I prefer wearing a bra. Sized D and aging & I can’t stand the sweaty feeling of them against my skin. Particularly in Australia in summer. I even wear a soft seamless bra to bed.


Same here (34H). My boobs resting on my skin is horrible. Ughhhh


Ugh, yes! When you move and they unstick, I hate it! Bras rock.


Hello fellow chesty friend, I’m similar size. Where do you get/order your bras?


Herroom.com, free returns is great. Ill buy a ton of different styles and return what I dont like or what doesnt fit. If I need something in person i will go to Dilliards but its a minimum of like $80 buying it there. Ive never had a good experience being sized by them though. Its probably just my area, but its always older ladies who think anything above a DD on a smaller person is absurd and will just try to stick me in other sized bras.


Exactly, big boobs in the summer are miserable with no bra. It’s like 100 degrees where I am, there’s no way I’d go braless.


Oof, I’m the opposite. Living in India with 117 degree temperatures and no air conditioning, my bras just became sweat balloons. I couldn’t wait to tear them off as soon as I got home!


Pop a clean one in the fridge/freezer and put it on when needed. Feels amazing


That could hurt your nips tho


Same here, but in Alabama with insane humidity. I’ve started using a body puff to dust under there with some (non-talc) body powder. Now I realize why my grandmas kept so much of the stuff on hand. I can’t imagine living through this heat with all the layers they wore before AC was ubiquitous.


I just put tissues under them if its that hot. (When im at home i dont go out braless)


I hate being braless unless I'm totally naked. I always wear a bra, be it a pushup, sports bra, bralette, or a strapless one. I'm also relatively small chested.


I wonder if it has to do with breast size. Maybe bras for a B cup are less restrictive than ones for a D cup? But it doesn’t really matter. You should wear or not wear whatever works for you.


Honestly I think it has something to do with where the weight is in your boobs. I found that wired bras were a lot less comfortable for all day wear after having a kid and breastfeeding.


Interesting. Did ur cup size change at all after u stopped breastfeeding? Mine are very heavy and hang quite a bit naturally, I find bras painful after a few hours and have never been able to wear one comfortable with wires


Before kids I was a perky DD, and wore bras the whole day, and absolutely preferred it to going without. Nipples got sore and chafed if I went without for more than short times. Underwire wasn't uncomfortable in the least. I went up two cup sizes with each kid, and from perky to hanging. Now I rip off the bra as soon as I get home. But if I'm going to do anything more strenuous, i absolutely wear a bra.


It did slightly due to weight gain but I felt like my boobs got heavier and sagged a lot more which changed how comfortable bras were for me. If your boobs have always been that way naturally, it makes sense that you have always found bras annoying


That explains a lot! I cant wear bras without a wire


I think it also has a lot to do with people wearing sizes that aren’t ideal for them. Most stores size people by adding 4 inches to their underbust measurement. This gives them a band size that is too big, and a cup size that is too small. Those two factors can “cancel each other out”, and make it very hard for the untrained eye to see that the bra is not offering ideal support. I’m a 30H, which looks like what most people think a “C cup” looks like. Since my underbust is 30 inches, many stores say that I should be in a 34 inch band. But that would not fit well.




I used to be a D and am now a B. I found I needed a bra more when I was a D. Wearing a bra made it comfortable for me to run around, they would actually hurt if I didn't have one at that size. Now they wouldn't hurt but they would be uncomfortable and bounce too much at anything other than a slow walk. I prefer wearing bra either way, I like the support and not having my chest move all over the place.


I love wearing bras. I don’t mind not wearing one if I’m relaxing at home though. Bralettes and sports bras are my favorite. I can’t stand those bras that have a shape you’re supposed to fill, I can’t ever fit them properly. I’m not large either, a C cup. I have a few that come close though, but then those types of bras make your breasts look bigger too which I hate. They’re also not as comfortable for me. The way my breasts attach to my body require that extra support so they can be contained, so I wouldn’t see myself leaving the house without a bra unless the outfit feels secure enough, which hasn’t happened yet. I would just worry about it the whole time.


I feel the same way. The weight of my breasts is uncomfortable without a bra and my nipples are extremely sensitive so I can’t stand them rubbing against clothes. FYI, cup size doesn’t actually indicate a whole lot about the size of your breasts. I am a 32D, which has exactly the same cup size as my moms 36B bras. 34C and 32D are “sister sizes” and I can wear either depending on the brand of the bra. 30DD has the same cup size, but it’s too tight on the band.


I don’t know that I like them, but I do prefer them. And I don’t find them particularly uncomfortable. I usually forget I’m wearing one. As a D, I just feel like doing anything even a little physical is better with some support. But I’ll go braless if I’m just laying on the couch at home.


Same here! I sleep braless but my tatas need support. I just wish they made cute ones for big boobs instead of the orthopedic beige ones I end up getting.


Check out Chantelle.


Thanks! (.Y.)


I buy them on HerRoom(.)Com! I am a 32FF and have bought a lot of cute bras and bra-sized swimsuits there.


