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Not sure if you have tried it yet but have you turned off Band steering on each AP's? Also, Apple devices tend to dislike the DFS channels.


Since when? I’ve never NOT used DFS channels.


Depends on location. DFS was unusable on my Apple devices. But i live in a dense city. Others more rural have no issues.


The only change I’ve had to make for Apple devices is raising the DTIM interval from the default 2 to 3. Shorter intervals specifically cause problems with iOS devices coming out of sleep mode.


I did the same thing. We dont have many apple devices, but they run just fine on my wifi


What channels are you using for your wifi? I can't remember the specific channel I was using, but I've had issues in the past with certain channels and apple devices.


We've got both 2.4 and 5 set to auto channel. Guess I'll need to experiment with manually setting them.


If you have multiple APs you need to be sure the APs are using different channels on neighboring APs. The only channels that do not over lap on 2.4G are 1,6, and 11. not sure about 5G, but a lot more channels do work with Not sure how good a job UniFi Auto does on doing this


#1 best practice, do not use auto channels.


We are talking about iOS devices, which most likely will be using AC where the chances of interference are very low.


The channel roaming causes many issues. Its far better imho to map out what channels to use and use fixed channels.


I had a similar issue and it was due to wifi channels being outside of normal bounds. I can’t remember the name of them off the top of my head but they are usually reserved for air traffic / emergency traffic. And if you’re close enough then periodically it will kick everything off. Try turning off auto channels and pick something within normal ranges (least crowded). May not be what you’re experiencing but I had a similar issue until I did the above. Edit: as below; DFS channels is what I am thinking of. Mine was unusable. But I live in a dense environment.


Same issue, with a very similar setup at a relative's house, which I've been asked to go try and fix ASAP. This is only an issue with iPhones and not Android phones. AP Firmware and Cloudkey firmware and controller are all fully updated. This setup is a first-gen Cloudkey, 4 x AC-Pros, and an HP OfficeConnect PoE switch. Just out of curiosity, is the SSID a common SSID name, like "linksys" or "netgear"?


It's not, but i have considered changing it since it's hyphenated. Company-med and company-med-guest


from reading other forums, it looks like iPhones disable wifi to save battery when the phone is idle, and not plugged in


I had a simiIar issue when a buddy came over to my place. I have a TP-Link eap245, but didn't have wpa2 encryption set, was something lower.


I’ve had that same issue and found turning off DPI fixed it.


We've got DPI off on the USG since we have it running on our sophos sg 330.


Having issues with iOS devices and IoT devices here, I've downgraded APs, applied a bunch of configuration changes and still happening


This is incredibly annoying. I spent a couple hours troubleshooting this last night and didn't get very far. I have a 12 Mini, and sitting right underneath a UAP-AC-Pro, after about 5 minutes of the phone being idle, it would disconnect. Cloud Key gen1 controller version 6.2.26-15319-1 firmware version: UCK.mtk7623.v1.1.19.f4a17b0.210204.0232 UAP-AC-Pro: All updated according to the UI. But I've been told the random disconnect has been an issue for a while and I've remotely updated this site at least 2 or 3 times. I have sites with 20,30+ users using mostly a controller on a VM, using a mix of UAP-AC-Pro and Nano HDs without this issue, all using basically the default controller settings (Auto channels, nothing fancy in advanced settings). I have some new Nano HDs that I am going to swap in for the AC-Pros and see if that does anything. If that doesn't work, I'm wiping the controller and starting from scratch.


This is the proper behavior for iPhones that are running on battery. See what happens if the phone is plugged in. From what I have read, Apple did this to extend battery life, and believe that during a idle period, cellular data is good enough


What? I have a Unifi setup at my house and 5 offices, and this is not what happens. My phone stays connected to those networks for HOURS, idle, without disconnecting.


Try disabling WPA3 if you haven’t already. Also have separate names for 2.4 and 5 GHz and don’t give your high performance devices the password for 2.4 GHz.


Never turned it on :(


Maybe a DHCP issue. Try using the UniFi DNSMASQ option


I just turned off the "High Performance Devices" option, and a 2016 MBP started behaving better in the fringe areas. It was keeping the MBP on 5GHz when it was in a fringe area and wouldn't connect to the 2.4GHz. It showed the MBP having 60% connectivity, but there was barely any connectivity on the laptop. Once disabled, it hopped onto 2.4GHz and was working better.


Following. Super frustrating and stumped by this. It’s been going on for over a month now. I feel it was an iOS update as never had this problem before. Wife and I thought it was are old iPhones, and got new 11s, still same issue. Have tried all reccos and still no fix. Op please let me know if you figure this out


I am extremely frustrated about the same issue as you. In my case situation is even more ridiculous. I have UDM PRO and 2 APs - FlexHD. Flex from upstairs has zero problems, none. Wifi is rock solid. Downstairs I am living a nightmare. Continuously devices are being disconnected, getting incorrect password or cannot join the network (android, iPhones, macs and even Win10 laptop). My configuration is as follows - DTIM above 3, no fast roaming, no 5G only, no high perf devices. Channels’ util is usually max 5% (only couple neighbors live next to my house). I am already frustrated so badly that O am thinking about switch to something else. On Linksys Velop wifi was superb everywhere. What is even more interesting… This setup was solid for about 2 months. I haven’t had any issues. One day I was mounting PV panels on my roof so I had to switch off the power for a day. When I switched power on, I’ve entered into a different reality :/


I've unfortunately made no progress. Between other projects and a week of vacation I haven't had a chance to revisit this. But at this point, a revisit may mean replacement.


Try turning off Private WiFi Addresses on your iPhone, assuming you consider the network secure: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211227


a little searching I found this. [https://speedify.com/blog/fix-internet-disconnecting/solved-keep-having-to-turn-wifi-on-and-off-iphone-how-to-fix/](https://speedify.com/blog/fix-internet-disconnecting/solved-keep-having-to-turn-wifi-on-and-off-iphone-how-to-fix/) I haven't tried it and can't vouch for the Vendor/App