What’s a debunked Fan Theory that you enjoyed?

What’s a debunked Fan Theory that you enjoyed?


Pepe Silvia == Pennsylvania. It's so good the writers even went "damn it, I wish I had thought of that."


Don't forget Care of HR == Carol HR.


That was disproven? I thought it was legit!




Maybe we'll get Mephisto at the end of No Way Home. ***YOU DON'T KNOW.***


You thought that was really stephen strange in the trailer?




At the end of the next phase Kevin Faige will reveal that he is infact Mephisto


I feel sorry for the guy who really started that. He thought it was Wandavision, and now people shove all the Mephisto stuff on him for every marvel thing ever.


The greatest trick Mephisto played on mankind was convincing us he existed.


I thought that killing the fly was a stroke of genius, in a single moment they buried all Mephisto theories




Well, >!even with the finish of WandaVision, that theory is still up in the air. He could be lurking somewhere.!<


Overwatch: for awhile people were speculating as to what Talon's (a terrorist organization) ultimate plans were because we see them attacking an omnic facility, assassinating an omnic figure promoting coexistance with humans, and attacking an anti-omnic facility....that turned out was compromised and its leader was working for the omnics. So for awhile people wondered if Talon knew something about the omnics, decided they were a threat to humanity, and weren't afraid of being labeled as terrorists if it saved the human species for the greater good. Then Doomfirst came out as the leader of Talon, and it turns out he's this dumb social Darwinist who figures hey since science tends to make great leaps forward in the face of war let's put the world in perpetual war!


I hate that DOOMFIST is the leader of Talon and not like, another lieutenant so we could have an actual big villain


...I'm gonna be honest with you, I thought Reaper was the leader this entire time.


he pretty much was until DF was released. the African Warlord in tribal garb that punches people...


There was that suavely-dressed omnic in Talon who I thought was a cool concept of a villain. Had a posh name like Maximillian or something. Non-combative but also pretty evil with the bonus of being a named omnic character so we'd actually have more. But they just wanted to keep making playable Talon characters while Overwatch (the team) sat on their asses.


Man I remember when people thought Overwatch would be interesting.


The best thing about Overwatch is the character designs. Which is why fan works (of any style) have a good chance of actually being better than the real thing.


Yea, fan works 😳


Hey, even the horny ones sometimes have better world building than the official one.


They should’ve just taken that museum trailer and adapted that into a movie and/or tv show.


Everything about Overwatch says the world is super interesting, it's just all trapped in a multiplayer only game. Every time I played it or saw cinematics, all I wanted was a short little Titanfall 2-style campaign to drive home the narrative.


Hey remember in some of the art for Sombra's character introduction trailers how there was an Omnic amongst the Talon members? Man, Overwatch's lore really was fucked from the get go


He is still there but he is more the money man and not an assassin


Daily reminder that Overwatch's plot hasn't moved a single second since the original trailer


Hey Arnold creator hated the "Pigeon Man committed suicide" so much he put him in the movie still alive just to shut those people up.


Spite cameos are the best cameos.


The Star Fox team amputated their legs for cybernetics was always fun.


Hell yeah. It makes sense from a popcorn-biology point of view and cybernetics are always rad. Transhum- uh, transfurryism is the way of the future.


Blood can't rush to your legs during extreme Gs and knock you out if you have no legs.


but they have G-force diffusers though






\*looks at g-defusers\* \*gestures to lower legs, which are AKA robotic\* Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.


Wait, was that *debunked* or was that *retconned*? Cause they definitely had metal legs at one point in time.


The official art and some of the gameplay had metal coverings over their legs which lead to people thinking they were cybernetics but that was debunked in like one of the Nintendo powers.


Wasn’t the “ditto are failed Mew clones” thing HARD debunked by a series producer?


This is the one theory I'm telling the devs to fuck off and stop lying about.


Far as I'm concerned, that dev was either lying or forgot. There's far too much evidence supporting that theory for it to not have been at least considered at some point.


According to series producer Junichi Masuda when asked about it, “That’s the first time I have ever hear that rumor actually... In terms of how Pokémon are designed, they are each their own unique living being. The unique thing about Ditto is that it’s a Pokémon that can change forms, but each Pokémon we create with its own unique element, so we just make sure that they are all individual life forms of their own." So take that as you will.




Apparently the actual reason is that it's named after a Gundam character, but thats stupid so no one listened


It' sounds like he didn't understand the question.


I feel like he thought the guy was saying Ditto was a scrapped design for Mew or based on Mew.


I take it to mean something from more of a meta pov because lorewise we have Mewtwo is just straight up a clone of Mew. This leaves the ditto theory open imo.


Considering the fact that half the stuff out of Masuda's mouth is just inane bullshit and he seems to be kinda braindead. yeah don't take much from what he says


Goku Black was actually evil Future Goten, since Goten already looks just like Goku as an adult they’d probably be indistinguishable


Goten Negro, pawn of El Granda Padre. :3


An evil future version of fusion Gotenks would have been awesome.