I’m with you there. The Ds need support sometimes


Yea, like I’m braless at home while outside of the house I wear them.


I agree. Also bras are a great way to soak up the sweat. I've tried doing some home exercises without a bra and it's just uncomfortable.


I’m skinny and a DDD so yea I like wearing them lol. Without one I’m in pain. Bras do not cause breast cancer that is a myth.


I prefer to not wear bras (mostly), but girl, I hear you. Your experience is valid! Idk why anyone would assume someone can’t have a preference about this.


I am more comfortable in a bra, but it has to be the right bra, of course. There are prenty of crap bras that I would claw off me in seconds. Properly-fitting underwire is fine by me, I don't feel the wire. 38F, so I want the bra to keep them organized and out of my way. I am in full support of those who don't want to wear bras, though. To me it has nothing to do with the look and everything to do with my own comfort. If someone's more comfortable without a bra, I say no bra is the answer!


Same here! I'm a 38H (in UK size). Properly sized, I barely feel a thing.


34H here, I get back pain not wearing one


I have ginormous breasts. I hate not wearing a bra, it's really uncomfortable. I loathe underwrites and prefer my 10 year old comfy bra.


When I was younger, I used to think jeans were comfortable and I didn't get why everyone liked changing into "comfy" pants so much. Pants were pants. I have since learned... Same with bras. But hey, you do what you are into!


I had the same experience! I loved skinny jeans with a passion, wore them everyday, only took them off to sleep and even then, I sometimes took naps while still wearing them. I thought they were the most comfortable type of clothing ever invented. Bought a pair of leggings and my life changed for the better and I haven't worn a pair of jeans in 2 years.


Ha, ha, same! ROFL!


I do not like the feeling of my boobs moving, so yes, I'm fine with bras. I even sleep in them.


I think they're fine - more comfortable than going without, even. I'm also on the smaller side, so I don't "need" the support, but like you, I don't really like the feeling of clothes touching my nips. I put on a bra pretty much as soon as I get up in the morning and don't take it off till bedtime. Most days, I wear an underwire bra, and I guess they just fit fine, because it's really not uncomfortable? Anyway, yeah. Taking my bra off after a long day at work? Eh, whatever. Taking my *boots* off after a long day at work? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now that's bliss.


Heck no. But I can totally understand why you feel the way you do especially with how you explain it. My boobs weigh SO FUCKING MUCH and I get bruises in my shoulders from bras, even the absolute best made ones.


My daughter is very large chested (she's a G/H), and they've caused her so many problems that her doctor brought up a breast reduction when she was still a teenager. She gets well fitted bustiers (because the bands are where most of the support is at) , and I make extra wide slightly padded straps.


I wish bra manufacturers would make nice broad straps. I don't need the adjustment as much as I need the support.


I wish there was some kind of nighttime breast wrangling garment that would keep them from sliding up and trying to strangle me. But yeah, I’m in favor of bras.


I like bras. I hate the feeling of my boos just out there flopping around. Lol I’m a smaller cup too.


I agree with you! The thought of my boobolas swinging in the wind under just a shirt makes me shudder. I hate the feeling of nips + various shirt fabrics. And my Ds just feel so much heavier when I'm braless. I used to think I was the only woman on the planet who wore a bra to sleep. I used to get eye rolls and snide remarks when I would tell some of my female relatives or friends that I wear a bra to sleep (wireless or bralettes). So I understand that gaslighting bit. But now I've expanded my social circle and I've met a handful of women who also wear "sleepytime bras". So you're not the only one.


I finally found a [bra that comforts me most](https://www.nordstrom.com/s/bp-bp-vibe-rib-bralette/5866227?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FWomen%2FClothing%2FLingerie%2C%20Hosiery%20%26%20Shapewear%2FBras%20%26%20Bralettes&color=900). I bought them in an assortment of colors at Nordstrom Rack. I hope they don't discontinue these- they are easy to put on and give decent support/padding.


Look up Colsie on target they have similar bras in the same price range so you can have a backup.


OMG, thk u for the reco!! will def buy more of these!


Happy to help!! :)


Idk if im allowed to comment here. But i love wearing them. Its probably something to do with me being trans and finally getting to wear them makes me super giddy and happy. But i look foward to wearing them everyday. Just wish i knew more about finding comfy ones, and ones that wont break the bank. Ive had the same puma one from before i came out that i just wash everynight since its my only one lmao. Hell if i know if it even fits properly


Check out r/abrathatfits. It has great guides and a really supportive community.


Oh wow! I never knew there was a sub for that. Thank you so much! <3. I was just gonna go to an outlet and buy the overstocked puma sports bras or go to culprit, theyre like 30 ish and i think the designs are kinda cute. Not that anyone would ever see them lol. Now im definitely gonna check out their guides first, and figure out how to get measured. Only a few months into hrt so i was hesitant in case i wasted mones.


Definitely use the calculator, look at the stuff in the sidebar and post your questions! The community is beautiful about helping everyone find ABTF.


