Requesting specific tech equipment for new job

I recently signed an offer at a fairly large company as a Senior Product Designer and they just sent an email about tech equipment for my WFH setup. It seems like a pretty generic email that asks what my laptop preference is (Mac or PC) and if I want other equipment (Keyboard: Yes or No, Monitor: Yes or No, Mouse: yes or No, etc.)

I’m fairly picky about the equipment I want. Is it reasonable to respond to the email and include links to specific items? I understand I may not get everything, but figure it’s worth asking. For example, I want a specific curved 34” ultra wide monitor and Apple mouse, keyboard, etc. How do I ask for these items without sounding rude? Like I said, if they don’t want to purchase them I’d rather buy them myself than take whatever they send me, but curious how to phrase that in my email.


Do you work from home or in the office? Policies are really in flux given the shift to remote work. In the past, companies probably had deals to buy in bulk, because they knew how many employees they'd have working in the office. Today, if they are having equipment shipped to your home, procurement is different. If it were me, I'd phrase it something like "Are you sending me equipment you already have, or are you buying it especially for me? If you're buying it custom, can I have a say in what you buy, or can you give me a stipend to use for what I want?"


How you just phrased it sounds reasonable and honest. Like you say, they can reserve the right to say no. And they might just give you a stipend and ask for receipts. It might save them the hassle of ordering too.