Please. Trunks has suffered enough


You just opened my eyes to what could have been one of the coolest Dragonball arcs. Just the difficulty of Goku having to kill his own son could have gone to some places holy shit.


This would of been perfect and it would of had emotional examples of the difference in timelines with gotten/trunks being best friends in one and mortal enemies in another. As well as further background on end of z goten changing his style


This theory was so much cooler than “random evil kai steals goku’s body.”


I liked the theory more that it was just an alternate Goku, but the evil saiyan he would have been if he hadn't gotten brain damage as a kid.


wasn't that basically Turles' thing?


On the opposite side, there was a fan theory for years about Doctor Who that people got the word Doctor from The Doctor because he goes around helping people and providing aid and the writers of series 8 I want to say heard of that and made it cannon which is pretty cool.


“Doctor. The word for healer and wiseman across the stars! We get that from you you know? And what could that word come to Mean doctor, if you follow this path?”


Series 6. And not only did the writers make it canon, they were some of the first people to openly discuss that fantheory online back in the 90s, so they might have been responsible for it catching on in the fanbase in the first place.


People aren't naming Steven Moffat for some reason, so just to make it clear: he was the OP for that thread in the 90s, and then eventually became showrunner for the 11th Doctor.


Oh that's really cool I thought it was like a fan theory for longer than that buts its still super cool that this fan theory got to be cannon and its a pretty good one.


My own fantheory is the Doctor's true name is literally Doctor. Which was a normal Time Lord name until it became a title across civilizations.


Ahh, but he only picked the name Doctor because it means "healer". But it only means "healer" BECAUSE of his future actions. The Doctor is a walking [Bootstrap Paradox](https://youtu.be/u4SEDzynMiQ).


I hadn't heard about this! I choose to believe it.


The sheer gall of the "Death Stranding is connected to PT and secretly Metal Gear Solid 0" theory was so much fun that I finally understood why conspiracy theories attract such attention.


I watched a two hour video on that theory. No talking, just ominous music with words in a screen while he fucked around in photoshop. Completely deranged and really funny.


Never be game over.


Without the 'Solaire is Gwyn's lost son' theories we wouldn't have gotten that great joke in [Plague's Dark Souls animation.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9x_koRZ2bA)


I liked this theory, but I got in late and learned about it after learning Andre was originally going to be Gwyn's son, and would [open the door to the final boss fight,](https://64.media.tumblr.com/bc46a0da7fe11ae86bd179e83d6f2833/tumblr_inline_of01ksSzyn1syrfhm_500.png) and this is why his animations are more articulate than anyone else's. So the notion of Solaire being Gwyn's Son hit me kinda lackluster as a fan theory.


Now that I think about it, it doesn't make a ton of sense why Firelink Shrine is still called Firelink Shrine, I guess unless it's referring to its role in the whole Chosen Undead grift


Personally I always liked Solaire much more as being the "Rock Lee of Dark Souls", just a normal guy that got where he was through determination and hard work. Always felt that making him Gwyn's Firstborn falls into the same trap that Rey in the Sequel Trilogy fell into where a character must be related to someone else in order to be special.


Or one of my favorite Vatti Vidya videos


I liked the idea that Solaire's entire personality was based around being just a dude, specifically because he believed himself to just be a dude. "Lost the annals of history and was cast out" in my head became "Lost his identity". But yeah, nah, Gwyn's son is just a really cool boss from DS3. Nothing special. Honestly though! Nothing special! He's cool, but every boss is to some extent. The theory was that Gwyn's son was actually cool to hang out with and was your bro, eventually going with you to the final boss arena and participating on the ultimate downfall of the gods. That was really poetic to me and I'm still disappointed it turned out to be just wishful thinking. I'd have rather Nameless King wasn't a boss fight, or just be... like, a nameless king, and that's it.


Gwyn's Son before DS3: Solaire, a son cast out from the family long before the events of DS1, who still retained his happy demeanor and appreciation for the sun (his father). Convoluted time stuff makes him unaware of his latent relation, but still holds enough connection to be the LITERAL ONLY NPC available to be summoned for the final fight against Gwyn. Gwyn's Son after DS3: A near-identical looking offspring who betrayed the other Lords to team up with the dragons in war, except he lost and had his name expunged because of his alleigance. The second one isn't *bad* per se, however the first option is WAY more interesting, and would explain a lot of why Solaire is such a standout character against the rest of the NPC's in DS1.