Hell no! But my boobs are big so my back hurts when I don’t wear one.


I hate wearing bras but have super perky nipples and worry about being inappropriate while out and about if I don't wear one 🙁.


Saaaame! I feel so awkward when I notice someone making eye contact with my nips.


I like wearing MINDD bras by Victoria Secret. I’m a 40 DD and these bras are so damn comfortable. I also like wear sports bras from Amazon too. As I’ve gotten older, no wire bras are my favorite thing now


Sports bras /tight camis /tanks yes Underwire helllllno


In this heat?! Only if I have too once I am indoors the bra comes off


Knowing my correct bra size and preferred cup style made a *huge* difference. I'm not really affected by my bra during the day and don't have the overwhelming urge to rip it off. I prefer sleeping without one, though.


My breast are still aspirational but I feel naked without bra and if I try to run I get unpleasant feeling of them just bouncing. Though even before it gave me a dose of the sweet, sweet euphoria... Though it is also nice to take them off after whole day of sweating... PS. Recently I tried to go purely boy mode and jiggling and rubbing created very unpleasant feeling. I guess I need at least bralette...


\>I also like to think that wearing one would keep my boobs shapely for longer the opposite is true


Bras don’t prevent or cause sag, or any other “negative” thing that can happen to breasts. How they look is mostly affected by genetics, weight changes, pregnancy, and gravity.


I hate both wearing and not wearing them lol So now, a year plus since I stopped pumping for my (likely) only baby, I’m still wearing nursing tanks, with formed pads in the cups as my “bra” It gives me enough support that I feel more comfortable than going without but is very light support so it doesn’t hurt my shoulders, neck, or mid back where I have a lot of issues


34H and I cant exist without a bra. Im small and my boobs end up migrating under my arms, bending over is just a disaster, im swimming in the amount of sweat that accrues under my boobs, shirts of any kind look horrible. Yet with bras I love my body shape. I feel confident and most of all, I dont have as much sweat. I am one of those weird people that even sleeps in a bra because the feeling of being braless is so horrible. I remember back in 5th grade when my boobs hit C size and hating the way I felt. My mom had held off putting me in bras because she thought it would sexualize me. As soon as I got a real bra, my life changed. I have tried to go braless a few times just because of how expensive they are in my size, but cant do it.


I like feeling lightly supported like a lined cami but not a full on bra.


Yes I literally cannot stand the pain of running with boobs


I have ADHD and I find the pressure comfortable. Eventually it gets too hot or the straps dig in too much but other than that they don't bother me.


I have double Gs. Being without a bra is very uncomfortable. I even sleep and exercise in them


i hate wearing them, the underwire is just never, ever comfortable. that said i got some yitty recently and i am not mad about how the bra top i got fits! if the quality holds up after some washing (on cold, delicate, bagged, then laid flat to dry, ik) then i might say i own a comfy bra.


Most stores intentionally mis-size people to save money on producing their bras. Maybe another size would be more comfortable for you? I recommend [ABraThatFits’ bra size calculator](https://www.abrathatfits.org/calculator.php).


Yeah, I have done the fancy boutique fitting thing...once when I was like 18/19 and again at 26. I probably need to be fit again but the only "specialty" store here is Soma Intimate and...well......their lil DDD ain't gon cut it lol. the brands i prefer are curvy kate, playful promises, freya, and the occasional fantasie. mine also probably has to do with anxiety and feeling something solid touching me...i live my life in running shorts and soft t shirts, so i'm hyper aware of underwire at all times lolol


I like bras, mainly because as a J cup I don't have a choice not to. I will support anyone who goes braless, but I'll pass on that myself thanks. This only goes for comfy bras tho. An uncomfortable bra is one of the worst feelings ever imo


I used to dislike bras. Then I got a proper fitting, and found bras that actually fit. I feel like I'm exaggerating, but it was kinda life-changing. I dislike the many of the same things you described. My boobs are large-ish, heavy and get sweaty, I have sensitive nipples and hate when they rub against clothing. But I still found bras uncomfortable until I found one that actually fit. I went around in the world thinking I was a HM 75C like everyone else (lol, breasts are vastly different, how come we all wore the same size?), until I was sized to a 65G. Christ, what a difference it made. Can't buy bras at HM anymore tho! I've read that MOST people wear bras that don't fit, it's no wonder bras get a bad rep.


European bra sizing is so unnecessarily confusing. Like you said, you thought you needed a 75 band, but you actually needed a 65. This is because a **size 65** will stretch to about **75 cm**. But stores will say that if your underbust is 75 cm, you’ll need size 75. It is intentionally misleading, and I’m angry about it.


"She sounds like the gal on Twitter who tweets about a bra that fits" Checks profile. "Aha"


Oh dang, that’s me! Hi.


