Such a good idea! My room sucks a lot, but one thing I love is having my clothes in baskets on shelves. I only fold them if I feel extra, mostly I just chuck them into their baskets by category. I think it'd also be nice to take the closet door off and replace it with a curtain. that way you can see all your hanging clothes, and just shut the curtain if a guest is over.


I found the konmari method really helpful. It starts by asking you to imagine your ideal life - how do you want the room to look and feel and function. Then, the approach is to remove items that don't work towards that vision or otherwise add to your life. I really benefit from reduced clutter in my space - less to clean, organise and lose. When there's less stuff, everything is just so much more functional and pleasant.


my room when i was a teenager looked like my wardrobe exploded at all times lmao, I just left crap lying on the floor, the bed, any surface, it was horrible and definitely contributed to my burnout in highschool. I think the main contributing factors were a. a lack of storage space (just open hanging space and a few shelves on the wall) and the fact that my mum thought I didn't care how messy it was and basically gave up trying to get me to clean it. so at some point something clicked (probably took moving house and being able to start over in a fresh room to really set it in place, but you can definitely just take everything out of your room and then start putting it back) and now I will compulsively tidy up and hate leaving things lying around - there's a couple of designated spaces where I'll just put stuff but I try to put something away when I'm leaving the room. over time I've started trying to find a home for all my things so that they can go back in that spot easily when I'm done with them, if anything goes in storage boxes I'll put a little paper tag on it that says what's in there (clear storage boxes are great! keeps stuff organised but you can still see what's in them), I have desk organiser drawers in my wardrobe shelves to keep socks, underwear, etc all separate, and then in my larger chest of drawers I have fabric boxes from ikea so that it doesnt get all messy if i pull one thing out. I also try to improve things as I go, so if I notice that something I put in an easy access spot doesn't get used that much I'll reorganise so that something I use more often can be there, or if I notice a section getting messy I'll try to work out another way to organise that stuff. I've seen at least one instagrammer who does reels about adhd friendly storage (@cartoonreject_), her stuff mostly focuses on open storage which I hate visually lol but still use some of the ideas to make sure my wardrobe storage is open but I can still close the door when I dont want to see it basically. and funnily enough Marie Kondo has some really good tips with how to fold and store clothes which helped me a lot (mostly folding everything so they sit upright and can be seen instead of in piles which hide things) **don't be afraid to ask someone to help you if it's really overwhelming to start!** THAT was a lot of words I'm sorry but I hope something in there helps! I don't think I can manage to summarise it in a TLDR but i might edit later lol


I try to make things as low-effort as possible. Open wastebaskets if possible, open hampers, open paths to these things. I look where the mess accumulates and put a basket there. There are now two slim-line hampers next to our toilets, because that's where I sit and rip off my socks and jeans after running in the door. For storage, I determine the type based on what will get me to use it. If I will never use it unless I see it, it gets stored in the open. If it's something I will go looking for based upon a specific purpose (like cleaning supplies or towels) I can store it in a box or pantry. If it's something I don't need to see/use all the time, but it's nice to come across (e.g., various art projects), it can be stored.


This! Low effort is everything - and having more and smaller draws, just vests in here, long sleeves in that one as opposed to one draw with everything.


I need things where I can see them. Clear boxes on shelves, an open wardrobe so I can see my clothes, hooks on walls to hang things, a rolling shelf unit for craft stuff, display cases to hold my yarn. If I don't see it, I forget I own it. I still have some boxes that aren't clear, and I'll go through them every few months and there's new discoveries every time, which is both amusing and frustrating. Less stuff also helps, but I haven't figured out that part yet with all my hobbies.