Solaire's equipment in Dark souls 1 flat out tells you he was never supposed to actually be Gwyn's son from the start: "Shield of Solaire of Astora, Knight of Sunlight. Decorated with a holy symbol, but Solaire illustrated it himself, and it has no divine powers of its own. As it turns out, Solaire's incredible prowess is a product of his own training, and nothing else." It's way more amusing to me that he thinks he is when he isn't. Something was definitely gonna be up with Andre and Gwyn in Dark Souls 1 though before some stuff got cut. I also like that his legacy gets a little corrupted in Dark Souls 3. I can definitely sense some ASOIAF (book, not the show) vibes from the storyline.


Yeah originally Andre was supposed to be the Firstborn and he would have moved that statue in the pool room in Firelink Shrine which would have been the entrance to the Kiln of the First Flame. Andre being the original plan to be the Firstborn even has slight bits and pieces in the final game's lore too where it could have worked. One of the items about the Firstborn (I think it's his ring but would need to double check) mentions how much he loved weapons and even preferred them over sunlight miracles which fits with Andre being a smith. Andre also has one line of dialogue where he says with a bit of venom in his voice that you can trust weapons because they'll never betray you. Which if he was the Firstborn would have also fit given how he got annexed from the annals of history and exiled.


The 4th Hokage (back then called Yondy from Yondaime) being the leader of the Akatsuki, and Naruto's dad. The latter at least became true. Remember when he was called Kazuma Arashi?


Oh man Kazuma Arashi takes me back. Also, I liked the idea of the masked man being Shisui.


*That’s the name*. Gods it’s been so long it’s been bugging me that I couldn’t remember it.


Christ, I haven't heard that shit in ages. That's like, the deepest lore you could've pulled and even I'm impressed.


No, but I remember being in middle school, way too early in Shippuden, discussing the manga with some friends, then one of them said that Tobi was Obito and I said something to the effects of "It can't be Obito because if it is that's so hack ass and obvious from the very begging that they have to surprise us with something different, just like they are holding off revealing that the Fourth Hokage isn't Naruto's dad!" And then the rest of Shippuden happened. And then I stopped supporting the official release


I remember seeing and really hoping for the theory that Director Hayward from Wandavision was >!Ultron downloaded into a flesh-covered LMD, and his scheme was for Wanda to help him bring Vision's body back online so he can inhabit it like he wanted to in Age of Ultron.!<


Honestly, I would’ve enjoyed that way more, but >!Hayward just being an ambitious suit trying to exploit and cover up schemes is way more realistic!<


It *is*, but my sense of narrative made me assume >!there was a grander reason he was such an absolute scumbag.!<


I'm a bit surprised he didn't end up being *someone* from the comics. There are so many one-and-done side characters that fit his generic government guy appearance that I was expecting him to at least be a reference to one of them. Hell, with SWORD basically being antagonists in the show and building robots they could've easily doubled down on the X-Men misdirect and named him after some obscure character who worked on the Sentinel program.


Honestly just make him Henry Gyrich. Dude shows up in basically every Marvel government group just to be the biggest asshole in the universe.




Danganronpa 3 was a mistake, convince me otherwise. *Please*. I really want to enjoy more Danganronpa.




I just feel like none of the moments in any of the sides reach the heights of any of those characters' respective games. It's a 7/10 on everyone but the Ultra Despair Girls, for obvious reasons. And then you get to Side Hope and man, they just wanted to fucking end the franchise, huh. >!Should have probably committed.!<




Really felt like they wanted to jump to different things *and* didn't want to commit to a whole new game that wouldn't be as instantly accessible as DR2 or V3. So the compromise was... a weird anime season. I mean, fuck, it must have worked at some point. I just can't recall any.


They shouldn’t have shown it.


> despair video You could show people reacting to it, but that's about it because whatever is actually on the screen is never going to match what people come up with in their brainmeats


Side Future had a lot of fun speculation too, like the action taking place in an underwater building and not the tower we see or Hiro not being included in the count, which led to various theories as to who the actual last person was. As far as we know those were purposely set up as red herrings to get the community going which I thought was pretty cool.


Evil Ghibli.




In reality the world ended because a guy was in love with his bro and didn't want anyone to know. If he just told munakata what was going on the actual student body would have just bodied junko and mukuro


>!junko-----!< really posted darling in the franxx and ran


The most obnoxious part is that some of them weren't even theories so much as very basic deductions from information given in the second game (that 3 contradicted).


It wasn't technically debunked, but someone connected the dots in KotOR 2 that Kreia was the Handmaiden's mother. Someone from Obsidian realized that's actually on point, but since they were off the license, they couldn't confirm it.


Oh, shit. That's... huh. I gotta go through that game again.


The Venture Bros. Theory that Hank/Dean don't have a mom and are just slightly off clones of Rusty and Brock respectively.


John Halo's suit totally jacking him off.


Honestly I blame nyanners for dreading this one up again but it's always funny to see


There was an Overwatch theory that Hanzo also got fucked up during the fight with Genji and that his legs from the ankles down were prosthetic, but then it turned out he just has shitty little chicken legs naturally.


