It's sad that Twitch is tough for introverts

It's sad that Twitch is tough for introverts


Twitch is a platform designed for people to be entertainers. If you can come up with ways to entertain people without showing your face or using your voice that people find entertaining, you can still succeed. At the end of the day, however, most people are not surfing Twitch in hopes of finding a faceless/voiceless entertainer, so if you do choose you be a faceless/voiceless entertainer you'll find that success, that was already really hard to attain on Twitch, will be all the more difficult.


First, let it be said that you're not talking to yourself. You're creating content for the internet. Don't focus on your immediate surroundings, and instead focus on what you're building. While it does suck that people aren't that excited about silent playthroughs, the truth of the matter is that people want character. Sure, good gameplay can help, but there's no human connection there; if people wanted awesome game footage, they'd go watch highlight reels on YouTube. You need something that helps you set yourself apart from the rest, and the easiest way to do that is to be you, or at least something close to the real you. As a fellow introvert, I'm a strong proponent of the "fake it til you make it" strategy. When I started streaming, I was in the exact same boat, and really had a hard time coming out of my shell. What really helped over time was building up a persona that I could fall into that had an easier time speaking beyond what I would normally do. I'd play the role of a lovable buffoon on my stream, separate from myself and my own self-worth/insecurities. If I made a mistake, that just built up the character more, rather than feeling like a slice at my own existence. That took a few years to build, but over time those feelings of anxiousness and embarrassment melted away. Eventually, that persona became a hat I could wear anytime I needed to speak up, and not just during streams. Talking at parties, introducing myself to new opportunities, all of that became easier because I stepped out of my initial comfort zone. Was it easy to get into? DEFINITELY NOT. I started streaming at barely a whisper, and if my past self could see what I do now, they'd try and kill me. But by continuing to push myself juuuust a bit past what I thought I could handle, my ability to entertain built into the brand I have today. Also, if you can, take improv classes! They helped me learn to trust that opening my mouth will mostly result in nonsense, but nonsense that people seem to enjoy.


I also don't show my face and was very self-conscious about my voice. From reading it seems that our recorded voice always sounds weird to us because it's different from how we hear ourselves. It'll take some time to get used to it but you'll find that it's not so bad after a while. At first you'll sound much worse than you will later on and that's natural and unavoidable. What you're doing is public speaking and you can only ever improve by actually doing it. You'll have to take the plunge at some point and it may as well be now. Go watch MATN's first videos and his more recent ones. There is a big difference in delivery and that comes from just becoming more at ease through habituation. What you *should* focus on however is making sure your audio is as good as you can make it. Cameras are likely to give you more subs and donations and expected by Twitch's culture but you can succeed without it, it's just more difficult. Bad audio on th other hand is a game breaker in both YT and Twitch. You will not get anywhere with a crackling mic and bad audio balancing. For me it took at least a year of trying different things before I started uploading videos to YT and another half-year before I started streaming to Twitch. I never considered streaming at first because I don't have the speaking agility and off-the-cuff wordplay that most successful streamers do but it seems to be going alright.


Being extremely socially anxious and being introverted is not the same thing. From what I've seen there are many introverted people on a platform that are actually successful. You cannot overcome anxiety by not doing the thing you are anxious about. Is it even possible?


I'm introverted and barely talk at all in my day to day life, but this is thankfully something you can learn to overcome. When I first started making YouTube videos many years ago, my voice was shaking from nervousness just talking in front of a camera, even though no one was even seeing it live. The more I did it, the more natural it became and now I'm happy to say I have very little problems with it. That comfortability in making videos and talking in front of a camera translated perfectly to livestreaming on Twitch, and I was able to start that with no issues. It really is all about just doing it. It feels very awkward and embarrassing at first, but if it's truly something you want to be able to do, easing yourself into it and keeping up with it will pay off and you'll start getting more and more comfortable with it, until eventually you'll start forgetting why you ever had a hard time with it in the first place. I hope things get easier for you.


I'm extremely introverted with no irl friends and I'd even go as far as to say I have no online friends. I find talking on stream to people easy. The only thing I do struggle with is what do I talk about. I spend 99% of my day not talking to anyone at all


One thing that might help is practice monologuing! Whenever you’re doing your normal day to day things, talk to yourself in you mind or even whisper it under your breath. This will help get you used to a constant flow of dialogue with yourself and get you more comfortable with the things that you say!


I practiced talking to myself by narrating my drive to work every day and it seemed to help with learning how to comfortably talk to myself. I'd say just put yourself out there little by little as much as you are comfortable with and see where it takes you. I improved my confidence when I started streaming and putting myself out there so hopefully it could work for you as well!


One introvert to another introvert. If you watched my stream you would never know it. I have never been a out going person, and I get nervous around people. I have learned to hide it because of my work. When I stream my office is my safe place. It is kind of nice having a window and a voice to the outside world. If they do not like me they can move on. If I do not like them I can ban them from my world. When you feel your self getting nervous just know you are in FULL control. No one likes the way they sound or how they look on cam. So I toss it up and ignore it. It will help your steam. Best of all it saves you from having to type in chat when your doing something. But the best advice I can give you. Is the same I give everyone. Do not worry about how many people are in your stream, just STREAM. There are billions of people out there. It may take a long time, or a shore one, but the people that your stream clicks with will find you. With anything you will get better and more confident the more you do something. So when they do you will be ready. :D