Have you ever gotten your man flowers?

So, I sent a silly tiktok to my boyfriend that had a girl that was “fake upset” that her boyfriend hadn’t asked her to be his Valentine yet. I thought it was funny and jokingly sent it to my boyfriend. He laughed and said I was ridiculous, and added something like “you haven’t asked me either”. He also made a comment a long time ago that he’s never received flowers before, and although it was a joke I kept in the back of my mind. The perfect time has arrived, valentines is around the corner and my boyfriend still hasn’t gotten his first bouquet of flowers. So I bought him some expensive ass flowers, with a note that asks “Will you be my Valentine?” and they’re his favorite color! They get there tomorrow and I’m very excited to see what he thinks even though we are long distance. Have any of you ladies sent flowers to your partners? Or the guys who are here, have you ever received flowers from your lady friend? How did it go?

Edit: I wish I could respond to all your wonderful comments. They made me smile Edit 2: He got them! We instantly started laughing and he said “all because of that one comment I made!?” He told his friends he received his first flowers and that he got asked to be someone’s Valentine. I’m taking this as a win!


I always do this shit. I love giving men flowers and chocolates and stuff. They are always completely overcome the first couple times.


I love this! It just really put things in perspective like you know what? You’re right. I haven’t asked you or given you flowers so how about have both. He’s going to be embarrassed but secretly love it and I’m so excited!!!


I would actually cry if I got flowers, just in general -- but especially on Valentines Day 😄 You're a keeper. Keep doing what you do. To any women thinking about surprising their man; we loooove flowers, do it! 🌼✨️ Edit: OMG your vibes blessed me, y'all. I'm seeing a girl from Reddit. She drove 2 hours *on her Birthday* just to see me 🥲 I showed her this post beforehand and [she brought me fking flowers](https://imgur.com/a/CM7q4X2). Tulips, like I said I love. Aaaaaa. She says she had an amazing time.


This made me tear up. I hope one day you get your flowers!


🥲 tysvm! Like I said, us guys looove flowers. I do, especially. My mom used to love Tulips, so they always stuck with me -- even if they aren't very aromatic. Hope *all of y'all* have an awesome V Day btw!


You deserve your bouquet of flowers! I hope your day will come ♡♡♡


Thank you so much 🥲 I hope so too


Me too!! One of my favorite things in a relationship is doing something like that. Their reactions are sweet.


It's genuinely super nice when thing kinda of thing happens. If you ever see men complaining that about how few compliments they get in general, this falls into the same bucket. It literally will makes our month to get it.


I am late, but I get my boyfriend his favorite candies from the store when he’s had a hard day or just like I don’t know, I started it as a birthday joke gift and he gets me a Reeses and my favorite drink. The first time I did it for him though he was like are you serious and was just so shocked. I loved the reaction and I think everyone needs that kind of care


I’m still reading all these comments so you’re not! I love hearing all these stories. And I’m glad that it’s a thing that people are doing in their relationships


I gave my partner some flowers once. I was buying some for myself and I knew he liked houseplants, so I thought: ‘why not flowers?’. He was kind of perplexed when I gave them to him, but he proudly displayed them in the dining room of his share house.


Not a partner, but I would get my grandpa roses every Father’s Day. He loved them. I don’t see why everyone wouldn’t love some pretty plants (unless ofc they really don’t like pretty plants).


That is very sweet of you, I’m sure that was a fond memory for him


My favorite combo for guys is red roses and dark purple statice.


Not gonna lie.. had to google the purple flowers. Someone gave me that combo? I’d be speechless, possibly in tears. 😵‍💫😍 Then again the only woman to ever give me flowers was my daughter for Father’s Day & I had them on my table, pix on FB, showed EVERYONE at work( patients, coworkers, visitors) a pic.


I’m now going to get my dad flowers


I frequently buy flowers for my boyfriend. The first time, he just about cried because no one had ever considered, let alone, bought him flowers. Buy your person those pretty blooms. Just do it.


Fucking same. Gave him a peony last fall and he burst into tears and I had no goddamn clue.


I would love to buy my boyfriend flowers...but sadly he's very allergic to pollen and grass. I asked him about it before and he was like "absolutely not, that would be attempted murder" 😅


Idk if he's into Legos but they have Lego bouquets which would be kind of cute lol


He's very into Lego, that's a great idea!


Oh man, I feel him. I can’t do the same for my fiancé unless he kept them at the office because I’M ridiculously allergic to pollens and grass and we share a tiny apartment. So it’d be suicide. Fiancé brings me cheesecake instead. And I bake him cookies.


How about a little succulent garden?


In this case I think it’s okay to substitute. Definitely some good suggestions in here!


Many boutiques also have very pretty fake flowers. They cost a bit but the bouquet lasts a lifetime and is allergy friendly!


Protip: Lego Flowers


Im not a flowers person so I get it. 😂 but maybe a note and his favorite snack would also work?


I’ve given my partner flowers when he was in the hospital. For Valentine’s Day one year I bought him some potted miniature roses. I figured potted flowers are better than cut ones because they don’t die, in theory. They didn’t last long though (we have cats).