Dale knew about John red corn's affair with Nancy. I wanted to say it seemed a little too on the nose that Dale was just completely oblivious to it being he's one of the most paranoid characters on the show. But he's playing the fool because he's out living his best life and being twice the father John red corn is. Just my hot take.


Who is the bigger cuckold? 1) The man who's wife was knocked up by another man? 2) The man who's son knows him as little more than his mom's friend, and gives another man the love and respect a son should give his father?


I prefer Dale's own theories, that he's part Native American (that's why he's instinctively distrustful of the government!) and/or Nancy was impregnated by an alien (but he still loves his half-alien son).


"That's revenge, Hank. Like when the Soviet Union resurrected Lenin to cause the house crisis in America in revenge for the fall of the Iron Curtain."


Definitely not. Dale thinks Redcorn is gay and considers him one of his closest friends. Dale is just naive and loves Nancy so much and has her on such a pedestal that he couldn't ever see her cheating on him.


This subplot always gave Dale a more interesting side to him than most other comic relief characters, in his odd acceptance of others and the fact that despite his weird theories Dale is contempt with his life and weirdly a good dad. I always loved that scene where Peggy attempts to tell Dale that John Redcorn is Joseph's biological father but then sees that Dale loves Joseph and is a good father.


There was another fan theory involving KotH that they made a episode of just to debunk. Bobby is Bill's child. They have a similar look, similar personality, and Bobby doesn't seem to enjoy any of Hanks hobbies. Peggy seems to have a irrational hatred towards Bill (before they turned Bill into a straight up stalker) and Bill has a obvious crush on Peggy. THe meta joke the theory was based off of is Hank can't believe Dale doesn't realize his son isn't his when Hank doesn't even realize his own son is not his own. Hank has a hard time conceiving children and Peggy desperate for a child slept with Bill and regretted it ever since. ​ But then they had a episode where Bill straight up tells Bobby how he was conceived shortly after they got Ladyburg when Hank was ready to give up on having a kid.


I always enjoyed the theory that the broken sixth archstone in Demon's Souls - which we're told leads to "the land of giants" - was a gateway to Lordran. Thoroughly debunked by Miyazaki and impossible for IP ownership reasons, but very fun to consider.


I like imagining that Marvelous Chester is from Yharnam.


Which is also impossible due to licensing nonsense. Oh, Sony.


I like imagining them all taking place in the same universe, because I like the idea that the Age of Fire and the undead curse isn't the be-all and end-all of what's happening in that universe. There's room for loads of other stuff to be going on, both geographically and temporally. Boletaria's business with the Old One and the demons, and Yharnam's business with the cosmos, the dreamland, and the pursuit of human ascension, could all co-exist in the Dark Souls universe. Nothing we know about any of those worlds precludes any of the others. They could just take place hundreds of miles and thousands of years apart from each other. Also I just like it when lore in fantasy settings is messy, and isn't all tied up neatly.


Even if they don't coexist in a single cycle/age, the world keeps getting rebooted anyway


Wouldn't call it a fan theory but I remember convincing myself The Arkham Knight had to be Damian Wayne who was born in secret years ago and was manipulated and lied to by Ra's after Talia was murdered by Joker into believing it was Batman's fault she died. So Damian would be 18/19 and knew all the weaknesses from Ra's and Talia's teachings and named himself The Arkham Knight after what he considered Bruce's biggest failures which were the destruction of Arkham Asylum and the hell on earth which was Arkham City. If I could somehow get medicated for what I suspect is ADHD because I can not focus on anything I enjoy doing, I would love to rewrite the story of Knight in a fanfic with Damian as The Knight and Scarecrow playing a bigger role instead of playing second fiddle to The Knight.


Del Toro has come out and said the creature from Shape of Water is not Abe Sapien from Hellboy, but damn I really enjoyed that theory and I still hold it as headcanon.


If you read into it, Shape of Water is just his Creature from the Black Lagoon remake that Universal turned down because they said it was too different from the source or something like that. He's just Gillman in everything but name.


I really like that he’s at the stage in his career where he just makes his version of movies that the studios said he couldn’t make. It’s a shame Disney also wouldn’t let him make his haunted mansion movie


[Kaido](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/onepiece/images/2/2d/Kaidou_Anime_Infobox.png/revision/latest?cb=20191222101128) from One Piece wasn't a human, he was a Dragon that ate the Human Human Fruit: Model Oni.


It did come around in some form or another in end hahah


that makes sense because he is called the strongest creature, could still be an oni like oars though


Oars is a giant tho isn't he? I p sure they call him a giant.


