Telling girls that they are not like other girls.


My bf used to think this was a compliment until I sat him and his roommate down and told them both how misogynistic that sentence is. I know we’re talking about “attractive” things that are unattractive but one of the most attractive things that boys don’t think much about is : the willingness to listen and even implement some of the things we say.


This. If guys are reading this, please don't do this. This is really unattractive. Putting other girls down to make us feel special is really cheap and misogynistic.


Talk about how much female attention they get. Most of the times it just sounds like the girl was being nice and polite and they come off as narcissistic.


This ! I literally had a friend send me a screenshot of some girl telling him that she has feelings for him. I didn't say anything. First of all why would you send me a screenshot of your conversation with someone else. It's invasion of privacy. He's done this in the past well. 🤐




And i don't understand why guys think this is cool. All of our mutual friends, boys all of them in their early twenties think he's the coolest guy to ever exist.


RIGHT?! I had this guy tell me how he finds introverted girls so cute and he highly prefers spending time more with girls than guys (I don’t remember what his reason was)


Oh bro, I slept with her bro. And then her bestfriend bro. And her bestfriend's friend bro. Oh I am so cool bro. 🤮


I thought you meant he slept with her brother


No homo ofc


following you thinking you'll notice them and eventually start talking to them but instead thats just creepy


Bollywood mindset


So much this especially in gym


Sad part is some people believe it's true romance because of Bollywood.


Not caring about personal hygiene and thinking it makes them a macho man or whatever. Like my dude get a pedicure once, it will change your life.


Downloading their trauma on you in the first few dates. Lovebombing. Trying to sexualize conversations, thinking that they're witty. Telling that they're feminists and then talking about injustice to men. Downplaying your experiences to general experiences.


3rd point. God I HATE them soo muchh. They think they are being funny who’s gonna tell them thats creepy and really repulsive.


I don't know if its me or nowdays a lot of men just don't have social intelligence. I think the most unattractive thing for a man is to navigate the world without understanding or trying to understand people. Most want to impose their own personality and internal belief system on other people and then complain why no one likes them. When in reality the more sensible thing to do is understand how other people think. You should always have your core values but you should definitely change and adapt your social behavior based on how the world is designed.


Being overconfident and arrogant thinking they look cool. Humble people are the coolest


How do I send this thread to my male friends without sending it to them? 😭


I wanna send it to my bf lol but I don’t want him to find my Reddit profile 😂. And my answers were specific enough that he’d know which one is me. Have another friend send it to you, then you can forward this to your friends 😂


Lol.They wont even care reading the comments cause they already know everything and women are just overreacting cause they are either PMSing or are too sensitive.😍


Boasting about number of ex girlfriends like it’s some achievement and women are objects to be conquered Boasting a bout how their gfs wanted to hook them for marriage but they were not interested When a woman achieves something he didn’t he would say out of jealousy that he knows someone who score more than her What’s the point


oh when they act like you're too sensitive to get irritated by their anti feminist jokes and "woman ☕️" jokes. One guy even went so far to say that "all r*pe cases are fake" in one of the subreddits :). Things like this make me feel glad I'm bi lol.


Also, a guy asked me to go on a drive and hangout w him and when I refused and made some excuse because obviously even tho we are friends I'm not getting in a vehicle with you in the morning without telling my parents he was like "ye sab toh bahana h, seedhe bolo n tmko nhi jaana h" like dude wahi toh bolri take a hint -\_- Also them initiating convos by only few words and when you reply the same they're like- you don't say anything else except for abbreviations like smh. Aur kya hi bolu m lol. ![gif](giphy|l3q2K5jinAlChoCLS)


Oh I can number a few: 1. Soaked in perfume/deo. Ughh, Axe and other ads gave it all wrong. Its not at all attractive to me. 2. Trying to be my protector. I mean there is a very thin line between caring, respecting a girl and starting to make decisions and questioning my decisions. I can take care of myself, I know what are the right decisions(even if its wrong, they are mine). Stop thinking if you would try to dominate decisions, I will find it attractive. 3. Bodyshaming/insulting others in the name of humor. The best humor is when its on yourself, and very politely on others. This is not funny.