I’m with you - just the thought of going braless makes my skin crawl. It’s not the weight of the boobs, it’s that nipple+shirt sensation that is just intensely unpleasant for me. I am in awe of people who don’t get that and can let the boobs fly free, but that will never be me


I'm trans and women always talk about how much they hate bras around me, but yeah I'm always so sensitive and the nipple+shirt feeling is horrible. Wasn't sure if just more sensitive from taking hormones. I only don't wear a bra if I'm overheating or if I have a super soft dress or top but even the I am more just used to wearing on from every day I wear regular shirts.


I’m a 70D, so not that big, but I prefer wearing bras! Even when I’m sleeping I’ll have to wear a bralette, because I can’t stand the feeling of being completely bra-less.


Ill never understand people like you lol. But then again I am in general uncomfortable about having breasts and rather have smaller ones. Sometimes I use a binder that helps.


THANK YOU. I have been having this struggle for so long, all the memes of like "taking off your bra as soon as you get home" and I'm just here like .. "no????"


I'm a large breasted woman and I definitely prefer wearing bras. And yes, women who don't tend to treat us as abberations. It's pretty shit. I've been told I'm just brainwashed by the patriarchy (wtf? Like I cannot simply comprehend my own comfort level), that if I go braless enough I'll get used to it and prefer it (again, give me some credit for knowing what being braless feels like), or I'm just a weirdo (that one is true but not on the bra front). There's this myth that ALL women just cant wait to get home and take off their bras. Not true, and there are many more of us bra preferring people than we let on (because, of the above).


I'm not sure how gaslighting fits into this at all, seems like people are just using it more as a buzzword for when people disagree with you. 🤦 I will say that I sort of agree on wearing a bra being more comfy for the most part. Death to underwires though. I'm more of a sports bra & bralette kind of gal these days.


I liked bras until I stopped wearing them. I felt so naked and exposed without them, even though I'm less than an A-cup. I don't really remember how it happened, but one day I fought through the feeling of being exposed and didn't wear a bra to class. And slowly I just stopped wearing them altogether. Now, if the shirt I'm wearing calls for one (I'm still a little uncomfy in sheer shirts that you can see my nipples through, as well as some shirts just needing the shape from the padding) I feel so restricted with it on, even though they used to be the most comfortable things in the world.


I absolutely love bras! Might have something to do with being a trans woman and they are a massive euphoria button knowing I'm cradling my growing boobs.


I love love love bras. Never felt like they were uncomfortable or "prisons". Also hate the weighty feel of going braless!


I love having my titties be free, but I don't try to force my preferences on anyone else. You wanna wear a bra? Wear a bra. The only time wearing a bra made me raise my eyebrows was when a woman told me: "I have to wear my bra to sleep when I'm in a relationship" like... huh? Other than that: wear or don't wear. Whatever. They're your titties!


I'm an a cup and rarely wear them. I do wear an undershirt but my nipples are flat/inverted anyway so I can get away with it. And my boobs are so small I can run and jump around and it doesn't really matter. I hate bras.


For a breakdown that makes sense of the range of responses here, plus addresses the breast cancer bit: https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/thanks-for-the-mammaries/


Is it also a myth that bras can cause problems if you plan to breastfeed a kid? Inverted nipple or other pain? I'm a man, but it's something I heard and I don't know if its true, but it'd be useful for mothers/future mothers to know if it is true.


It’s either wear a bra or deal with the chafing.


Yes. I don’t feel the underwire. No way am I doing nipple rub. I wore a halter a couple of times as a kid and it hurts to not wear a bra. So uncomfortable. I’ve always slept in a bra. 57 & I don’t sag.


I'm like an a+ b- and have been mostly wearing the comfort bralettes by Auden at Target. Or if the material is thick enough, I'll just use a crop top or bralette as a top.


I don’t like bras with underwires, but I am loving the proliferation of bralettes.


Comfy bra all the way. I don’t like going without unless I’m sleeping, for the same reasons as you. You’re not alone!


It took me way too long to discover sports bras for myself, but it depends on the day if I like wearing one or not. To go without can be neat and is liberating and I think that is the point - wanting the freedom to go braless without being shamed or judged. But on some days it feels like gravity is grabbing my boobs trying to pull them down into the earths core lol and then I am happy comfy bras exist. I really do not care whether or not somebody wears a bra, you just do whatever you enjoy.


I get nipple chafing if I don’t wear a bra and I’ve started wearing bras without underwire which was a game changer


For me it depends on the material the bra is made of, the fit of it, and the straps. Some bras feel comfortable and others are itchy and feel suffocating. I don't like being braless unless I'm at home doing nothing physical. I have super sensitive nipples and I hate the feeling of them rubbing anything because it hurts. I also can't shake a damn ketchup bottle without holding my boobs because my boobs bounce around painfully. I like a nice supportive and comfortable bra, especially if I'm out somewhere. I like to have a shield for my nipples.


I get pain after awhile if I don’t wear one. That being said, I prefer certain exercise and other bras because they are more comfy.


Do what you want to do. I don't mind wearing bras. I mainly wear sports bras and bralettes throughout the day. Then, the bra comes off when I go to sleep.


Same here lol. I hate the chafing of underboob and if I’m not wearing a bra, I end up crossing my arms to hold the ladies up anyway.