Debunked Attack on Titan theory: >!That Ymir Fritz would be reborn as Historia’s child and live a life free from war. I liked the idea of her being Eren and Historia’s child not for ship reasons but because of the father/child theme with the Jeagers and how Eren chose to destroy himself/the world hoping his child would inherit a better world. It also gave Historia a way to remember freckled Ymir and honor her memory while ironically renaming Ymir Fritz with her old name in a new context. All the birth/death juxtaposition in the Rumbling with other babies and pregnant women would’ve made sense too.!< Oh well, the theorizing was fun while it lasted. Other theory I liked: >!The suggestion the Nine Titans had wills and personalities of their own, like how Jaw users kept saving Armor, how Attack loved freedon, as they’re aspects of Ymir Fritz’s subconscious split into nine beings. So the Female Titan would be Ymir’s identity as a woman, etc.!< Ended up writing fanfic on the second one myself.


“V was Nero and Kyrie’s son from the future and that book he was carrying around was Crewcut’s notes.”


Literally who thought that and not V was Vergil. Everyone I knew said V was Vergil.


Yeah most people on internet were V is Vergil as fast as they were with Arkham Knight being the obvious guy




"Who is this mysterious gun-toting-" "It's Jason Todd" "Violent vigilante-" "Jason Todd." "Who seems to have a prior relationship with Batman-" "You're just saying 'Jason Todd' with extra steps" "IT'S NOT FUCKING JASON TODD YOU FUCKS"


*Hours into the game* "OK MAYBE it's Jason Todd."


You bought it. You all bought it.


The thread never said it had to be a **POPULAR** Fan Theory.


I thought V was a failed clone of Vergil, hence him crumbling and racing against time. I thought Urizen was a demon that inherited Mundus' power or was related to him in some way with how people noted 3 eyes in the trailer.


yep , the fandom was literally divided into 2: V is human Vergil V is related to Mundus and Urizen usurped Mundus and inherent his powers.


I thought he had something to do with Mundus because of his theme’s name


I honestly think they considered making V related to Mundus at some point in development. One of the devs already said that V and his general mechanics were designed before they had fully decided who he was going to be. And the fact that he summons demons from DMC1, and his moves are named after chess (DMC1 had enemies that were literally chess pieces), are too much of a coincidence IMO. I think it was either considered by the devs at some point, or they deliberately added those in as red herrings.


kind-off. They didn't decided what V would actually be , but Urizen was always designed to be Vergil. So , they tweaked multiple ideas to how V was related to Vergil , and decided to put this whole splitting thing. Overall , I think it was a good decision , in a way , Urizen and V brings character development for Vergil , because Urizen shows how hollow was Vergil's desire for power , and V brings to him new appreciation to humanity , something that he long tried to discard from himself.


The final trailer they released that showed a quick glimpse of Vergil was also edited in a way that suggested V was a secret *third* son of Sparda, and coupled with the aesthetic connections to Mundus and the even more obvious Urizen twist there were definitely a lot of alternative theories that had a lot of evidence behind them. While almost everyone at least briefly had the idea that V was Vergil a lot of people weren't 100% sold compared to the other possibilities.


Everyone I knew who ***LOOKED AT V***, even before the game came out, was like "Is that just human Vergil?"


Okay,that's cute though. I remember a Youtube comment speculating based on hair/face shape that V was Lady's (half) brother who learned occultism from Arkham and was pursuing his own goal against both Dante and Urizen.


That V was a son or had power from Mundus. The way Griffon's dual laser move was shot in the trailers looked as if he opened a small portal where Mundus shot something out himself. We thought Griffon was a spawn of the original one as DMC was originally going to have "Griffon babies" as an enemy type that was cut. The name V was just a red harring meant to fool even the cast. As a personal theory that I had that I think would have been cooler. I thought DMCV was going to be something of a tournament arc that naturally happens every 2k years. Dante and Nero show up to make sure another Mundus isn't made and happen upon various demons racing towards the fruit. Part eay through they'd of come across a weak Vergil who wants both power and a cure for (which kind of happened). But I thought it'd have been cool if Nero ran into Vergil and other demon hunters by chance and drip feed Dante info on Vergil or Lucia being there. The Lucia bit comes from how Dante's shop has a world map with a knife on the DMC2 continent. Either way I think it would have been much cooler if the game simply ended because of Vergil rather than being entirely about him.


James Bond is a codename.


I love this. I also love the idea that James Bond as a spy plays a specific role of action, rescue and conspicuousness. Bond is the spy they send into the field with a giant flashing neon arrow sign that says "THIS MAN IS A SPY, LOOK AT HIM." Yes, he does complete objectives, but his conspicuousness is very deliberate to enable other subterfuge around him.


I very much enjoy the concept that this alcoholic himbo is just the decoy spy.


"The movie get out is an imagined scenario of Rod, the TSA agent."


It's all a dream, but it turns a horror into a comedy.


Jarvan IV secretly being Le Blanc, because his image reflected in the bell of a brass instrument looked remarkedly like her.