This !!! Point 2 makes me so angry when they try to "help" and come off as overprotective. Ugh *Man I can do it. I've been doing it all my life. I don't fucking need you to tell me the repercussions. I'm gonna learn by my own mistakes. Thanks for the help, sir!*


Ohh god so many! first thing that comes to mind is the stupid strong Deos they use. What is that? Do girls like such strong attacking smells?


Omg this, just this weekend my bf sprayed half a can of deo before going out - do you want people on the moon to smell you 🙄


🤣 Lmao. "people on the moon to smell you" 🤣🤣


This They think it would make us faint in their arms.. Like really


It does make me faint sometimes literally, and not the “swoon” faint, it makes me lightheaded and and want to throw up and pass out and never look at them. I’ve really been trying to drill it in my bfs head that when it comes to perfume or deo, less is more. More is gross.


Overspeeding, Staring like they haven't ever seen women, dictating what girls should wear or not and how should they act, judging them for being themselves etc etc.


Just after getting into relationship with you they wanna know everything about you with the tag that I'm your partner you should tell me everything. Wanna get into our head, our truama thinking they can handle it but actually make it worse. This "loving" pressure make them so unattractive to me. Poking nose attitude. Yuck.


This!! This right here!


omg this is so true


Oh yes! I don't even understand this, not even your best friend will share everything with you. Some things are private you assholes!


Men who act like victims just because a girl didnt like them back/rejected them.🤢


A guy actually told me this: "if a girl genuinely wants to like a guy who has feelings for her, she can do so. She just needs to invest the time/effort. So friendzoning is a scam" I noped my way out of there very quickly


What did I just read🤣


What the .. ? 🤣


The entitlement is so sad


Oddly specific but When they reply “can I join” or “without me” when I message about shower


I like it when my bf messages me those, but anyone else and it’s like why? What was the point of that 🤦🏻‍♀️


“Akele, akele?” Ugh.


This happened years ago - A guy from tinder did this just an hour before we were supposed to meet for the first time. I blocked him.


Being toxic and dick riding Andrew tate and commenting “women ☕️”


The “women ☕️” commenters are an immediate no.


Fr they need to remember they came out of a woman not Andrew Tate’s asshole lmao








I am gonna save this comment for future purpose!


There’s this very sweet, friendly and down to earth guy that I had a crush on and then I overheard him telling his friend that he likes Andrew Tate 🫠


1. Cut you off in between when you're talking about something that really affects you. 2. Compare experiences and how they've gone through a worse phase and come out of it. It's much worse when you're trying to put across a point and they listen and immediately say oh it's nothing I've had this blah blah blah. 😐😐 3. They pretend to listen to you but they aren't really interested. No follow up questions & nothing about asking about your feelings, etc. 4. When they think patriarchy, misogyny are just normal things and when girls talk about such stuff they're getting too worked up about it. It's not that serious.


Thinking that a lesbian couple might agree for a threesome. Hahaha!


God forbid if you’re bi. According to some men bi=open to threesomes with another woman.


And they dont take our gay relationships seriously. They think we ultimately need a man and also expect us to share our partner with them😍


It ultimately stops when the woman u partner up with is their mother 😈




I used to have this crush, I told him I was bi and he said “call me if you ever need a real dick.” Crush immediately gone- I kicked him out and never saw him again


Talking about how many girls they have scored in the past, calling me dude or bro after every five seconds, trying to be intrusive about my sexual history on the first date, and someone who tries to suggest weight loss/diet/how should I eat something.


Reading through these comments makes me realize what a gem of a man I have 💛 Except for the deo part. That’ll not change. He uses deo like it’s bug spray. No wait, he uses lesser bug spray to kill a cockroach.


Going through my phone like back tf up, I hate when anyone does that whether it is my friends,family and what makes guys think that they can go through my phone is beyond my Imagination


idk but for some reason boys seem to think talking about their exes to literally every girl they talk to is a “genius idea” even casually. i have no idea but i have seen a pattern in almost all. they try to play the “sad unloved and betrayed by an evil ex” innocent person, do they think girls would come running if they talked enough about how much they are still secretly into their exes? i would never understand this but have experienced this way too many times. even the most random males start to tell me about their exes without me even asking


Mansplaining ….. ugh. The moment they do that any potential attraction goes right out the window.