Not my partner, but I bought my nephews flowers when they graduated from high school. My parents had bought me flowers, so I planned to do it for my nieces, and just bought them for everyone. We took pictures with them, and someone said, "this might be the only time in their lives those boys get flowers." Made me incredibly sad.


Grocery store daffodils every week they are in season


Daffodils are some of my favorite flowers. Where I live, them popping up everywhere marks the beginning of spring.


I bring my husband flowers and special chocolates from his favorite shop all the time, he loves it!


I aspire to be like you, that’s so sweet


From a guy: My (now) wife randomly got me a rose one day. I was (and still am) twitterpated.


I love to know that flowers can be a good gift for guys too. It needs to happen more often :)


It does need to be the right kind of guy though... but that's true of most gifts.


I bought my dad a single rose every year for holidays (his birthday, Christmas, Vday) and randomly whenever I saw one and had some extra cash on me. He loved roses; they were his absolute favorite. He could keep a rose bush in bloom year round (we're in Florida, so it doesn't get too chilly for some strains) and him getting his mom (my grandma) roses every year was his thing, so I just continued it with him. He's since passed, so no more roses for papa, unfortunately. I'd love to get my boyfriend flowers, but with his allergies, having pollen in the house would be a bad idea... which means I don't get flowers either. Looking into the Lego Flowers, though, to use as an alternative, since he loves legos and I want something flower-like in the house, haha. ​ I absolutely commend you on getting your partner flowers *around* Valentine's Day instead of shooting for the 2-3 days surrounding it. Not only are you helping the employees of those shops but not giving them yet another order they have to take care of over an already stressful/busy holiday, but you're ensuring your partner will get good quality, fresh flowers as opposed to whatever they had on stock and could throw in the bouquet to get it out the door in the holiday rush.


I did with my ex after he got back from a business trip. He got mad and said it was stupid. Turns out he was a serial cheater and was using those trips to cheat on me. Giving him gifts didn't fit his narrative of me being evil and deserving to be cheated on. He got mad at me because I made him feel guilty. It's a mindfuck.


Yes, I grabbed some from the $6 section last time I went grocery shopping and he cried when I gave them to him. Getting a big bouquet for his birthday now.


I gave the guy I was dating last year flowers. He was so proud of himself for keeping them alive for several weeks, it was cute asf


My wife got me flowers once early on in our dating and I really, really appreciated it! It’s not a gift I really desire but it showed that she was considerate because we had gone hiking the week before and discussed the flora and fauna we saw on our hike, which got us talking about our favorite flowers. Evidently she remembered my favorites and bought a custom bouquet. It was pretty rad.


I've done this a handful of times and the reaction is almost always "What? For me? No one ever buys flowers for men, this is so nice!" They feel good, I feel good, they get to brighten their home with a symbol of appreciation (make sure he knows how to keep them fresh) and everyone is happy.


My husband adores flowers. I love to bring them home and tell him I got them for him. He looks so absurdly happy! Very sweet.


I picked flowers for a guy I was dating and he said he'd never received flowers before and was touched by the gesture.


My husband was in the hospital recently. I had flowers delivered and he loved it. Edible arrangement was delivered when he got back home. I need to do that more often.


Yes! I used to work at a grocery store that sold really nice arrangements so sometimes I would bring him some after work. I need to do that again. Also your boyfriend is going to love that!! That's so sweet!!


He would much rather have special peanut butter cookies, so I make those.


No, I get him things he likes instead.


I'm a hopeless romantic and I was skeptic about getting my boyfriend flowers. But, I did and he kept them long after they dried up. Lol.


Awww, Would you consider buying flowers for him again?


I surely would :)


I bought my now ex a cactus, a pineapple plant and an aloe plant at various points while we were together. (All as romantic gifts, he isn't a fan of cut flowers, and prefers dessert plants aesthetically, or practical plants)


I would have roses delivered to my late husband at work every valentine's day (he worked as a mechanic). Not only was he thrilled but all the other guys would be crazy jealous -- double win!


I make dumb little drawings for my husband. He loves them.


I try and do it on a regular basis since my husband likes them


Not quite the audience (gay male) but I've never received them. Always wondered about it, planned on doing it if I find the right guy. I've asked some friends. Aside from somber occasions like funerals, nobody's ever gotten flowers. A few didn't even think about it. Others seemed to wish they had gotten some. So I'd say it's fairly common that guys would respond well to a bouquet for a good occasion or event.


This is the way.


My dude deserves all the flowers. Yes I have gotten them for him.


I’m in a WLW relationship but we get each other flowers occasionally. When I dated men I would also get flowers for them too. It’s just a nice gesture and looks pretty :)


Yep. Sent a flower and goodies bouquet to my husband (then-boyfriend) at work. He was thrilled once he got over the confusion. He got good-naturedly teased a bit by his coworkers but mostly they seemed a bit in awe of him for getting them! I've also picked him wildflower bouquets.