[That ain't no resemblance, it's clearly her.](https://preview.redd.it/5gnpg7er8c041.jpg?width=3000&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=15bdc762b16802eac2f195ee26990abee5b8ab69) It's just a dropped plot point from before the big setting retcon. Like Katarina and Garen teaming up once they found out some conspiracies and expected her father was alive somewhere. And you know the whole Summoners exist in-universe thing.


This one actually is true but it's way more minor than a lot of people think and I'm pretty sure it's not canon anymore. Leblanc disguised herself as Jarvan temporarily to start a war.


L is real 2401. The basic premise being a nearly unreadable texture that exists in both Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time that looks vaguely similar to "L is real 2401". People took this to mean 2 commonly believed things, either Luigi was planned to be in SM64 for the scrapped multiplayer mode, or both games were teasing Paper Mario(i think. Might have been Mario Party. It's been 15 years since i looked into it), a game in which Luigi.... Exists. These were fun ideas, and personally i believe the scrapped 2p Luigi because there was at least talks of including multiplayer in SM64 at some point in development. Why there'd be a texture in all versions of SM64 *AND* OOT that teased a feature that was long dead when the game came out, however, makes no sense at all, and i don't remember if Nintendo ever acknowledged the rumor. Me liking this theory is baffling because when i was 3 to 5, seeing or hearing mention of any mario characters would give me nightmares of bowser coming out of my closet and burning down the world around us as i gathered my family and tried to escape in our car, but that's not relevant to the story and just an interesting anecdote.


"Quiet is Chico" was...amusing,if nothing else. I thought it would be an interestingly tragic twist and it would have been nice to have an explicitly trans character. I guess Big Boss not even being able to talk to a lot of people from his past is yet another way to illustrate his humanity slipping away as he becomes a demon. On a similar note,a lot of the Death Stranding speculation. Back when the Gulliermo del Toro trailer was revealed,I think one theory I liked was that Mads Mikkelsen/Cliff was producing and controlling artificial and extant humans with the black oily substance,and BB is the first natural-born/free child to be born in a long time. And Norman Reedus has to take the funky fetus to...somewhere.


Maaaan, when Code Talker says the Wolbachia change the vocal chord parasites sex i shouted out loud "NO FUCKING WAY" For that whole couple of seconds as I processed the info, I thought the Quiet is Chico theory was actually gonna happen.


Chico was cut from TPP though, albeit as a scarred, half-crazed, machete-wielding badass.


The fact that Chico becoming the fourth Cyborg Ninja of the series was stolen from us is something that deeply saddens me.


If you think about it, it’s just like how everything was taken away from snake and now we feel his pain


The Blood Ravens Space Marine chapter being descended from loyalist remnants of the Thousands Sons. They both has an obsession with knowledge, and a high number of psykers. The Blood Ravens don't know much of their past and are incredibly secretive about what they do know, which makes sense if they came from a Traitor Legion. The Blood Ravens even have a very similar color scheme to pre-Heresy Thousand Sons. Then it was stated a few years ago that they were descended from Ultramarines, the lamest possible option, and their big secret was something else. Though I think it's gone back to being ambiguous.


I always preferred the theory they were Alpha Legion spies which is why they were stealing everyones artifacts.


Jar Jar Binks being a Sith Lord and the actual Phantom Menace that manipulated everyone, even Palpatine himself.


If Disney ever green lights a Star Wars: What If? series this needs to be episode 1.


I can't unsee this one.


This single turn could have “saved” the prequel trilogy. To have had the balls to make Jar-Jar the real big bad would have been godlike.


That video had weight tho. People who saw that even had to think about it for a second.


The indoctrination theory for me3


I always felt it was a lateral move, at best


It would’ve been cool to explore that possibility, but they would’ve had to set that up way in advance. Unfortunately, I just don’t think the trilogy was all that thought out.


Not at all. I mean honestly if the higher ups just went, "you know what sure. That's what did it that last part is all in your head for the most part." then ppl would have been more receptive to the ending I think. Instead of the "you're a bunch of shallow privileged babies who aren't deep enough to understand this artistic vision" that we got


I think they took the indoctrination theory as fans trying to "outdo" them and got super hostile over it.


Oh yea, lot of ego involved in that whole process.


I know I’ve complained about it a lot because it’s morphed from being a fan theory to an apparent “Araki forgot” moment despite having no backing behind it which just spreads misinformation but I do think the idea of Josuke going back in time as a result of Bites the Dust is kind of interesting. It ends up taking away from his character and the theme about the golden heart of Morioh but I do find that idea to be somewhat entertaining.


I never understood why people felt like that was an unresolved plot point. There was a guy who happened to look like that, and Josuke chose to imitate him out of respect. Does there really need to be more to it than that?