1. Talking about how powerful people they are. His family is soo rich blah blah. 2. That they are laid back and have no goals( I am spontaneous is the word they use) Nah ha sir not in your career, you can be "spontaneous " in your meal plan not in your life decisions. 3. Praising their mum, we have mums too. We have seen and are repeating those sacrifices. 4. Bashing feminism and anything that talks about women issues.


When they say “I love you just the way you are” and then gaslight you into changing every little thing that they said they “loved” lol


OOH DEBATING. There’s a spate of men out there who like to intellectually jerk themselves off by “debating” women over literally anything- read mansplaining in the guise of having a conversation. They think it makes them hot and smart, while in reality… I’m literally a doctor Karan why are you talking down to ME about vaccines?


Bro! Exactly😭😭😭😭 Im in my final year of MBBS and this guy doing some random degree always tries to mansplain medical stuff to me. I dont want to sound condescending so I don’t usually say anything but OMG its so annoying. Like their audacity to debate and try to educate us about our field of expertise.


Being overly helpful/friendly within the first few days of getting to know him. Like i know you’re eager to impress but it comes across as overbearing and overwhelming.


Showing off their money. Like revving their bikes on their stories and name dropping brands of cars and luxury items in conversations. It is an instant turn off. It's also very obvious when they say it to try to impress you. People who actually come from old money are more subtle about it.


There’s a dialogue from inventing Anna : “money speaks, wealth whispers”. The wealthy don’t need to show off their brands, they already know their rich as hell, they don’t need the validation.


And it’s always their parents’ money


whatt? I drive with one hand (two to take turns, the other hand free for changing gears) and actually get scared of sitting in a car with people who clutch the steering wheel with both hands.


My bf does this thing, where he doesn’t hold the steering wheel at all- he like uses one hand to maneuver without actually holding it. Like mfer do it to your own car, on your own time. He then looks at me and asks “how hot was that?” Zero. Not one bit. Don’t hold my thigh, focus on the damn road, you have my life in your hands. I personally don’t clutch the wheel - I rest my hands on it or one is on the wheel and one on the gear.


Okay, yeah, that is immature. I say one hand good control of the wheel the other one holding your hand over the gear box :-)


you're not supposed to do that, you're only supposed to take one hand off WHILE changing the gear and keep both your hands on the wheel while driving.


I think this is the right advice.


Mansplaining about feminism!


The sheer audacity!


Being whatever a “sakhttt launda” is or claiming they’re anti-simps Nobody likes being disrespected lmao, women won’t be falling over themselves for you so much as they’ll be falling over trying to get the fuck away


Act bossy and "dominanting". I dunno why they do it. I assume it's to look more manly but it's such a big turn off. I would prefer a kind and gentle man anyday to these alpha "leadership" obsessed guys


If someone's personality is like that, it's one thing but boys who act one way with you and then another around "their boys" is a huge turn off.


Ikr. The worst is they think they are doing something right🤦🏽‍♀️ despite me being vocal about how i dislike it, they assume I'm "cutely resisting" them. Another thing i hate is when they call me pagal or silly as an endearment but it boils my blood. And they don't stop despite me telling them not to.


Starting fight with other guys and strong-arming everywhere. Just NO.


My brother told me he used to just tell girls he loved them to get sex from them. He said girls were so desperate and neglected that the idea of love was so appealing that it worked every time. I think he’s gross but he showed me exactly what type of Man to avoid (basically anyone like him)


Anti feminists. Anyone who doesn't understand body positivity/neutrality. Unaware about mental health issues. Not grateful about the things they have.


This. Being homophobic too.


Yessss!!!! Missed out that one. Being homophobic, transphobic, not an ally of the LGBTQIA+


being all misogynistic and gross while thinking it makes them a """"sigma"""" or smth. like ffs, grow up, get a life.