Braless was my preferred choice before kids. Now I have to wrangle in the girls or it's somewhat uncomfortable to move around


I like em. Altho I will say I have graduated backwards. I used to wear "traditional" bras with a clasp and under wire but have since regressed to bralettes. I'm fairly thin and very small up top and could probly get away without even wearing one. BUT like you, I don't like the feel of my shirt on my skin or the rubbing or the temp changes. I like feeling the secure lil hug and even look. I will say that had these specialty bras for tiny up top women (Pepper) had been around while I was younger I would likely be wearing traditional still. (Because they'd actually be comfortable). The bralettes just feel more secure and flexible. I don't really give a shit if my bra lifts and separates anymore.


I prefer how I look in a bra (36G), but as soon as I get home I take mine off. For me it’s more that I have a short torso and am chubby so the underwires are perpetually stabbing me in various rolls.


I think for me, I only would enjoy wearing bras if I'm doing something physical like a workout, and switch to sports bras. I also would only wear bras if my shirt was too bright thus exposing my nipples. Some women are okay with that, go you, but I personally am uncomfortable with it so I rather wear a bra. I know bras need to be fitted right. I don't think I've ever had the PERFECT fitted bra, but I am usually okay with mine.


It's really hard for me to find bras that actually fit me correctly because my breasts are too shallow for most bras. T-shirt bras gap wildly, especially since I don't like push up bras. I have one demi cup bra that works ok, but it's old, and I don't want to wear it out. I also have a couple plunge bras that come close to fitting, but they're lacy, which I find less comfortable, especially in the summer. Early in the pandemic, I began a quest to find the perfect bra that actually fit and was also comfortable, but then I realized it was unnecessary because 1) WFH and 2) my breasts are small enough that I don't need support. Nowadays I usually go braless, but if I feel like I need to wear something, I'll wear a bralette. Even with bralettes, though, I have to be picky because if they're meant to hold any decent amount of cleavage, they just dig into my armpits because I just don't fill them out lol. I realized pretty quickly that bralettes advertising their supportiveness are *not* meant for me!


I hated wearing bras for years. Would rip them off as soon as I got home from work. I had gone to be fitted for bras before so thought they were just like that. Finally got a decent fitter who pointed out I needed to be in a bigger cup size/smaller dress size and I could not believe the difference it made.


36A here, and I prefer to wear something unless I'm in my pajamas or lounging.


It really depends. Most of the time I hate bras but when I was pregnant or if my back is hurting they help.


I love bras! Right now I’m wearing a *wireless push-up* that’s super comfy and gives me the tits of a Sumerian love goddess. A+++ would bra again.


Yes, but sports bras. Don’t like the feel of my boobs hanging. Also not great when you’re on something bumpy.


I like wearing bras - I'm not too bug, I'm a D, but when I'm without a bra for long periods of time my back hurts like anything. I far prefer wearing one.


I am a slender D and I love thin, lounge-type bras. No foam, no wires, just a little bit of stretch to support the ladies is my ideal. Victorias Secret used to make the best cotton/spandex “yoga” bras and I FINALLY threw my last one out. It was becoming more hole than bra but I have loved that thing for probably a decade.


I enjoy bras. I don’t ever wear anything with underwire or anything else uncomfortable. I also have a bit of an issue whenever my nipples rub against shirt fabric, so I appreciate having something extra there.


I have medium boobs (like a C) and hate not wearing a bra. Used to wear them to sleep and now I sleep naked. I’m either naked, or I’m wearing a bra.


I have barely worn an underwire since pregnant with my first (now 9 1/2) I used to wear just the crop top sports bras. Since 2020 and the whole stay at home for a while thing, I don't even bother with those most of the time. I'll wear a singlet, with a built in 'shelf bra' which is enough for my C's. No one has ever commented or noticed, and they are much more comfortable. If i'm going to be playing sports, then of course I'll wear a decent bra, but day to day - the shelf bra works fine. I have noticed, that they are actually getting more 'perky' with less support (ie they have to hold themselves up nowadays)


I have never found bras and comfortable, and I would like not having my boobs sag. They’re not even that big, but it’s just uncomfortable when they flop down and move around.


I'm about to go back to the office for the first time in about 2 years. I tried wearing an underwire bra yesterday to get used to it again but.. I vow to never wear one again. I can see wearing sports bras or undershirts with a booby pouch.. Real underwire bras feel like a torture device now. I'm about a DD ao completely understand the weight of them getting in the way but holy shit.. I hate bras.


When I was still growing in breast size I really only took mine off to shower or change into a clean bra. I'm a pretty large cup size and I grew pretty rapidly so I was sore all the time and the only thing that brought me comfort was to keep a bra on, and I almost exclusively wore some level of push-up bc regular t-shirt bras just felt too flimsy and still left me painful. Now I wear much lighter bras (although still a slightly padded), and take them off an hour or two before I go to bed and won't wear them on days I don't go anywhere as long as I have lots of deodorant on hand and no guests over to keep me from indecently lifting my shirt and slathering it on my underboob to control the boob sweat lol


I do. I was thinking of this the other day. None of my friends or family wear a bra unless they absolutely need to. I, on other hand, put it on when I get up and take it off close to bed time. It's more comfortable for me and I like the way I look.