I never felt it was unresolved, but having seen how silly and crazy the Stand powers got up to that point, at the time I felt like them pausing to give this kinda unnecessary backstory was the breadcrumbs to lead into a fun time paradox thing. I never went crazy with the theories, but in the back of my mind I just assumed it was an idea Araki had or laid the possible groundwork for, then changed his mind later (not "Araki Forgot").


I think if you go into JoJo’s blind you wouldn’t think much about that scene and whether or not it will play a role down in the line but knowing how huge JoJo’s is, I’d imagine there’s a lot of casual fans who are familiar with the villains and their abilities before they even watch the show/read the manga. So knowing that Kira can manipulate time without knowing the specifics of how Bites the Dust works, they probably thought that scene was related to Bites the Dust. Another theory of mine which was inspired by a comment I saw the other day is that I think due to how big of a role interconnectivity plays in a lot of the lore you find in popular modern shows and video games, people just expect for there to be an answer to every question they have and they try to make connections between scenes and characters even if it’s really farfetched. And even if it isn’t with the intent of trying to solve a question, I think a lot of people are just used to seeing callbacks and references that exist for the sake of coolness so they look for those too even if they aren’t there.


I used to think Mercy was a secret villain and the one responsible for Reaper's ressurection based on her devil costume and the lines between her and reaper, it made a lot of sense to me when viewing her character like she seems insincere and she's aparantly figured out a way to extend a person's youth but hasn't really shared it but then Moira showed up.


It's a bit outside of this sub's usual area but hear me out. In 2017 Kendrick Lamar released his album *DAMN.* His previous two major releases, *good kid, m.a.a.d city* and *To Pimp A Butterfly* are widely considered to be two of the best rap albums of the 2010s, and both are highly conceptual - they use skits, song titles, alternate versions, and the songs themselves to weave elaborate narratives of a young Kendrick losing his innocence while growing up in gangland Compton and make nuanced commentary on race in America, all while still being pretty accessible and full of production, creative song structure and fantastic rapping. *To Pimp A Butterfly* is still the highest-rated rap album on Metacritic (and the 5th highest rated album overall), with an absurd 96. *DAMN.* was, as a follow-up, kinda underwhelming. It had some bangers, some conceptual stuff, but it didn't feel nearly as narratively whole or satisfying as his previous albums. A lot of people loved it, but a lot of his fans felt it was incomplete. Then a theory began to develop, that it *was* incomplete, and a second album was on the way, within the next week. Evidence/Copium: \- DAMN. had themes of religion, and at the end of the first skit on the album, Kendrick is shot and "died". It was also released on Good Friday, the day Jesus died. (There's a song on the album called *GOD.,* about how Kendrick feels like God). So what if another album was coming on Easter Sunday, the day Jesus resurrected? \- The album ends with audio of a gunshot played in reverse, like the death is being reversed. \- The title of *DAMN.* isn't really explained anywhere in the album. People began to suspect the second half could be called *NATION.* (The USA was another theme on the album) \- DAMN + NATION = DAMNATION \- The album art for *DAMN.* had the M positioned over Kendrick's head, almost like devil horns. If the second was called *NATION.,* the O could be over his head, creating a halo? \- Also, DAMN.'s album art was red in colour, and the red-blue blood-crip duality is something Kendrick uses a lot. Red for Hell, Blood, DAMN; Blue for Heaven, Crip, Nation? \- Adding to that point is Kendrick's producer cryptically tweeting out a picture of Morpheus after the album released. Red pill, blue pill? He also tweeted something about the album "not being the official version" \- Also, the day of the album release Kendrick changed his profile picture on spotify to him standing in front of a blue brick wall, whereas on the cover of *DAMN.* he's in front of a red brick wall. \- ALSO, he was performing at Coachella that sunday. Easter Sunday, the closer to Coachella, the perfect place and time to announce the second half of the double album. I was watching the livestream of that performance utterly convinced that he was going to announce NATION. But in the end there was no second album, nothing. Still, that weekend I was ridiculously hyped lol.


I really liked the: Neville was really the chosen one and Dumbldore knew it and was using Harry as a decoy to fool Voldemort. But no Voldemort "chose" Harry so that's the actual prophecy.


The reason for Vegito de-fusing was the magical nature of majin buu's body.


Was that not the actual reason?


It was originally, but then they retconned Potara fusion.


I always liked the idea that the courier was actually a synth in fallout NV. There are Gen 3 synths that require food and water, and are implanted with false memories to make them think they're human. This would help explain why you survived getting shot in the head, and Mr. House's interest in you. Though the events at Big MT definitely disprove the theory, it could still make a lot of sense.


Wouldn't this fall apart right at the start? Doc Mitchell preformed emergency brain surgery. You think he would have notice his patient didn't have a brain.


Gen 3 Synths do have brains though. They’re basically humans with a control chip in their brain. Designed humans of course bit still Human despite the protests of the Brotherhood and Institute.


