How do you make loading bearable

How do you make loading bearable


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I like podcast but 19.50 + 100?! STARTING?! I’ve been here 3 years and I’m at 16 without any bonus.


Bruh, I’ve been here for 8 and if I wasn’t driving, I’d be at $16, started at $11! OP what kind of music you like? An hour playlist ain’t enough homie lol


Trust me on this one man, I had a full time job on top of ups and i had to quit my full time job because ups was tooo tiring and hard, you’ll probably need to quit both jobs or 1 but trust me it’s so much easier when it’s your only job, thankfully i am able to make it work for me and my mortgage and other bills, i make $750 a week here and I’ll be driving very soon as well!


750 pretax or post-tax?


After taxes because i do 50 hours or so, i come In the evenings 4x a week with 6 days in the morning


I usually start my shifts with music, and then put on a podcast about halfway through. But lately I've been getting into audiobooks and man, they really make time fly. You can download a few apps that grant you access to thousands of decent audiobooks (such as Hooplah, or Libby), all you need is a library card. I used to dread coming into work too, but honestly now I just find myself looking forward to continuing my book. I'm not sure if this at all helps but I hope it does!


Freakonomics podcast for me! These guys teach a lot interesting stuff in fun ways and it makes the time go by faster. I also have a metal playlist that’s over 6 hours of RATM, SOAD, korn, Metallica, and other fun bands to listen to. I named it “Under Paid Slave” on Spotify.


Yep, audiobooks. I actually do audiobooks at Amazon and podcasts at UPS but that's only because I have thousands of podcasts to listen to and I can't keep letting them accumulate. Last week I read 3 or 4 books and met my reading goal for 2021 3 months early.


Did it for 15 years. Headphones and audio books, documentaries, movies with just audio or a playlist of songs I can rock out too. If you think the pay is great, wait till the wife needs foot surgery, or the kids need a prescription that’s normally $250 a week and you pay just $5. The insurance can keep a family going, and if you get into driving the pay looks even better ;)


I started as a feeder loader and it can be boring. I did several things to occupy myself: Try to make perfect walls. Not for the company, just because it's a challenge. Use it as time to do some deep thinking about...whatever. How often during a given day do you really have dedicated time you can just think through things? It sounds stupid, but I honestly made some big decisions about my life in a truck, building walls! Try switching to podcasts instead of music. I really got into some true crime podcasts that made time fly. If all else fails, focus on the money and what your plans are for it. Set up a monthly savings goal and view the job as a means to achieve it. Good luck!


When FedEx ground took away cellphones and EarPods is when I quit. Just……fuck you fedex


Audiobooks save the day!!!!!!! Find a good genre or author to sink into. I listen to Stephen King usually. He has a ton to chose from and you get really swept up in the stories


Yes!!! Audiobooks and podcasts all the way


Make bigger Playlist. I have 600+ songs and countless podcasts I listen to. Bullshit with your coworkers and SUCK UP THAT INSURANCE.


Ask your union steward if you can move to a secondary sort if you have one. You handle more boxes but less stress on making walls.


I do the same thing with not looking at the clock. When I keep looking at the time on my scanner, time tends to just crawl. Like others have said, podcasts and audiobooks help. I’ve been listening to some Spanish language lessons on YouTube for some of my shift and then get to practice with a couple of the Latino drivers I load for later on. u/Triple_C_ brought up a very good point about using this time to just think about things in general. Once loading became more second nature to me, I’ve found myself pondering about many life decisions while working. When you can zone out and load properly, the time will go much faster. Right now, UPS is my only job as I’m awaiting my turn to drive. In the past, I would work preload and then have about an hour in between that and my other job. Those were long and tiring days and it became very hard to have a life outside of work. The tiny amount of free time I had during the week was usually spent sleeping/resting. You gotta do what you gotta do though, and I have immense respect for people who do this and another job right after loading. Whatever you do, spare yourself the adderall unless you legitimately need it. Without sleep, you won’t last. Hang in there!


About 6 years ago when I was a handler I wound pretend I was a punter in the nfl and practice punting packages behind my wall of boxes; it really helped me.