Worth streaming when it will be difficult keeping a consistent schedule?

Worth streaming when it will be difficult keeping a consistent schedule?


If you think you'd enjoy it I'd say go for it even if you can't keep a consistent schedule at first. You can always change up your stream times or schedule later when you are less busy in the future.


It will make things a little bit more difficult but if you want to stream go ahead Just keep everyone updated on each week or on stream tittle and on the stream itself talk about when you are going to stream for the next few days


If you really want to stream, and can afford the time away from your other stuff without impacting your studies, then just do it. But as I said, **ONLY if you’re not neglecting the important things in your life like health, family, education. Those things should be your #1 priority. Not streaming. ** Streaming is fun and awesome but it’s also technically work. Make sure you’re not going to burn yourself out. So yeah, if you can spare the free time I still think it’s worth streaming because you will be able to practice talking on stream, you can learn to troubleshoot technical difficulties, etc. If you do get viewers who find you and REALLY like you, they may come back even at odd times. In your situation I think it’s going to be mandatory that you have some form of social media that you can alert people when you will be streaming. Have a good bio/about section on your channel and promote your socials hard. If you direct people to your social media and let them know your schedule is inconsistent but you will be sure to post all updates on your socials, they can at least plan ahead/have somewhere to go if they are wondering when you’ll be live.


I work in retail and work random hours so have never been able to be consistent but I've found that I've been able to grow even without being consistent. I very early on though made a Discord server and keep people pretty up to date with what is going on in there, I try to plan ahead as best I can but life just gets in the way sometimes. If you want to stream I say just go for it!