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“I need ammo, not a ride.” That was the defining moment that shifted the entire world to switch from viewing Ukraine as a tragedy to a cause we could support long term. I think he has certainly earned this recognition. He didn’t just galvanize the Ukrainian people but the world.


This. If Zelensky wasn't as charismatic and as powerful an orator as he is---the world would be far less apt at actually helping. This is no different in pretending that Churchill wasn't pivotal to UKs ultimate defiance of Hitler and their successes in defending their island in WW2. Yes all the soldiers are obviously absolutely amazing, but it all started and flows through Zelensky.


We can contrast the behaviour and responses of President Zelinsky with Hamid Karzai. When the chips were down, President Zelinsky showed what he was made of. "I don't want a ride I need ammunition", surely one of the most eloquent lines expressing defiance and determination. His nation is not out of the woods, much hard fighting and support and luck is needed. Let us hope he gets it! Slava Ukraina!


“Arm freedom better than tyranny.” You’re so right: Zelenskyy changed Ukraine from tragic victim to heroic freedom fighter in a single gorgeous sentence. When Zelenskyy asked for ammo, he began a fight for freedom against genocidal aggression on behalf of fhe whole world.


Patton is standing at the door to Valhalla, waiting for Zelensky, based on that comment alone. With some vodka and a bear hug.


Patton believed in reincarnation. Whose to say this isn't the same soul?


I believe Patton must have reincarnated as a modern day Pole, roaring to have a go at Russia


Zelensky standing on the streets of Kiev the morning after turned the tide of this war.


"Prezydent tut" I saw that video very shortly after it was posted. And personally I thought that that moment was a lot more powerful than the "I need ammo, not a ride" line. To me that line seemed be formulated for a foreign audience, while the video of himself and his cabinet in front of the Parliament building was directed to the Ukrainian people. No bravado, just a simple, "We're here and we're staying." I have a feeling that "Prezydent tut" will be part of the Ukrainian national mythology forever in the same way "We will fight them on the beaches..." is for Britain


Agreed. I remember seeing that video and thinking "goddamn that's ballsy." But it immediately commanded my respect from across the globe because that's exactly what I would hope to see from my president. Sadly though, I have zero faith that we would ever see the US president drop his nuts in the middle of an invasion and walk the streets like that. What struck me most about that little video (and several that followed) was that it wasn't a film production- he was unshaven, in dirty clothes and filming it on his cell phone in selfie mode. In that moment, he was their President but at the same time, he was also a normal person trying to survive an invasion just like everyone else.


This is the moment I remember as well. If he ha fled, the war probably would have gone on a very different route. This is when I knew Ukraine would not buckle. Ukraine would stand and fight.


This!! Zelenskyy walking the streets of Kyiv that morning was the beginning of victory for freedom and the beginning of defeat for Putin.


He didn't run because he knew he had to stay. That's what's expected from leaders of a stable, modern, free society. Only selfish despots looking to milk as much as they can from a country run to save their hides. Leaving would fuel every Kremlin propaganda narrative about him and the Ukraine government they could come up with. If you want to show NATO and the EU you're one of them, you behave like them and not some third-world wasteland run by a despot until a bigger warlord comes along.


Ghani of Afganistan vs President Zelinsky. No contest! Edit: Should be Ghani


Hamid Karzai stopped being the president of Afghanistan in 2014, long before the collapse of the American backed government.


Yes you are correct, ot should be Ghani


Most world leaders would be hiding in a bunker.


Zelenskyy would probably agree with him, but Mr Pomonarenko needs to realise that awarding it to Zelenskyy recognises them all.


Yes. Time cant award some unknown soldier in a trench. Nobody would understand it. Its world leader of something.


He is the symbol of Ukraine right now. Soldiers and killed civilians.


Person of the year : Supreme chief of the Ukrainian army


He and his cabinet legitimately thought they would be killed in Kiev. They stayed. Every Ukrainian fighter is a hero, but what Zelensky did is unrivaled in this century. He's a hero. He's absolutely the man of the year.


Who is Ponomarenko? I never heard about him but I know who is Zelenskiy.


Ukranian journalist, sometimes his reporting is really good and sometimes it's an overload of (obviously understandable) bias.


Thank you. I agree with him that Ukrainian soldiers are heroes. But Zelenskiy's contribution to the defense of Ukraine, especially in the first month of the war, is foolish to devalue. I think Zelenskiy really man of this year.


He is the right choice .


Point surely taken, but should it really be made in public?? smh


Soldiers are courageous and determined, but the President has energised them and motivated the Ukrainians to stand up and fight a much larger enemy,... without Zelensky, the Western support and the courage of the Ukrainian population, there would be no Ukraine at this moment,...


Not very gracious comment from a "reporter" of the Kyiv Independent.


Kyiv "Independent"


Ahh yes...let's put a random Ukranian soldier that no one knows or recognize, nor has any kind of connection to because they've never seen him or her before and make them person of the year. Let's also ignore the fact that while Russia invaded to liberate, Zelensky was on the top of their list to kill, his death being a key objective and a requirement for Russian victory. Let's also ignore that the art work clearly recognizes both the spirit and the efforts of all Ukrainians, from civilians to medical personnel to the front line soldier. Yeah, let's do the enemy's work for him eh, Mr. Ponowhoeveryouarecauseiveneverheardofyoubutyouseembitterandopinionated.