I’m a DD so if I’m moving around I find it more comfortable.


I don't love them, but I am more uncomfortable without. I even sleep in one. Being able to take a full deep breath is worth it.


Joining the bra wearing call here. My ribs are big and I've been called stout a few times...I don't "need" to wear my 42-B sports bras but I feel better wearing them. I feel I got lucky having small boobs but.... Memory incoming....my sis and mom would often talk about how they feel sorry for me because I wasn't woman enough like them with GG and HH. I remember them saying men will always like them more. What a shit thing to say to a teenage. Glad I went no contact decades ago. My boobies are still perky haha ....those GG and HH asshats probably have back issues.


Depends. I like them when running because they make me compact. But I started running without it and it hurt at first but then became the new normal. Also b cup.


I do not find them particulaly comfy, but I get fitted for them so they are not a pain anymore, and I don't feel that they are devil. But here is the thing for me, I am a D cup so without them my chest just folds down (I am not big at all so there is no abdomen for them to rest onto they just follow gravity down) which is gets very uncomfortable very fast. And on hot days, bras soak up some of the sweat, and that makes things a bit better (underboob sweat is a curse, and it didn't go away by losing weight). I would never leave my house without one either, but I don't wear them to sleep or when i am home alone.


Im with you. I wear a bra until just before going to bed. I’m a 38D and if I walk around without a bra 1) underboob sweat is AWFUL and 2) it makes my boobs super sore from them not being supported. Gravity is a heartless bitch.


I'm with you. I spent most of life before kids wearing bras all the time because they were comfy. Then after kids I developed rib cramps if I wire a wired bra for too long. I switched to wirefree bras and it was a game changer. I know enjoy wearing bras again and only have an issue with them if I go 12+ hours wearing one.


I loved wearing bras, always wore one, even sometimes to sleep. Then I had a baby and spent like 6 months not wearing a bra because my boobs were tender, etc… and now I’m about 50-50 whether I wear one. 🤷🏻‍♀️


OMG same, I have boobs that flop all over the place if they aren't kept in place, I strongly dislike going without security. Second best is to wear a tight tank to keep things organized while sleeping.


Bras don’t bother me. I won’t usually take mine off until I’m changing for bed/showering. But I also won’t usually put one on unless I’m leaving the house. They’re nice in the summer to keep my boobs from sweating and sticking though. And I won’t go out without one because the bouncing from walking around and going up/down stairs is unpleasant. I’m a C/D cup so neither small nor large.


I’ve never found underwire uncomfortable but I also run in the B-C range. I understand why others don’t like bras or find them uncomfortable though, and can understand the complaints.


I figure it should be a matter of personal preference, and in some cases, a matter of making sure you're buying the right size bra. I'm at a bra size where maybe no one notices whether I'm wearing a bra or not (lol) but that doesn't mean I don't prefer wearing one.


Yes. I wear mine to bed. I like it. I feel super weird when I don't wear one.


I’m a FF. I love a bra, I never hang around the house without at least a sports bra. I have a lot of nice ones that are more comfortable than people seem to imply. The biggest downside is cost for me lol, wish I didn’t have to spend it.


I like it. I'm a 38d, 38dd in some brands, and I like the support. I never related to the freeling of freedom described by women eho say the first thing they do when they get home from work is take ot off and it's so liberating to them. I honestly would sleep with my bra if that wasn't bad for you lol.


Perhaps you grew up with that idea that bras cause breast cancer? It apparently came in fashion in 1995. I vaguely remember it and that it was already being debunked. Size is always a problem. Too small. Too big. Too tight. Too loose. I've got my size worked out, but I prefer full coverage bras because the girls slip out of halvsies. On the other hand, some of my shirts are low enough that the bra gets exposed. Or I don't like that the bra strap can be seen as it's wider than the dress strap. Finding bras to suit can be a royal pain! I remember one friend with small breasts wending her way towards me beside a pool, and one had slipped from the bikini. As luck would have it, no one rude noticed and if anyone else did, they were discreet (or trying to figure out how to tell her). I made a motion with my hand when she looked at me and she realized and hastily put her booby back. I remember calling bras "over the shoulder boulder holders".


I can’t stand wearing a bra. It literally feels like a restrictive patriarchal tool. With that said. I’ve been an A cup and a double D. I have despised a bra at both sizes. Boob sweat and titty erections are not solely exclusive to size, I’ve definitely learned that. Conditions permitting, both will persist. Lastly, when I work or go to the office, I wear my titty restrictor, because somehow society has conditioned me to do so. Not saying I’m happy about it… For reference, I’m currently an A cup. And as soon as I walk in the door at home, I rip that bitch off.


I totally agree with you! As long as the bra fits properly, I much prefer wearing it to going around braless, even when I'm at home.


