Sad but unsurprising. At least FC Harlem is trying to get a team in USL1 and this does open the door for another infamous soccer team to join...


No I don’t want USL to die 🥲


> this does open the door for another infamous soccer team to join... Whoever could you possibly mean :3


You think Rocco does it? Or he is too focused with fiornetina?


There's been no hint he has any inclination to field the Cosmos since he took over Fiorentina, unfortunately. It'd be great if he did, it'd be great if he sold and someone else did, I'll take whatever I can get at this point.


>There's been no hint he has any inclination to field the Cosmos since he took over Fiorentina, unfortunately. This is one of the many things I don't get about the Cosmos situation. The brand still has prestige, but it's declining every year as its golden era becomes increasingly distant from the modern day. Like, the original team dissolved in 1985, 37 years ago. There's not much they can do to stop this because they didn't join MLS in time, but still, playing in USLC or USL1 has to make more financial sense than not playing at all. And if Rocco is a fan of the team you would think he would want to see them play. Selling the brand to NYCFC or playing in USLC or USL1 both make more financial and psychological sense, yet, the Cosmos have done neither.


>This is one of the many things I don't get about the Cosmos situation I don't understand the MLS and Serie A team owners, they have guys from the youth academy for whom they can't find engagements despite having the money to be able to place them well, they are happy with letting them vegetate somewhere. Gerry Cardinale is the owner of Milan and could find signings for all the players on free transfers in Serie A, earning "some" ^(milions) money too, Saputo could take a team for the CPL to let Bologna play some spring there... the presidents of MLS have instead (a what I understood, maybe wrong) a lot of money, for them to place young American footballers in Europe shouldn't be a problem at all...


I really thought he would have them playing in a league 1 or or something. He has a stadium literally named after him at Columbia university.


Oh, how I wish


My Man, you’ve been mad dedicated to the Cosmos over the years. Even if we sometimes have different takes, I got mad respect for you. Traveling up from Maryland to support Puerto Rico Islanders play at Hofstra and Puerto Rico FC play at Coney Island were some good times, regardless of if my side didn’t get the result that I was hoping for. Regardless of any “differences of opinion” online, I can honestly say that I never had any issues as an away supporter up there. 5 Points and others were always cool to me. The game on the field is where the battle and any hostilities took place. (Can’t say the same about some of the fans of the other NY soccer teams but I’ll just leave it at that…). I’ve lost several clubs over the years. I really hope that you get your wish.


I appreciate it <3


The last thing USL- or any league for that matter - needs is Rocco. #PoisonPill


Some time ago, after they postponed their debut season for the second time, I wrote that they were becoming the USL version of NISA's New Jersey Teamsterz. It now looks like I was being too optimistic, the Teamsterz at least play in amateur leagues, smh


I'm pretty sure Queensboro is operating academy teams in the UPSL. whatever that counts for


Well clearly the problem is a lack of a "z". Call them Queenzboro FC and they'll be in USL1 in no time!


Can we just fast forward to 2024 where we get some new teams. 2023 is looking like no new expansion sides, possible OKC not coming back, or maybe, depends on who you talk to, and loosing the MLS 2 sides (except Loundon United?). Looking at a 5th straight year with negative teams growth. Not trying to be downer. USL has certainly made some noise in the past year.


I'm an optimist so I may be looking at this too "glass half full" but... **1:** Getting rid of the MLS2 teams is a big improvement for the league even if it decreases the number of teams. These teams are the worst supported in the league and having them in the league makes the league look minor league. **2:** Queensboro FC would be a tough sell in a city with 2 MLS teams already. That spot could go to a metro area with no pro soccer teams at all (like Grand Rapids for example) or a metro area with only soccer teams in USL1 (like Richmond for example). Those cities don't have the prestige of New York City but would have much less competition not just in soccer as neither Grand Rapids nor Richmond have MLS teams to compete with but also have no other independent pro sports teams to compete with either. **3:** OKC Energy may not come back, but the market has done well in attendance in the past and has an in-state rival and a potential new rival in Fort Worth if they re-join USLC. So, the current team will probably dissolve but a new OKC team may appear. Likely owned by the same ownership as the OKC Thunder trying to copy the same success as the San Antonio Spurs have had with San Antonio FC. **4:** There is still a ton of other cities that want to join USLC, like Baltimore, Grand Rapids, and Buffalo. And that's including teams that aren't already scheduled to join like Rhode Island, Iowa, Milwaukee, and Fort Worth. Even if Queensboro and OKC fail, and the MLS2 clubs leave, USLC would have 23 clubs. Scheduled to return to 27 by 2025, with possible other expansion teams in Baltimore, Grand Rapids, and Buffalo increasing the number of teams to 30. **Conclusion:** This situation is kind of like cleaning a room, in the process you create a mess but it's only temporary and the end result is better than when you began. USLC would be fine, as these setbacks are expected and have simple solutions such as the OKC Thunder expanding into soccer, and shifting focus to other markets with similar potential as Queensboro, even if they don't have the prestige of NYC.