Don’t get me wrong: Iong live Zelenskyy! His visionary leadership has made him a legend in his own time from the moment he needed ammo (not a ride) and called upon the free world to arm freedom better than tyranny. But the ordinary Ukrainian soldiers, the ones suffering and risking their lives in the trenches and the mud under fire, know what it really means to fight for freedom. Every Ukrainian fighting for freedom deserves our admiration, and our gratitude. The indomitable Ukrainian spirit has inspired the whole world in 2022. https://www.reddit.com/r/UkrainianConflict/comments/zeakhq/on_armed_forces_day_i_congratulate_all_defenders/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I think that, without Zelensky’s outspoken refusal to accept what seemed inevitable, Ukrainian soldiers would not have had a chance to show what they could do.


The courage Zelenskyy shared in the first days of the invasion, combined with his eloquent, powerful rhetoric, define a gold standard for leadership. Zelenskyy is reminiscent of Churchill in the best ways, especially his speeches and his insistence that freedom must prevail.


The cover says ["Volodymyr Zelensky & The Spirit of Ukraine"](https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/976/cpsprodpb/CA45/production/_127918715_timemagazinepersonofyear2022.png.webp) so I think the soldiers are already included.


… and it’s ALL Ukrainians.


Yeah, I see that our armed forces are great. Yet Zelensky's the one getting things done, talking to leaders, managing weapons supply, and dealing with Putin's mess while our EU politicians occasionally investigate their belly buttons.


Why give the price to a Ukrainian soldier when you can give it to a russian one that fights for both Ukraine and his Russia to become free? Look I get that you think Ukrainian soldiers deserve credits and they do. But as an individual person Zelensky achieves much more than a single soldier. A soldier is part of a force, Zelensky enables many soldiers.


Not only Ukrainians are fighting for freedom in Urkraine.


Unfortunately not. People like this also exist https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Russia-using-the-propaganda-term-special-operation-with-regards-to-its-illegal-invasion-of-a-sovereign-nation-Who-is-supposed-to-be-convinced-by-that-manipulative-language/answer/Kanthaswamy-Balasubramaniam?ch=10&oid=401833452&share=50b422d8&srid=HnO9y&target_type=answer This is only a sample of his writings. And then there is is https://www.quora.com/Is-it-possible-that-Putins-advisors-just-misled-him-and-manipulated-him-into-war-in-Ukraine-and-now-are-secretly-waiting-for-Putins-end/answer/Ridzwan-Abdul-Rahman?ch=10&oid=402312418&share=dd7d63e9&srid=HnO9y&target_type=answer Again only a sample, unfortunately.


Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦


It’s really interesting how different portrayals of Ze are in Ukraine and outside. Dudes frankly more popular in the west than Ukraine itself, not that he’s unpopular there. Patriotic praise in Ukraine isn’t directed at any “great leader,” no one chants “glory to Zelensky,” it’s either “glory to Ukraine” or “glory to the ZSU.” A lot of the time he seems more to be viewed as another Ukrainian doing his job to resist this war. Staying isn’t considered exemplary, it’s the bare minimum for what any self respecting president of Ukraine would do. His nightly addresses are worded in a way imo that despite being delivered in Ukrainian, are directed at a western audience. If anyone is praised it’s usually Zalyzhnyy.


Very much yes. As a Ukrainian, I believe only in the army. They are the ones fighting to the death protecting us. As for the government, I distrust it, in moderate amounts. Not enough to blame them at any opportunity, but enough to be wary of them trying to use the situation for their own benefit. That includes Zelenskyy. Because, contrary to the heroic image seen in Western outlets, he is flawed too.


The western media is a monster unto itself unfortunately but in this case, the hero image is far better for your country than the other end of the spectrum. Rarely does the western media operate in the middle ground where reality actually exists. They seem to see the extremes only. That being said though, as an American, I can say our views on this are largely similar. I am moderately distrustful of any government (mine or elsewhere). I don't think that the majority of my countrymen are fooled into thinking that Zelenskyy isn't flawed like anyone else. Personally, I am always cheering for the underdog... the little guy... to win against the odds. Especially when the underdog is kicking the shit out of the neighborhood bully. That is something most people worldwide can understand. The image of Zelenskyy that shows up in some of the western media is simply using his image to personify the entire country's struggle.


Who is the supreme commander in chief of the UAF though? I think one person should stand as a symbol, that's enough to represent as the whole.


Mhmm. Without politicians like Zelenskyy and his staff the AFU & Co. would have much lesser gear and weapons to fight with. Isn’t it so? And why even expecting anyone to be flawless? Nobody is. IMHO - give him some credit and stop wasting energy on distrusting him and his staff - choose gratitude instead. You people in Ukraine have one hell of a good leadership in this war - militarily and politically. Really.


Yep, I’ve heard that his government was not a particularly good one before the war. We’ll see what that means once Russia has fucked off and the rebuilding begins, I think.


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His energy. Amazing energy. Whilst his opponent broods in the Kremlin Z is literally everywhere at once.


People need to be careful when interpreting this time "award". This is no Nobel or equivalent at all. Time magazine is a US company which gave this recognition (aka "award") for the person (group/thing/idea) that has **influence** the most the year, in good or bad. Being a US company, this will heavily bias the result toward the US and the Western sphere of influence. Also, some people nominated had definitive very bad influence on the world (aka Hitler).


[I agree](https://media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com/image/upload/t_fit-1240w,f_auto,q_auto:best/msnbc/Components/Photos/031222/031222_timesoldier_vmed_4a.jpg)...


Haha, were they going to pick Bush?


[Huh what](https://content.time.com/time/magazine/archive/covers/2000/1101001225_400.jpg)? I got one for [Stalin as well](https://poy.time.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2012/12/stalin.jpg?w=720&h=480&crop=1).