Trust me sigma males are the most pathetic men


Bragging about how rich he is. Instant turn off. And then the same boys keep complaining about gold diggers. Urgh. When your personality is all about your daddy's money, what do you expect?


the desperately validation seeking “intellectual” ones who just look for a chance to show you how much they know and then they never shut up. i hate listening to anything i didn’t ask. spcly when i know someone is just trying to show off




Wait Friends With Benefits is a dirty movie??


saying i love you on like the 2nd date 🤮🤮🤮 , bad mouthing their ex and saying you're so much better then them because xyz , making fun of their own friends "who are virgins" , being mean to other girls while dating/talking to me , being possessive, being sexually dom or aggressive, starting fights with other guys over me , being an "alpha male" , being a "Nice guy" , Drinking/smoking to be cool . just 🤮🤮🤮🤮


Yesterday a guy sent me a pic of his neck covered in hickeys from another girl. Like dude is that supposed to make me feel jealous and want you more? He was hot and now is absolutely unattractive to me.


Befriending you on a professional networking site and sending "Good morning" messages.


1. Spreading their legs so far apart when sitting that they might take up all the space on the earth and moon and back 2. Discussing with the actual intent of debating to win, and especially when it’s such a habit that they don’t even realise 3. Refusing to listen when you point it out to them 4. Not taking feedback positively in general. They do it well when it comes to male bosses somehow but omg god forbid if it’s their partner.


How much rizz they have


Making gym their entire personality.


Cracking cringey or dead baby jokes.


Stifling their emotions and trying to be stoic. It's a delightful sight when they get excited about little things or laugh, or even cry watching animated movies 🥺.


Stereotyping all women based on one break up. Everytime someone says, "*saari ladkiyan aisi hi hoti hai"* or "*bas ab sidha shaadi. I am done with falling in love!".* I rather feel sorry for them. How little they have known life... how little they will ever experience with that limited thinking!


1. Men who follow Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, or any of the richest men in the world. A big red flag. Yuck 2. The stock market and crypto bros talking about their x % profit on the first date or just boasting about profits in general. 3. Men mansplaining on a podcast about women's rights and opinions with no women on it. 💀 4. Bragging about doing household chores. Dude calm down. It's a basic survival skill.


the revving up of bikes, making a loud ass annoying sound thinking girls are getting impressed from a distance, immediately no.


They immediately assume that you are some dumb damsel in distress and he will just make everything go away.


"I'm a nice guy, you should definitely give me one try".


Show off their money. Why do they think we would be impressed by them owning x amount of things and talking about it. And the same guys have the audacity to call us gold diggers


Constantly reminding me that “you’re lucky to have me… I’m one of the nice guys… mn un aur ladko ke tara nahi hn”


“dark” humour and dAnk memes 🤢🤢🤢


1.The guy who says all women are gold diggers, all women cheat on their partners, all women file fake [email protected] cases, etc. 2.Sigma, alpha and other greek alphabet males


Saying or doing creepy things and saying its a joke.


Grotesque display of wealth 🥲


I don't know about the attractive or not but I hate when someone is overfriendly or wants to have a forceful conversation and consent for me is my topmost priority.


When they talk about dating/ sleeping with hot girls. I've seen a lot of guys doing this. I have no clue why they do it, they talk about these women as prizes that they were able to conquer.


Guys who derail the conversations regarding women issues with "BuT MeN aRe AlSo OpPrEsSeD" and "NoT All MeN". They are more keen on defending men which is not even implied than to actually listen to women's issues. Recently stopped talking to a bschool classmated due to this. Dumb mf. Guys who make something their entire personality like gym bros, tech bros, finance bros etc. Ones who went to IITs/IIMs or work at FAANG and wouldn't stfu about it. Show off dudes about cars etc. I honestly dont care about it, good for you, i guess. Guys who mansplain me. I am fairly attractive (sorry for narcissism) and amount of guys who think I am just dumb is tiring. The beauty with brains comment irks me so much.


Well, I think it goes both ways. Not just boys. I mean, I've done pretty stupid things to impress my guy. And about the one hand driving....I don't think it's an act. I mean, I drive with one hand. That's easy for me. When I put both hands on wheel, it gets uncomfortable.


Trying to act cool by pulling down others


Sigma male shit


Driving fast and recklessly on roads to "iMpreSs gUrls". "I am not like other guys."


Walking with hands in pockets