I’m not white. But you need to explain “SJW types” to me. Racist or entitled white women are cringe. White women who are allies who support social justice movements like the rights of BIPOC and reproductive rights are not cringe.


By SJW types are you talking about the ones that are into performative activism? The change their FB profile pic, take selfies with their bedazzled starbucks cups at that month's popular protest and get loudly offended on behalf of someone else to the point where they drown out the voices that are actually being affected by something types? If so, they're certainly cringey but I don't engage in FB slap fights with them, there's no point, they're not self-aware enough to learn and grow. It isn't that I don't want them to shut the hell up and listen, it's that they won't and my time/energy is better spent with/on people that aren't screaming the loudest for the attention and likes on their socials.


Embarrassed? No. They have nothing to do with me. I have no need to be embarrassed. Find them stupid? Inappropriate? Aggravating? Antiquated? Sure.


I don’t sit them down and tell them they are embarrassing me. I avoid them. I don’t hang out with them. They annoy the shit out of me. I don’t want to be associated with it personally. The SJW types pretend to care about a cause but they really don’t. They just want attention and use other people to get in the spotlight. They are perpetually triggered. The Karen types are obnoxious and entitled and don’t give a shit about others. Also perpetually triggered. Every group has bad representation that doesn’t actually represent you. That’s just American stereotypes. Even if us white people did tell them to stop, they are too shallow and vain to listen to us. I also believe that other ethnic groups know these are complete idiots and mental patients and no one should listen to them. Source: white woman


I don't get embarrassed by other people's behavior. It's not as if I have any control over what people of any race or gender do or don't do. I also don't get the point of including everyone of your race/religion/gender/sexual preference/ etc. in your in-group and feeling embarrassed by their actions. Anyone with a brain and decent observational skills realizes that behavior doesn't divide along those lines.