I made a wish that my daughters unknown killer would be marked with her name on their body so they’d never forget what they did

I made a wish that my daughters unknown killer would be marked with her name on their body so they’d never forget what they did


It was so hard to do the right thing and avenge her, but my heart sank when at the funeral, I saw her name burned on my brother’s arm.


r/thirdsentenceworse Boy, that gave me chills.


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As he lay bleeding out with my knife in his back, the letters started to fade. I have seen her name on so many people since...


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Is it a hallucinations or systematic bullying that led to her mental issues and death? And in a sense, every inaction is pushing someone over the edge. You just don't realise because it rarely shown to you. People justify with " maybe there's something wrong with them", that's like saying they're standing too close to the cliff but no one talks about how the crowd pushed them there.


So they both killed her? Also how you definitely gotta kill the brother


The idea is that the mom actually did just get a tattoo, husband killed mom to avenge, then saw the brother and realized he had killed his wife for nothing.


The tat was a coincidence


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I say pure coincidence that the wife got the daughters name tattooed on her body the same day the wish was made. \*lol\* unless it was a spur of the moment decision that came out of nowhere on the way home for all you know the wife might have been secretly planning to do that for awhile


Great story, but the only reason I'd want my daughter's name tattooed on her killer's body was so that he could be identified, arrested, and convicted. "To never forget what they did", NO. Unfortunately killers like to keep souvenirs so they do remember(based on motovation), and that would be the ultimate insult to her and all involved.


Ugh the fact that the second sentence starts with "in other news" instead of something like "then" or "afterwards" makes it worse, poor dad.


usually a family member


this one can just keep looping and looping and looping


Plot Twist: The imposter is SO


The post on r/thirdsentenceworse was below this!


“person who killed daughter has name of daughter” “omg wife has name of daughter”


Well you have to remember mentally ill people are mentally ill. That sick fuck don’t deserve a tattoo with your daughters name on it. My sisters ex boyfriend turned crack head and very mentally ill. He claimed he killed people back in the 90s for the mob. Some of the story’s you just don’t know if it’s the coke getting to the head our if he’s smoking the coke to deal with the past.(I was in high school had no choice but to live with the guy I would have been homeless if not). He had both his kids tattooed in huge letters on his back and stomach. Last I hear he owed like 90,000 in support. He sees his daughters name every time he showers. It’s always f the mother it’s all her fault. “She crossed paths with me it’s her fault”. These sickos never think it’s there fault our that they did anything wrong. Doesn’t make a difference to him.He acts like he’s a good dad when he meets people because the names tattooed on him. Some people get a rush off of killing and taking a life. Might just drive the guy to kill more if he sees someone he killed before name. Our they might think they got away with it before and they can again. Maybe the killer was on a acid trip and he regrets it everyday because he was not in the right mind when he killed her. If that’s not the case her name on his body won’t change shit to a mentally ill sico path. His mind is probably just sick as fuck and don’t give a fuck either way if he sees her name our not. In my eyes does not deserve any monumental tattoos of your daughter on that sick fucks body. Just my opinion. I’m greatly sorry for your loss


I get what you're saying but have u seen the sub ur in? It's all fiction