Government crisis in Switzerland in 3, 2, 1… 😅


As a swiss guy, i can confirm the crisis has already startet


As the other commenter pointed out, that “fire” has started within the Swiss government and the only possible source for an Eagle I is Denmark or the Swiss themselves, so someone is in a lot of “trouble”, the only question is if it’s a domestic issue or international scandal. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if it turns out to be Danish, there is little reason for Denmark to preserve their relationship with the Swiss Military Industrial Complex, when the Swiss are unable to aid or supply a country even in a defensive war against an illegal invasion, rife with war crimes by the aggressor. So the worse thing to come from this, is a “slap” on the wrist, some fines and Denmark loses its ability to buy from Swiss arms dealers, which are laughable consequences. Edit: I forgot to add the worse part, the Eagle I sucks by all reports, so this argument over a mediocre Humvee knockoff is just sad, especially when it will have negligible impact on the war, even if Denmark gave UAF all 36 Eagle I in their stockpile.


Thats it. Switzerland really should overthink its role in Europe. They even don’t want to sell back some retired Leo 2 to germany which just want so resupply its stocks. I think denmark could buy military stuff at some other nations. Switzerland has to be careful with its military sellers like Oerlikon. Rheinmetall from germany already rises up ammo production in same calibers as Oerlikon and will be a real treat to the Swiss company, maybe its grave digger. What you said about eagle I I can’t comment because of no experience. We had eagle IV during my turn at Kosovo with german Bundeswehr. They were okay in stock version, but the brakes were really bad in some cases at rough terrains especially downhill. We had some versions with special EW equipment, too. The brakes were really bad in most situations.


Well several members of the Swiss MIC warned a couple “friendly” politicians about their concerns that not supplying Ukraine would have long term consequences on their ability to maintain market share. Part of the concerns from the industry are warranted, as you pointed out that Germany has now been forced to create and produce it’s own ammo, more specifically for the Gepards they sent to Ukraine, since the original issued ammo for the vehicle (when in use by the Bundeswehr) is of Swiss production, meaning their is little incentive to ever go back to Swiss ammo. Which is why there appears to be a small but growing number of Swiss citizens and politicians who are softening on the export issue but it lacks the majority needed to change anything in the long term. Either way the real point I was making, is that the implementation and consequences of Swiss neutrality was in theory tolerable to its EU customers when they were negotiating the arms purchases but in actual practice it would seem the majority of the Swiss’s customer base have found it to be a “bitter pill” that is sure to have long term detrimental consequences for future Swiss arms sales. As for the Eagle I, several vets in another thread talked about how mediocre it was and a handful of testing reports from potential buyers, along with a severe lack of export sales, makes it clear that it was inferior to the Humvee and other similar platforms. The later models were significantly different and likewise enjoyed significant foreign sales.


I was looking for a nice Victorinox. Gonna buy a Leatherman.


I'm Swiss and it is already in the newspapers, like 2 or 3 days ago. Well, i don't have a problem with this, seriously, they can use this or other equipment they got from other countries, even when it was produced in Switzerland. If you excuse me now, i have to go to the basement, to count my gold that has for some unknown reason the form of human teeth.


AFAIK most Swiss are in favour of supporting Ukraine and the current official stance is a consequence of your historic policies, not current attitudes.


Inb4 “waaah but neutrality”


Given this shit-show with the Swiss, I suspect that many countries will be looking elsewhere for military equipment moving forward.


Dont tell switzerland, they might come by and destroy it. since the swiss is destroying all there weapon systems that the ukys need . someone should invade them


Combat limmo.


Looks gangsta, but is a piece of crap to keep operational. A lot of Danish soldiers hated this vehicle.


I can't identify that logo on the vehicle. Is it being used by Russian/Wagner or Ukrainian forcres?




Good to know. Thanks.


Good looking vehicle


I was thinking the exact opposite...looks like an armored hearse.


Yeah, it’s fuck ugly!


chonky HMMWV


As a swiss i support this!


Yes, yesterday was an Article in "Der Bund" swiss newspaper


Won’t resist artillery fire