Kinda hard to support the Club when you don't even open the stadium to fans.. *cough Galaxy II cough*


Agree, cutting the fat is good. I think with MLSnextPro adding a few independent/out of market 2 teams it's becoming a little more critical for USL to fill out the map and it's going to become a race. And with the USL being very unlikely to pick up any of the stronger NISA teams (if NISA implodes) it has me kind of worried. Again, I'm generally a little more pessimistic.


Why did you keep referencing Richmond? They purposely demoted themselves to USL1, I doubt they are rushing to go back up.


Richmond was the first USL1 city I thought of. Plus, it bridges the gap between Charleston and Pittsburgh.


Only way I see them returning to the championship is if they find an influx of cash, and build a new SSS.


I highly doubt Richmond is coming back, they fit far better with Chattanooga, Lex, and Knoxville. They're crowds are good size for L1. If a Virginia team comes to USLC it will be Norfolk/VB. If NCFC ever gets their shit together (they wont) they're *supposed* to be coming back up.


You also have to consider losing a few of the larger USL markets to MLS over the next few years as the league likely grows to 32 teams. Any expansion is probably going to take place in an existing USLC market, whether it’s San Diego, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Phoenix, or Detroit.


I have spent so many hours and so much effort trying to form an ultras group and get our club a prescence in the US soccer community; all that for nothing. So heartbroken to hear about my club going out like this, I have nothing left anymore.


We would love to have you come visit us in Hartford. Your passion will be appreciated.


Sorry to hear that. I wonder if the rumored plan of NYCFC moving to Queens killed off that plan. I'd love to see the plan revive somewhere else like Brooklyn or Long Island or Westchester. There was a brief USL to Brooklyn movement but don't know if it's still around. Website is dead


Pretty sad they didn't even have a press release, had to be mentioned off hand in a report about NYCFC.


I think we all saw this coming. I bet it has something to do with NYCFC exploring Queens for their stadium.


Can USLC down the road support a team anywhere in NYC Area if NYCFC gets their stadium in Queens?


I say yes. I am of the belief that queens and possibly Brooklyn can support a USL borough team with a stadium in the 8-10K range. The issue of course is building a stadium.


Yeah, you’ll get almost no political will for a stadium in Brooklyn and likely even less in Queens. It’s possible to use existing stadiums and just upgrade them, like Floyd Bennet or Icahn Stadium but neither of those two are very accessible.


I think Icahn is still regularly used for track meet events. I don’t think changes would be approved for the stadium. Floyd Bennett field I believe is used by queensboro today for the II team and womens team. As far building or upgrading it I read was a big no no since it’s on federal property. I think the armed forces reserves use facilities in the area.


Plenty of stadiums around the world host track events too though, and I know Icahn has (or at least had) a full-sized soccer field. My HS friend’s club team played games there.


I heard opposite, it’s narrower and smaller than yankee stadium. There are games that are played in a soccer field right next to Icahn though. That’s where the cosmopolitan league teams play games. Sometimes they stream games and you see Icahn right behind it.


Yeah, I'd love to see it in Brooklyn. Real estate is at a premium, so good luck building something there. The Cosmos got about 5k when they played briefly in Coney Island.


I personally think absolutely but the stadium will be the issue. I think if they got it in the right area in Brooklyn it would thrive but $$$$. Even though NYCFC would pull fans from LI, I think a stadium in LI would work. I'd love to get a team in Westchester. A lot of soccer fans here and NYCFC has good support but again good luck with a stadium.


As much as I wanted it to work. I just didn't see it happening. There are two MLS teams in the metro area and their ticket sales are only sooo good(mostly due to NYCFC lack of a stadium imo). I just didn't see Queensboro doing well in a. Crowded NYC sports landscape with a stadium behind a college


Totally agree. Someone argued recently that NYCFC moving to Queens wouldn't affect them at all since they're different areas of Queens. True but they're less than ten miles apart. That doesn't work in most places.


>since they're different areas of Queens If NYCFC move to the parking lot of Citifield then Queensboro FC would have been done. Those two areas are a 20ish minute subway ride away from each other


Shocked I say.




Maybe the pro side died but the amateur side lives on


Damnnnn they looked like a potential brand that would have elevated USLC.


USL brass clearing the way for the Cosmos to return, just like it was planned all along.


FC New York lasted longer.


Queensboro will join MLS Next PRO in 2024.


Holy s..., are you the guy broke the news on twitter?


I really hope they can get it together, I was looking forward to a rivalry with them, along with Hartford Athletic