I got my husband flowers.


No, my husband doesn't like fresh cut flowers. I get him candy or cheesecake instead.


I was planning to send a boyfriend some flowers at work, and sneaking around with a coworker to get the delivery address. BF coincidentally made an offhand comment that he thought getting flowers at work was stupid, so I didn't go through with it. I told him about a year later and he was pretty bummed. He actually would have loved it. Maybe his comment was a sort of 'armor' response.


I don't buy flowers unless I am 100% sure they're not poisonous to my cats. I just cut and arrange the roses I grow myself :) I think he appreciates them.


Yep! He loves it. I actually just got him some yesterday haha. His face always lights up so much when he comes home and sees a bouquet waiting for him. <3


My fiancé loves tulips and lilacs, so whenever something special happens and one is in season, I get him one or the other. For our first valentines I got him red tulips and he got ME pink tulips and we both got each other a box of chocolates and it was super sweet and cute.


I have a few times before. His favorite is roses. Surprisingly a lot of men like simple red roses. So sometimes when I see them, I'll think of him and get them. Sometimes when he sees daisies he'll get them for me.


I get him potted flowers because he likes to garden. We have so many roses. Cant find more spots for them, they are everywhere. I dont like gardening at all - I'll mow the grass but weeding? That's done with a weed-wacker or not at all 🤣 For my birthday, I got an apple-tree in the garden. It flowers every year near my birthday, so that's sweet. I would have preferred dinner out or a movie, but it's still sweet.


I shall have the orchid alive that my partner gave me. She always gets me flowers. I love her for that!


my partner just got me flowers for my birthday! I love them so much. Every time I walk by the little mantelpiece where I have them (out of reach of the cat), they make me smile. I've never dried & preserved flowers before, but I'm going to look up how to do it and see about saving at least some of them when they're at that point.


This is so sweet! I’m sure it’ll make your partners heart happy that we want to preserve them


I had told my girlfriend how I had never received flowers and she got me sunflowers (my favorite) for my birthday/christmas


All the time! I know what his favorites are and pick them up whenever I see them. It's just nice.


I gave my SO flowers last Valentines Day and he was thrilled. He always has fresh flowers in his home but said no one had ever brought him flowers before.


Yes, often and I grow lots of flowers that I know he likes, so there is a good supply , been together for many decades, so we tend to know what each other like.


I haven't received flowers before, but fwiw, I would love it! I hope he enjoys, that sounds like a very sweet (and fittingly personal!) Valentine gift. ETA: And I hope he is doing something sneaky-sweet for you, as well!


You deserve better than trying to buy the attention/approval of your boyfriend imo.


Everybody deserves to have their partner do nice things once in a while.


And yet OP's comment history is, unsurprisingly, about how her partner doesn't make any effort 🤔.


Occasionally, but I typically get him things he likes like peanut butter M&Ms or whatever new flavor they have as an experiment.


No it sounds like some goofy 50/50 pickme shit. The only time I see it brought up with other women is like some weird cope when her boyfriend doesn't do anything for her so she thinks "making the first move" will magically make him put in effort and make her feel appreciated by him. I'm not saying that about your relationship because of course I don't know anything about you guys, this is just what i've seen from videos and stuff that "promote" it. On v-day he gets me flowers, chocolate, etc and I cook him his favourite meal and dessert and we spend the day together.


I regularly buy my boyf flowers. First time was when he got a vasectomy and he was so surprised, that was when he told me he'd never had them before and now I make that extra effort not just for occasions but every once in a while too. I've just realised, though, I don't know what his favourite flower is. I'll have to find out!


Our local Meals on Wheels does a cinn-a-gram fundraiser thing every year for Valentine's Day where they deliver 2 cinnamon rolls, a mug and some coffee locally. It also feeds 8 seniors. I've gotten it for my husband for like 7 years now. They raised the prices this year and I asked my husband if he was still enjoying getting them. You would have thought I'd asked for a divorce with how hurt he looked. Needless to say, it's ordered for this year and in perpetuity. I've asked him about flowers in the past and he's always been pretty blase on them. He isn't really into flowers. Food though...


I've bought flowers for my bf a few times and it always makes him smile. Men deserve romance too


I told my partner once I considered getting him flowers because I didn’t know what else to get and I thought he’d appreciate it. He said the gesture is nice but he doesn’t like flowers in case they bring bugs or anything with them. But I definitely would get flowers for a guy!


I love to give my husband flowers and he really likes to receive them! Valentines Day should go both ways.


Got some ages ago, was nice unfortunately i have a black thumb and couldnt keep them alive for more then a few day but since i was a goth kid dead roses were still cool


I just did this today after a similar situation. He got them and was pissed. Said I emasculated and embarrassed him... Don't know how to feel.


This is a read flag in my opinion. My guy thought it was cute and we laughed about it and he’s the type of guy that’s I guess “tough”. Idk how to explain it. But I don’t get why anyone would get pissed over a sweet gesture. Sounds like he’s very insecure about himself. Hugs to you my friend