Yes. But it needs to be a good soft bra. When I am at home I rarely wear one. But I do like some thin soft bralets.


I like wearing a bra, I'm a 36DD and not having one on cause me a lot of pain from both the weight and my nipples running on clothes. However, I refuse to swear bras with wires anymore. I love the Victoria Secret wireless bras. So comfy!!


I did before I got a breast reduction. My old I/J cups would have hit me in the face without one lmao My current D cups aren't a hazard so now I can either go braless or wear a bralette and I now I have to get used to regular cupped bras again lol


I prefer neither. If I go too long without a bra, my boobs are heavy and uncomfortable. If I go too long wearing a bra, it digs in/is too constricting and uncomfortable. The only happy medium is switching between the two at regular intervals or laying down braless.


I'm a small B cup and I much prefer wearing a bra. I will go without after being in my sports bra and sweaty bike clothes to "air out" after I shower, but any other time, the girls are wrapped up.


DD here and I switched to sports bras years ago. I don't care that I have a monoboob chest. I have comfy cotton support with no wires poking at me, scratchy lace, or $60 price tag.


Yup. I prefer to have one on, even if I'm home alone in loungewear.


I dont enjoy wearing a bra. But I don't enjoy not being in a bra either. I'm honestly better off if I spend half the day wearing one and half not. I'm a K cup tho; these motherfuckers are uncomfortable no matter what I do.


It mostly depends what I'm wearing but I prefer the support. I wonder if I would feel differently if they were smaller.


I have to wear either a sport bra or 'sleep' bra at all times. One immediately goes on after a shower. I guess I 'like' wearing them because I hate not wearing them.


I ditched bras years ago. Very occasionally (like once maybe twice a year) I would wear one based on outfit and occasion, but my back hurt and I would get crabby. Everything you described is actually how I feel about bras/my boobs when pregnant and I wear a bra most days in the second half of pregnancy. Oddly enough I wear them far less often when breast feeding. Since having a kid I also always wear one skiing. There was a (very small, not terrible robust) study that found regularly wearing a bra might** lead to saggier boobs. But ultimately wear what makes you comfortable. I think a lot of what you see is part women wearing the wrong bra (hence discomfort) and part women resenting that they have been made to feel like the *have to* wear a bra because their bodies make others uncomfortable.


I might if I actually went out and bought some good ones. I bought a comfy little bralette a while back but it's lost in the laundry maze now. I don't feel like going out for more, so I will continue alternating between bralessness and shitty old bras.


My boobs have sort of flopped since I stopped wearing bras but then I discovered bralettes and they are enough to hold everything in vaguely the right place if in a much less exciting way on a day-to-day comfy basis. I have bigger boobs but not massive+.


https://youtu.be/NTAqsg-XYOk Feminist with Big Tits Won’t Burn Bras by Chrissy Shackleford


I’ve started wearing really “strap em down to hell” sports bras and it gives me and my huge chest some real anonymity that I never had before. I’m loving that. I feel really awkward in a normal bra now.


i only like them bc i’m trans and they are very gender affirming, but comfortable ones sound great too


I like bras and wear one every day, I have soft bralettes for lounging at home


I like wearing bras when they fit me properly... but most times the industrial made bras are like "one type for all" and my boobs are teardrops and the upper portion of the bras are always left empty and it's so irritating... That's mainly why I wear sports bras or bralettes with half cups


It depends. For sleeping I prefer not to wear one. But if I'm up and moving in any way then I usually want to wear one. I think a lot of the bra hating is because until very recently bras were terrible. I was always told as a girl that I HAD to have underwire, I was sized super wrong, and so I was wearing tight, stabby bras all the time. Now I have wireless soft bras. Do they make my boobs look amazing? Not really. Do they do their job while being pretty comfortable? Yep.


I'm a 46j, you'll pry underwire from my cold dead hands. I wear old bras that the underwire has been removed for various reasons to sleep in. I have never gone braless a day in my adult life


I hate traditional bras, like wire bras. They hurt as shit after some time. I've got D/E cups and a wide back, so most bras are just too tight. I wear sports bras and wireless bras. Lifesavers.


Hell no. I stopped wearing a bra during COVID and never went back. Currently pregnant and will soon be breastfeeding and pumping, so *I guess* I'm going back to wearing a comfy bra for a while - luckily I did find the most comfortable nursing bra on Amazon. ETA I'm a b cup so I don't "need" a bra. If my breasts were any larger I probably would wear a bra for the support.


I don't mind either way but if I don't wear bras for too long my chest is painful so I do wear them even when I stay home.


loved bras until i could no longer find ones in my size lol but i still love bralettes!!! cute and comfortable and come in so many colors like it slays everytime


I like them! I was a member of the itty bitty committee for a long time and wore push ups from a young age. I like the drag queen level padding, I'm goth and love corsets and shapewear as well. I'm a weirdo.


Yeah, I need the support. I don't wear one to sleep in, but if I'm upright, it's just more comfortable.


i don’t think there are any long term effects to always wearing a bra all the time, but make sure you’re actually wearing one that fits correctly. a lot of people’s bras don’t fit or too tight and they don’t realize.


