Yeah ask franklin majors how they feel about chem and bio


when i took Ochem a few years ago, 90 out of 270 students failed and had to retake. 1/3 of the class…


Many preprofessional students need to retake a science class if they get a C to remain competitive for admission to their next program. So probably way more than 1/3 had to retake O-Chem.


Yeah. You’ll find that not everyone passes differential equations here the first time.


Ordinary differential equations (ODE) for scientists and engineers shouldn't be that hard of a course even though I think Dr. Zabcic is a bit of a dick. I passed it by just being present with around a C+. If youe talking about other differential equations course then yeah it's gg


I had zabcic a few years ago for this class but I really enjoyed the class. Why do you think he’s a dick?


He was pretty chill when I had him. He’s a very straightforward and no-nonsense professor, but not a dick.


He basically doesn't reschedule exams or tests if you get sick or injured


I had a different professor and he was a huge dick to our class. Don’t know if it was because of Covid and the class being on zoom though. I think he hated it. I retook the class at a different university due to a time crunch in my schedule and that professor taught the same differential equations concept but taught it thoroughly to where I understood it very well passing with flying colors. If I were able to retake the class with the professor I had the first time after taking it the second time, I would’ve passed.


Yes, it’s completely normal and there’s no shame in it. Sometimes courses, professors, or personal circumstances become difficult and you just don’t perform well. I will say though: if you find yourself failing the same course or the same subject over and over, I would possibly question whether a field is right for you. I know girls who want to be vets but failed Chem 1, Chem 2, Ochem 1 (twice), and Ochem 2 and are now struggling to get into professional schools. Habitual failing may mean you’re just in a major that isn’t compatible with you as a student, which is also okay and you will find something that works.


Yup. Some majors require a C in a class just for the price of admission.


Yep! And don’t worry about it. Dropped Ochem 1 the first time and now I’m almost done with med school


Yep! My retake wasn't even for one of the STEMs, I just had a hard semester and needed a redo of one of them.


retaking accounting next semester!


I wouldn’t worry about having to retake a class. Happens to a lot of people.


Not uncommon. I passed ochem with flying colors but had to retake algebra-based physics 2. Sometimes a class just doesn't click with you the first time.




Depends on the class but yes


Yes and sometimes it won't even be your fault. Get a bad professor for a math field and ur done. I've also heard chem dept regularly weeds out kids which is why I'm trying to take my chem requirement at a different school or just take it online in the summer


I had to retake Partnership taxation in the accounting grad program. Currently own my own tax service and am the comptroller of a mid-sized construction company. Retaking a class isn't the end of the world.


yes, and don't feel ashamed about it. uga is fucking hard.