They have a brain? I assumed the Synth Component that you collect our of them was their " brain". Like I get cloning hearts and other organs but it just seems like a brain would be way to complicated to try and grow.


A Brain’s basically a organic computer. No reason not to use it as a base. And yeah Gen 3’s shoot out brains and blood like any other human when killed


The multiverse/split-timeline theory from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V. The premise of the series has there being four seperate dimensions, with each having a different Extra Deck summoning method being the dominant dueling style - Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and (though it's a recent development in the story) Pendulum. The common fan theory was that the time travel fuckery in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds and the Bonds Beyond Time movie had split the timeline. Since the antagonists of 5Ds were trying to use time travel to stop Synchros from becoming dominant, and the movie villain was using time travel to assassinate Maximillian Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, this actually seemed kind of plausible. The apparent absence of the previous protagonists, despite some of their friend groups appearing as supporting characters, added a new layer to the theories - that the aforementioned time fuckery went unchecked because the main heroes weren't around to appose it. In the end, the actual cause of the dimensional split was something more self-contained to Arc-V's story, and the shared characters and elements between the seperate dimensions and the legacy series (Fusion Dimension having a Duel Academy, Synchro Dimension have Duel Runners) were just coincidence/fan service.


All Phineas and Ferb fan theories regarding [their unseen parents](https://64.media.tumblr.com/2443c24f5c8d7f983a750a18c4722cfb/tumblr_novuh2Fg9x1qduq99o1_1280.png) (Phineas's dad and Ferb's mom) were sadly debunked, especially the one where Doof was Phineas's biological father.


Squall is dead or Rinoa becomes Ultimecia? I can’t remember much but I at least liked the one about Squall


Can I just say how much I hate the, “The entire piece of media you just enjoyed was a dream/was a pre-death hallucination because you weren’t actually doing cool things the whole time,” trope? Especially in sci-fi and fantasy media. Let people do cool improbable things damn it.


I mean Squall and the party were still doing impossible anime things before the point the theory kicks in. Squall had already beaten Ifreet, fight a killer robot and a small army, planted a bomb in a train, meet a woman that can shoot her dog like a canon ball, among many other sci fi/ fantasy things. But I do get you, and I agree. When the whole journey is just dashed or invalidated with “YOU GOT SUPER MARIO 2! IT WAS ALL A DREAM” it can sour the whole experience


Don't forget that Squall is also best friends with a girl whose ultimate move is fast forwarding to the end credits so the enemy is already dead.


That one was debunked by the director but he did say that if ff8 was ever remade, he would try to incorporate some of that theory into it because he thinks it’s cool.


The story would be just as uncomfortable -- really, more, -- but I think it would resonate much more and make a tad more sense context-wise if the old "Snape was in love with James, not Lily" story was real. I think Snape's angry, destructive relationship with Harry makes more sense if he didn't just want to fuck his mom and never did it; I think James, after he mellowed out, probably apologized to Snape for being a massive fucking prick, because he became a noble functioning adult worthy of Gryffindor. I think that really messed Snape's mind up, and through talking to James more he realized that while Lily was always around when he was happy, she was also always around James, someone Snape thought only evoked strong emotions from him because of jealousy. But now it's just *strong emotions*. I think after James died Snape became even more confused and didn't know what to do with himself. And then the funniest thing happened. The gayest master wizard alive took him as a personal friend, for the rest of his life. Snape is shown to trust Dumbledore above even other characters who, really, have *more* reasons to do that. I think it's because Dumbledore is the only one who gets it. By the time Harry came into his life, he had been dealing with his feelings for both his parents forever, and took it all on the kid cuz the feelings never really made sense. He never stopped hurting, and Harry kept reminding him of both of them at the same time. His mother's eyes, but also the body of his father. By the time Snape died, he insisted on looking at Harry's eyes in order to see Lily again, but you can't really *not* see someone's face when staring into their eyes. He wanted to see both of them one last time. "This just sounds like you want more gay in Harry Potter" no, not at all, I just think Snape's character is pathetic if his entire life revolves around a high school crush he never banged. An entire life dealing with feelings of self-rejection, confusion, anger and abuse though? That sounds more like something that would destroy a man enough to make him abuse some kid for 5 years. Anyway, none of this is the case, and Harry Potter isn't that great in the first place.


TheRealJims did a series of videos about who really shot Mr. Burns that are a fun watch. But the one he did about how Abe Simpson could have been the killer just makes too much sense: https://youtu.be/mIQzAJLKmUA


I was certain Emperor Belos was a human who figured out the secrets of magic and was trying to get back home.


Megaman X murdered the cast of Megaman: It's just fucking pointlessly bleak and shitty and peak 90's that I love the idea that somebody thought this was possible Neville Longbottom was the chosen one all along: I do like they address this in the book, that at the end of the day it's intention that singles out Harry as the chosen one