I love bra, but mostly the one without wire (is it the correct term? =or sport like bra (not loser than normal sport bra). It provides a bit of support but are still confy enough. Best of both world. Before I stoped having my period thanks to BC, I would also wear more supportive bras on the first days as every movement were sensitive.


A properly fitting one, yes. They can be uncomfortable, and I understand some people's frustration with wearing them (especially if they don't need the support but need to wear a bra for other people's comfort). Personally I prefer some kind of bra or bralette because my chest is enormous and it's more uncomfortable to go without


I prefer wearing a bra. Definitely feel like the odd one out when I tell other women that.


Haven't worn a bra in 20 years. Probably a D to DD and 57 years old so not perky but I prefer comfort. Can't stand tight clothing of any kind.


That’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.


Comfortable bras that fit me well are great. I think the issue is that the designs often don't proritise comfort and support? Strapless bras feel awful. There are bras that look great and make your boobs look perfectly shaped but don't feel that great. Our bras should be functional for the wearer rather than just be aesthetically pleasing for others. I don't know why I cared so much about how pretty they were when I was growing up, it's not like anyone else was really seeing them anyway. Plus they're kind of expensive, especially the bigger sizes and the more comfortable ones. Personally I think we should get a bra allowance 😆 I also do not like the chafing when wearing certain materials. Wouldn't be able to go down stairs quickly without a bra either.


I like bras, but I don’t like the prices or how quickly they wear out


Comfy bras >>>>>>> no bra. No tiring jiggly bounce, no looking down anxiously when there's a breeze. Totally free of worries.


I have C size boobs and I hate bras. They really make me suffer, no matter the size. I hate to pay for them, I hate to feel restricted, I hate that I have to hide my breast at all times to conform. But you should do what makes you comfy :)


Left or right you have to agree with the machine. People don't like it when you go against the machine. That makes you a fascist/communist :)


I hate regular bras ( though wear them if im dressed up at all). I more often than not wear a lightweight sports bra though.


Definitely a boob size thing


Outside, I do prefer to wear a bra, when I'm at home those puppies get some freedom


Full disclosure: I’m a trans guy but I wore bras for a large portion of my life so I’ll share my thoughts. Generally I actually enjoyed wearing well built sports bras, they were comfortable, they offered support, etc… I also enjoyed occasionally wearing nicer corset bras but they weren’t very comfortable so I did enjoy taking them off at the end of the day. And I even enjoyed going braless (and completely topless in some cases). The thing is, I never hated wearing a bra when I chose too but I *loathed* wearing a bra because other people said I “had” to.


I've finally discovered well-fitting unlined bras and they're AMAZING and so comfortable. I'd still rather be braless most of the time, but there are times where I prefer to wear an unlined bra.


Couldn’t *wait* to get my first bra. Ever since, I feel weird without one. Also like sleeping with them on. Though I go for sports bra types now. Getting into bralets. Underwire always is not good for you.


I prefer wearing a bra. I have a very large chest and if I don’t wear one, they go all over the place when I make the slightest movement. Also, I have this awful fear that one day the skin on the top is going to give out since it’s holding up something very heavy - wearing some support is much more comfortable for me !


34C and I'm with you...I like wearing my bras


I honestly don’t even notice my bra. I forget to take it off when I go to sleep all the time. Sure, I’ve had uncomfortable bras before, so I understand why some people don’t like them especially if they’ve never had one that fits nice, but I just don’t even to notice mine.


I prefer bras because I have had disgusting men "accidentally" touch me too many times when I wasn't wearing one. I think of them as armor.


I've been thinking about kinesthetic tape instead of a bra. Has anyone tried it?


I do not like being without one. Even swimsuits make me feel weird. I enjoy the support and not having the skin feeling. Now if I were smaller then maybe I’d feel different?


Oh, definitely! I used to have a D cup but since my son was born, I’m stuck with E. Considering breast reduction in the future, because sigh, I’m a short lass and I feel like my boobs take all of my upper body xD Anyway, bra’s for me all the way. They don’t itch or scratch me or anything either; but I admit it’s a bit of a hassle too find the right size and the right quality. I’ve also found out I can only stand wired bra’s. Anything else, no matter if they’re for “extra support” or whatever, they just squeeze my boobs together in a way that’s both uncomfortable and unflattering to look at.


i only like them if im running or jumping. otherwise they just irritate


I found bras uncomfortable for a big portion of my life, but that was because I was wearing the wrong sizes. Right now my underbust is 30 inches, and my standing bust is 37 inches. I wear a 30H in US sizing, but most stores would put me in a 34C/D. Savage X Fenty tried to say that I’m a 36C! That band would be 6 inches too big, and the cups would be too small, which would mean I would have wires in the wrong places. Thanks to r/ABraThatFits and their [bra size calculator](https://www.abrathatfits.org/calculator.php) I can finally get bras that actually fit and are comfortable.