!