I am a big fan of MLS, but I don’t get why any non affiliated team would join MLS2. USL has developed a great culture for grassroots soccer with a strong fan base.


As long as MLS is using it's extensive media funds.... You don't need fans to generate revenue.... But that's none of my business! That and my guess is that they will share facilities with NYCFC.


Costs imo. MLS must be providing a cheap structure. We have had a relatively stable and solid economy for the past decade with Covid being the biggest bump and that has allowed for good growth for soccer clubs but in a true recession, some lower division clubs will fall. Money is getting more expensive to borrow and end of the day, most USL and MLS clubs are owned by wealthy people that will cut the toy first when push comes to shove. I worked for a USL2 club which are owned by less wealthy, wealthy people and the one I worked for was ran by a owner of restaurants. No surprise it was dumped when Covid hit as the owner went into panic mode on his core businesses. MLSNEXT is also new and being built out. The owners setting up clubs may believe they can still draw fans to an independent side. Similar to the USL era of playing 2 clubs. The independent clubs still had fans even when the 2 clubs didn't. It was dull watching your club play empty stadiums on YouTube but we still watched it.


I agree. I got into USL because I first was into TFC. But this is so dumb as USL is lifeblood of D2/D3 in US.


Super low cost to operate. No players Union and no fees means they can pay potentially nothing, but bonuses.


Wouldn't be surprised if becoming the NYCFC affiliate is their new goal with the stadium announcement.


It feels like a formality at this point. They’ve already given up being a real team so why not go all the way.


That's what I was gonna say ^^^


I have a suspicion that behind the scenes MLS is subsidizing these teams which gives owners more security


whats your mls team


Well F, starting to get very discouraged about the future of soccer here. I wouldn't care if MLS was the best league in the world, if they turn the US system into what our other sports are, it's gone for me. MLSNextpro is that. An attempt to capture all these other markets, then over the next x years turn them all into affiliates. It's why I was drawn to this sport. And they are taking that away.


Hate to break it to you, but even USL teams have affiliate teams.


Having affiliates in amature leagues is a big difference to me. The main issue I have is not even a Pro affiliate league, I'd just prefer the pro leagues to be separate. The USL isn't trying to turn USL L2, USPL or NPSL into pure affiliate leagues. If the USL started making all USL L1 teams affiliate or be 2 teams of USLC, then I would have issues with that. The issue I have is MLS wanting to make anything division 2 and lower pure affiliates/2 teams to the MLS. As of right now you can't convince me their plan is anything other than that. The US needs to figure it's shit out, 1 league per division, tier. You can have all their 2 teams in a reserve league. I'd be all for pure reserve league that included MLS and the USL, and hell even NISA reserve teams.


I'm fine with affiliate/farm teams. The USL-MLS partnership where MLS put affiliate teams in USL partially made the USL much more stable than ever before. The USL is likely heading in that direction with their lower divisions - there were some examples with Phoenix/Tucson. New Mexico United has a U23 team. Heck, even Europe is heading in that direction.


If true, what a bunch of sellouts. 😡


Money talks.


They can't leave the USL if they were never in the USL


This. I don't think we lost anything.


Speak for yourself. I was looking forward to a road trip that didn't involve an overnight. Then again, I guess they're all overnight for you.


You'll have Rhode Island to travel to very soon.


I hope it's not another Lucy with the football. But the Rhody announcment looked pretty solid.


I had a thought that was what if NYCFC bought queensboro and branded that as the reserve team? Well wasn’t actually expecting them to join Next pro potentially but we’ll see what happens.


I’m surprised MLS would want them to join as an independent when NYCFC II already exists.


♪Grand Opening, Grand Closing..♪ Shame, USLC could have taken off there, too.


They should try for Brooklyn


MLS isn't about soccer. It sucks that they have become what people think is "American soccer." They don't care about growing the pie, just grabbing more pie.


We've been preaching this for a long time, but people just didn't like how we said it.


I suspected it and I have a feeling that OKC Energy is in the same boat.


OKC is definitely not going to the MLS minor league


I'd rather see OKC in L1 than MLSNP


I bloody hope you're right.


They may never come back lol But I doubt they go to MLSNEXT


I hope you are wrong. Losing QBFC is one thing, losing OKC would be real bad.


Strange timing with the NYCFC stadium deal getting done too. I bet MLS or the club made them a deal they couldn’t refuse


MLS doesn't want to co-exist with the lower divisions. They want to own them.


I don’t think they become nycfc reserve side. They probably want to continue as nycfc II. Plus Apparently mls doesn’t like reserve sides to have different name/ template from parent team. I am curious as to where they will play?


The plan has always been a popup stadium at York College, assuming that is still the case.


I read that the agreement with York college was for a limited amount of time/temporary home. Not a permanent home .


Eh I doubt they even field a MLSNP team. If they do it’ll be at some random college field only to serve as a marketing arm for their youth teams.


Never had much faith in the market anyway but going to mlsnextpro is just a confusing thing.


I think once NYCFC plans to Queens were firmed up, it just makes no sense to have this team so close by. I'd love to see another within the metro area. I think it could work in Long Island, Brooklyn, Westchester.


Agreed. Brooklyn and Long Island should work.


Probably has to do with them giving NYCFC their rights to the Queens property. They'll likely play rent-free.


Sham team was a sham.


This is extremely disappointing to see. I was really excited for Queensboro, to the point where I contemplated buying some of their swag.


usl ***could*** still have a team in New York, but it would have to give away the franchise in exchange for talent to transfer to the various other teams: although it could be very complicated, it would actually give advantages...